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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric stares at the Stephanie portrait in the living room. Thorne helps Aly and Hope in decorating the house for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eric stays Stephanie will be here tomorrow; they can be sure of that. Rick and Caroline come and Caroline thanks Hope for doing all of this and for inviting her Uncle Bill. Dayzee tells Hope that they are ready down at Dayzee’s. There will be a lot of mouths to feed tomorrow. Hope says she will be there in help in the line. Bill texts Brooke that he needs to see her. She is in the process of texting him back when he’s at the door already there. Brooke answers the door and Bill steps on in and says he has to say something. She says he can’t be here. He says he knows now that he did it all wrong. She says she is not going to have this conversation with him. He retorts that it isn’t a conversation. It’s an admission, an apology. And she’s going to hear it, she owes him at least that. He says he never should have done what he did to Katie. He regrets it now. He did it because he wanted a life with Brooke. He wanted Will……and yes he wanted his company. He wanted it all. Charlie and Pam join the gang, loaded down with goodies for the kitchen. They have been baking up a storm. Pam brags on his nut rolls and he says they don’t hold a candle to her sweet cherry pies. Rick goes WOW. Charlie says that oven has been pretty lit if they get his drift. Thorne wonders if that guy is for real or what. Aly tells Hope that tomorrow should be a lot of fun for her, with two hot guys like Liam and Wyatt being there. How does she do it and how is she going to handle it. Hope says she is not going to handle it; she is just going to have fun. Quinn drops by Wyatt’s office and asks if he got the e-mail from Hope. She seems more than happy. He says he got it. Isn’t that something that Hope invited them to Thanksgiving dinner. She asks if he can remember what they were doing last Thanksgiving Day. He quips they certainly weren’t in a Beverly Hills mansion. She remembers they were filling some orders for the holidays. He jokes until she stopped and pulled out some yummy TV dinners from the oven. She said no she didn’t. She remembers ordering some take out from a restaurant. He corrects and says it was the deli, just some matzo ball soup. She asks if he ever felt he missed out. He says no, never. She asks if Liam is going to be there. He says probably….and both of his parents. She tells him to come on, surely he is not going there. He tells her to relax. She’s not even close; he was just kidding. He’s just glad Hope invited them. It will be his and her first Thanksgiving together. She warns him not to let Bill persuade him to stop pursuing Hope. He says he won’t. He tells her that he heard that she stabbed Bill. He quips that she might have poked him a little. Bill’s just lucky that she didn’t make the sword necklace a little bigger. And who does Bill think he is after his whole involvement with Brooke.

Brooke tells Bill that she doesn’t care what Katie did to him or what Bill did to Brooke but what they did to Katie was inexcusable. He says he had a life and he wants it back. There has to be a way for them. She tells him to stop. He asks if she is going to Eric’s for Thanksgiving dinner and she replies yes. He says Hope invited him too. She says she does not think it would be appropriate for him to be there. He points out that he’s Caroline’s uncle and the party is also for her. Brooke says it is not fair to Katie. He says it won’t be fair to Caroline either as her moms are out of the country at the moment. They all just need to pick up with their lives and move on. He says Katie has his house, she has Will and she has his company and they only have each other. Without that they both have nothing. He realizes what he did to Katie was wrong. Brooke says he can’t continue to live his life that way. He says he knows that now. Thanks to her and thanks to Katie, the end can’t justify the means. He can’t be that cruel, but he’s learning. She says these are things he should be saying to Katie. He says regardless of what happens between him and Brooke his time with Katie is over. He will always love her. She’s a remarkable woman and a beautiful mother. She will make a remarkable marriage partner for someone one day but just not him. He loves Katie but he wants Brooke. He says he is not asking her to give up her sister but this life is theirs and he doesn’t want to live it without her. Quinn and Wyatt show up and Hope greets them at the door. Eric goes to join them and gives Quinn a hug and a peck on the cheek. Thorne raises an eyebrow. Quinn says Happy Night Before. Wyatt has brought a bottle of wine. Eric turns around and looks at the portrait of Stephanie still on the wall and tells Quinn looks like all is all right. He tells everyone that he has a premonition that they are on the verge of a wonderful family holiday tomorrow, one they will never forget and they have so much to be thankful for. Now they need to get back to work. Quinn thanks him for including them. He says there is one iron clad rule. They must consider themselves a part of the family, and she says deal. Rick and Caroline ponder on who Hope might be seated next to tomorrow with both Liam and Wyatt there. Wyatt seeks out Hope who is arranging flowers and says she looks like she has done this before. She says not on Thanksgiving. He says well then this is her first and this is their first Thanksgiving together. He’s really grateful to be here with family and all. He’s never had that. He takes her by the hand and says this will be their first holiday together. There will be a lot more of these. Peeking behind the lampshade is shadow girl, Aly. Brooke tells Bill that she thinks he’d better go. He can’t keep coming over here like this. Hope or Katie could have been here. He moves closer and she says don’t. He wants to know if she means pretend they don’t love each other. He is going to be a better man for her…… a man that she will want to spend the rest of her life with. The passion they shared is not over. He says he will hold her again. He doesn’t want to live without her….he won’t. It’s never going to be over for them. Bonjour mon cheri, and he leaves while Brooke thinks back on their romantic times.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate walked up to Gabi after she hit Nick with the rock.  Caroline went to Victorís place to tell him off for what he did to Eric.  Marlena wanted to talk to Eric, but he wasnít interested until she mentioned Kristen.  Brady choked EJ and demanded to know where Kristenís hiding.  Sami met Kate and saw her with Gabi.  Sami saw Nick on the ground.  Marlena let Eric know that Roman and Hope were doing their best to find Kristen.  Brady threatened to kill EJ if he didnít tell him where to find Kristen.  Sami thought that Gabi could end up going to jail.  Sami wanted to go to the police to tell them about what happened to Nick, but Kate stopped her.  EJ let Brady know that he didnít know what Kristen did right away.  Brady yelled at EJ and warned him that Kristen wouldnít get away with what she did.  Eric brushed Marlena off when she tried to talk to him.  Caroline was upset with Victor for ruining Ericís life.  Kate told Sami about what happened between Gabi and Nick.  

EJ said that he didnít know where to find Kristen.  Brady didnít believe EJ.  Kate and Sami talked about how Nick went crazy when Gabi decided to stay in Salem.  Sami thought about her arguments with Nick and decided to help Gabi.  Gabi panicked about what she did while Kate and Sami wanted to cover up the crime.  Marlena advised Eric not to run away from his problems.  Eric didnít want to hear it.  Kate and Sami dragged Nickís body and ran into a bird watcher.  He wanted to know what they were doing.  Caroline continued to yell at Victor.  Caroline was happy that Maggie walked out on him.  EJ told Brady that Kristen loved him despite her hatred for John and Marlena.  EJ blamed Brady for what Kristen did and threw him out.  Sami came up with a lie to get rid of the bird watcher.  Kate and Sami dragged Nickís body to the water.  They argued along the way and Gabi tried to stop them.  Kate and Sami made it look like Nick was robbed.  Brady was back at the Kiriakis mansion.  He was tempted to drink when he received a phone call.  Someone told Brady that they knew where to find Kristen.  Gabi threw the rock in the water.  Gabi started to get cold feet so Sami convinced her that they had to get rid of Nickís body or they would all go to prison.  Kate, Sami, and Gabi threw Nick in the water when he jumped up and grabbed them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam helps Spinelli learn how to care for his daughter. Sam tells Spinelli that it is weird to find out that she is from a mob family and that Julian is suddenly claiming Danny as his grandson.  Ellie tells Maxie about the baby's first night with Spinelli. Maxie observes that Ellie never wanted to be a mother and now she is a mother to Maxie's daughter. Ellie assures her that she is not trying to become the baby's mother; she is just helping Spinelli get adjusted. Maxie says she can't believe there was a time when she was going to willingly give her baby away, because now she can't stand to be away from her. She doesn't know what the judge thinks will be different six months from now. Ellie says Maxie is a good person and that she will get her baby back. Ellie leaves, because Maxie wants to be alone. Mac and Felicia come over. Maxie tells them that she isn't going to Sabrina and Patrick's wedding. Silas picks up Sam to go to the wedding. Ellie arrives and they wonder why she isnít going to the wedding. Ellie says she didnít get her invitation. Felix alters Sabrina's mother's wedding dress. Sabrina wonders if Carlos was telling the truth. Felix assures her that Patrick's dead wife didnít steal Ellie's invitation from the lab.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that Ava Jerome told him that Carlos saw Robin in the hospital lab. Elizabeth says Carlos is just trying to torture Patrick. Patrick says that Ava asked him if he wouldnít want to find out. Patrick thinks he should go to the lab. Brad and Britt are in the lab. Brad threatens to reveal that he is not the father of Britt's baby if she doesnít tell him if the woman who was in the lab was Patrick's dead wife. He says he is sick of Felix thinking he is a deadbeat dad, and he wonders what made her think it was a good idea to name the gay Asian guy as the father. She says Patrick was demanding to know so she had to come up with a name fast. She says Brad only wants to know about that woman, so he can look like a hero to Felix, just like when he interrupted the christening to reveal that Dante and Lulu's baby was really Maxie and Spinelli's. Brad stands by his decision, because they deserved to know the truth. She says she is trying to do the right thing too, and her reasons have to do with life or death, and she can't say anything about it to anyone. She says she doesnít have anything to say about Robin. He says that tells him everything he needs to know. Patrick comes into the lab and questions Brad about seeing Robin. Brad covers for Britt. Patrick feels he shouldnít have come because his fiancťe is waiting and his wife is gone.

Anna and Robert come together in the living room at Wyndemere. Anna tells Robert that Duke is all right and that he has Obrecht in the catacombs. Robert tells her that Luke has Faison outside. Robert tells Anna to turn around and when she does, she sees Robin. They have a tearful reunion. Duke comes in from the tunnel and joins in the reunion. Anna says there is nothing stopping Robin from going home to her husband and daughter. Robin shows Anna Ellieís wedding invitation that she took from the lab and says Patrick is getting married today. Robin calls Patrick, but he has left his phone at home and misses the call. She leaves a message telling him that she is alive and coming home. Anna and Robert tell Robin that Faison, Luke, and Nikolas are all missing.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick goes to visit Sharon to let her know that he will not be taking Faith to Victor and Nikki’s for Thanksgiving. Dylan tells Avery that he wants a DNA test to prove he is Nikki’s son. Nikki and Victor discuss what went on the night before when she revealed that Dylan was her son. Victor still cannot understand why Nikki kept this secret from him. Chelsea shows Adam a painting that Connor did. Lauren visits Michael in jail and asks how Fen is doing. Chloe and Kevin gather at the Chancellor mansion for Thanksgiving. Lauren tells Michael that Jill invited her. Paul and Christine kiss and he wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving. They discuss going before the judge to get Michael out of prison while his case is appealed. Paul calls Nick. Nikki denies that she was keeping the secret from him but she was keeping it from the whole world. Nikki asks Victor to accept Dylan as being part of her. Victor warns her that Dylan will never accept her as his mother. Dylan tells Avery that he will never accept Nick as his brother. Sharon is shocked that Dylan is Nick’s brother. Chloe, Kevin, and Jill reminisce about Delia and think that, because of her, a little boy can see his first Thanksgiving. Chelsea dresses Connor in a turkey outfit to show Adam. Sharon and Nick argue over the fact that Dylan is Nickís brother. Sharon tells Nick that she understands this whole situation with Nikki and Dylan because she went through this herself.

Victor tells Nikki that Dylan wants nothing to do with her. Nikki vows never to stop trying to get through to Dylan. Adam and Chelsea discuss the problems that ended their marriage. Esther, Jill, Kevin, and Chloe each share what they are grateful for. They also reminisce about Katherine. Lauren surprises them with a visit. Jill gets up to hug her. Michael receives a visit from Paul and Christine to let him know that the judge ruled that his case would be reopened and that he would be let out of jail. Dylan and Avery discuss the lie that his mom told his dad and the fact that he never knew his real father. Avery tells Dylan that he can get answers from Nikki. Adam lets Chelsea know that he is not the man she fell in love with. Chelsea takes a pic of herself, Connor, and Adam. Nikki asks Victor again to accept Dylan. Victor reluctantly agrees. Dylan pays Nikki a visit. Nick and Sharon discuss spending Thanksgiving together.

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