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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie wakes up with a smile on her face. Bill is watching her and asks how she is. She replies that she can’t believe he is still here. She slept better than she has in a very long time. Brooke is looking over her book of leaves when Donna arrives. Brooke tells her that Katie took Bill back, back where he belongs. Donna can’t believe Bill did all of this just to have a few months of playing house only for Brooke to lose both him and her own sister. Hope tells Liam that she has to say this. Bill was just terrible. He hurt both Katie and Brooke. Her mother could have fought it but she didn’t. She has to have respect for that. Liam says yeah, it was a 180 degree turn punch in the stomach. Hope sees herself on the next cover of his magazine. How far she has come from her line almost being scrapped and look at it now. He laughs that yeah he had to airbrush Wyatt out of it, but somehow the Logan women always seem to bounce back. Hope says she forgot one thing to tell him yesterday. She loves him. He says he knows and kisses her. And no matter how she feels about Wyatt, he knows she can not feel like this. So he can be patient and give her time to do things at her pace.

Justin comes in and they fill him in that Katie wonít be in today but Bill is back after almost falling off a mountain and he faced his own mortality and has gone back to Katie. Bill tells Katie that he has his head on straight now. Things are gonna be different. He has missed playing with Will this way. She says no more apologies, just enjoy their renewed life. Justin comes by and welcomes them home. He has some papers for Katie to sign as he has a new acquisition with papers drawn up. He also slips out a couple of other documents for Katie. These were drawn up just in case Bill did return as CEO of the company and custody of Will. Katie is hesitant but takes the paper to sign. She wants to be sure this is what Bill wants. He tells her that he wants his family back and yes further down the line he would like his company back, but now is not the time to dwell on that or even papers for Will. That seems to satisfy Katie, and she takes the papers and a pen from Justin to sign. She hesitates long enough to look at Bill one more time while she mulls it over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Eric fought at the church.  Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion and Kristen pulled a gun on her.  Gabi found out that the modeling job required her to move to New York.  It turned out that Kristen wanted Marlena to shoot her.  Roman and Hope broke up Brady and Ericís fight.  Brady seemed to believe that Eric ruined Kristenís life.  Marlena refused to shoot Kristen.  While Kristen and Marlena were talking, Kristen blamed Marlena for everything.  Gabi told the modeling agent that she has a child and couldnít leave.  The agent explained how she could move to New York with Arianna.  Eric explained how he was poisoned at the Capitol and he and Daniel were investigating it.  Eric also explained how he was having sexual dreams about a blonde woman, but didnít know how to deal with it.  Brady didnít want to believe Eric since he didnít say anything to anyone.  Kristen went down memory lane with Marlena when she talked about John as well as Brady.  Kristen explained why she was with Eric.  Kristen also blamed Marlena for ruining all of their lives.

Gabi told Nick that the agency wanted to sign her.  Marlena and Kristen continued to argue over Eric.  Kristen still claimed that Eric was a sexual predator.  Marlena was going to make sure that everyone knew what she did.  Eric continued to explain what Kristen did to him.  Eric also told Roman, Hope, and Brady how he accused Nicole of raping him.  Gabi told Nick about the opportunity she had to be a model.  Gabi didnít want Nick to say anything about it to anyone yet.  Nick was excited because he thought she was definitely going to New York.  After Eric explained more about what happened to him, Brady apologized for hitting him.  Brady walked out of the church.  Marlena reminded Kristen that she planned on telling everyone what she did to Eric.  Marlena told Kristen to get out of her wedding dress because Brady will never come back to her.  Kristen was upset and threw Marlena out of her house.  Later on, Marlena met Roman at the town square.  They talked a little about how she was the one who showed the footage at the wedding.  Brady showed up while Roman and Marlena were talking.  Kristen thought about her time with Brady.  Kristen was convinced that Brady would forgive her so she left to find him.  Brady told Marlena that she won and walked away from her.  Kristen ended up at the park and ran into Eric.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Derek tells Sam that he has wanted to tell her that she is his daughter and Danny is his grandson and that he loves them both, but he couldn't reveal his identity. He says he had wanted to get to know them but now it won't be possible because Sonny's men are going to kill him when he leaves the gallery. Sam tells Sonny that Danny might need Julian's bone marrow again. She says Julian agreed to go the hospital tomorrow to look into having marrow stored for later. Sonny says Julian isn't going to show up because he is going to use Danny as a hostage to keep himself alive. Sonny walks off. Sam asks Julian if Sonny was right. He says he has to be alive to protect Danny. Silas says that means no. The two of them leave. Alexis tells Derek that she will do whatever is necessary to protect her daughter and Grandson. He assures her that they donít need protection from him. He asks her to trust him as she did all those years ago in New Hampshire. She wishes him luck on his tryst with Carly. He grabs her arm as she turns to leave and tells her that he has never been interested in Carly. He kisses her, says he remembers her and will see her soon, and walks away.

TJ worries about Shawn. Molly assures him that Shawn is a trained professional and that he will be ok. Shawn is standing guard outside of the gallery. He draws his gun when he sees Carlos. Carlos has a pistol tucked into the back of his pants. Sonny comes out of the gallery and tells Shawn that it's over and he can leave. Carlos says they will be seeing a lot of each other. Shawn says that next time, Carlos won't see him coming. Sonny goes home and sees that Max has a black eye courtesy of Olivia, who doesn't appreciate his protection. Sonny tells Olivia that Julian is still alive and holding Danny and Morgan hostage. He tells her that Morgan said he chose the Jeromes instead of him. They end up in bed, finally. 

Franco and Carly give in to their attraction, but she pulls back because of what he did to Michael and Josselyn. Michael is beating up Morgan on the pier for putting their father in a position that could get him killed. Kiki arrives and yells to Michael to stop hitting Morgan. Morgan punches Michael and he falls into the water and hits his head. Morgan refuses to go in after him, tells Kiki to get Michael out, and walks away. Kiki jumps in.  Carly and Franco see Kiki in the water and help her out. Franco jumps in and gets Michael out. Carly performs CPR and revives him. He says he dropped his phone and fell in. When the paramedics arrive, Michael refuses medical attention. When they leave, Morgan emerges from where he was watching them. Ava finds Morgan on the docks. She reminds him that she warned him that betraying his father would come at a cost. He says he will pay it. Kiki tells Michael that Morgan saw him drowning and left him to die. He says Morgan is still his brother and that he has to hope he can be saved from the Jeromes and from himself. Carly goes to Franco's room to return his jacket that he had let Michael wear. She says he saves Michael's life so she is ready to take a leap of faith. They go to the bedroom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy buys a gun and brings it home to hide it in the hall closet. He also continues to read comments on the internet from parents who have lost young children. Jill brings food over for Billy and Victoria and tells Billy she checked on the restaurant for him. Jill tells Billy that she will continue to bring food to him and doing what she can for him until he is ready to talk to her. Billy finally holds Johnny and tells his son that he is sorry he hasn’t been there for him, but he will do a better job. Billy cries and tells Victoria that he needs help dealing with his grief. Devon makes a large donation to Nikki’s Veteran’s Day benefit . Nikki gives Dylan a hug after he gives an impromptu speech telling the veterans that there is no shame in asking for help if they need it. Dylan and Avery kiss after she tells him how scared and worried she was about him when he was at war.

Summer visits Fen who admits to her that Michael is in jail to protect him because he shot Carmine, but the only thing that he can remember is pulling the trigger on the gun. Fen also tells Summer that he heard rumors that Courtney is doing drugs, so she should be careful around her and be a friend to her. Summer tells Nick and Jack what Fen told her. She is surprised when they both understand why Michael is lying to protect Fen and admit they would both do the same thing to protect their children if one of them were accused of murder. Paul tells Lauren that her DNA was found on a cocktail napkin close to Carmine’s body, and she tells Paul that she didn’t kill Carmine. Lauren gets a second call from someone who hangs up after she answers her cell phone.

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