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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill puts his hand on Wyatt’s shoulder and brags that see they can talk about this stuff. Wyatt scoffs that about women….but the only woman he is interested in Bill wants to see with Wyatt’s brother. Bill says the only thing he wants to see is his sons getting along and that will never happen until Wyatt agrees to give up Hope. Quinn purposely eavesdrops and hears Liam tell Hope that he knows she has an issue with his dad after what he did to both Brooke and Katie. She says yes that was slimy. He agrees but says it will be easier on them to have Bill on their side, especially with Wyatt. He will talk to him and get Wyatt to back off. Bill has done so much to them over the years that he owes him this one to fix it. He will. Hope says it will definitely take some getting used to with Bill on their side. Liam agrees but so much easier so he doesn’t have to defend his relationship with her to Wyatt. Aly is devastated when Thorne tells her that he had to sell the house. The offer was too good to turn down and now it is in escrow and they must move out. He says he knows this is not the way they usually do things, they discuss it first but there just was no time. She asks about the memories, they should count for something. He says they will always have their memories but the house is not theirs. Eric even chimes in and says this house is too big without others in it. It's an estate and it's like he's the caretaker. Thorne tells her that he knows nearly all of her memories of her mom was in that house but they are also in their hearts. She says she knows that Thorne has memories of her mom all over in this, Eric’s house, and at the office but hers were all at that home. Thorne tells her that Darla did not have a home growing up so Sally was her home and then their family was her home. He laughs and says her mother would kick him in the pants if he passed up this offer. She finally comes around and says the only other place she feels close to her mom is Eric's home. Eric says then even more reason they should come live with's settled. Liam tells Hope that after this they do not even have to acknowledge Wyatt but he just wants to make sure this is okay with her. She pretends not to remember Wyatt’s name or his existence. Liam says he just wants to be sure she is okay with him talking to his father about Wyatt. He kisses her and says he would work overtime for the rest of his life to keep that smile on her face. Wyatt asks Bill if he is listening to him. He is not messing with Liam; he has real feelings for Hope. Hope is not engaged any more. She took off the ring. Bill says it doesn’t matter if Hope left him at the altar, you stand by your family. You don’t interfere. He continues that he will lose his relationship with not only his brother but Hope as well. Wyatt says then he must want him to give up. Is he giving him an ultimatum? Quinn walks up and listens outside the door. Bill says no, it is not an ultimatum. If it were he’d know it; there would be no doubt. And he knows all of this is not anything he hasn’t heard already from Liam or Hope. Wyatt says Hope hasn’t said anything like that in a while. Bill says that is why he is hearing it from him now. Wyatt says that is because Liam is nervous. Hope said she needed some time but she is spending way too much of that time thinking about Wyatt. And he knows Bill was opposed in the beginning so why the turn-around. At that point Quinn barges in and says she’d like to hear that answer herself. Why is Liam’s happiness more important than Wyatt’s? Bill says he never said Liam would be happy with Hope. Quinn says but he wants them to be together regardless of how Wyatt feels or how Hope might feel about Wyatt. Wyatt gets a phone call and tells his mom it’s the shipment they have been waiting for. She tells him that he can handle that by himself. Quinn tells Bill how dare he interfere with her son. Bill just smirks and glares at her.

Hope tells Liam that she needs to get back downstairs. Liam gets up and gives her a kiss as Wyatt walks up. In a jolly mood, he tells Liam that he can't go just yet until he congratulates him. He says Liam really stepped up his game going and whining to Daddy. That was a bold move for Yoga Boy. He asks Hope if she knows about this. She tells him they were just discussing it. Wyatt says he can't wait to hear the spin Liam put on it. Hope says Liam just said that he went to Bill and asked for support. Wyatt says Liam asked Bill to interfere in her life. After all he has done in the past, he'd do that. Who's it gonna be next - Eric. Perhaps he will ask him to rip up their contract. Hope tells them to play nice; she has to go now. Liam tells her to go on that he will catch up with her later. Wyatt scoffs not unless he catches her first. He turns around and tells Liam that he is surprised he is still here. He thought maybe he'd run back and complain to Daddy. Liam says no, Wyatt is right. He thinks perhaps he should deal with this on his own. Bill tells Quinn that she doesn't know him that well any more but she should know that "how dare you" is not a way to start a conversation with him. She retorts that this is not a conversation. This is him listening to her. He says no it's not. She does not want to do this here. Just come see him when she's cooled off. She says yes, she thinks they are gonna do it right now. He remarks that she hasn't lost her considerable charm over the years. She says she is just looking out for her son. Bill says she is not doing him any favors. She chides him that look at him pulling strings for Liam. And before he never thought he and Hope were a good match and now he's their champion. Bill says Liam asked him to talk to Wyatt. She says Wyatt doesn't have to listen to him. Bill says but he will. He understands the situation and knows it is going to end. He says Hope and Liam have endured to much. She mocks him how they have endured so much because he pulled a few tricks on them, a few temporary setbacks. She says Wyatt is so much better for Hope than Liam is and Bill better stay out of Wyatt's life where she is concerned. And she adds for all the success they have made for themselves, Bill better not mess with that. He says she doesn't have to worry about her little deal with Forrester. She says she is not worried about that. She's worried about her son. They have a good thing going here. Wyatt is happy. He is in love. He's earned his chance with Hope so let him have it. Let him have what Bill never gave her. Bill scoffs that this is not about her. She says he tainted her. He treated her like Liam is treating Hope, like a plaything, a toy he can pick up and discard anytime he wants. But Hope has a choice; a better choice than Quinn had. She can choose Wyatt and she will....if Bill will leave them alone. Liam tells Wyatt that he is so sick of this. This may be fun to him, but this is his life. Wyatt says oh he can live it anyway he wants Bro, but just know it might not be living with Hope. Liam says there is a little something off about Wyatt. There has been ever since the day he showed up. It's the way he does things, the way he kisses Hope and disrespects Liam, their father and the way he inserted himself into Forrester and getting the HFTF diamond and that sketchy attempted robbery. Wyatt grins that he's jealous. Liam says he doesn't know but something just doesn't feel right. Wyatt says maybe not to Liam, but he assures him it does to Hope. Liam says Hope doesn't see it because Wyatt makes sure that he doesn't show it to her but there is something very wrong with him......him and his mother. Wyatt says nice, he had to bring his mother into it .....very classy. Liam says he didn't have to bring her into this. She brought herself in when she snooped and opened his private e-mails. She crossed the line when she sent Hope that video. That is shady and now he knows where Wyatt gets his from. And yes he will enlist his father and Eric and anyone or anything else he can to keep Wyatt in check. He advises Wyatt to enjoy and savor every minute of this attention from Hope right now because slow and steady wins the race and Wyatt is about two steps from blowing it. That he can assure him. Wyatt giggles at him that he loves this. He repeats what Liam just said about slow and steady winning the race. Liam walks off. Quinn points her finger at Bill and says she is not going to let him do this to her son...deny him his happiness like he tried to deny his existence. Bill growls that they must be past that, aren't they? She says Bill stripped her of her dignity and now he's trying to do that to Wyatt. Bill tells her that she's making way too much of this. She asks if Bill knows what this means to Wyatt. He's talking about marriage. Bill tells her that is not going to happen. She says it is not his call. He does not get to decide what the rest of Wyatt's life looks like. God, she was so young and naive when he threw that money at her and told her just to disappear....the effect that had on her. Yes, she told Wyatt that his father was dead, because she did not want him to know Bill. She calls him a despicable man. Bill says he has been called worse and starts to walk off. She stops him. She chuckles that she is not that naive little girl anymore, and he's no longer the king of the business world. He's not even CEO of his own company. Brooke and Katie are finished with him, and if he is not careful, Wyatt will be too. Bill gloats that he will take his chances. She says Wyatt doesn't need him. He's as happy and as successful as he ever has been in his entire life, and she is not going to let Bill ruin that for him. She inches closer and picks up the sword from the necklace on his neck and says she remembers the day she gave that to him. It represented how she saw him - fiercely protective, strong as steel, a man who would never ever turn his back on his own blood. She quickly stabs him in the neck and then takes her thumb and wipes it in the blood and puts it in her mouth. Her big blue eyes glare at Bill, and she says that revenge tastes so sweet.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami ran into Gabi and wanted to talk to her about moving to New York.  Jennifer wanted to talk to Eric about Kristen.  Will and Sonny let Kate know that Gabi wanted to take Arianna to New York.  Gabi let Sami know that Sami could see Arianna anytime she wanted.  Sami tried to tell Gabi about doing whatís best for Arianna.  Sami let Gabi know that the baby needed both of her parents.  Gabi couldnít turn down the offer.  Sami offered Gabi a contract at Countess W.  Jennifer let Eric know that she believed that Kristen took advantage of him.  Eric was grateful that she believed him.  Gabi turned down Samiís offer because she wanted to pursue her dream.  Sami had an idea.  Sami wanted Gabi to leave Arianna in Salem.  Gabi was against that idea and said the agency wanted Arianna too.  Sami questioned if Arianna was part of the deal.  While Kate talked with Will and Sonny, she realized that Nick was behind Gabi moving to New York.

Sami thought about how she was going to stop Gabi from going to New York.  Kate confronted Nick about being responsible for Gabi moving.  Nick downplayed his role in Gabiís plans. Sami called Kate so they could talk about Gabi.  Will thought that he and Sonny could move to New York with Gabi.  Sonny let Will know that he couldnít move with him.  After her conversation with Eric, Jennifer ran into Daniel at the hospital.  Things got heated between Jennifer and Daniel when he talked to her about testifying against him.  Jennifer let Daniel know that he meant nothing to her now.  Sonny explained to Will that he had a business and couldnít leave.  Will didnít want Sonny to make him choose between him and his daughter.  Kate told Sami that Nickís going to New York with Gabi.  Nick found Gabi and she let him know that sheís not going to New York.  Nick was scared that his plan was ruined.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick asks Mac if he has heard from Anna and Robert, because it would be great if they made it back for the wedding. Mac asks Patrick if he has heard from Duke. Robert shows up at Luke's door. Anna arrives next, with a sick and injured Jerry Jacks in tow. Jerry observes that the cure he paid for must have worked, because Luke looks healthy. He says that means his doctor will have another dose for him. Anna tells Luke that Robin is alive. He says he knows and that he saw her at Wyndemere, but that no one could know she was there or Jerry would kill Anna and Robert, but now the world can know because there are no more hostages. Anna says Duke is a hostage at Wyndemere.

Britt worries about her mother because she has been missing for so long. She and Nikolas talk about the irony of caring about relatives that they don't love. They go looking for Dr. Obrecht.  On their way to the tunnels, Nikolas and Britt see Faison holding Robin at gunpoint. Nikolas draws his pistol and tells Faison that he would be happy to kill him. Britt asks Faison where her mother is. He claims not to know and tells her to go to General Hospital to get the cure. Dr. Obrecht is tied up in the catacombs with Duke Lavery, blaming Luke Spencer for their predicament. She tells him about Luke stealing the Polonium-210 cure from Jerry. She reveals that he knows the doctor who developed the cure, but won't tell him who. Duke suggests that they try to loosen each other's ropes.  She doesn't trust him. Nikolas is surprised to see Duke when he finds Obrecht. As Nikolas begins to untie Obrecht, Faison hits him from behind and drags him away. Obrecht refuses to untie Duke because she can't risk him turning her into the WSB. Anna, Robert, and Luke go to Wyndemere. Robert goes upstairs, Luke goes to look around the grounds, and Anna goes into the tunnels. When Luke goes back inside, Faison is coming out of the tunnel. They face off. Anna finds Obrecht aiming her gun at Duke. Robert finds Robin in a bedroom.

Felix shows Sabrina the wedding dress that he found for her. She says she loves it, but admits she is still disappointed that she can't wear her mother's wedding dress. Felix calls Elizabeth and says he needs her to come to his apartment for an emergency. She and Emma go. Felix tells Elizabeth that Sabrina hates the dress he got her. Elizabeth says her friends are still working on getting the dress Sabrina wants. Emma and Elizabeth tell Sabrina that the dress Felix got is beautiful. Sabrina answers the door to a surprise visitor. Patrick opens his door to a surprise visitor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick visits Nikki to find out what this dinner with the family is all about. At the gym, Avery thinks about her talk with Nikki regarding Dylan being Nikki’s son. Dylan finds Avery working out but her mind is elsewhere. In the prison yard, Fen comes out and sits down nearest the fence so he can talk to Michael. A guard walks up and interrupts their talk. Michael warns Fen about Womack and what could happen. Victor and the investigator discuss who could have hit and killed Delia. Adam takes care of Connor while Chelsea goes to the gym. Adam receives a visit from Victoria, who is there for some answers. Michael tries to talk Fen out of this plan of working with the warden to get the goods on Womack. Michael warns Fen that this could get him killed. Michael gets a visitor and leaves Fen alone. Nikki lets Nick know that there is nothing wrong in just wanting to spend time with family. Chelsea watches Avery and Dylan together until Avery notices her. Chelsea begins to leave but Dylan approaches her while Chelsea hurries off. Victoria tries to get Adam to help Billy. She is impressed with how Adam cares for Connor. Victoria encourages Adam to reconcile with Chelsea, which it will make him a better person.

Gloria visits Michael just to see how he is doing and how Fen is doing. Gloria offers her help. Gloria tells Michael that he needs a home-cooked meal but he asks when she last cooked one. Chelsea comes home and commends Adam on his care of Connor. Chelsea lets Adam know that Dylan was at the gym. Nikki thanks Victor and Nick for joining her for dinner as they await Victoria, who arrives shortly. The family all want to know what this is all about. Gloria lets Michael know that she and Jeffrey are going on a Caribbean cruise. Paul arrives to see Michael and to let him know that he has good news. Chelsea and Adam discuss their future. They decide they owe it to Connor to stay together as a family. Nikki begins to explain things to the family when Victor receives a call from the investigator to let him know what he found. The Newman family all watch Avery and Dylan as they walk in. Nick approaches Dylan and orders him to stay away from his family. Dylan tells Nick to stay out of his face. Womack confronts Fen about him killing a man and also for being an "addict." Womack assures Fen he can get him what he wants; all he has to do is ask.

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