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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke can’t believe Bill did this to her sister. He says the real question is how she did it to him. For the tenth time he says Katie took his company and his son and used him as a weapon and he wasn’t about to let her do that. It had nothing to do with getting even. Brooke says she really thought she knew Bill but now she sees she doesn’t. He came home and went straight to Katie and told her he wanted her when he had no intention of doing so. Hope is on the phone with a reporter when Liam shows up. She tells him there are so many interviews that she is getting no work done. But she’s not complaining. He says yeah jewel heists are a big deal. She corrects him by saying foiled jewel heists and especially when no one gets hurt and the bad guys go to prison for a very long time. He says yeah he’s not sure how all of that went down. She wants to know if someone is just a little jealous. He grins that if Wyatt is the big hero and he’s standing there in the limelight and people are tripping over themselves to be in his presence but he’s got the girl, then he has nothing to be jealous of. She picks up on the word “got her”. He says between him and Wyatt that he thinks he is clearly the front runner. He gives her a quick kiss. She teases that he is not lacking in confidence…..but then neither is Wyatt. She thinks they may be more alike that he thinks. Bill says he hated lying to either of them but things had to change and he had to change them. If he had told Brooke and she had the slightest inkling….she finishes by saying yes she would have gone straight to Katie and told her everything. It was wrong and heartless of him. He says he doesn’t see it that way. Katie says of course not. The ends justify the means. Brooke says but this is not business. Katie was the woman that he married and had a child with. He says his life was deteriorating to the point that in Aspen he almost lost his life because he was so distracted. He had to gain control again. Brooke tells him not like this; not by coning her sister. He scoffs, just who was conning who in the first place. He says she teamed up with his sister and took his company away and then she took his son away. This is no different. Brooke can’t believe he would even ask that. The fact that Katie is her little sister and it wouldn’t bother her. Bill must have thought she’d defend him no matter what. Now she sees what Katie must have felt these last few months. He says yes; they all know how she felt ….the long suffering martyr that isn’t responsible for anything that happened. Katie says and all of this from a man who just pledged his undying love for her then had Justin bring over the papers. Bill says if she had just been a little more agreeable and cooperative then he wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths. But he did and now they must all move forward. Slowly and as clearly as she can, Brooke says there is no moving forward. There is no future; that is dead. It was the minute he came back to Katie’s house and lied to her and lied to Brooke as well. More phone calls for Hope and Liam has to finally take the phone out of her hands and fakes a southern accent to get rid of the caller. He tells her he is keeping her cell as he is taking her to a private lunch just for the two of them and doesn’t want to be distracted by phones. She says that sounds nice but she can’t get away right now. He says sure she can… and learn. He goes to the intercom and tells Pam that Hope has to be out of the office for a few hours so she is to direct all her calls to voicemail and anything else important hand it to Rick. Hope says she sort of likes a take control type of guy. He says there is more than one bad boy around here, so they should go. Alison is practically lit up and tells Justin that Bill should be walking through that door any minute. He says the place wasn’t the same without him. No one runs the company like Dollar Bill. She asks how did all of this happen? Justin says they can say no one saw it coming. Katie’s assistant, Adele, comes in and sees them and Katie not there and asks about her. Alison tells her she might be prepared to pack her things and leave. There have been some changes and Katie is no longer in charge. Bill is back as CEO.

Katie tells Bill not to insult her by trying to make her think that he still cares about her by feeding her some line like this is hurting him as much as it hurts Katie. That is the one lie she will never believe again. She wants to know if he rehearsed it. Did he go over and over it so he would sound sincere to get her to sign the papers. Well good job, she thinks he gave the performance of his life. She wonders if his son will feel that way when he hears what Bill did and what kind of man he really is. Brooke tells him he’d better go. Bill picks up the manila envelope with the papers and says he will but he’s not giving up on her. They will get past this. Brooke says no; no one treats her and her sister that way. Liam takes Hope to the cliff house and takes her hand and gleefully points out some things he wants her to see. There’s a walkway to the front door and a new sun awning out back. Hope pretends she thought they were always there. He brags that the awning was a piece of cake but the pathway gave him blisters for days. She says she didn’t realize he was so handy. She wonders why all the changes. He says because of her. He’s looking forward to them living there when they get married……and that will happen. He knows she misses him. And this is not him pressuring her. He knows he said he would give her time and he will. He knows she is enjoying the attention from both him and Wyatt but……it’s getting a little old and it’s starting to feel like he is being punished and he wonders how much longer it will be. Okay, he’s said his piece, he is done. She asks if she gets to say her piece. He says if it is in five words or less because they have a picnic to get to. She thinks for a minute and says okay, how about she loves him. Surprised, he leans in and gives her a big kiss. Bill goes to his office and is royally greeted by Justin and Alison. He says this is the way a returning conqueror should be treated when returning to his kingdom. Alison offers his chair and calls him majesty. Bill says now the financial part as he knows the company has suffered while Katie was at the helm. Alison says he will turn that around. Justin says he issued a press release although he kept it kind of vague. Bill kicks back in his chair and says the details don’t matter. All that matters is that Dollar Bill is back and ready to kick some serious ass. He tells Alison to bring those drinks over here and they will toast to that. He makes a toast to his triumphant return and securing both the company and equal custody of his son. It wasn’t easy but well worth it. Katie tells Brooke that she feels like such a fool. She wanted to believe Bill when he said he had this epiphany. Brooke says she knows. She was lied to as well. And she wanted Bill back for Katie and Will. She is sorry that didn’t work out. She says she keeps thinking about Stormie and his heart and how he gave her a second chance. It should not have turned out like this. Katie says and yeah, now it looks like they are the ones paying the price and Bill is getting everything he wants. Brooke says or so Bill thinks, but he isn’t getting anything. Katie doesn’t understand; she signed the papers. Brooke says that doesn’t matter. Bill tells Justin and Alison that everything stays in this room. Alison says he never ceases to amaze her. Bill agrees. He never ceases to amaze himself but these were drastic times and he wasn’t gonna sit by and let Katie hold their son hostage. Justin asks about Brooke and Bill replies that she will come around. He will have his company, his son and the woman he loves. He tells Justin to get those papers filed ASAP. He wants everything nice and legal. He hasn’t decided what he will do about his sister yet. Justin opens the envelope and tells Bill there is a problem. Bill takes the envelope and looks inside. With a frown on his face he pours the contents onto his desk, Brooke’s lovely leaves. He slams the envelope down in disgust. Brooke tells Katie that while she and Bill were arguing she took the papers out and replaced them with the leaves she brought home from Aspen. Katie is surprised tat Brooke would do that for her. Brooke says she knows she has caused Katie a lot of pain, but nothing or no one is gonna come before Katie again. She promises.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami found out that EJ knew Kristen had sex with Eric before the wedding.  Sami confronted EJ for not telling her about it.  EJ said it was Marlenaís fault that Ericís life was ruined.  Gabi was upset with Sonny for knocking her pocketbook on the floor.  Sonny saw Gabiís paperwork for the modeling agency.  Eric met up with Nicole at the police station.  A homeless woman witnessed Kristen and Nicoleís accident.  Will wanted to know why Gabi and Sonny were fighting.  Sonny told Will about the contract for the modeling agency.  Maggie talked to Daniel about Victorís plan.  Maggie didnít want to stay at the mansion with Victor.  Daniel tried to advise her to forgive Victor.  Maggie still wanted to move out for a while.  The witness saw Kristen walk away from the accident.  Sami was upset that EJ mentioned Marlenaís involvement in ruining Ericís life.  After Sami yelled at him some more, EJ finally confessed that he knew what Kristen did.  Will and Sonny understood that Gabi wanted to be a model.  They offered to take care of Arianna for her.  When Will wanted to know where she would be modeling, she thought about the lady telling her she had to go to New York.

Sami yelled at EJ again for knowing what Kristen did and not telling her.  EJ tried to defend Kristen and tell Sami that the sex looked consensual.  Sami believed that Eric was raped.  EJ thought he did the right thing by not telling her when he found out.  EJ thought that Sami would have revealed the secret on the news and not at the chapel.  Eric apologized to Nicole for accusing her of rape.  EJ told Sami that she wouldnít have believed him if he told her that Eric had sex with Kristen.  Sami yelled at EJ and started to walk away.  Nicole didnít accept Ericís apology.  Sami kicked EJ out of her bed.  Nicole reminded Eric how he treated her when she thought he raped him.  Nicole let Eric know that sheís not in love with him anymore and that she wonít forgive him.  Later on, Eric went back to the church and heard a nasty message about breaking his vows.  Sami visited Eric and comforted him.  EJ didnít believe that Sami would leave him.  Sami lied to Eric and said that EJ sent her to see him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At the custody hearing, Diane says they have determined that Maxie didn't kill Robin or anyone else, but Lulu killed Logan Hayes. Lulu claims that her life was in danger and that it was self-defense. Diane says Lulu also killed her unborn child. She wonders why Lulu is so eager to take Maxie's child when she was so eager to get rid of her own. Alexis says Lulu has the constitutional right to choose. Lulu says she was a teenager at the time and not ready to be a parent, but she is ready now. Diane asks Lulu about her plan to flee the country with Connie. Lulu says that is a lie that Maxie made up. Dante can't believe Lulu perjured herself. Diane calls Dante to the stand and asks him if Lulu was telling the truth.

Britt again catches her mother going behind the wall at Wyndemere. Britt doesnít believe her when she says she is taking food to Faison. Britt tells Nikolas that she thinks her parents are up to something. He isn't concerned about them going in the catacombs. Nikolas tells Britt that he has come to care for her. They kiss. Faison has Duke Lavery held prisoner in the catacombs. Obrecht takes a tray of food to Duke and tells Faison that Duke is a threat that should be eliminated. Duke says Faison is keeping him alive to use as bait to get to Anna. She can't believe Faison is risking all of their safety over his obsession with Anna. She lunges at Faison with the knife that she had planned to use on Duke. Faison catches her arm and twists it behind her. On Cassadine Island, Robert and Anna are still unsuccessfully trying to escape the lab that Jerry Jacks has them locked in. Robert thinks that they would be out by now if he had let Mac into the loop. Robert notices that Anna is chewing gum and has an idea. He asks the guards for salt when they bring their meal. He uses a piece of tape to pick up the guard's thumbprint off the door lock and then sprinkles salt on it to raise the print. Then he wraps this thumb in gum and applies the gum to the tape to make an impression of the print. The gum thumb opens the lock.

Carlos goes to Patrick's house to tell Sabrina that the revelation that his boss, Derek Wells, is really Julian Jerome has nothing to do with him and that his job is completely legitimate. She says it has nothing to do with her. He asks her to go home to Puerto Rico with him. She says she is staying in Port Charles and marrying Patrick. Robin hears Patrick talking outside the General Hospital lab, telling a colleague that he and Sabrina are getting married next week. The colleague tells Patrick that Robin would approve. Robin hides when Patrick enters the lab. Sabrina goes into the lab to deliver Ellie's wedding invitation. Robin has to quietly listen to their kissing and conversation about their wedding. Sabrina tells Patrick about Carlos' visit. He tells her that Carlos can't come anywhere near Emma. Sabrina suggests that they bring Anna in on it if Carlos is so dangerous. Robin reads the wedding invitation after they leave and takes it. Carlos goes to the hospital looking for Sabrina and finds Robin in the lab.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

At a grief support group, Billy tells Victoria that he will continue to go to the group and keep an open mind, but when he gets home he continues to look at message boards about grieving parents and continues to think about killing the person who killed Delia once he finds him/her. Adam continues to have nightmares about hitting Delia with his car and tells Chelsea that, ever since Delia’s accident, he constantly worries that something will happen to Connor. Dylan sees Chelsea and Connor at the park. Chelsea tells Dylan she has decided not to move out of Adam’s place so they can raise Connor together. She makes it clear to Dylan that she isn’t in love with Adam. Avery tells Leslie that Dylan kissed her, but she can’t even consider a relationship with him until Nikki tells him that she is his biological mother, because she hates keeping this secret from him. Nick feels uncomfortable when Faith insists on going to Crimson Light for some of Dylan’s frosted pumpkin cookies.

Faith is sad because Nick didn’t buy her the dollhouse she wanted, so Dylan decides to build her a dollhouse and surprise her with the gift. Sharon tells Nick that she feels her life is getting back on track since she is taking her medication. If he ever needs to talk, she will be there to listen to him. Dylan tells Avery he has a surprise for her that he hopes will make her come by the coffeehouse more often then she does now. Sharon tells Nick that Victor accused her of using Faith to get closer to him and also of getting locked in the club freezer on purpose to be with him. Nick tells Sharon that the freezer incident was his fault, and Victor had no right to accuse her of anything. Chloe brings lunch to Kevin at the police station and says that seeing Connor helps her know that Delia didn’t die in vain but she does admit it is hard to see the baby but Chelsea needs to bring him to work and be close to him until he recovers from his operation. Kevin suggests to Chloe that she tell Chelsea that it is hard for her to be around Connor and maybe take some time off work. Chloe tells Kevin she needs to work right now, because if she stays home she just thinks about how she didn’t protect Delia. Kevin tells Chloe she was the best mother to Delia but parents can’t protect their children twenty four hours a day.

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