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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie shakes her head. What is this all about….she’s supposed to believe them. Bill says again he almost died and in that moment he saw what was important. He wants his life with her back, with Will, their family. Brooke tells her to believe; he’s all hers now. Bill says he knows this is not easy; he is sorry he put them both through this. He trusts in time that Brooke will understand what he had to do. This is where he wants to be. He begs again for her to take him back. Hope answers the door and glad it is Liam. He says he is glad she called; he knew she would be what with living in this big old scary house alone. She says not for long as Brooke and Bill are back. Then he gets to the meat of the matter. He hopes this does not backfire, but he tells Hope that he has been mulling it over and he still thinks she over re-acted to the Steffy video (shut up, Liam, and quit while you are ahead, no woman wants to hear that). He says he knows she has these reservations about Steffy and is afraid he is going to go running to her but it’s not true. Or that Steffy will pop up one day but she has not and hasn’t even contacted them. The video meant to Steffy the same innocent thing it meant to him. They were married, it was nice while it lasted but it’s over now (gee Liam, what a way to sum it up). There is nothing standing in their way now so he wants Hope to marry him for God’s sake. They are now legally able to get married yet they are not engaged or even planning a wedding. She’s working on her line as always but everything else she wants is standing right there. He’s not going anywhere and he’s good to go. So there is no reason they can’t get married. Hope says she knows he has his annulment papers but it is not quite that simple. He wants to know if it is Wyatt. She says he’s part of it. Liam thinks that is ironic, two guys fighting over the same gal after him doing the same, must feel good. She says that is not the only reason. But he can’t come in here and tell her that she over re-acted and then expect them to get married in the next breath. That tells her that her feelings don’t matter. He hurt her and she hears his explanation of how innocent it was, but she still feels like her reaction was valid and she is not going to apologize for it. He says okay, he can respect that. He should not be pushing her right now but just let her have the time she needs to work on herself and her career. She tells him that she hopes he isn’t too angry, if he only knew how much she wanted to kiss him right now. He smiles. He says good, keep that feeling alive.

Bill starts to put his hand on Katie, and she backs away. She says she can’t right now. None of this seems real. He says it is real and he survived because he knew he was coming home to her. Brooke says her piece about Katie having her life back and being happy. Katie says so much has happened since then; Bill has been with her. Brooke says but he wants Katie. Katie says every man wants her, at least all the ones that Brooke decides on. Brooke says she is used to those accusations from Stephanie and from Taylor but not her. She says she betrayed her, she hurt her and she is sorry. But she won’t worry about Katie forgiving her now. Bill is back and he loves Katie and he is the only man she has ever loved, so grab this second chance. Both of them crying, Brooke says Katie will have her family back again. Katie says she needs to talk to Bill alone. Brooke leaves and Bill walks toward Katie and says it is her, only her. He puts his hand on her face while she fights back the tears. She says she cannot open herself up this way to a momentary pang of guilt. He says no, this is for the rest of their lives if she will take him back. She can’t believe that he won’t want Brooke. He says again he wants a second chance with only her. She says she needs time to think this over. He can’t expect her to take him back in only one day’s time. Hope fills Liam in on Bill’s accident and the epiphany he had while dangling from the rope. Now he is going back to Katie. It’s a miracle what a little near death experience can do for a person, even Bill. Her mom is hurting and she thinks Brooke knows it was wrong. But she is hoping that Brooke is as relieved as she is that this all happened before it became a much bigger scandal. Brooke walks in and hears the last remark and says Bill is back with Katie where he belongs. Liam is shocked that Katie took him back. Hope says she thinks he made the right decision. Brooke says it is. She’s glad Katie is happy, but she feels like such a fool. Hope gives her mom a big hug. Katie gets ready and crawls into bed, lovingly touching the pillow beside her. She doesn’t even lie down until Bill is opening the door. He says time is up. She asks what he is doing here. He says this is his home and he’s not leaving. She says if he doesn’t want to go back to Brooke’s, then she will have a guest bedroom made for him. Firmly he says this is his bed and he wants to be in it with his wife. He sits at the end of the bed. She says this is too soon. She doesn’t know what is real anymore. She says she has waited so long for him to say those words and she has lain awake at night wanting him until her whole body hurt. And now he is here saying those words and she wants to believe him so badly. But her heart can not banish all the hurt that is in her mind so how can she ever trust him again. He says she knows him better than anyone else so just trust what she sees. She says she sees love. He kisses her. She pulls away only to go back and kisses him and thanks God.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric was upset with Marlena and told her to get out of the church.  Brady demanded an answer from Kristen.  Kristen admitted to being with Eric and wanted to tell him why she did it.  Kristen lied and said that Eric seduced him.  Jordan made a mysterious call to someone and claimed Salem was her last stop.  Gabi and Rafe talked about Jordan.  Gabi wanted to know how Rafe felt about Kate.  Kate ran into Nick and talked to him about his opportunity in New York.  Maggie was upset that Victor knew about the footage of Eric and Kristen.  Eric yelled at Marlena for humiliating him at Bradyís wedding.  Brady couldnít believe that Eric would seduce Kristen.  Kristen continued to lie to Brady about how Eric seduced her.  Brady thought Kristen was lying, but she said she had proof.  Kristen said she heard Eric humming in the bathroom and knew that he did that to other women.  Kristen said she recorded everything when he wanted to have sex again.  Brady didnít believe her.  Kate and Nick argued over the fact she wouldnít forgive him for what he did to Will.  Nick couldnít wait to leave.  Rafe told Gabi that his relationship with Kate was over.  Marlena explained to Eric how she knew about Kristen cheated on Brady.  Marlena told Eric about working with Victor to stop Kristen from trapping Brady.  Eric didnít understand why Marlena showed the footage publicly.  Marlena apologized for the way everything came out.  Kristen told Brady that she would have told the bishop, but she got back together with him.  Kristen swore to Brady that she was telling the truth.

Brady refused to believe what Kristen said.  Brady and Kristen went back and forth about what she did.  Eric continued to read Marlena the riot act over what she did.  Eric told Marlena how he accused Nicole of raping him.  Brady and Kristen continued to argue about Eric.  Kristen urged Brady to watch the video and tell her what he saw.  Marlena tried to apologize for what happened, but he wouldnít hear it.  He told her to leave.  Eric watched the footage of him and Kristen.  Kate visited Rafe at the hospital.  Kate told Rafe that Nick might be leaving.  Maggie reminded Victor that he stabbed Marlena in the back by not telling her about Eric and Kristen.  Kristen wondered if Brady would come back to her.  Brady went back to the church and asked Eric if he seduced Kristen.  Rafe was happy to hear that Nick was leaving Salem.  Victor continued to defend himself to Maggie.  Maggie was upset that Victor destroyed a motherís relationship with her son.  Eric said that Kristen raped him, but Brady thought he enjoyed himself.  Brady started punching Eric.  Kristen was about to find Brady when Marlena showed up at the mansion.  Marlena didnít know that Kristen had a gun on her.  Victor told Maggie that he puts his family first and didnít care what happened between Marlena and Eric.  Victor told Maggie that she could leave if she couldnít put family ahead of everything.  Maggie walked out of the mansion.  Eric and Brady fought at the church.  Eric ended up choking Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly lets herself into Todd's hotel room to check on him because he must be in shock from the revelation that Heather Webber is his mother. He supposes that Scott Baldwin wishes he could take back that round of mattress tag. He tells Carly that he is fine and that she should go back to her boyfriend. She says she isn't involved with Derek. He tells her that he pretended to be with Diane, so that she wouldnít know that Heather Webber was in his room with a butcher knife. He says he knew he would lose her if she knew he had lost his ability to create art and was going to pass off Heatherís paintings as his own. She says he will paint again. He says his art was driven by his obsession with his twin brother who turns out isnít his brother at all. He feels his whole life has been a lie; he is just the son a hack politician and a lunatic, and he has nothing to give. He says he doesnít want Carlyís pity. She says it isnít pity and kisses him.

Sam tells Silas about her history with Heather Webber. She says she is grateful that he and Derek showed up in her life at just the time that Danny needed them. Ava concludes that her party is over. Sonny arrives and announces the party is just starting. He confronts Morgan about bugging his office and giving the recording to Scott Baldwin. Alexis suggests that Sonny might not want to talk about it in front of other people. Sonny says the other people put Morgan up to it. Morgan says no one made him do it; he did it because he wanted to. He says Sonny chose Michael over him, so he chose the Jeromes over Sonny. Michael and Kiki try to make Morgan see that Ava is using him. Sonny says Morgan broke his heart. Morgan storms out. Michael goes after him. They storm past Sam and Silas, who are kissing in front of the gallery. Sam and Silas go inside to see what's going on. Kiki figures out that Ava must have been behind the gambling ring to get Morgan indebted to her. She says Ava played her while she was playing Morgan. Sonny says Ava isn't the brains of the operation. Derek says Sonny is talking about him.  Kiki says Ava has ruined Morgan's life and goes after Michael and Morgan. Alexis wonders what Derek has to do with it. Derek reveals that he is Julian Jerome. Sonny explains that Julian got a new identity through the witness protection program. Sam asks him if he is really her father. He says he didn't know it when he met her, but he figured it out when Alexis told him the story of Sam's conception then he remembered that night. Sam wants to know why he didn't say anything. Julian says he couldnít. Sonny says Julian couldnít tell them because he didn't want to ruin his chance to move in on Corinthos territory. Julian says he loves Sam and Danny and wanted to claim them as his family and get to know them, but that will never happen, because Sonny's men are waiting outside to kill him when he leaves the gallery.

On the docks, Michael tells Morgan to get over his jealousy and think about the danger he put their father in. Morgan says Michael is overreacting and that Sonny deserved it. Michael asks Morgan if he is saying their father deserves to die because he told the truth. Morgan says it is because he chose Michael over him and made him lose his wife. Michael says that Morgan should come after him if he is jealous, but not serve their father on a silver platter to the people who want to kill him. Michael says Kiki wouldn't love the sniveling backstabbing traitor Morgan has become. They have a fistfight. Michael is by far the better fighter. Kiki arrives and screeches at Michael to stop hitting Morgan. Morgan takes the distraction as an opportunity to punch Michael and knock him into the water.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Jill arrive for a meeting as does Devon. At the condo, Adam is on the phone when Chelsea comes downstairs to join him. Chelsea asks if he has any leads on who hit Delia. Victoria comes downstairs and finds Billy on the computer as usual. Victoria lets him know that she is meeting Hannah in the park with Johnny. Billy thanks her for not pressuring him into going. Avery witnesses Nick and Sharon talking about him finding her bracelet in the cover. Avery confronts Nick about Sharon. Nick leaves Sharon and Avery alone. Sharon tells Avery to wait a minute that she wants to talk to her. In the park, Stitch and Dylan discuss the Veteran’s benefit and whether or not Dylan would be attending. Stitch tries to get Dylan to attend the Veteran’s benefit. Dylan doesn’t think that he is worthy to go after all the things that he has done. Victor and Nikki discuss the benefit as she prepares to leave. Victor receives a call about who ran down Delia. Victor demands that the person be found. Adam and Chelsea discuss Billy and what he is going through. Sharon denies to Avery that she and Nick are having an affair. Sharon assures Avery that she is sticking to her meds and getting her life in order. Sharon walks over to the counter where Dylan is and tells him that she made a donation in Sullivan’s honor. Dylan is impressed. Victoria and Chelsea meet in the park. Chelsea lets Victoria know that Adam is using his contacts to try to find who hit Delia. Billy gets an email from a woman who also lost her child and shares her feelings with Billy about how she is dealing with it.

At the bar, Nikki thanks Nick for helping her to organize the fundraiser. Sharon lets Dylan know about her therapy and how it is helping. Avery joins Dylan and asks him how he is. Dylan wishes people would stop asking him how he is. Victor meets with an informant, who gives him the first letter of the license plate of the car that hit Delia. Victoria visits Adam and lets him know that she is on to him. Adam wonders what he has done now. Billy takes a gun out of its hiding place. Devon asks Jack how he can work with Hilary after all she has done to the family. Devon refuses to spy on Victor. Jill tells Hilary that that is the last time she will take her advice. Hilary reminds Jill of the things that she had done in her life with stealing Katherineís husband. Victor and Cane meet at the benefit as do Abby and Tyler. Nick and Victor talk about Noah and how he is working out at Newman. Nikki and Stitch wonder if Dylan will attend. Avery asks Dylan to attend the benefit with her. Victoria tells Adam that she knows that he is trying to find Delia’s killer. Adam remarks that Chelsea should not have told her. Billy goes to the firing range to practice. Leslie advises Nikki to tell Dylan the truth. Kyle and Jack discuss his tour in Vietnam. Jack watches Victor and Devon. Neil advises Jack to steer clear of Victor. Victor makes his announcement that he is opening up the hiring at Newman to all veterans, so they should apply for a job. This impresses Nikki. Devon asks Jack to stop this vendetta with Victor in remembrance of Katherine. Avery and Dylan arrive in the middle of Nikki’s speech in which she tells everyone that the veterans are her “heroes.” Adam reads Billy’s blog.

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