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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie casually looks over the papers that Justin brought while Bill tells Justin about hanging from the mountaintop and how that moment changed his life. Justin asks Katie if she has read it over. He’s checked it and it’s ready to go. All she has to do is sign it and he will get out of their hair. He is sure they have plans. Bill tells Katie that it is her call, sign now or later. She signs and Bill puts them in a manila envelope. Bill tells Justin to beat it so he and Katie can be alone. He gives Katie a kiss. Donna tells Brooke that she has to let up on herself. Brooke says she has children; what kind of example has she been to them. She’s really that weak and vulnerable not to be able to resist her sister’s husband. She doesn’t know how she will live with herself after this. Donna insists that this wasn’t all Brooke’s fault. But Brooke says she could have said no; she should have said no. She tells Donna not to make excuses for her. She needs to take responsibility. Donna keeps saying that Brooke has already. She knows she was wrong and asked Katie for forgiveness and she has moved on. Now she needs to forgive herself. Brooke says she can’t. She’s glad that Bill went back to Katie where he belongs but she is not going to lie. She still loves him. Wyatt is checking the internet when Hope comes in. He tells her to check this out. She says he is an international star. He says no, he’s only a footnote. It is Hope that is the star with her line. She’d better dust off that passport as it is world tour time. He notices her distraction and asks what’s the matter? She wants to know if he has spoken to Bill recently. He replies no. She tells him about his dad’s fall on the mountain but that he is okay now but maybe he should give him a call. He had a life changing experience. Wyatt says he hopes he has given up rock climbing. Hope says no, but he has given up her mom and gone back to Katie. Wyatt expresses surprise as he thought Bill and Brooke would end up together. He was against it as he knew Hope was too but Bill was so determined that he wouldn’t back down. Hope says Wyatt was pretty determined too. She heard he fought quite fiercely and she admires that. He replies he just didn’t want Will to lose his family and in that case he will take the credit. Hope still feels badly for her mom. Wyatt says she will get through this as Hope is the angel on her shoulder. And he knows how Brooke can help herself.

Donna tells Brooke this was the perfect storm. Katie wanted her to be with Bill. Bill wanted her to be with Bill and she had just lost Ridge. Brooke keeps telling Donna not to make excuses. She was wrong to go after her sister’s husband. She muses that a few days ago they were talking about spending the rest of their lives together and now it is gone like it never happened. This pain she is feeling now she has earned it; she deserves it. She wants her sister back and to repair that damage. Kate tells Bill that she is sorry for all that has happened. He says he missed his job, he missed Will and he missed her but that is all behind them now. She tells him that she wants to believe in him and trust him again. She wants Will to be raised in a family with both parents. She wants that more than anything. He takes the papers from her hands and says somebody in the family better get to work. He wants to spread the good news too. Katie kisses him and tells him to go on and have fun. Wyatt tells Hope that he’d like to see her encourage her mom to work more closely here at FC. They could use her with PR, sales, lots of places. Hope likes the idea but not so much with PR as she had that reputation in her own sensual line and she doesn’t want to tie HFTF with that. She is not comfortable with that. Wyatt says he doesn’t want to be argumentative but Hope has a little of that going on herself. And if she is going to say no, he respectively disagrees. She giggles and says thank you. Wyatt says her mom will eventually find someone else and be okay. Hope says Brooke is still vulnerable and she doesn’t want her to find someone else until she is truly over his dad. Wyatt shows Hope a picture of the two of them on some magazines. Now there’s a couple! They are the hottest thing since Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco. He tells her that she is a star. She says he is a star maker. He kisses her. Brooke answers the door and Bill brushes past and says they need to talk. Brooke says no they don’t. He just needs to go home and be with his wife. Bill tells her to calm down and just listen to what he has to say. They went to Aspen as Katie was trying to control his life. She took his company, gave him Will every other weekend and he couldn’t take it. He had to do something. Everything in his life was swept under the rug and he couldn’t think straight. While he was climbing he couldn’t think clearly as everything Katie said was swirling around in his head. He had lost his job, his son and the only thing he had left was Brooke. She reminds him he could have been killed. And he made a decision to go back to Katie. He says he made a decision all right; it was to take back control of his life. And going back to Katie….. that was not the decision he made. He has papers now where Katie has turned everything back over to him. Brooke says great. Now he has everything he always wanted – his company, Katie and Will. Bill says no, he doesn’t have Katie. He doesn’t want Katie. He only went back to get her to sign these papers. He tells Brooke that he still loves her and he did what he did to get control of his life back. He tells her that he is sorry that he had to put her through this but this was the only way. She’s aghast at what he is telling her. He says it wasn’t pretty but he got the job done and now they can begin their life together. He knows she can forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope revealed to Nicole that Kristen had sex with Eric.  Eric confronted Kristen about what she did to him.  Kristen still tried to blame Eric for everything.  Kristen wanted Eric to stay away from her.  He refused to leave until she answered for what she did.  Sami and EJ took Johnny to visit Rafe.  EJ and Rafe had a little run in when Kayla took Sami and Johnny with her.  Victor told Brady how he knew about Kristen being with Eric.  Victor explained to Brady why he did what he did at the wedding.  Eric wanted answers for what Kristen did.  Kristen kept denying any wrongdoing.  Eric wanted to know why she hated him so much.  Kristen said she had everything ripped from her so someone had to pay and it would be him.  Kristen explained how much she hated Marlena and didnít regret what she did.  Kristen walked away from him.  Nicole didnít understand why Kristen would attack him.  Nicole was confused by everything.  When Hope left, Nicole thought about Ericís accusation.  EJ overheard Sami and Kayla talking about whether he knew what Kristen did.  Maggie went to Daniel and told him what Victor did to Marlena, Eric, and Brady.  Victor apologized to Brady for what he did. Brady told Victor that he was right about Kristen.  Kristen snuck home and Nicole caught her.

Kayla was upset that EJís family hurt Eric.  Maggie continued to talk to Daniel about Victorís actions.  Brady explained how stupid he was to fall for Kristenís lies.  Brady wanted Victor to help him find Kristen.  Kristen and Nicole ended up arguing over Eric.  Nicole was ready to kill her.  Eric showed up at Danielís place looking for Nicole.  Kristen put Nicole in her place about having sex with Eric.  Nicole told Kristen that she was going to jail.  Kristen pushed Nicole and ran off.  Nicole went after her.  Victor and Brady made calls to track down Kristen.  Hope went to Victorís place to get statements against Kristen.  Eric told Daniel that he needed to see Nicole.  Kristen was driving and noticed Nicole following her so she sped up.  Kristenís car ended up getting hit.  Brady warned Hope to make the charges against Kristen stick or he would kill her himself.  Kristenís car continued to get hit and then she and Nicole swerved off the road.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Diane congratulates Scott on his newfound son. He says he doesnít want to hear Francoís name or be reminded of the crazy ex-girlfriend that gave birth to him. Diane says Franco isnít that bad now that his tumor has been removed. He thinks she is biased because Franco is her boyfriend. She tells him that she has never been involved with Franco; it was just a smoke screen to hide his affiliation with Heather. She reveals that Francoís heart belongs to Carly. Carly gently awakens Franco with kisses and caresses. He is surprised that she is still there. He wonders if she thinks she made a mistake. She tells him not to push her away after going through so much trouble to pursue her. While she is in the shower, a delivery of dead flowers arrives at Francoís door from Heather, warning Carly to stay away from her son. Franco tells Carly that there was a mix-up with the florist. Olivia wakes up in Sonnyís bed and tries to rush out. He invites her to talk about what happened last night. She says they donít have to make it mean anything. He says it did mean something. They make love again.

Alexis goes to Derekís hotel room with a copy of his newspaper with his face on the cover page and the headline, ďI Am Julian Jerome.Ē He says he doesnít think she came just to tell him what is in his own paper. He thinks it has to do with their kiss last night and asks her if she came back for more. She slaps him. She says she came there because he is suddenly a member of her family and that she doesnít like that he is in the mob, because she has had enough mob drama in her life. He says he is a changed man. She says she saw otherwise at the gallery. She warns him to stay away from Sam and Danny, because she wonít let him drag them into a mob war.  He says he wouldnít let anything happen to her, Sam, or Danny. He tells her that the connection they had as kids is still there, only it has matured. She says it went sour when he lied by omission. Derek calls Scott to meet with him. Scott says he knows the recording that Morgan gave him came from Julian. He wonders if Julian is trying to get a politician in his pocket. Julian says he doesnít need a politician. He tells Scott that his campaign manager, Lucy Coe, was tight with his father and was responsible for his death because she broke his heart.

Tracy wants to take Luke to the hospital. Luke wants to go to the police and tell them about Jerry Jacks. Dante and Lulu hear Tracy saying the cops canít know anything about it. Tracy changes the subject to Connie. Dante and Lulu tell them about the custody case. Luke and Tracy babysit while Dante and Lulu go to court. Ellie and Spinelli are back together. Spinelli says Diane suggested that he marry Maxie, but he said no, because it would be a fraud. He says that if he ever marries, it will be with Ellie. Ellie sees Luke and Tracy when they arrive at the hospital. She is pleased to see that Luke is alive and well, but wonders why they have Damianís baby.  Maxie, Spinelli, Dante, Lulu, and their lawyers arrive at the courtroom. Alexis asks Dante and Lulu if they are sure they want to go through with it. Lulu is adamant about it. Dante is surprised when his parents arrive to support them. Alexis calls Elizabeth Webber as her first witness. Elizabeth tells the story of Maxieís affair with Lucky and her attempt to get pregnant to keep him when he broke things off, and then throwing herself down a flight of stairs to make him think he had a miscarriage. Alexis calls Maxie to the stand next. Maxie tells the judge that those things happened a long time ago and donít make her an unfit mother. Alexis asks if being a murderer does. Elizabeth returns to the hospital and tells Ellie that things donít look good for Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The Abbotts celebrate Abby’s birthday at Jack’s home. At the Athletic Club, Tyler lets Noah know that he has some plans for Abby for later. Cane and Lily spend some quality time together in the sauna. At the prison, Michael meets with the warden to try to strike up a deal to get Fen’s time lessened. Fen is approached by a fellow inmate with the promise of helping him if he is in trouble. At the Coffeehouse, Courtney and Summer talk. Summer lets Courtney know about Fen killing Carmine. Abby enjoys her birthday with the Abbotts but tells them that she has plans for later when Jack suggests a family dinner. Tyler and Noah are joined by Victor who lets them know that he has plans for Abby’s future. Victor also says that his plans take precedence over what they would want to do. Jack gives in and lets Abby make her own birthday plans but promises to have a family dinner later. Jack lets Traci know that he needs the whole family together as Kyle listens. Cane and Lily discuss how Mattie and Charlie make them see the world through their eyes.

Abby joins Victor, Tyler, and Noah. Victor gives Abby her birthday present which is a plaque with her name on it. He also offers her a position at Newman/Chancellor. Abby turns Victor down on his job offer. At first, Victor doesn’t want to accept her answer but finally gives in. Traci and Kyle discuss Jack’s addiction and that he needs the whole family to stand behind him. Summer confronts Courtney about being on drugs and her not letting anyone meet her family. Summer lets Courtney know that Noah was asking some questions about her family. Noah interrupts them. The warden tells Christine that Michael wants to cut a deal to be a “snitch” on the other prisoners. Christine reminds Michael that Fen is in prison on drug charges, but he still wants to be able to get Fen’s sentence lessened. The warden tells Michael and Christine that he will go along with Michael’s plan. The other prisoner asks Fen what he has to offer for his help. Tyler and Abby take a walk in the park to a specially planned dinner for Abby. At the Athletic Club, Jack comes in and finds Victor sitting alone. Jack sees the plaque with Abby's name on it and accuses Victor of trying to steal her away from him. Jack realizes that Abby turned Victor down. Kyle listens to them. Victor warns him that with all the stress he is experiencing, Jack will get back on his drugs. Kyle offers to go undercover at Newman to get the goods on Victor. The warden refuses to let Michael be a “snitch” and chooses Fen instead. Tyler gets more texts from Mariah.

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