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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Just before she is to have lunch with Katie, Brooke gets a text from Bill that he needs to talk to her. Brooke thanks Katie for meeting her. Katie says it wouldn’t have happened a few days ago. Brooke says she is glad it is happening now. And she will make it up to Katie. Katie asks if Brooke knows where Bill is staying now. Perhaps he left some things at her place. Brooke says it is over between them and Katie has to believe that. Katie says she wants to believe her. And she doesn’t hold Brooke totally responsible for this as she played a part in it too. Brooke tells her that all that matters now is them and it means so much for her to be sitting here at this table. For the first time in a long time she has been able to look herself in the mirror. She doesn’t ever want to see Bill again. She hopes Katie will find it in her heart to forgive her. Katie says she wants to. She’d love to blame it all on Brooke but unfortunately there is enough blame to go around. Liam returns home and is startled when he finds Bill in the kitchen munching on a sandwich. Liam asks if his cell phone is working…he might have given him a call first before just dropping by. Bill says he’s moving in. Liam can’t believe that. He’d heard that Bill was back with Katie. Bill says it’s complicated and there’s no problem as Liam lives alone. Liam says for the time being, but when she’s ready he doesn’t want to have to tell Hope that dear old dad is camped out in the spare bedroom. Bill says he will be long gone before Hope moves back in. And they had fun so it will be like old times. Liam says what fun; he only stayed here two seconds before he moved in with Brooke. And now he’s talking about moving back in with her if he can. Talk about a 360. Bill contemplates and says it is more like 180. Liam says it doesn’t matter but who’s it gonna be, Brooke or Katie. Liam asks about the papers and the leaves that Brooke put in the envelope. And yet Bill still wants to be with her. Bill looks chagrined but says Brooke made her point and he got it. Liam says then he’s obviously crazy about her. Bill admits he is but guess what, he loves them both. Aly takes notes as Hope puts some accessories to her dresses. She tells Aly that she is a quick study. Aly says she is a good mentor. Hope replies that she really likes this arrangement. She likes having Aly around. Aly says if she ever gets in the way just give her the high sign. She has guys falling all over her. Wyatt walk in and they both giggle. He calls Aly Shadow Girl and says they were talking about him. Hope tells Aly don’t let Wyatt intimidate him.

Aly excuses herself leaving Hope and Wyatt alone. She asks why he is here. He says he demands equal time. She asks like Shadow Girl? He says happily but he will settle for the quality of someone else – Liam. It’s only fair. She says maybe Liam should weigh in on this too. She does spend a lot more time with Wyatt than she does with Liam. Wyatt says that won’t work. That isn’t fair, this is work. She gets to go on luncheons with Liam and picnics in Malibu. He wants a picnic. She says okay, she will bring a basket tomorrow. He says good and for every kiss that Liam gets he wants one. And he knows she has kissed him quite a bit so he has a lot of catching up to do. Slowly he leans in and kisses her. And then adds that they have lived together and done some things that they haven’t …….yet. She says she can not do “those things” with either of them, not now, not until she knows. He grins okay but to give him a sign so he will know when she is ready. She says oh he will know. In the meantime….she puts her arms out to give some space and says boundaries. He gives her a big hug and asks if that is within the boundary. She agrees that it is. Then he kisses her again and he likes it but says that was pushing it. He says just give him a chance; give them a chance. That is all he is asking. He starts to kiss her again when the door opens and it’s his mom. He tells her great timing. Hope says it is okay for Quinn to stay as she needs to go. Beauty treatments call. Quinn tells Wyatt he doesn’t have to say a thing. She can see how happy he is. He says it is not a lock yet. She asks if there is anything she can do. He says no, no, she’s done enough already and some things he wished she hadn’t. He says this might sound like a tad self serving but Hope would be much happier with him. Aly comes in not knowing the office was occupied. Wyatt introduces her to his mom. Wyatt says she just missed Hope and Aly blurts out that she knows. She’s in the steam room. Wyatt’s eyes light up. Liam asks Bill just how long does he think he will be living in his house. Bill corrects and says it is his house. Bill doesn’t know and says it really doesn’t matter as he doesn’t think Hope is going to be moving back any time soon. Liam says he’d like to talk to him about that. Bill say okay, it’s Liam’s house. He tells his dad that he is going to marry Hope again but Bill can not be living here unless he has his support. Bill grins and says it is house. Poor Liam is go confused. Bill says that is great. Liam is dictating conditions of what he must do to live in his own house. Liam says okay, then he will move out. He can keep his damn house. Bill tells him to come back and stop being like….the way he is. He explains to Liam that his feelings about Hope have changed. He has not interfered with them in a long time. Liam says that is just it. He just enjoys the competition between him and Wyatt. He treats them like they are gladiators in a coleusium. He takes pleasure in that. Bill wonders if he should take sides. Liam says yes absolutely. If they are going to be bunking together, he has to have his back. He owes him. He can’t do this anymore. Either Bill supports him or he has to go. Bill calls him back again and says he’s right. Well done! He deserves his support and he will have it. Liam wants to be sure it is unconditional. Bill says yes the whole ball of wax. He opens his arms and the men go for a big bear hug. Katie tells Brooke that she is not sure this was a good idea. Brooke says it is and they are going to continue to do things like this. They are sisters and they have children and maybe this is all they have left but it is enough. She betrayed Katie and she is sorry but she still thinks she can bring something to Katie’s life. She thinks she can be there for her again and she won’t let this happen. She reaches out and touches Katie’s hand and begs her please to let her back into her life. Hope is laying on the table in the steam room when the door opens. She even says someone is in here. Wyatt walks in with only a towel and says yes he knows. He goes straight to her knee which is crooked in the air and he kisses it. She says somebody might come in. He replies there is an occupied sign on the door. She says that didn’t stop him. He says nothing will. He starts kissing her on her arm, all the way up and down. He gets very close to her face and says don’t tell him to stop now. It’s up to her. She says his name and then sits up. He says there is no fear. They are two adults. He kisses her on her neck and shoulders. He tells her that he loves her and while they gaze at each other, she sighs and is ready when he kisses her. Brooke comes back to the office and runs into Aly where they catch up that Aly will be working with Hope. Brooke gets another phone call from Bill. He says she does not have to talk, just listen. He’s sorry. He was wrong. He loves her and doesn’t want to live without her. He knows she is angry now but they will be together. That he promises her. She has to sit down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was upset with Gabi for not telling him and Will that she was moving to New York.  Theresa was happy that she could stay in Salem.  Shane and Kimberly told her she had conditions.  Gabi explained to Sonny that modeling was a chance of a lifetime for her and she was doing it.  Sami and EJ talked about what Kristen did to Eric again.  Sami thought that EJ could have helped Kristen.  EJ wanted to know what Sami decided about their relationship.  Eric explained to the Bishop that Kristen raped him.  Theresa was upset and stormed out of the pub.  Kimberly thought Theresa was mad at her so she went to talk to her.  Theresa told Kimberly that sheís ruining her life.  Sami decided that EJ was hiding something.  Sami would stay at the mansion, but they had to keep their distance.  Will walked in on Gabi and Sonny arguing about her contract.  Gabi told Will that the job was in New York.  Sonny dropped the bomb that Gabi was taking the baby.  The Bishop felt that Eric should have been honest in the first place.  Theresa explained to Kimberly that she was too controlling.  Will wasnít happy with Gabiís plans.  Gabi told Will that she wasnít letting go of her dream.  Abe tried to convince Nicole to reach out to Eric.  Eric talked to the Bishop about Kristenís feud with Marlena.  The Bishop told Eric that he saw the video and it didnít look good for him.

Will, Sonny, and Gabi continued to argue about her plans.  Sonny implied that he could tell the agency that she was involved in Melanieís kidnapping.  Nicole didnít think she could help Eric.  Abe wanted to know if something happened between Nicole and Eric.  The Bishop told Eric that there had to be proof that Eric was raped or he would be defrocked.  The Bishop suspended Eric.  Gabi tried to threaten Sonny if he said anything about Melanie, but it didnít work.  Will wanted Gabi to wait before making a decision.  Sonny decided to can Justin for help.  Shane and Kimberly said goodbye to Theresa.  Sonny told Will that they had to go to family court.  Sonny also let Will know that they could lose the case because Will and Gabi didnít have a custody agreement.  Sami showed up and she saw Gabiís contract.  She wanted to know what happened.  Abby ran into EJ.  They talked about Chad and the fact that he lied about having a brain tumor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu is having a hard time accepting that she has to give up Connie. Olivia and Sonny stop by to say goodbye to the baby. Lulu is angry that her baby will be raised by Maxie. Olivia informs them that Maxie didn't get custody either and is prohibited from any contact with the baby. They tell them that Spinelli got full custody. Lulu says they succeeded in proving that Maxie is unfit, but they still have to give up the baby and it is all Dante's fault, because he told the truth when he testified about her wanting to leave the country with the baby. She reminds him that he perjured himself to protect his father. She asks him why he couldnít do the same for his wife. He says he couldn't lie because Connie isn't their daughter; she is Maxie and Spinelli's biological child. Ellie tells Elizabeth that the court found Maxie unfit to be a parent and granted sole custody to Spinelli. Spinelli feels terrible that he has to leave Maxie's apartment, because she can't have contact with their daughter. Diane makes it clear that if Maxie goes within 20 feet of the baby, she will go to jail, and if Spinelli allows Maxie access to the child, he will lose custody. Diane tells Spinelli that he can pay his half of her bill in installments, and she waives Maxie's half because she didn't win for her. Spinelli tells Ellie about Maxie's catatonic condition. He says Sam agreed to let him and the baby move into the penthouse with her. Ellie goes with him to pick up the baby. Dante and Lulu tearfully say goodbye to Connie.

Franco calls the mental institution to make sure that Heather is securely locked up. When there is a knock on the door, he opens it, ready to hit Heather with a vase, but it is his new father, Scott Baldwin. He tells Scott that Heather threatened Carly and that as District Attorney, he should do something. Scott says he will tighten the security at the mental institution, but that is all he can do right now. He says he came to tell Franco that he never knew about their relationship, but that this is a bad time to get to know each other, because he is trying to downplay his association with Heather while he is establishing himself as District Attorney. Heather is at the Metro Court watching Carly. Carly interrupts Felix's babbling about Sabrina's wedding to tell him that she slept with Franco, who it turns out isn't a Quartermaine, but the son of Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin. Felix tells her to run before it gets worse. She says Franco makes her happy and that Brad isn't a good choice for Felix either. Heather goes to Franco's room. He tells her that if she does anything to Carly, he will kill her. She says he wouldnít kill his mother. He proceeds to strangle her until officers from the mental institution come to take her away. Outside his door, Heather says it is convenient that they sent the same guards that helped her escape in the first place.

AJ's trial begins. He is surprised when Elizabeth comes. Sonny tells Scott that the recording that he used to strong-arm Lazaro came from Julian Jerome so now the Jeromes own him. He tells him to make sure he puts AJ away for good. Diane tells Scott he has a lot to lose in this case. Scott calls Sonny to the stand first. Sonny testifies that he caught AJ strangling Connie. He says the night Connie died, she wrote the letters A and J with her blood. On cross examination, Diane points out that Sonny didn't actually see Connie write the letters, and that he could have written them himself. He admits that Connie didnít tell him that AJ shot her or write the words "AJ shot me." Diane concludes that all the evidence is circumstantial. Scott calls Elizabeth next. Elizabeth testifies that Connie wasn't having trouble breathing after the alleged strangling. Scott asks her if AJ said anything that implied that he was still angry. Elizabeth testifies that AJ said that if he had a gun, that he would have killed her, but that she believes he was just venting. Diane notes that AJ didn't go out to buy a gun. Scott calls Olivia to the stand to authenticate security footage of the night of the murder. Diane and AJ know nothing of this evidence.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Roxanne breaks up with Devon because she feels that inheriting Katherine’s money has changed him and made him not trust anyone even the people that love him. Roxanne also feels that she and Devon are not moving forward as a couple. Later Devon is sad and feels that money has ruined his life. Cane takes Lily to a building he is considering renting so that they can use the space to find something that they can both do together. Cane and Lily consider opening a dance studio but decide against it. They find a homeless woman living in the building and give her some money. They leave after telling the lady that, since it is her home, they won’t rent the building.

Billy and Victoria argue when he sees Delia’s things in boxes. Victoria explains that Chloe asked for some things that Delia left. Victoria struggles to find a way to help Billy. During their argument, she tells him Adam has some of his shady contacts trying to find Delia’s killer. Billy goes to the restaurant and asks Adam to come. When Adam arrives, Billy thanks him for using his contacts to try and find the person who killed Delia and buys him a drink. Kelly, the lady from the grief support group, is at the restaurant and tells Billy not to rush through his grief, because the pain will still be there when he is ready to deal with it. Chelsea walks by Adam’s computer which he left on when he left the house and notices that he has been posting to the online grief support group. Kevin shows Paul the posts that Billy has been making to the online grief support group, and they decide to try and find out who the anonymous person is responding to Billy’s posts. Chloe tells Victoria that if she needs someone to talk to about her grief over Delia, she can call her to talk.

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