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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Katie that she protected her and was not going to let Bill do this to her. Katie said she trusted Bill and thought she was going to get her life back only to find it was a big betrayal. Brooke says the papers are null and void now because Bill does not have them. They are gone and she replaced her Aspen leaves for them. Katie says she wishes she could see Bill’s face. Bill picks up a few leaves and crushes them with his palm. Justin asks him where are the papers? Bill says they aren’t here. Brooke did it, who else could it be. Donna looks over Wyatt’s plaques and says the jewel heist almost made him a big rock star. Donna praises him for getting over 5000 fan letters since yesterday. He says yes and Hope’s page has gotten close to 4 million hits. Winning feels pretty damn good. Proofs come in hot off the press and Donna shows them to Wyatt. They are of Hope and she looks gorgeous. She teases him about having a massive crush. He asks where Hope is today and Donna says Liam came and spirited her away. He inquires if she knows where. Donna says she thinks they are out at his place in Malibu. Hope and Liam walk over the property where he shows her a few more changes but every time Wyatt’s name comes up he refuses to call him his brother. He tells Hope it’s something to do with Wyatt is so smooth and so slick all the time, he’s so phony. Then he stops and says no more talking about Wyatt. He gives Hope a quick kiss on the cheek. They go inside and change into their beach clothes. She looks at the table he has set up and says he thought of everything, not a detail spared. He says of course, he even ordered the sunshine. He kisses her again. Justin wants to know how this happened and does Katie know about it. Bill says obviously Brooke found a moment when he and Katie were arguing and switched the leaves for the papers. He assumes Katie will know by now and he has to go see Brooke. Brooke tells Katie none of this would have happened in the first place if she hadn’t given in on her feelings for Bill. Katie says but now he’s lost as he doesn’t have Katie, he doesn’t have his company and he doesn’t have Will…..or Brooke. He has nothing! Hope tells Liam that everything tastes so good. She looks up and there comes Wyatt. He holds the pictures in his hand and tells her that he just had to track her down and show her the pictures. Liam of course is less than enthused to see him and even says can’t he see they are in the middle of something. Wyatt says yes but when he heard that his bro would be here he kind of figured he’d want to see the pictures too. Hope takes them and is anxious to see them. Donna drops in on Katie and she fills her in on the details of Bill’s coming home and her foolishly taking him back. And then in 24 hours Bill went back to being Bill. She was suspicious but she really wanted to believe it was real. She signed the papers and then he ran right back to Brooke. He faked their breakup; he just wanted the company and his son. He did not want her. So coming home was just one big fat lie. Donna is surprised to hear that Justin was in on it too and is glad she divorced him. And she is proud of Brooke that she stood up to Bill and won’t have anything else to do with him. That is the old Brooke that they know and love. Katie looks a little doubtful. At Brooke’s, Bill walks right on it and asks her what she did with the papers. Did she shred them or burn them. She says he had to be stopped. They argue again with him saying that Katie left him no choice but to betray her. She took his company and his son. She shouts at him to stop this. Do not blame this on Katie. He tells her that this became a game to Katie. She didn’t really want to be CEO or even him. It was a game to see how long she could keep him right where she wanted him. And she wanted to see if he could live up to her standards. She wanted to win. Brooke points out that he lied to Katie and he lied to everyone. What he did to Katie was unforgivable. He says he is sorry but he had to do that to make it work. She says she packed his bags. She wants him gone. He’s no longer welcome in this house. He says he had to do something as Katie cut him off at the knees. He only wanted three things – his company, his son and Brooke. She says he did not have to stoop to this level to get that. Bill says they had it all so how could she take that away.

Wyatt pulls up a chair and sits besides Hope and asks what are “we” having. When Liam looks disgusted, Wyatt makes fun of the gluten free food and the rice cakes. Hope says they are all good but he better stay clear of the hot peppers. Wyatt stands up and starts pulling off his pants. Liam about has a heart attack until Wyatt shows him that he has on beach shorts. He sits back down and says he is starved and starts to help himself. Hope is trying to stifle her giggles and Liam is glaring darts. Hope asks what is it going to take for them to get along. Wyatt says Liam just needs to man up a little. They yee-haw about that and finally Liam gets up for a challenge. Hope is afraid to look. They play a little paddle ball and Liam taunts Wyatt. Wyatt gets back by having him distracted so Liam turns his back and when he turns back around Wyatt hits the ball right into Liam’s open mouth. Wyatt digs into the peppers first but Liam is right behind to prove himself too. Wyatt eats two, Liam eats two and then three. While Wyatt is still chomping on his, Liam grabs a glass of water and chugs it down. Wyatt spits out his peppers. Then he fools around with the charcoal and binoculars and Hope hands them to Liam to look out at the water. When he turns around he has charcoal circles around his eyes. He looks like a raccoon. They play some tennis with each trying to best the other. Then Wyatt turns the automatic machine on and the balls are zipping past Liam at breakneck speed hitting him in the butt. Finally they give up and Hope wonders why they always have to be in competition. Liam tells Wyatt to just leave. Wyatt looks at Hope and asks if she wants him to leave. Donna tries to smooth things with Katie by saying she is still CEO and she still has custody of Will. She just hopes that Bill doesn’t try to manipulate the papers from Brooke. Katie says she has quit trying to figure out what Brooke will do a long time ago. Brooke tells Bill that he has problems…… deep, dark, vicious problems. He says tell him something that he does not know. He’s a driven person and that is why he is so successful. She says maybe so but he went too far this time. She tells him he needs to stop and think how his actions affect others (errr Brooke, pot calling kettle black). He admits he was so focused on his goal that he didn’t consider the consequences. He was already thinking that way but the fall definitely played a part is him losing his judgment. He says again he is sorry for the pain he caused especially to her. She says he went far and beyond what he usually does and that can’t be undone. She tells him that he has to stop this or he is going to end up alone and with nothing. He tells her that he knows he screwed up and what he did was wrong, but for her please do not do this. Do not give up on them. He needs her to forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shane and Kimberly came back to Salem for a family intervention with Theresa.  EJ met with Justin to discuss a business opportunity.  Justin didnít want to work with EJ again.  Will thought it was a good idea for her to go back to modeling.  Gabi wanted to tell Will about having to move to New York.  Theresa was upset that the family staged an intervention.  Theresa finally agreed to go to Alcoholics Anonymous.  Kimberly informed Theresa that she would be going to AA in California and not in Salem.  Theresa was upset and didnít want to go back home.  Gabi was about to tell Will about the move when T called him and sent him a link of what happened to Eric.  Will had to leave so Gabi didnít get a chance to tell him anything. Justin explained to EJ why he didnít want to work with him again.  Justin told EJ that he had to find someone else to help him and he walked off.  Theresa told her parents that she could end up going to jail in the judge in California found out that she violated her probation.  Kayla warned Theresa that the familyís not going to enable her anymore.

EJ was back at the mansion and Sami talked to him about trying to resolve their problems.  Will showed up at the mansion demanding answers about Eric.  Gabi met with Justin about her contract.  Kimberly blamed herself for Theresaís actions.  Kimberlyís family let her know that it wasnít her fault that Theresa ended up the way she did.  Shane and Theresa argued over her behavior.  Sami explained to Will that Kristen raped Eric.  Kayla let Theresa know that she could lose her job because she overdoes.  Gabi told Justin about relocating to New York.  Justin explained how wrong it was for her to move to New York without clearing it with Will.  Justin didnít want to give Gabi advise about taking Arianna away from Will and Sonny.  After Will left, EJ and Sami talked about Kristen and Eric.  EJ asked Sami why she didnít tell Eric that EJ knew what Kristen did.  Sami didnít have an answer.  Theresa wanted to know if her parents were going to make her go back to California.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At the custody hearing, Dante, as an officer of the law, is compelled to tell the truth under oath so he has to admit that Lulu lied when she said she had never considered taking Connie and running. Spinelli takes the stand and says he is sorry that it has come to this because they are friends sniping at each other. He says he understands that the Falconeris love Connie, but he needs to raise his daughter. The judge goes to chambers to consider.

Carlos goes to the lab looking for Sabrina but finds Robin there. He says she looks familiar and asks her name. She says her name is Epiphany Johnson. She says she hopes he works things out with Sabrina. After he leaves, Carlos sees a picture of Epiphany on the wall in the corridor. He remembers seeing Robin's picture at Patrick's house. Patrick tells Luke that there is not a trace of Polonium in his system. Luke says he is going to the station to tell Anna, but Patrick says Anna and Robert have been missing since they left the clinic. Luke and Tracy are happy to hear that Robert is conscious, but concerned that he is missing. Patrick says he thinks they were going after Faison. Luke and Tracy tell Patrick that they got the cure on Cassadine Island and that Jerry Jacks and Liesl Obrecht were there. Patrick asks if Obrecht came up with the cure. Luke says it was another female doctor, but that they didnít get her name. Patrick says Duke went to Wyndemere to ask Nikolas if he had heard from Anna, but that he hasn't heard from Duke since then. Luke takes off to go to Wyndemere. On Cassadine Island, Robert unlocks the lab door with a guard's fingerprint that he lifted, but it sounds the alarm. Jerry Jacks and two guards are waiting on the other side of the next door. Anna and Robert anticipate the guards, so they are ready with objects to use as weapons to hit them when they enter the room. They take the guards' guns and challenge Jerry. Jerry says that if they kill him, their good friend Duke will die, too. Robert shoots Jerry in the leg. Jerry tells them that he knows where Robin and Duke are, but if he takes them there, it will have to be under their protection.

Nikolas kisses Britt. She tells him that it is a bad idea for him to get involved with her because she hurts people. He is willing to take his chances. Tied to a post down in the catacombs, Duke tries to poison Obrecht against Faison. She tries to stab Faison, but he overpowers her. She elbows him and wrests away, but he goes after her and hits her with a large object and then ties her up next to Duke. Obrecht says Faison will never get Anna with Jerry holding her captive on that island. Duke says Obrecht should make a deal with the authorities and turn Faison in. Britt asks Faison where her mother is. He says she is probably exploring the tunnels. Robin finds that Lukeís antibodies are regenerating so the cure can be synthesized. Robin returns to Wyndemere and says she got in and out of the hospital almost undetected. She says the cure will be synthesized in 48 hours, so she just needs to make sure no one sees her until then. Luke arrives at Wyndemere, yelling for Nikolas. Carlos tells Sabrina that Patrick's wife is still alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the police department, Nikki lets Paul know that she decided to tell her family as well as Dylan that he is her son. Nikki tells Paul that she hugged Dylan at the Veteran’s benefit. Sharon and Nick arrive home with Faith. Sharon knows that it was hard on Nick seeing Avery with Dylan. Nick tells Sharon that Dylan is here in Genoa City because of Avery. Avery is impressed with the piece of wood that Dylan saved from outside of his parent’s home in which he engraved their names years before. Victoria talks to a pic of herself and Billy. Billy and Adam converse through the internet. Sharon and Nick discuss how Nick and Avery met. Nick lets Sharon know that he just views them as "friends." Nikki tells Paul that she is part of Dylan and he is part of her. Paul gives Nikki reassurance that everything will fall into place once she tells the family the truth about Dylan. Adam and Billy both grieve in their own way over the internet. Victoria interrupts Billy and they argue over his disinterest in the family since Delia died and that Victor must be right. Billy becomes angry and wants to know what Victor said. Victoria informs him that Victor advised her to give Billy time to grieve.

Kevin visits Adam to talk to Chelsea but he tells Adam that he can hear this, too. He says that it is very difficult for Chloe to see Connor. Kevin and Adam discuss the driver who hit Delia and the fact that he stopped but then just drove off. Paul advises Nikki that she needs to tell her family first about Dylan. Nick and Sharon discuss the dollhouse that Faith wants for Christmas. Dylan stops by with a pic of the dollhouse that he is going to build for Faith for Christmas. Nick walks out and orders Dylan to stay away from his family. Victoria lets Billy know that she and Johnny need him too. Victoria begins to walk away but he lets her know that he needs her. They hug. Paul tells Kevin that they are going to bring in a “profiler” to find the man who killed Delia. Kevin also wants to help but Paul reminds him that he is supposed to be off the case. Kevin will not take “no” for an answer. Nikki is in the park talking to Katherine's plaque when Avery interrupts her. When Nikki says that she is going to tell Dylan the truth, Avery has reservations about it, but they are interrupted by Dylan. Dylan asks Nikki how things are going and she assures him that everything is fine. After Nikki leaves, Dylan tells Avery that he had a run in with Nick over the dollhouse.

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