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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie walks into her old office and finds Justin sitting there. He’s looking pretty pleased with himself. She says she misses being CEO but nothing compares to being with her family. This is Bill’s office now. Also acting pretty pleased with himself, Bill tells Brooke that he had Katie sign papers giving him equal custody of Will for the rest of his life and making him CEO of Spencer Publications. Brooke says he lied to Katie and her lied to her. Bill says he knew Katie would be skeptical of his and Brooke’s breakup so she had to see it to believe it. Brooke finds it disgusting that this was deliberate; this was his plan. Bill gloats that he had no intention of leaving Brooke. He told her they would spend the rest of their life together and he meant it. She says no! Caroline goes to Hope’s office where she wants to catch Caroline up on things before they get crazy around here. First she wants to thank her again for all her contribution in making the HFTF line so hot right now. It’s Hope’s face that is out there and she doesn’t want Caroline to feel slighted or her contributions not appreciated. Caroline doesn’t feel that way at all and feels appreciated both professionally and personally. Liam lingers outside Wyatt’s office long enough to hear him tell Ricardo that not for one second was his diamond in jeopardy. Liam walks in and tells Wyatt he needs to see him when he has a sec. Wyatt says now is good and introduces Liam as his brother to Ricardo. Liam says half-brother. Ricardo sings Wyatt’s praises for allowing him to share his stone with the rest of the world. He really delivered. Liam says he bets Wyatt wasn’t counting on the heist though. Ricardo corrects him and says attempted heist. And says his brother is a very impressive young man. When Ricardo leaves Wyatt closes the door and says another unexpected drop-in, what could be the occasion. Liam isn’t sure if he’s heard or not but their dad has gone back to Katie. Wyatt says yes, Hope told him. Liam says of course she did. Wyatt says they have been spending a lot of time together lately. Liam says he knows; Wyatt ha engineered that quite well. They discuss Bill’s situation with falling from the mountain. Wyatt says he had only begun to know Bill, not like Liam who has known him for some time so he doesn’t know if that is better or worse. They agree that it would be devastating to both of them if they lost Bill. Katie asks Justin if he has seen Bill in the office and he admits that he hasn’t. She thinks that is odd since he couldn’t wait to get there and reclaim his empire. Allison comes in and is surprised to see Katie but also says she has not seen Bill. Brooke tells Bill that she can’t believe that he would expect her to run into his arms and congratulate him for deceiving her sister. He says he didn’t want to do that. He was put in this position because Katie deceived him. And this is what he had to do to preserve their future. Brooke says this must be some sort of joke and she’s not getting it. Bill says Katie stole his life and all he is doing is stealing it back. It wasn’t pleasant but sometimes in life you have to do the unpleasant to accomplish your goal. He tells her to please just focus on what’s important. They can get married just as they planned. Brooke says he let her think that he was going back to Katie. He let Katie think that too so she would sign the papers. And then he told her he was going back to Brooke. Bill says no, he wanted to tell Brooke first. He says he knows she is having a hard time with this but she has to understand one thing. In his world this is how deals are made when the stakes are this high. She rants at him that this is not business. This is his family; this is her family. He says he knows she is mad and this will be hard to understand. But that business is like his baby and this is the only way it could be done. She tells him not to justify this. This was a heartless thing he did. Katie took him back because she trusted him. He says it wasn’t easy for him but he did it for them. Katie was making his life unbearable so if he had to make a temporary lie for a life with Brooke, easy call. She says it was cruel and despicable. He shouts again that he did it for them. She slaps him. She has a look of hatred in her eyes. Hope and Caroline discuss Maya and Hope wants to make sure Caroline is okay with Maya returning to work. Caroline gives a quick yes she is okay with it but she hopes Rick and Carter are only joking when they want them to all hang out together. Then she starts in on Hope that it looks like she is going to be having a lot of Spencer men in her future. The question is Liam or Wyatt? Hope admits that Wyatt is fearless, especially during this jewel heist. She’s never met anyone like him and goes along with Caroline that he is gorgeous, funny and fascinating. Caroline says Hope is young and single and is yielding some power here with two men……might as well enjoy it. Hope says don’t get her wrong. She is still very much in love with Liam…but……Caroline finishes the sentence that she is very intrigued with Wyatt. She tells Hope that she is going to be married for the rest of her life, so take a little time and make sure she is choosing the right guy.

Wyatt takes a phone call and then tells Liam that it’s the media. They want to do a feature on camera with him and Hope on the jewel heist. He knows it is killing Liam with all of this Wyatt and Hope, the media darlings. He thanks Liam for his magazine piece and even for the nice airbrush cover. Liam thanks him for at least having the sensitivity to give someone like Charlie the credit. But now that Wyatt thinks about it, it was Charlie’s thermos with that hot coffee that Wyatt remembered and the rest is Forrester history. Liam says when Wyatt is through patting himself on the back please point out the spot where he is supposed to be impressed. Wyatt tells him he can do that. He shows his some plaques and papers from the LAPD and Scotland Yard and even Belgium. But he notices nowhere in here does he hear Liam says good job bro. Liam tells him to listen and then ……wait for it….wait for it….wait for it. Wyatt says hiring Quinn Artisan Designs turned out to be a brilliant move by Liam’s ex-fiancée and Wyatt’s future wife. Liam says he really shouldn’t gloat; it’s not a good look. But he gets it; Wyatt scored a point. Liam says Wyatt really shouldn’t consider Hope a prize for that. Wyatt says they will see. Liam responds “game on.” Katie tells Justin and Allison that she is gonna head out and will see Bill at home. She looks like she has mud in her eye. Brooke tells Bill how dare he manipulate Katie and then lie to Brooke, not okay. He says all of this was Katie’s doings and he couldn’t live with being away from Brooke. She says they were planning a life together and that should have been enough. They could have dealt with Katie later, but no he had to go and con Katie. He said he simply had to right a wrong and now things are as they should be. He says he will always care for Katie but his commitment now is to Brooke and the life they planned. Brooke looks at him long and hard and says she does not want him anymore. He can not believe she means that. She says it’s true. He says Katie fought dirty and he fought back. It wasn’t nice but he did it for them. Katie walks in unnoticed as Brooke tells Bill to stop saying that. He really did it for himself and now comes over here all proud of what he has done and wants her to celebrate. She says she could never have a life with him. She tells him to get out. Katie walks in so they see her and calls Bill a lying bastard. She knew when she didn’t find him in his office that he had to be here. She didn’t want to believe it but she knew. She tells him that he lied to her and made her believe he wanted to come home. And she tells Brooke don’t even bother to say a word as she knows she had nothing to do with this. Now they know what he is capable of as he lied to both of them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami and EJ argued over Kristen drugging and raping Eric.  Father Matt grilled Eric about whether he slept with Kristen willingly.  The police found Nicole in her car.  She was okay.  When Hope and Brady went to check on Kristenís car, she wasnít in it.  Father Matt talked to Eric about being with Kristen.  Father Matt let Eric know that the Bishop wanted to see him.  Brady thought Kristen might not have been in the car, but Hope had one of Kristenís belongings.  Roman and Nicole walked up to Brady and Hope.  Thatís how Brady knew that Nicole was the other one involved in the accident.  Hope found a piece of Kristenís dress.

Brady apologized to Nicole for the way he treated her.  Nicole apologized to him for being right.  Father Matt let Eric know that there were people at the wedding who thought the sex looked consensual.  Eric continued to deny wanting to have sex with Kristen.  Eric asked Father Matt if he believed him.  EJ and Sami arrived at the scene of the accident.  EJ was upset when Sami hoped she was dead.  Father Matt believed Eric, but he still thought he would be in trouble with the Bishop.  Roman question Nicole about the accident.  Roman wanted Nicole to say that it was foggy.  Hope wanted Sami and EJ to leave the scene while she investigated the accident.  Victor showed up at the police station to help Nicole, but Roman told him that she wasnít being charged.  When Roman left, Victor told Nicole that he was behind the footage that was shown at the wedding.  Victor also told Nicole that Marlena helped him, but she didnít know Kristen was with Eric.  Sami threw Kristenís picture in the fireplace when EJís phone rang.  Sami reached for his phone to answer it.  Eric ran into Nicole at the station.  Sami saw Kristenís text to EJ.  Kristen thanked EJ for keeping her secret.  A cop told Hope and Brady that he found a woman hiding in the bushes.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Sabrina plan to get married in a week. Emma wants to go thank the nice lady who helped her at the Halloween party when Patrick mentions that she is Nikolas' nanny, but Patrick has to go to work. Patrick sees Luke at the hospital and says he'd like to meet whatever brilliant doctor cured him. Luke says she is out of the country. Brad gives Felix a photo of them together at the Halloween party that an accounting assistant sent him. Brad and Felix are on the brink of a moment when Ellie barges in and interrupts. Felix goes to Patrickís house with the wedding dresses Sabrina chose to try on, but he and Emma donít like any of them. Emma suggests that Sabrina wear Robin's wedding dress. Sabrina says it wouldnít be right to wear Robin's dress and that Emma should wear it when she gets married someday. She says she used to dream about wearing her mother's wedding dress. Felix wants to see pictures of Sabrina's mother's wedding dress so that they can get one like it. Sabrina says her father wouldnít let her have the pictures after her mother died. Emma says Sabrina must know so much about how it feels, because her mother died when she was little too.

Britt wonders how her mother came out of the wall at Wyndemere. Obrecht is surprised that Nikolas hadnít told Britt about the catacombs. She says she and Cesar were taking a stroll down memory lane, because he used to live in there.  Britt says she can't think of a better place for him than underground with the rats. Robin is anxious to synthesize a cure for Jerry Jacks from Luke's blood, so she can go home to her family before Patrick can marry Sabrina. She says all she needs now is a sample of Luke's blood. Nikolas tells her that he found out that Luke has an appointment at the hospital today.  Britt calls Brad and finds out that Luke's sample is in the lab. Brad tells Ellie that he will finish the analysis and tells her to go to court to be there for Damian. Nikolas and Robin arrive at the lab, with Robin in full surgical scrubs to conceal her face. Nikolas tells Brad that if he wants to keep his job, he will leave the doctor alone in the lab and make sure no one else goes in. Felix calls Brad and asks if he can get away to help him with something. Brad gladly goes. Robin feels strange in the lab where Patrick last saw her alive. She remembers those last moments before the explosion. Patrick heads to the lab to check on Luke's blood test results.

At the custody hearing, Alexis suggests that Maxie is an unfit mother because she murdered Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. Sonny observes to Olivia that Dante doesn't seem to like that tactic. Dante tells Lulu to make Alexis back off. The judge asks Maxie if she was responsible for Robin's death and Maxie says, "Yes." She tells the story about her purse getting caught on the gas valve, breaking it and causing an explosion. The judge says it was an accident. During recess, Spinelli tells Maxie that Lulu is showing the judge how desperate she is. Dante tells Lulu not to come with him during the recess. Maxie asks Lulu how she could use Robin's death like that. Lulu says Maxie will only hurt Connie like she hurt her and Robin. Dante and Alexis drag Lulu away from Maxie and tell her that she isnít helping her case by fighting with Maxie. Maxie tells Diane and Spinelli that it's time to go after Lulu as hard as she is going after her. Lulu takes the stand and says Maxie is careless and has a lot of accidents. She wonders if Maxie will cause an accident that will kill Connie. Ellie arrives in the courtroom. Diane has her turn questioning Lulu. She says that they have determined that Maxie didn't murder Robin, and that the murderer in the custody battle is Lulu.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Abbott house, Jack is doing business when Kyle stops by to talk to him. At the Athletic Club, Sharon has a run in with Victor as usual. Abby and Tyler spend quality time together in the park. Neil goes to visit Leslie and finds candles lit all around the room. Leslie comes out wearing an apron. Adam gets into his SUV and leaves. Abby and Tyler kiss. Abby sees all the calls from Mariah on Tylerís cell phone. Jack is dead set against Kyle working for Victor at Newman in order to gain information for Jack. Victor continues to blast Sharon for things she did. Adam overhears and joins them. Neil and Leslie share a romantic evening. Hilary stops by Jackís with some papers for him to sign. She is introduced to Kyle. While Jack takes a phone call Kyle and Hilary get better acquainted. Adam defends Sharon to Victor. Kyle and Hilary look over a business deal.

Sharon walks into the Athletic Club bar and waits on an order. Sharon orders a glass of water in order to take her meds. Hilary walks in and sits down on a bar stool a little bit away from her. Neil meets Leslie for lunch and lets her know that he found her motherís recipe for meatloaf and got the cook to make it for her. Leslie is impressed. Neil spots Hilary at the bar and approaches her to ask how she is doing at Jabot. Hilary assures him that she is doing fine. Neil says that the people here would soon forget as he leaves her. Sharon looks over at her and lets her know that people here never forget. Victor meets with his detective, who lets him know that he came up with no license plate with the beginning letters that he specified. Victor tells him to run the check again and this time put in the number ď6Ē and see what he comes up with. The camera shows the parking area of the apartment building and shows Adamís license plate with the first number "6." Leslie lets Neil know that the meatloaf was just like her motherís but she is still preoccupied. Tyler gives Abby her birthday present of her own private star. Abby is thrilled and says it's best birthday present she received. They hug. Hilary asks Sharon if she just sits in bars to give people advice about their problems. Kyle pays Victor a visit and asks him for a job at Newman. Victor asks Kyle why he would want to work for Newman. Victor wants to think about it and meet again the next day in his office.

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