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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In the steam room, Wyatt slides his hand slowly up Hope’s leg onto her arm while kissing on her neck. Then he puts his mouth on hers for a long, deep kiss. Finally she says they can’t do this. He says they are two adults in a steam room and there is no one to stop them. He tells her that he wants to show her how he feels. Liam comes out the bedroom dressed to go to the office after he makes a quick stop. Bill says let him guess. Liam says he better not be going to say anything against Hope. Bill says no, he said he would support that relationship and he meant it. He explains further that he wanted Liam to be with Steffy. He thought she was…….emphasis on was….the right woman for him just like he thought Kate was the right woman for him when he married her. And he really understands Liam wanting to move on with his life. Liam says thanks. He just wishes Wyatt could understand. Bill says he will talk to Wyatt. Liam is surprised but says okay. Bill says he will do it right now. They will have a nice little friendly father/son chat and he is sure that he will back off. Wyatt is still almost kissing Hope and says it is just them and they can lock the door. She hesitates. He asks if she is engaged to Liam and she replies no. He asks if she likes kissing him and she sort of moans and kisses him. But says if he thinks the first time they…..or if they ever….is going to be in a steam room and in public then he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks she does. She kisses him again. She gets up leaving Wyatt with a stunned look on his face. But the frown quickly turns into a smile. Aly drops in on her dad’s basement office. He says he’s working on some back orders as they are insane since Hope’s re-launch. She says give her five minutes and she can learn anything. He says he never doubted it. She says fashion is in her blood. He reminds her it is for both sides as her mother would be so proud knowing she was in fashion. Aly says yes but also ticked that Spectra wasn’t around anymore. She would have wanted her to work with her and Sally. Thorne says her mom missed out on so much. Aly says no; she is right there. She didn’t miss out on a thing. Thorne shows her the ropes about ordering some taffeta. She asks if it is weird working for Uncle Rick. He says he isn’t exactly working for him. Rick may be President but Thorne doesn’t need a title to justify his worth. He could have run this company better than anyone but he also would have missed out on a lot. He would have missed out on all her soccer games and practices and helping out in the classroom. He wouldn’t have missed that for anything. She says she knows and most kids her age would do anything to get away from their parents but here she is willing to volunteer to be close to him. He teases that she can visit but he knows she'd rather be following Hope around. Aly says she likes that plus Hope has got two very hot guys after her. Thorne is hearing too much. Aly says she is just saying it’s a dream life. There is no one her age that wouldn’t want to be Hope Logan.

Hope is working on some figures when Liam drops in, kisses her on the hair and makes a comment that it is a little wet. She says yeah she had been in the steam room. He quips that she should have waited up and he would have joined her. She stammers that would have been interesting. She asks what brings him by and why the big smile on his face. He reveals that his dad is going to support their relationship but this time he’s backing it up with action. Not only is he going to support them but he’s going to do his fatherly duty and ask Wyatt to back off. He is staying with him again until he works things out with either Katie or Brooke, he can’t keep track. Hope laughs and says in that case it might be for a long, long time. Liam says maybe she should move back in with him so they can get rid of Bill quicker. She says nice try, then wants to know what Bill is going to say to Wyatt. Liam says he will tell him not to be such a jerk to Liam and to back off. Hope says she is not sure that is his place. Liam says it is a start since he worked so hard to keep them apart for so long. Hope agrees but says Wyatt won’t exactly be intimidated. Liam says no, but he does value being a Spencer and he will listen to Bill. And now Wyatt will know that Bill is on their side and that will mean one step closer for them to be married and together and he’s not going to accept any other outcome. Having Bill on their side will be one obstacle out of their way. Wyatt walks into his office and finds Bill waiting for him by glancing through a magazine. Bill says he is a shareholder and he likes to keep abreast. Wyatt says he is back from Aspen and wonders if all is okay. Bill says he is hanging in there. More than anything Aspen made him focus. Wyatt says going back to Katie. Bill says it’s complicated; he’s living with Liam at the moment. Wyatt surmises that Katie did not take him back. Bill says again it is complicated. Wyatt says but he’s also not with Brooke. Bill says again more firmly that it is complicated. Brooke tossed him out. It’s gonna be all right but she just needs a little time to cool off. They’ll work it out and it will be fine. Wyatt is confused but finally says he is just glad that Bill is okay. Bill says he might not be when he finds out what else he wants to say. Wyatt asks if he has a problem. Bill says it’s about Liam. Wyatt says great, here they go. Bill tells him that he knows he will support him in just about anything except this desire he has to have Hope. Wyatt says this is not open for discussion. Bill continues anyway. He says Wyatt is a good looking guy and has no trouble with the ladies. Wyatt says no. Bill says then find one of his own. Bill says Liam and Hope have a history. Wyatt agrees – an ugly history. Bill says they have gone through a lot. Wyatt says from all he's heard Liam never treated Hope right. Bill says they never had a chance, so let them have it now. Wyatt replies that will he up to Hope. Not him and no offense, but not even up to Bill. Bill says he knows that Wyatt likes sticking it to his brother and if he is to be honest he too has enjoyed watching them spar, but this is important to Liam and he was there first. So he’s asking him to back off. Thorne tries to dismiss Aly to go back upstairs and be with Hope. He knows she wants to learn the glamorous side of things. She says no, she wants to learn it all. And she is not disappointed in him that he’s not President. She wouldn’t trade all their time together for anything. Three employees come in getting ready to spring a birthday cake on another employee. Thorne says he likes to surprise them each year. They remind Thorne about the company softball game and invite Aly to come along. She tells her dad that Rick may be President but she bets he doesn’t remember birthdays or plays for the softball team. And she knows Thorne is the core of Forrester’s. He makes it a family and wouldn’t want it any other way. He gives her a hug. She says she is so proud of him. She knows he made sacrifices. He says raising her was not a sacrifice. Rick may have a title but he has relationships with his employees and a special one with his daughter. He hugs her again and says there were days when being her father was the only thing that got him through. Wyatt tells Bill that he is not backing off just yet. Sure if Hope marries the guy then he will respect that and bow out, but it’s not like they are rushing to get to the altar anytime soon. Bill says then he is wasting his time and he should know. No one has interfered more than he has. Wyatt retorts that what Bill did was meddling and calculating, but it’s not like that with him. Bill says he knows. It is fun pursuing a girl…the chase….he gets it. Wyatt is incensed and says he cares for Hope and he is not trying to cause trouble. Bill tells him to get out there and see some other girls. Wyatt makes it plain that he is not interested in other girls. Bill says he can not get caught up in this first crush on a girl. Wyatt lets him know this is not a crush. Bill knows nothing about him. This is not his first. He’s dated a lot of girls. He hesitates and almost says more but ends up saying he does not regret any of those relationships…..because they have made it very clear to him just how right Hope is for him. He feels different with her than he’s ever felt with any other woman. Bill says okay, he knows now. Sorry, under any other circumstances but his brother loves her too. Wyatt points out a brother he didn’t even know until a few months ago and he treats him like crap. Bill says that is because he doesn’t respect his relationship with Hope. Wyatt asks why shouldh he. Bill says they feed off of each other and somebody has to be the bigger man here and put a stop to this. They need to act like brothers. Wyatt says he doesn’t want to disappoint Bill. He’s grateful for finding him and being a part of his family. And he knows he almost messed up once before and he hopes he is not making that mistake again. But Bill has got to hear him. He is not going to step back and have Hope accept anything less than what she deserves. If Bill wants Hope to be with Liam, fine. If he wants to fight for her to be with Liam, fine. But his dad has to respect him and know that he is fighting, too. He’s not backing down. Bill doesn’t say a word but puts a hand on Wyatt’s shoulder as if to say okay, I respect that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena went to Victorís place and demanded to know why he let her publicly humiliate her son.  Sami wanted Will to tell her about Gabiís modeling job.  Will hesitated at first, but he told her that Gabiís job was in New York.  Victor started to explain what happened, but Marlena slapped him.  Nicole wanted to know if Eric was fired as a priest.  Will and Sonny explained to Sami that Gabi planned on moving to New York.  Sami was determined to make sure that Gabi didnít take Arianna to New York.  Victor tried to downplay what he did, but Marlena was livid.  Eric told Nicole about his suspension.  Will didnít want Sami to get involved in his situation with Gabi.  Sami was upset and wanted to do something about Gabi.  Will and Sonny tried to defend Gabiís decision to model to Sami.  Will didnít want to force Gabi not to model because she would end up doing it anyway.  Daniel and Maggie talked about her relationship with Victor for a little while.  After Maggie left, Anne served Daniel with a summons from the disciplinary board.  Victor explained to Marlena that a public viewing of the footage was the only way to expose Kristen and stop the wedding.  Marlena didnít appreciate Eric being collateral damage.

Maggie showed up at the mansion and overheard Victor and Marlena arguing.  Marlena was upset with Victor and walked out of the mansion.  Eric told Nicole that he had to get proof that Kristen raped him and that he had to make things right with others.  Nicole knew what he meant, but she let Eric know that sheís still upset with him.  Daniel looked at the summons and found out that Jenniferís name was on the list of people testifying against him.  Daniel thought that Anne was the one behind the lawsuit and thought she was trying to destroy Jennifer.  Anne let Daniel know that Jennifer wanted to testify and that she had to be there for the case.  Anne didnít back down to Daniel when he accused her of wanting to hurt Jennifer.  EJ ran into Sami at the club.  Sonny found Gabi and wanted to apologize.  Victor didnít regret what he did to Eric.  Maggie told Victor that Eric was raped, but he thought Eric enjoyed himself.  Maggie tried to get Victor to see that he hurt Eric, but he didnít care.  Marlena ran into Eric and he let her know that he had to find Kristen to prove he was raped.  Will was determined not to lose Arianna.  Maggie told Victor that their marriage was over.  Marlena wanted to help Eric and offered him a place in her house.  Eric turned her down because he didnít want her help.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth tells Patrick that she feels badly about having to testify against AJ but their relationship is over. At AJ's trial, Scott presents as evidence the security tapes from the Metro Court for the night of Connie's murder. Diane objects because the prosecution never made the tape available to the defense beforehand. The judge sends the jury out and allows DA Baldwin to show the tape to the defense and the spectators. The video shows drunken AJ stumbling into the Metro Court and onto an elevator where he presses the button for the floor that Connie's office was on and loads a pistol. Diane asks to see the rest of the footage that shows AJ getting off the elevator and shooting Connie. Scott says it was destroyed in a flood at the Metro Court. Diane says the judge can't allow the jury to see it. The judge agrees that the footage is prejudicial and that the jury can't see it.  AJ believes he really did it. Diane tells him not to assume the worst, because no one will know what really happened until the rest of the footage turns up.

Robin tells Nikolas that she saw Patrick and Sabrina together at the lab, but they didnít see her. She tells him that Sabrinaís ex, Carlos saw her, but he doesnít know who she is. Nikolas says that if Carlos figures out who Robin is, he wonít keep it to himself.  Carlos tells Ava that Sabrina is getting married tomorrow to a man who already has a wife who is very much alive. Ava observes that Julian came back from the dead, but she thinks Carlos' mind is playing tricks on him. He says Sabrina didnít believe him either. Ava thinks he should tell Patrick. He says Patrick wouldn't believe him. She offers to be the one to tell Patrick. He says Patrick won't believe her either and that no one will believe it until they see Robin. Sabrina tells Felix that Carlosí latest attempt to come between her and Patrick was telling her that Robin is alive.  Robin tells Nikolas that she can't expect him to forget about Sabrina and pick up where they left off. Sabrina asks Felix to be her Person of Honor. Patrick asks Elizabeth to be his Best Person. Elizabeth tells Patrick to be ready in three hours, because as Best Person she is going to throw him a bachelorís party.  Felix insists upon helping Elizabeth plan and beautify. Sabrina won't go home to Patrick's house on the night before the wedding. Ava burns the missing Metro Court security tapes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Summer decide to go to Georgia together to spend Thanksgiving with Phyllis, since they both miss her very much. Kyle begins working for Victor who challenges him to find out if he is using him and if he figures that out, he can stay at the company longer. Noah thinks Victor is trying to test his loyalty by putting him in competition with Kyle. Noah is also upset that Nick interrupted his pitch of a new idea to Victor. Nick asks Victor to stop harassing Sharon, making it clear that he doesn’t intend to have a rebound relationship with her.

Devon tells Neil about his break up with Roxanne and his fear that she is right and his inheritance has changed him. Neil tells Devon that Katherine trusted that he would do the right thing with the money she left him, and he and Lily trust him, too. Mason tells Hilary that she came out on top after everything she has done, but he lost his job at Jabot. Nick decides to invite Sharon to dinner at the Athletic Club to thank her for persuading Dylan to stay away from his family. Faith isn’t happy that she isn’t getting the dollhouse that Dylan was going to make for her. Dylan tells Stitch that he and Avery are going to the Athletic Club for their first official date.

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