Friday 11/8/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Bill that she doesn’t want to hear what he is saying. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He had a scare; she got that. He says he has never meant anything more in his life. It gave him hope; hope for him and her and Will. He says he was a fool. He gave up everything that mattered the most. He begs her to give him another chance. Brooke is slumped on the couch practically in the dark when Hope returns home. Brooke finally tells her that there was an accident with Bill on the mountain but that’s only part of it. Now he’s going back to Katie. Bill tells Katie that he couldn’t go on with the life he was living. It was a fantasy and he didn’t recognize himself. It was the daydream of a boy and it wasn’t working for him. Katie laughs. Now she knows what this is about. Brooke kicked him out. He says she would never do that. Katie backs away and says she is sorry if Brooke hurt his pride, but he will have to take it up with her. He says he ended it with Brooke. He actually hurt her more than he did Katie. Katie asks what does he want with Katie now. She is his jailer. She is judgmental and paranoid. He says no. He can admit that now. She gave him just what he needed. He really needs somebody who can bring him back to earth and not just say yes to him. He admits she was right all along abut the climb, the drinking, everything. He fought her on it, but she’s probably the only woman on the planet with a will strong enough to fight back. She did and he needs that. They need to get back to what they had when they were so happy and in love. They need that back now and can have it if they want it badly enough. Tears are rolling down her cheeks. Brooke tells Hope now all she has is these stupid leaves. How selfish of her. Hope tells her not to be so hard on herself. Aim it at Bill. Brooke says she thinks she is a good person but good people don’t do the things that she did. Hope wants to go talk to Katie but Brooke says no, Bill is with her now. Hope says she won’t take him back but Brooke says she will.

Katie tells Bill that he knows why they can’t go back. He destroyed everything between them. She asks him to please go. There is nothing for him here. She can not have this discussion. He says he was weak. He was vain and he gave it all up but now he feels this electric current running through his veins just standing in the same room as her. She says she can not listen to this. She can not have this conversation. She realizes he had a near death experience and yes he saw his life flash before his eyes, and maybe he has some regrets but that was just a reflex. But he will adjust when his eyes get in a bright light. He says he already has seen the bright light when he was hanging off that rock by the skin of his teeth. That changed him. He thought of everything he had done wrong and just wanted a second chance. He asks her to love him again and let him back in. Without another word, Katie picks up her phone and calls Brooke and tells her to get over there right now if she can. Hope calls Donna over to fill her in on details that she thought she’d want to know. She just hopes that she didn’t do the wrong thing by letting Brooke go over there by herself. Donna says she feels so caught in the middle – being there between the two people in this world that she loves the most. Hope says Katie will never take Bill back. Donna says Katie burned that bridge and even buried the ashes. Hope agrees but Brooke doesn’t think so. But if Bill hits a brick wall with Katie, then they know Brooke’s least favorite thing is to say no. Bill answers the door and tells Brooke that Katie is putting Will down. He did not know that she was gonna call her. Brooke says she will get out of the house when he wants to come get his things. Katie walks back in and tells them she wants to hear more about their plans. She wonders if Bill coached her in what to say while she was upstairs. Brooke is insulted and says she is leaving. Katie tells her to wait. Brooke says she assumes that Bill told her about the accident. Katie says then it really happened that way. Brooke adds that he wants Katie back. Katie replies that he wants lots of things. He wants his company back, he wants his antique cars, his fine wines. She is just not sure that she is one of those things. Her problem is not that if she is paranoid, but that she is not paranoid enough. Brooke tells her that Bill was only with her because he was rebelling against her and wanted to hurt her. Brooke says she believed Bill loved her but then she always was a sucker for men telling her they loved her. Bill says he is the guilty party here, not Brooke. Brooke wants to know what else Katie needs to know. She says she is just trying to figure out Brooke’s interest in all of this. Is this back to when they were girls and Katie ought to be grateful for Brooke’s hand-me-downs. Brooke says the only thing that matters now is Katie’s happiness and it seems Brooke is more interested in that than Katie. Hope thanks Donna for helping her through her jitters….and rage. Donna says maybe if Bill had these near death experiences about every six months he might be tolerable by the time he is in assisted living. Her advice, just change the locks on the doors. Katie tells Brooke that she can’t imagine how she could think that Katie could resume living with a man that she can no longer trust. Bill starts to speak and Katie tells him to hush. She is done with him and not talking to him. She asks how could she want a man that would come crawling back to her smelling like Brooke. Brooke says she was gullible and just in the middle of what she and Bill were trying to work out. Bill tells Brooke that he is sorry if he hurt her, but he could not go on living one more day knowing what he knows now. Brooke tells Katie one more time that Bill loves her and there is still good in him. She just needs to let all of this hurt and bitterness go. She knows she can love Bill again…….because now she knows how hard it is to stop.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristenís footage was exposed at the wedding.  Everyone at the chapel was surprised.  Brady demanded that the footage be turned off.  Marlena had trouble turning it off.  The walls collapsed and everyone saw that Marlena was the one who played the footage.  Kristen yelled at Marlena for the footage.  Marlena said she didnít know about it.  Kristen accused Marlena of paying actors to be them.  Daniel ran into Abby at the town square.  Abby didnít think she should babysit Parker anymore.  Cameron talked to Jordan about Rafe.  Jordanís face lit up when she talked about Rafe.  Jordan thought about Rafe and told him how Eric hated her.  Kristen continued to yell at her about setting her up.  Marlena wanted Eric to confirm that he was with Kristen.  Kristen wanted him to confirm that they werenít together.  Eric said that it was Kristen.  EJ tried to convince Eric that it didnít happen, but Eric explained his dream.  Kristen wanted to leave, but Brady wanted to stay.  Sami wanted Eric to explain everything.  Victor wanted Kristen to try and clear her name.  Abby talked to Daniel about hurting Jennifer by being with Theresa.  Nicole explained to Rafe that she was being accused of something she didnít do.  Nicole didnít think she could forgive Eric for accusing her of raping him.  Sami believed that Eric and Kristen werenít together.  Kristen begged Brady to stop this from happening.  Everyone at the church watched the footage again.

Abby ran into Cameron and he told her that she wouldnít be seeing him around anymore.  Eric told Kristen how she drugged him.  Eric walked towards her, but Brady punched him.  Brady began beating him and the others tried to stop Brady from hitting Eric.  Eric told Brady that Kristen raped him.  Brady didnít believe him.  Kristen walked out of the church.  Brady tried to go after Eric again, but he was stopped.  Brady noticed Kristen was gone and left to find her. When EJ wanted to find Kristen, Sami wanted him to wait because they had a lot to talk about.  Cameron told Abby about his opportunity to work in East Africa.  Abby was happy for him.  Jordan took Rafe outside for his physical therapy.  Jordan and Rafe bonded while they were out.  EJ didnít believe that Eric was raped.  Sami believed that Kristen raped Eric.  Sami wanted to know if Stefano helped Kristen with her plan.  Maggie noticed that Victor wasnít surprised by the footage.  Victor took the DVD with him.  Eric wanted everyone out of the church.  Brady found Kristen at the DiMera mansion.  Sami bashed Kristen to EJ.  EJ felt guilty so he didnít respond to Samiís comments.  Brady demanded to know why Kristen had sex with his brother.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather Webber tells everyone at Franco's gallery opening that the painting they are looking at is of a BLT. She starts re-hanging the pictures and saying which Kellyís sandwich they each represent. Diane spins it by explaining that Franco's greatest fan understands him well enough to interpret his work. Franco tells Diane to stop. He reveals that Heather is the real artist and that he tried to pass off her paintings as his own, because he canít paint anymore. He says they must have cut his talent out with the tumor.  Heather forgives him. Police officers arrive to arrest Heather. Scott tells them to arrest Franco, too, for fraud and aiding Heather in her escape. Heather tells Scott that he canít arrest his own son. She reveals that Franco is the result of a one-night stand with Scott at Kellyís. She made up the story about Franco being her cousin, Susanís child.  No one believes her. She has a birth certificate and DNA test in her pocket. The birth certificate for baby boy Grant lists Heather Grant and Scott Baldwin as the parents. Alexis says the birth certificate looks authentic. Silas says the DNA results do, too. Heather suggests they take another DNA test if they want to. She notes that Franco is just like her.  Sam asks Heather why she made up the story about Franco being Jason's twin. Heather says Sam knows why. Sam concludes it was revenge for her not delivering Heather's letter to Steve. Sam lays into Heather about ruining her life, keeping Jason from ever knowing his son, and kidnapping Danny. Heather tells Franco that he now knows why she has been trying to protect him from Carly. Heather warns Carly that if she gets too close to Franco she will make her pay. She tells her to ask Sam what that is like. Sebastian tells Franco that his career is over. Carly asks Franco if he is all right after having all that dumped on him. He doesnít answer. He just walks away. Carly follows him to his hotel room.

Morgan observes how protective Kiki is of Michael. Ava notices Morgan standing alone in a corner. He tells her that Olivia ran into him and gave him a line of bull about how much his father loves him. Ava asks him if he is having second thoughts about working with them. He says no.  Michael tells Kiki that he thinks Morgan is with Ava to stick it to their father. Derek gets the news that Lazaro dropped out of the race, so he assumes Scott must have received the recording. He tells Morgan that Sonny doesnít have a DA in his pocket anymore, but Derek has gained one, as he looks over at Scott Baldwin. Scott tells Lucy that he canít believe he had a child with Heather and that the child turned out just like her. He concludes that his career is over. On their way out, Scott and Lucy thank Morgan for helping Scott win the election. Lucy asks him if his father knows yet that he betrayed him. Morgan says he will deal with his father. Michael tells Kiki that he thinks something is going on with Morgan because he was cozied up to Derek and then with the new DA. Ava tells Derek that he should use the chaos to get out of there. Derek says Sonny isnít going to kill him and that he has a guardian angel. Max can't believe that Diane is seeing Franco after what he did to Jason. She says there has never been anything between her and Franco and that she has missed Max. She asks to get together after the show, but he can't because the boss needs him.

Sonny finds the bug that Morgan left in his office and concludes that his own son has betrayed him and thrown in with the enemy. He tells her that he is going to kill Julian. Olivia unsuccessfully tries to talk him out of it. Max goes to Pozzuloís to check in with Sonny. Sonny tells Max not to call Shawn with the order to kill Julian, because he is going to handle it himself. Olivia wants to go with him. Sonny tells Max to stay with Olivia. Sonny arrives at the gallery and announces that the party is just getting started.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam stands looking out the window when Chelsea comes downstairs and tells him all about the things that Connor can see. Chelsea reminds him that Connor will see because of Delia. Chelsea asks Adam if he had any luck in finding out who hit her. At the Coffeehouse, Kevin and Alex eat lunch. Kevin tells Alex that he found Chloe lying in Delia’s bed, clutching one of her stuffed animals. Sharon visits Nick at the bar and finds him carrying boxes out of the freezer. Nick tells Sharon that he wants to talk to her. Chloe walks into the Coffeehouse and sees Alex and Kevin. Alex assures her that he will find Delia’s killer. Lauren visits Fen in jail. Michael talks to Officer Duncan about getting in to see the warden. Lauren takes the blame that if she hadn’t had the affair with Carmine, then none of this would have happened. Fen tells Lauren not to come to visit him anymore which breaks her heart. Adam refuses to give Chloe any false hope in finding out who hit and killed Delia. Chelsea finally sees his point. Nick asks Sharon about the confession that she was going to make to him when they were locked up in the freezer. Sharon has a blank look on her face as if she doesn’t remember. At the Coffeehouse, Noah and Courtney make plans for later. Chloe arrives at Chelsea’s to do some work just as Adam leaves. Chloe asks him if he is avoiding her. Adam acts as though he doesn’t have the right words to say to her, but she lets him know that there are no right words.

Chelsea and Chloe discuss business. Chelsea tries to get Chloe to do something else but Chloe tells Chelsea if takes her mind off of Delia. Adam and Alex meet in the sauna. Alex says what a rotten person it would take for someone to hit a little girl and kill her and not turn himself him. Adam suggests that Alex doesnít know what the man may be going through himself. Alex gets the impression that Adam is defending the person who hit and killed Delia. Alex vows to Adam he will find Deliaís killer. Sharon makes up a lie that she was using Nick to get closer to him through Faith. Summer meets with Lauren at the Coffeehouse and wants to go and see Fen, but Lauren informs her that Fen told her not to come to visit him anymore. Lauren assures Summer that this is not her fault that Fen is in jail. Lauren and Summer discuss how much they both miss Phyllis. Summer notices Courtney and Noah together. Summer joins them but Courtney soon makes her exit. Michael and Fen talk through the chain link fence that separates them until another inmate interrupts them and tells Fen to be careful who he talks to. Chloe tells Chelsea about the last dinner that she made for Delia. Adam comes home as withdrawn as ever.

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