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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet, Brooke continues on and on that she can’t believe she believed Bill. He pushed too hard when she kept telling him that they shouldn’t be doing this. He should have appreciated what he had. She knew it was wrong but she listened to Bill and not her head. And now she has put herself ahead of a small child, and Bill above everything and everyone else in her life. Was she just a conquest to him…..something he had to prove? He says that being that close to death made things crystal clear and now he knows what he has to do. She says she doesn’t want him to ever touch her again. Katie apologizes to her assistant, Adele, for what she did last year in setting Brooke and Bill up in Aspen. She was foggy then with PPD and didn’t know what she was doing. Maya is mildly annoyed at Carter but hugs him and says she has her old job back effective immediately. Rick has to run this past Caroline. He says Maya is already suited for the job but if she can’t accept this now is the time to say so. Bill tells Brooke that letting her go is the hardest thing he has ever done. And none of this is her fault. He left Katie of his own volition. This is how it has to be but he is not a man that can relinquish every aspect of his life. And he can see that clearly now. He tells her that she was not a conquest. She knows that he loves her. She says his love feels like hell. He says letting her go is the hardest thing he has ever done. She says it makes no difference to Dollar Bill Spencer. He takes what he wants when he wants it and then when he’s done, he’s gone. He says he knows it looks that way. She says it is. It is what he did with his business, what he did with Katie and what he is doing with her right now. Brooke rants again that she can’t believe she was so gullible, but karma right? She should have listened to Hope who told her not to listen to her heart. You really can not build your life on the ruins of others. Does he want her to make it easier on him? Well she can. Every promise he made her..... he’s free. She will release him to go back to bask in Katie’s love. And while he is there why doesn’t he convince Katie to forgive her. Before she can depart the plane, Bill takes her by the arm and says he has one more thing to tell her, and he wants her to hear it good. She was no conquest and is in fact the only thing he always wanted and always will be. She jerks her arm away and tells him to stop it. Don’t hurt her sister again. And when he makes a commitment, mean it. Brooke says she will find her own way home.

Caroline tells Rick that she is not that petty anymore. It is okay with her for Maya to be here. They can work together and she agrees that she was good for the line. Bill barges in on Katie at home and she is startled as to why he is there. He wants to hold his son. She hands him over. He begins to tell her about his near-death experience on the mountain and how just one rope was the thing between him and death. He saw his life flash before his eyes and how clearly he sees things now. She’s frantic with fear. Caroline tells Maya that she doesn’t mean to be snarky, but if she walked once, what makes them think she won’t do that again. Maya says things are different now, but she will take baby steps to make sure that doesn’t happen again. They give a high five. Brooke goes home and thinks back to Bill on the mountain. Bill tells Katie that she was right. It was too risky and dangerous. There is so much he needs to say to her. He had an epiphany while hanging by that rope. He thought about Will, and he thought about Wyatt and Liam and what they mean to him. He thought about her, too. He made a mistake. Brooke was the mistake. Katie called it – Brooke had hypnotized him. He knows where he needs to be now. He wants his family back. Will she let him come home?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor watched the footage and saw Eric with Kristen.  Victor called Marlena and told her to come to his place.  EJ lied to Sami about his conversation with Kristen.  Kristen walked in on EJ and wondered if he told Sami the truth.  EJ let Kristen know that he didn’t say anything to Sami.  Victor told Marlena about the proof that Kristen cheated on Brady.  Kristen thanked EJ for not saying anything to Sami about what she did with Eric.  EJ warned Kristen that she better have everything under control or she would lose everything.  Victor wanted Kristen to be exposed publicly.  Victor wanted Marlena to sneak in the church and switch the DVDs.  Marlena didn’t want to do that at first.  Marlena wanted to know what was on the DVD before she took it.

Victor managed to stop Marlena from watching the footage.  Marlena wanted Victor to tell her who was on the DVD with Kristen.  Kristen let EJ know that Dr. Chyka would give Eric something to make him forget about being with her.  EJ wasn’t so sure it would work because Eric remembered having sex with someone.  Victor wouldn’t tell Marlena who was with Kristen.  Victor and Marlena continued to talk about Kristen.  Marlena decided that she wasn’t going to let Kristen win.  EJ and Kristen talked about her secret a little longer before they went to the church.  Marlena snuck into the church to switch the DVDs when Kent (the guy who was playing the DVD for Brady) caught her.  Marlena was able to talk her way out of being caught.  Kent told Marlena that he couldn’t stay for the wedding and wanted her to play the DVD for him.  Marlena panicked because she wasn’t supposed to be at the church.  Kristen and Brady’s wedding began.  Kristen walked down the aisle, but Marlena had trouble getting the music to play.  Marlena continued to struggle with the music and footage and then it finally happened.  Marlena showed the footage of Kristen having sex with Eric.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki tells Sonny that her mother is Victor Jerome's daughter and Julian Jerome's sister. Shawn is about to vote when he receives a text message from Sonny that something is going to go down. A little later, Max calls Shawn and tells him that he is to go to the Jerome Gallery and Shawn should handle Derek Wells when he leaves. TJ reveals that he isn't ok with what Shawn does for Sonny because if Shawn dies, he won't have anyone left. Shawn tells him that even though she hasn't been around, his mother loves him. Olivia tells Morgan that he can still make things right with Sonny. Morgan says it is too late, but won't tell her why. Scott Baldwin lets District Attorney Lazaro listen to the recording that Morgan gave him. He says he will take it to the press and upload it to the internet unless Lazaro resigns. Olivia goes to Pozzulo’s and tells Sonny that she is worried that Morgan might be in trouble. The district attorney arrives and tells Sonny that Scott Baldwin has a recording of their earlier conversation. He asks if Sonny set him up. Sonny denies wearing a wire and doesn’t know how Baldwin got that recording. When Lazaro leaves, Olivia tells Sonny that she saw Morgan talking to Scott Baldwin. Sonny remembers Michael telling him that Morgan stopped by to return a gift that Sonny had given him. Sonny looks at the clock and finds the bug.

Franco doesn’t want to go to his opening because it isn’t his art anyway and because Carly will be there with Derek. Diane tells him that the only thing that could go wrong would be if the real artist showed up. The real artist, Heather Webber, is waiting at the gallery for Franco's arrival. Carly asks Derek exactly what kind of relationship he has with her son that he is not allowed to talk about. Ava announces that Derek is her silent partner and that Morgan was at his hotel room delivering contracts. Sam realizes that it was Derek's idea to donate a portion of the proceeds to leukemia research. When Morgan arrives at the gallery, Ava tells him that his mother thinks he is involved with Derek. She kisses Morgan deeply and asks Carly if that clears things up. Carly tells her to get off her son and proceeds to strangle her. Derek breaks it up. Morgan and Ava continue pawing each other just to annoy Carly. Sam tells Derek that he might want to tell Ava that Carly isn't a woman to mess with.

Max sees Diane at the gallery and asks her if it is true that she is seeing Franco. Diane says it isn’t what it looks like. Ava sees Max and warns Derek that Sonny's men are outside waiting to kill him. Kiki and Michael go to the gallery to find Morgan and warn him about Ava's involvement in the Jerome crime family. Ava denies it. Morgan says Ava is the only person who hasn't betrayed him. Michael observes to Kiki that Morgan didn't seem surprised by their news. Derek agrees to help Silas with his research to find a way to preserve and store bone marrow. Lucy can't shake the feeling that the recording came with strings attached. Scott gets a call advising him that Lazaro dropped out of the race.  Franco wants to tell Carly the truth about the paintings but before he does, Sebastian announces that he has a buyer for all the remaining paintings and that she wants Franco to explain the meaning behind each of the paintings first. Franco tries to think of something to say about the first painting, but he just sputters nonsense. Heather comes forward and says it is a BLT. She says she thought Franco got it, but he was just trying to take credit for her genius. She says anyone who doesn’t get it doesn’t deserve to own it. She rotates the canvas to the correct direction.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan visits Nikki at the Newman ranch which unnerves Victor to no end. Nikki overhears Victor lashing out at Dylan and telling him to stay away from his family. Chelsea brings Connor downstairs and finds Adam looking out the window. She asks him why he is trying to force her and Connor out. Victoria awakens and reaches out for Billy but finds that once again, he is not asleep beside her. She goes downstairs and finds him on the computer trying to find Delia’s killer. At the Abbott house, Cane comes to visit Jack and Jill to find out what they are up to concerning Victor and the merger between Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises. Nikki interrupts Victor and Dylan to say that she invited Dylan there to help her with the Veteran’s Day celebration. Nikki sends Dylan into the kitchen for some coffee while she and Victor talk. Victor and Nikki argue over Dylan and her charity work. Victor even accuses her of keeping things from him. Victoria tries to get through to Billy about his problems when there is a knock on the door, and it is Victor. Victoria tries to get Billy to stay, but he tells her that he has some things to do. Jack and Jill vow revenge on Victor. Hilary appears which unnerves Jill to no end. Cane is also surprised. Abby and Tyler have a run in the park, and she celebrates when she wins. Abby lets Tyler know all about Delia and how much she had enjoyed the holidays. Tyler gets a text message which sends Abby into a frenzy when she finds out that it is from his fiancée. Chelsea tells Adam that she and Connor will not move out until she finds out what is going on with him. Adam still refuses to tell her anything or open up to her.

Nikki apologizes to Dylan for Victor’s actions. Dylan refuses to get involved in Nikki’s plans for Veteran’s Day. Jill urges Jack to listen to Cane about what Hilary has done. Hilary reminds Jill of some of the things that she did herself. Jack reminds Jill that Hilary works for him and that is that. Victor and Victoria discuss work to get her mind off of Billy and Delia’s death. Victoria begins to cry and seeks comfort from Victor. Nikki lets Dylan know about her drinking and how her family stood by her. Nikki also tells him about her Multiple Sclerosis. Abby and Tyler argue but Tyler lets her know that he loves her and she loves him. Chelsea tells Adam that he is afraid of being a father and that is why he has been so upset. Chelsea tells Adam that they will stick around for a while. Billy visits Chelsea and Adam to check on Connor. Billy refuses to hold Connor. Chelsea begs Adam to help find Delia’s killer. Victor gets some interesting news concerning Delia’s hit and run. Victor advises Nikki to stay away from Dylan.

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