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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester’s have a little meeting with Eric, Thorne, Rick, Caroline, Hope, Aly and Pam. At the end, Hope comes up with the idea that she wants to throw Rick and Caroline an engagement party on Thanksgiving night since all the family will already be there. She wants them to all come together as one united family despite their differences. Eric agrees, even Bill will be invited since he is Caroline’s uncle. Katie tells Adele to tell security not to let Bill or Alison back into the building. Brooke and Donna drop in on Katie at the office. Brooke apologizes again for being involved with Bill. She needs her sister back in her life. As they both shed tears they agree that it will take time but they are sisters. Katie says she will accept her part in this fiasco; Brooke doesn’t have to keep apologizing for it. Men will come and go in their lives but sisters are forever. Katie says she loves Brooke, she really does. She wishes she could blindly trust her again the way she used to. She did it with Bill. She let him weasel his way back into her life so he could betray her again. Just as it will take time for Brooke to earn Katie’s trust, she needs time to learn how to give it. Brooke tells her that she will be there waiting so take all the time she needs. Hope drops in and wants to soak up that feeling of the three broken sisters all back together. Then she gives them her invite to a combined Thanksgiving and party for Caroline and Rick. All are happy about the occasion until Brooke asks if Bill is going be there. Surely Hope doesn’t expect her and Katie to be there if Bill is. Hope says yes he will be there and they are going to see Bill occasionally so they might as well get it over with. Katie says she needs to talk to Brooke alone. Katie starts by saying that Brooke said being sisters was more important than being with Bill. Brooke says yes she meant that. Katie tells her that Brooke stood up for her. She helped her when she switched the papers with the leaves from Aspen. She got her back her job and full custody of Will and she is grateful for that. She asks Brooke not to lose that resolve. Do not let Bill back into her life after all he has done to them. She asks Brooke to promise her that she will never be involved with Bill again. Brooke does. Katie doesn’t give her the answer now about Thanksgiving but says she will think about it. Caroline and Rick are relaxing and enjoying some fresh air outside when she gets Hope’s e-mail about Thanksgiving and a party for them. She’s touched since they haven’t made a big deal abut the wedding yet. Rick says it is a big deal and he wants to spend every day celebrating this fabulous woman who has walked into his life.

Bill is touching is chest when Wyatt walks in and asks what happened to him and where is his mom. Bill asks if his mother is okay. Wyatt says he just saw her and she’s fine. Bill says he meant does she have all the tools in the toolbox as in mentally stable. Wyatt asks him to define stable. Bill says well she stabbed him with his own sword and even drew blood as he can see. Wyatt wants to know if Bill provoked her. Bill says all he told her was to leave Wyatt to him. Wyatt says Bill is lucky that he walked away with just that scratch. Bill says no Wyatt is lucky that he has his genes to counteract the cuckoo. Wyatt thinks and then says he just wonders what Bill and his mom would have been like together. Bill says look at his wound and that will give him some idea. Wyatt says well Bill did hurt her all those years ago. Bill stops him and says don’t romanticize him and Quinn. It wasn’t like that. And while he is at it, don’t romanticize Hope. She is with Liam and Wyatt needs to back off. Wyatt tells Bill that he actually thought Bill heard him earlier. Bill closes the door and says he did hear him but that doesn’t change anything. Liam and Hope were together before Wyatt decided he wanted her too. He needs to respect his brother’s relationship. Wyatt says they will have to agree to disagree on that. Bill says he is asking him to back off. Wyatt says he wants to ask Bill something. He fell in love with Brooke…..didn’t see it coming…..certainly didn’t plan it. His wife’s own sister and that is complicated. But there it was one day, full blown. He asks if Bill backed off then. Bill says obviously not. Wyatt asks if he is backing off now. Bill has to answer no again. He gets where this is going. Wyatt says it’s the same principle. Bill is not backing away from Brooke and Wyatt isn’t backing from Hope. Bill says he can’t support him. Wyatt says he is not asking Bill to. What he is asking is some slack, some understanding so he knows where Wyatt is coming from. Bill says he does understand. How could he not when it’s the same parallel with Brooke. Once that fire caught there was no putting it out. Neither he nor Brooke wanted to hurt Kate. Wyatt doesn’t know her very well but she is a remarkable woman. She made him a better man. She may not agree to that right now but it’s the truth. She has goodness, strength, and loyalty and the way she mothers his son. He will always care for her….he will always love her but it doesn’t change the way he feels about Brooke. Wyatt wants to know how bad are things with Brooke; can he fix it. Bill says yes, he has to fix it. He can’t live without her. Wyatt says that is a strong statement coming from a guy like him. Bill says it’s the truth so no need in denying it. He needs Brooke in his life. He had her and he blew it He didn’t take her bond with Katie into account. Wyatt asks what does he plan to do. Bill says whatever it takes to get her back. He had a vision of running his company and living with Brooke and Will. That’s his future and he will make it happen. Wyatt wants to know how. Bill says he hasn’t figured that part out yet. But she will come back to him. Remember he said that. Brooke will be his.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Sami talked about Gabi going to New York with Nick.  They wanted to do something to stop them from leaving for New York.  Gabi told Nick that she wasn’t going to New York.  Nick was upset and thought she should go.  Gabi explained that Sami offered her a modeling contract to stay in Salem.  Nick let it slip that he arranged everything so that she could go to New York.  Nick didn’t want to see his plans fall apart.  Will and Sonny argued because Will wanted to go to New York to be with his daughter.  Will didn’t think that Sonny cared about his relationship with his daughter.  Sonny reminded Will about everything he’s done for him concerning Arianna.  Gabi was completely upset when she found out that Nick arranged for her to go to New York.  Nick explained what he did and that he was going to New York too.  Jennifer and company got ready for the Thanksgiving party.  Daniel arrived at the party too.  Daniel ran into JJ at the party and he warned JJ about them being seen together.  Kate was listening to Nick and Gabi argue about her not going to New York.  Will and Sonny continued to discuss whether they could go to New York with Gabi.  Will thought they could find a way to make things work.  

Sami visited Hope to talk about Nick.  Hope let Sami know that she’s worried about Nick and hoped that everything worked out.  Sami left the station when she was finished talking to Hope.  Gabi continued to yell at Nick for what he did and she walked off.  Nick went after her.  Nick found Gabi while she was calling the agency to turn down the offer.  Nick tried to convince her that it was a good opportunity and that she had to go.  Gabi was upset with Nick and told him that he was crazy and needed help.  Nick went ballistic when Gabi called him sick.  Jennifer told JJ that she saw him talking to Daniel, but she thought it was okay that they spoke to each other.  Jennifer was so proud of JJ because he was really changing.  The kids at the Thanksgiving party kept telling Jennifer about missing Daniel.  Jennifer and Daniel had an awkward encounter at the party.  Gabi got nervous with Nick and tried to gently explain why she wasn’t going to New York.  Nick became enraged and gave her two options.  She could go to New York with him or she would go to jail for what she did to Melanie.  Gabi begged Nick not to say anything because she would lose her daughter.  Nick reminded her that she didn’t have to lose her daughter if she went to New York with him.  Nick told Gabi how they kept finding their way back to each other even when they broke up.  Gabi made the mistake of telling him that they just had sex and he went nuts.  Later on, JJ met up with Theresa to make things right.  Theresa wanted him to stay away from her.  Sonny apologized to Will for their argument and wanted to find a way to make things work.  Gabi tried to reach for her phone, but Nick snatched it from her.  Gabi ended up falling on the ground.  Nick got on the ground with her and started kissing all over her.  Kate and Sami were at the park near Gabi and Nick.  Gabi yelled for Nick to get off of her, but he refused.  Gabi ended up hitting Nick with a rock and he was unconscious. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt goes to the General Hospital lab to get Jerry Jacks' cure. Brad asks her if the woman she sent there before was Dr. Drake's dead wife. She says he sounds ridiculous and asks why he cares. He says he is Felix's date to Sabrina's wedding, and it would earn him points if he could give him a heads up. He says that if she doesn’t tell him, then he will have to reveal that he is not her baby's father.

Sabrina’s cousin, Juan Santiago, stops by her apartment with her mother's wedding dress, but he can't stay for the wedding, because he has a gig in San Diego. Ava Jerome stops by Patrick's house and says she doesn’t think he should get married. He asks if it is a mob threat. She tells him not to insult her and says she is there to tell him that his wife is alive and that Carlos saw her. He asks why Carlos sent her instead of coming himself. She says Carlos doesn’t know she is there and that he said Patrick wouldn’t believe him any more than Sabrina did. She wonders why Sabrina didn't mention it to Patrick and suggests that a little part of her wonders if it is true. He tells her to get out and to tell Carlos to stay away from Sabrina and him. On her way out, she asks him if there is the slightest chance that his wife is alive, wouldn’t he want to know for sure?

Robert finds Robin in a bedroom at Wyndemere. She tells him that she was locked in the same lab that he and Anna were in and that she could never find a way out. He tells her that years with the WSB and Anna's tutti frutti gum got them out. Luke finds Faison coming out of the tunnels and demands to know where Duke and Robin are. Faison says he doesn’t know what he is talking about. They point their guns at each other and talk. Eventually Faison says that if Luke really wanted to kill him, he would have already shot him. Luke says Faison has a point and shoots him. Luke bends over to check his pulse, and Faison hits him. Faison stands over Luke who is flat on his back and reveals that he is wearing a bullet proof vest. Robin and Robert appear and startle Faison. Luke trips Faison. Robert and Luke tie Faison up.  Robert and Robin look for Anna. Anna finds Obrecht about to shoot Duke in the tunnel. Obrecht says Anna is too late and that she is going to shoot Duke just to hurt Anna because she infected her Faison when he was young. She says she wants to take away the man that Anna loves, because Anna took Faison from her. Anna says that since Obrecht despises her, she should kill her instead. Obrecht doesn’t trust her. Anna puts down her gun and invites Obrecht to kill her. Obrecht says Faison would never forgive her, but if Anna wants to die, she can die. She turns to point her gun at Anna. Duke grabs her from behind. Anna had been stalling Obrecht while Duke was untying his ropes. Anna and Duke tie Obrecht to a pole. Duke stays with Obrecht while Anna goes to look for Robin. Anna emerges from the bookcase and knows someone is in the room. She jumps around the corner, gun drawn, while Robert is doing the same thing. They're glad they didn’t shoot each other. She tells him that Duke has Obrecht. He tells her that Luke has Faison. He tells her to turn around, and she sees that Robin is there.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Dylan come to blows in the Athletic Club in front of the entire Newman family. Nikki manages to separate them by telling them that Dylan is her son. Billy sits alone looking at his computer screen. He thinks about getting up and looking at the gun in the case in the closet. Billy gets his coat and yells at Hannah that he is leaving. At the Coffeehouse, Neil and Leslie have dinner and make plans for Thanksgiving with his family. Sharon goes to the bar looking for Nick but encounters Noah instead. Noah informs Sharon that Kyle is also working for Victor at Newman. Dylan doesn’t believe that Nikki is his mother. Nikki begins to tell him things about his mom and dad that he didn’t know. Sharon warns Noah about Victor and working at Newman. Noah gets a text from Courtney which Sharon picks up on. Sharon has only good things to say about Courtney. Summer has a photo shoot outside in the cold but has heated words with the photographer. Courtney stands by and watches. Billy goes to his therapy session and encounters the woman who also lost her son. Nikki offers to get Dylan help but he refuses. Nick becomes angrier by the moment at this whole situation. Nikki tells Dylan that his mom never told his father that he was adopted. Dylan walks out. Nikki sits down at a table, crying. Her family gathers around her. Nikki begins to tell them how she got pregnant by an unsavory character and later gave the child up for adoption.

Noah and Sharon discuss Courtney and Nick. Neil and Leslie discuss his family and spending the Thanksgiving holiday together. Tempers flare at the photo shoot with Sharon intervening. Victor is hurt that Nikki confided in Katherine but not him. Nick goes over to the bar to have a drink, but Victor follows him. Victoria tries to console Nikki. Courtney joins Noah at the bar which leads to a very romantic evening. Avery catches up to Dylan in the park and tries to talk to him, but he only becomes angrier when he finds out that she had known that he was Nikki’s son. Avery persuades him to let her take him home. Nikki watches them as they leave. Noah and Courtney make love.

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