Tuesday 11/19/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/19/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke repeats that Bill wants her forgiveness. He says she doesn’t have to tell him. He knows it is a lot to ask. She says actually it’s pretty easy. No one has ever turned against her love the way he has to get what he wants. So that is what she is wondering if he is doing right now. He says and what if he came to her door every door and told her how much he wanted her back. She thinks it might just be for the documents that he had Katie sign. He wants to know if she still has them. At the cliff house, Wyatt calls Liam bro and that annoys him. Hope doesn’t understand why as she finds it endearing. Wyatt just laughs it off. Liam tells Hope that Wyatt can call her bro but after they finish their lunch. Wyatt tells Liam that he will go when Hope tells him that she wants him to go. Liam says he is pretty sure she does. Wyatt retorts that Liam doesn’t really have that ventriquilist thing down yet bro; he can totally see his mouth moving. Hope tells Wyatt that it was really, really sweet of him to bring the pictures out but she will see him back in the office. Liam quips that sweet would have been if he dropped them off and then left or he could have sent them by carrier pigeons. Wyatt tells him to come on, he knows they had fun. Liam says Wyatt may have had fun but he didn’t with tennis balls bouncing off his face. Wyatt tells Hope he will see her back at the office and at that minute she gets a phone call from Eric. He wants her back at the office ASAP and Wyatt too if he happens to be with her. He wants those pictures in front of the public as soon as possible. We see a pair of shoes walk into Eric’s office while he is with Thorne. He looks up and says hi to his daughter Aly. Thorne asks how the interview went. She’s doing some research for a law firm her last semester. She tells her dad that he is going to be so mad at her; He says he doesn’t do mad. She tells him how out of place she felt and she just left. Eric says maybe she just doesn’t want to be a lawyer and Thorne would not be unhappy with that. Aly says she thinks she wants to do something different. She wonders if she has any talent toward fashion. Thorne bursts with pride that she is so talented, she can do anything she wants. Eric listens as Aly says she is thinking abut shoes. She remembers sitting at Sally’s knee when she was little and admiring all her shoes. Thorne says Sally may have forgotten her own birthday but she never forgot Aly’s. He remembers the night Aly was born. Aly asks if that was the Gladys that cut Sally’s hair. Thorne says yes, one and the same. Eric chimes in that she had more careers than a caterpillar had legs. She even married him and Stephanie once. Back to discussing her future at FC, Aly says she is sure that she could learn to do any number of things there.

Brooke tells Bill that everything he lost was because of her. Would it matter if she told him that she still had the papers…..so he could break in and search her house. He tells her there doesn't have to be any looking back or even forward. They can be happy again. Wyatt asks Hope if she is ready to leave. Liam pops up and says she is not going with Wyatt; he’s driving her. Wyatt says that makes no sense. Liam is already at home so there is no need for him to make the drive. Liam says he has been trying to explain that he needed a little alone time with Hope so maybe that will happen in the car. Hope tells Wyatt okay he can go and she will see him at the office. Wyatt looks at Liam and says he is not invited to the meeting. Liam smiles at Hope and says if Wyatt had not cheated he would beat him at all of his little challenges. Then he kisses her just as Wyatt turns around and sees him. Brooke tells Bill that she packed his things and she believes he is sorry if that matters. He surmises that she still has to punish him. She answers that they shouldn’t have been in the first place. And she wasn’t strong enough to let him go until he broke her heart. Maybe it’s not as easy for her as it was for him when he walked out. He says that is because it was a sham. She said it hurt all the same. He says once more he is sorry but he knows she will forgive him. She says they really don’t need to put themselves through this again. He says every good thing hurts someone. He is sorry Katie got hurt and he knows she is sorry too, but there is no need for them to go sorry to their graves alone. That is not a life and not enough for Brooke. Hope is surprised to see Aly in the office. Aly gives her a hug and says hi to Liam. Then Wyatt walks in and says don’t get started without him. Aly’s eyes light up as she recognizes Wyatt from the pictures of the diamond heist. Eric tells Hope two things – don’t go anywhere as he has sent the photos down to be copied and he wants Aly to follow her….as in shadowing as he wants her to learn everything that Hope does. Both girls love the idea. Later Eric asks Thorne if he told Aly the other news. Thorne says no, he was hoping for a better moment. Eric tells him not to wait too long; it won’t be easy. Liam tells Hope that as much as he’d like to stay and see the prints, there is this little thing called work and he must earn his salary. He gives her a quick kiss goodbye and asks for a rain check for the day at the beach when they almost had fun. Wyatt then says he needs to make some calls and check on the warehouse so maybe she can text him when the graphics come in. He gives her a big kiss until she pulls away realizing she has an audience. Aly looks embarrassed but says oh yeah, she wants to shadow Hope. Bill asks Brooke if she is remembering. All she needs to say is one word. She does not answer. She goes to the stairway and hands him his bag. He says he will take them upstairs. She says no and also take this – the engagement ring and then go. He tells her that she is making this sacrifice for nothing. He is not going back to Katie. Brooke says that is none of her business. Bill tells her that Katie will not forgive Brooke either. There will be no redemption. She will lay in wait in judgment of Brooke. What if this is their last chance to love and be loved and everything they could have been goes to waste? She says at least then maybe she can look herself in the mirror. He says no, she is stronger than this. Guilt is for cowards, not them. He say they stand tall and will pay the price whatever it is. She says goodbye to him and then turns her back. He picks up the ring and his bags and heads out the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi decided she wanted to take the modeling job.  Kate was jealous when she saw Rafe with Jordan.  The Bradys tried to reach out to Theresa.  Kayla let Theresa know that Jennifer has a say in whether she stayed in Salem.  Will and Sonny talked about how great Gabiís opportunity will be for her.  Gabi called the agency to let them know that she wanted the job.  Gabi hoped that Will wouldnít sue for custody.  Daniel talked to Jennifer and noticed JJ watching them.  After Jennifer left, Daniel reminded JJ that they arenít supposed to talk to each other or be seen together.  JJ let Daniel know that he went to check on Theresa.  Daniel thought that was a bad idea.  Daniel thought Theresa might remember what happened when she overdosed.  Nick tried to convince Gabi that she was doing the right thing by leaving town.

Kate continued to watch Jordan and Rafe together.  Daniel reminded JJ that he could go to jail if the judge found out that he was with Theresa when she overdosed.  Theresa told her family that Jennifer would send her away if she decided her fate.  Jennifer arrived at the pub and Shane explained everything.  Theresa put on a performance to convince everyone that she changed.  Theresa apologized to Jennifer for the way she acted and asked for her forgiveness.  Nick decided to accept his job offer in New York.  Jennifer decided to forgive Theresa and didnít want to see her go to jail.  Kate talked to Jordan about the way she works.  Kate thought everyone would know who she is soon enough.  Theresa gets to stay in Salem as long as she stayed away from JJ and Daniel.  The modeling agency called the apartment and Sonny found out that Gabiís job is in New York.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felix agrees to go on a date with Brad. Patrick warns Felix that he can't trust Brad. Felix tells Patrick that Brad is trying to be a better person. He says Brad only signed on to be a sperm donor for Britt and that Britt doesnít seem to want him involved. He says the fact that the baby doesnít look anything like him might be making him wonder if he is really the father. Carlos tells Sabrina that Patrick's wife is still alive. He says he saw her in the lab with his own eyes. When Brad arrives at the lab, Sabrina asks him who was in the lab. Brad says it was Ellie. Carlos asks Sabrina if Ellie Trout looks anything like the woman in Patrick's family picture. She says no; what Carlos is suggesting is insane. She says Robin would run back to Patrick and Emma if she were alive. He tells Sabrina to go through with the wedding and honeymoon, but she will soon find out that it was all for nothing. Felix goes to the lab and asks Brad to be his date to Sabrina's wedding. Brad says Patrick and Sabrina don't like him. Felix says it will be memorable. Brad agrees to go.

Robin tells Britt and Nikolas that she has synthesized a cure for Jerry and it will be ready in 48 hours. Robin hides behind the wall when Luke drops by.  Nikolas introduces Luke to Britt. Luke knows that Britt is Dr. Obrecht's daughter. He says her mother busted Faison out of prison and they are on Cassadine Island with the doctor whose cure saved him. Nikolas says he knows about it and refuses to go to Cassadine Island. Luke says he is going himself. Robin comes out of her hiding place and says she can't let him do that. He is amazed to see her alive. She says all he needs to know is that she is the doctor that Jerry was hiding on the island. She reveals that Jerry is holding her parents on Cassadine Island, but they have to leave them there for now. Luke tells her that Robert tried to kill himself after he saw what he believed was her charred remains. She explains that she is synthesizing another batch of the cure for Jerry and that if anything goes wrong, he will kill her parents.

While Tracy is babysitting baby Connie, she tells Olivia that she feels responsible for her cousin, Connie's death because she pushed her to publish the article about Kiki not being a Quartermaine. Olivia says the person who pulled the trigger is the only one who is responsible. At Connieís custody hearing, the judge denies Dante and Lulu's petition for custody of Baby Connie, because she isn't their biological child. He denies Maxie as well because it would not be in the childís best interest. He awards full custody to Spinelli, who was an innocent party in the deception. The judge says Maxie may have no contact with the child for six months, at which time they will reconsider visitation. Lulu goes to Tracy's hotel room and tells her and Olivia that they won and Connie is legally theirs. Dante finds her and tells her that he can't let her run off with the baby. She says she can't lose her baby. He tells her that they have already lost her, and they have to accept it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Christine visits Paul in his office at the police department and tries to get his mind off of work for just a little while. Lily and Cane have lunch together and she tries to pressure him into telling her what his surprise for her is. Fen talks to Michael in the prison yard and says that he has figured out a way that he can help to get him out of this situation. Jill and Lauren have lunch together but Jill cannot keep her eyes off of Victor and Kyle. Jill and Lauren discuss Michael and Fen. Jill lets Lauren know that she had a tryst with a certain judge, who could help in setting up a new trial for Michael and Fen. Jack has a visit from Devon at the office. Victor asks Kyle why he would give up his birthright in order to come to work for him. Lauren thanks Jill for being there for her through everything. Victor and Kyle discuss his business path at Newman. Devon tries to make amends between Victor and Jack. Devon gets a call from the bank telling him that a large amount was taken out of his account. Roxanne joins Cane and Lily wearing a very expensive bracelet. Roxanne tells them that Devon has been very generous lately.

Kyle tells Victor that he is frustrated working for Jack. Kyle shows Victor some news ideas for Newman/Chancellor. Victor is apprehensive at first but becomes interested in Kyle’s idea and gives him a job at Newman. Fen lets Michael know that the warden wants to cut a deal with him. Cane leaves Roxanne and Lily alone to talk. Devon joins them and pulls Roxanne away for a talk. Devon accuses Roxanne of taking money from his account and only being interested in him for his money. Roxanne says that she put down a deposit on a condo for them to move in together. Christine calls her associate to cancel the rest of her appointments for the day. She locks Paul’s door so they will not be disturbed. Jill approaches Victor about his talk with Kyle. Victor asks Jill to come to work for him, but she refuses. Michael advises Fen against working with the warden. Paul finds a way to get Michael out of jail. Kyle visits Jack and so does Jill. Jill informs Jack that Kyle is going to work for Victor.

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