Wednesday 11/6/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/6/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill stares off in space as Brooke brings him some leaves and says she is taking them home to preserve them as they are so pretty. She mentions that he seems so quiet. He says he is just thinking about things. She says he is okay and all that really matters is that she still has him. Maya welcomes Carter home from Hong Kong with a kiss. She admits she misses modeling here at FC. He tells her to sit tight; he has something he needs to run do quickly. Caroline is catching up on the latest and tells Rick due to the attempted jewel heist the sales are sky high. Rick says remind him to give Charlie a raise. He says it may be mayhem over at the Boutique but Hope and Wyatt have it under control so they can afford to take this moment alone and plan more on their wedding. He doesn’t care where or when it is as long as it is very soon. Brooke and Bill board the jet. She says she knows it had to be terrifying to him as he could have died. He comments that he’s not going to let a mere mountain or anyone get the best of him. It was a life changing experience. She says she is glad he decided to wear the harness otherwise he would not be here and she can’t imagine what she’d do if she lost him. Caroline is startled to find Maya in the office. She calls her Martha or is it Matilda, whatever. Maya finds out many people called Caroline by Carolyn, so Carolyn it is, she levels the playing field and they bond. Carter swings into Rick’s office and says he has a favor to ask. He wonders if Rick would consider hiring Maya back as HTFT spokes model. Rick only hesitates because he is not sure that Caroline would be okay with that. Carter says he knows they don’t exactly get along but things are different now. They are all engaged now and Maya is no threat to Caroline. They have all moved on. He knows Maya is too proud to ask so he is asking for her. Rick goes to Maya and asks if she would consider coming back to FC.

Bill tells Brooke that it took almost dying and for him to be kicked in the ass to realize what was really important. Being upon that mountain dangling by that little rope he literally saw his life flash before his eyes. It was a wake-up call….a moment of clarity and epiphany. He knows he made a lot of mistakes and he realizes now that he has been doing it all wrong. She doesn’t know what he means. He says he needs to take his life back, to get into control. His company was taken from him and he’s only a weekend father and that is if Katie will even give him permission to let him see Will. He says he has made a decision. He is sorry, he never meant to hurt her. There is only one solution -- he is going back to her sister. Brooke is stunned. She cannot believe this. Bill says he knows he has no right to ask her to understand, but he can’t function this way. Everything has been stripped away from him and his life is a mess, and he knows she is miserable too. Going back to Katie is the only way for them to get their lives back. She remarks that she had told him that in the very beginning that this was wrong and he would not listen to her. She points out that he told her not to feel guilty or be ashamed of their relationship. He told her that he loved her and only her. She should have listened to her guts and her conscience. This is the rest of their lives they are talking about. She can’t believe he would tell her all of those things and now do this. So just go back to Katie. She doesn’t even know who in the hell he is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric didnít want to tell Brady about what happened to him.  EJ questioned Kristen about having sex with Eric.  Kristen denied having sex with Eric.  EJ wanted to go to Eric and talk to him about it if she didnít tell him the truth.  Victor was determined to get the proof that Kristen cheated on Brady.  Marlena thought that she and Victor could just go to Brady and tell him what they knew.  Victor didnít think that Brady would believe them without proof.  Victor called someone and demanded that they send the best hacker to open Kristenís flash drive.  Marlena wanted to leave the mansion before Maggie got back home.  EJ repeated what Kristen said to Dr. Chyka, but she insisted that it wasnít what he thought.  EJ was disgusted by what she did.  Kristen explained why she was with Eric.  EJ wondered how Kristen got Eric into bed.  Kristen explained that she used a video.  EJ didnít understand how she could do such a thing.  Kristen reminded EJ that he has done far worse than she in the past.  Sonny told Sami that Gabi had hooked up with Nick, but she broke up with him.  Sami was livid when she heard the news.  Sonny warned Sami not to say anything to Gabi because everything was going great with them.  Sonny was afraid that Gabi would punish him for saying something about her fling with Nick.  Nick tried to convince Gabi to go back to modeling.  Gabi wasnít enthusiastic about getting back into modeling because she couldnít deal with rejection.  EJ was afraid that something could go wrong with Sami because Kristen was with her brother.  Kristen assured EJ that Sami never had to know what she did.  Kristen let EJ know that the only way Sami would find out is if he says something.  Kristen told EJ that Nicole was the one that Eric thought raped him.  EJ reminded Kristen that Eric is starting to remember what happened.  Marlena visited Eric and let him know that she hoped that Brady and Kristen never made it to the altar.  Marlena noticed that something was wrong with Eric and she urged him to tell her what was wrong with him.

Sami promised that she wouldnít say anything to Gabi about being with Nick.  Nick urged Gabi to get back into modeling again.  Gabi called the modeling place.  The hacker showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Brady showed up at the mansion and talked to Victor.  Victor tried to convince Brady not to go through with the wedding.  Eric told Marlena that he was fine even though she didnít believe him.  EJ wasnít convinced that Nicole and Eric wouldnít figure out what happened.  Kristen wasnít worried about Sami finding out anything.  Kristen told EJ that he wouldnít ruin her life and that he had to keep his mouth shut.  Sami walked in at the tail end of their conversation.  Gabi found out that she could actually start modeling again.  Gabi didnít want anyone to know about it yet.  Daniel went to visit Eric and tried to convince him that Nicole didnít attack him.  Eric didnít believe that Nicole was innocent.  Sami didnít hear any of Kristen and EJís conversation.  Kristen warned EJ again not to say anything about what she did.  The hacker cracked the code on the flash drive and put the info on a CD. Daniel continued to try and talk to Eric about what could have really happened to him at the Capitol, but he didnít want to hear it.  Marlena ran into Nicole at Danielís place.  Nicole thought that Marlena knew about what happened to Eric, but she didnít.  Marlena wanted to know what Nicole was talking about, but Nicole let her know that she didnít do anything.  Kristen told EJ that he either had to tell everything or keep his secret.  Marlena was getting upset when Nicole didnít tell her what was going on with Eric.  Marlena thought Nicole did something to him.  Nicole was upset and threw Marlena out of the apartment.  Eric wanted Daniel to leave because he had to get ready for the wedding.  Sami wanted to know what was going on with Kristen and EJ.  EJ ended up lying to Sami about their conversation.  Sami told EJ not to keep Kristenís secrets from her because sheís marrying her brother.  Kristen prepared for her wedding.  Kristen grabbed a gun out of her drawer.  Victor watched Kristenís DVD and saw Ericís face.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan gives Scott Baldwin a flash drive. Scott is suspicious when Morgan wonít tell him where he got it. Olivia wonders why Morgan was talking to Scott Baldwin. He gets defensive so she drops it and changes the subject to Sonny. Morgan goes on a rant about Sonny loving Michael more. Olivia tells him that she knows how it feels to lose your first love, but the truth saved him from a world of hurt. She says he had to know that his marriage wasnít going to work if he had to lie every day to keep his wife. She agrees that Sonnyís public announcement wasnít the best way to break the news, but says Sonny wasnít in control because he was off his meds. Morgan says that is no excuse. She says Morgan could have handled things better too, so he can't put all the blame on Sonny. She says it isnít too late to make things right. He thinks about the things he has been doing tor Derek and tells her that it is already too late. Scott listens to the recording on the flash drive and hears District Attorney Lazaro having a conversation with Sonny Corinthos about confidential files. Scott is so happy that he almost kisses Lucy. He says he is going to go play it for Lazaro and make him withdraw from the campaign. Lucy asks Scott to consider why Morgan would give him evidence that incriminates his father. He says he doesnít care why. He runs into Lazaro at the elevator and says he is going to report Lazaro's relationship with the local mob boss.

Franco tells Carly that he says he saw Morgan coming out of Derek's room, with Derek only wearing a bathrobe, and Derek said no one can know about their relationship. He concludes to her that Derek is a sexual predator. She says he is delusional and that he should concentrate on tonight's show. Heather Webber sneaks into the Jerome Gallery to see Franco's art collection, only to find her own pieces hanging there.  Heather hides when Diane arrives with a contract for Sebastian, Francoís art dealer, to sign.  Diane goes to pick up Franco. Not dressed, Franco says he isnít going. Sam tells Silas that she is going to Francoís art show because a portion of the proceeds will go to leukemia research. Silas wonders who came up with the idea of tying the show to cancer research, because Franco doesnít strike him as the generous type. Sam admits that she is also going to try to talk to Ava again, and she might find out if Ava is following in the Jerome family footsteps.

Derek and Ava listen to Sonny's conversation with Max via a bugging device that Morgan planted in Sonny's office. They hear Sonny's plan to ambush Derek when he leaves the gallery tonight. Derek tells Ava that he is going to the gallery anyway, because he has a plan of his own. Kiki tells Sonny that she found out that her mother is Julian Jerome's sister. Sam and Silas run into Derek at the Gallery. She says she is surprised that Franco is donating part of the proceeds to leukemia research. Derek says it wasn't Franco's idea. Carly arrives. Derek plants a kiss on her cheek. Sam says she didnít realize the two of them were seeing each other. Carly says Franco just informed her that Derek is also seeing her son. He denies it. She asks him what kind of relationship he has with Morgan that he doesnít want anyone to know about. Ava shows up and says it is about time for everyone to know the truth.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael tells Fen to pretend that they don’t know each other while they are in prison, because if anyone finds out he is the son of the DA, it could get him killed. Paul and Christine try to figure out a way to help Michael and Fen get out of jail. Paul decides to investigate the case, because he closed it too quickly when Michael confessed to killing Carmine. Lauren gets a mysterious call from someone who hangs up when she answers the phone. Devon admits to Jack and Neil that he doesn’t know what to do with all his money, and he wants Victor to be his mentor. Jack tells Devon to stay away from Victor, because he will act friendly but later stab him in the back. Jack and Jill decide to team up to take Victor down so he won’t get Chancellor Industries. Victor advises Neil to teach Devon the difference between a true friend and someone who wants to be his friend just because he has money.

Lauren pleads with Christine to move Fen to a safer part of the prison. Christine tells her she will try to help Fen. Nick and Sharon remember the time years ago when they were stuck in a bank vault. Sharon starts to feel the effects of hypothermia and almost tells Nick that she pushed Phyllis down the stairs causing her coma, but Noah arrives to rescue her and Nick from the freezer before Sharon can tell Nick what she did.

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