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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill has his mind on what Katie has been telling him about not seeing Will as long as he is living with Brooke. He continues to climb the mountain but loses his grip and his footing and the rope/chain plummets several hundred feet. It catches between a crevice and just dangles there. Brooke cries out his name. Liam drops in on Katie and asks if she has heard anything from his dear old dad since the last time they talked. She says no but she is sure he is way too busy free climbing mountains to get in touch with his son by phone. Or maybe they cancelled and decided to spend the day in bed. She says Liam can go ahead and say that she has been too hard on poor old Bill. He retorts that it is hurting the company. She has heard the rumblings too and essentially the world still considers this Bill’s company. She says she did not want any of this but she can not click her ruby slippers and change what is. Brooke and Bill are in Aspen having the time of their lives. Meantime she is here and has to take care of her company and her son. Brooke could have talked him out of this but she did not want to sound like her nagging little sister. She just hopes Bill changes his mind at the last minute. Jarrett and Thea burst in and tells Katie and Liam that there has been an attempted diamond heist at FC. No one was hurt thanks to some quick thinking by Wyatt. He’s a real hero and Jarrett shows Liam his iPad. Katie says they need to go over there pronto. It’s written all over Liam’s face – he can’t believe that Wyatt is a hero. He caught one lucky break and he knows he will take advantage of this with Hope but he won’t allow it. Quinn chastises Wyatt for staging a faked jewelry heist. He says chill; he only took the diamond long enough for Charlie to call the cops and make headlines. Then he’d make sure he found it no harm, no foul. She says that is fine, but not if it put him in danger and what about the real robbers. He says that he didn’t plan on. She tells him not to treat this so lightly, he could have been killed. He scoffs that they didn’t stand a chance once he threw Charlie’s coffee in their faces and put the diamond in their bag. She still doesn’t like it because it put his life in danger. He admits he wanted a lot of publicity but the robbers being there was just a coincidence….right there at Forrester Boutique. The news is spinning around the world and Hope’s face is everywhere. She knows this is what it is all about and wonders if he is going to tell Hope. Hope walks up at that point and wonders what she is supposed to know. Wyatt laughs his way out of that one. While Charlie is guarding the front door from all the press and paparazzi, Eric, Thorne, Caroline, Rick, Oliver and Pam slide in the back door and pretend they are robbers. Pam is holding her sacred lemon bars and makes a bee line for Charlie. Wyatt quips he wonders if anyone is left at FC. Caroline says they just wanted to make sure he was okay. Thorne talks to Charlie and says this must have been a pretty big ordeal. He replies for the ordinary run of the mill guard probably so, but for him a finely trained and honed professional like himself it was just another day at the office.

Oliver snaps pictures of Pam and Charlie. He tells him to get used to it as he is famous now. Eric asks Wyatt if he is sure he is okay. Wyatt shows him a shaky hand but says the robbers are behind bars for a very long time, so all is well. Everything that happened today is a win/win for everyone. Eric opens a bottle of champagne and says not many people celebrate an attempted jewelry heist but in this case he is just glad everyone is all right. Pam whips out a big plate of lemon bars for Charlie. He asks if it is Myers lemons and European sugar. She says she will never make them any other way. Rick and Caroline are amused that Pam seems be crushing on the security guard. Thorne gives them an update that the thieves still insist they are innocent. Charlie says yeah, well they caught those sticky fingered girlieboys red-handed. He looks to Wyatt for confirmation and he says yes. Eric is still fuzzy how this all went down as the diamond was missing for a little while before the robbers came in. Pam says that details don’t matter at this point as FC is getting more publicity than ever before. Eric says this whole gig, going to Mexico getting the diamond and pairing it with Hope’s line and now this robbery attempt – it couldn’t have turned out better if he had planned the whole thing. They all drink a toast to that. Wyatt kisses Hope on the cheek. Then Eric gives another cheer to the two heroes – Charlie and Wyatt. He will forever be in their debt. The press is beating on the door wanting in. Charlie says he will handle this. As the late great John Wayne said – cover him, he’s going in. Wyatt tells Charlie it is okay, just let them in. They make a dash to Wyatt and he tells Jarrett and Thea that he wants to make one thing clear. No matter what happened here today the diamond will still be on display at FC Boutique. They are even considering making a replica of it. Hope says they can still come from all over the world and shop and buy. Wyatt takes Hope’s hand in his as Charlie gets his turn to entertain the press and tells how Wyatt slung a thermos of hot coffee on the robbers. Then it was all over but the screaming. He starts to say more but then stops. He says this is not about him. It should be about the bravest man he knows – Wyatt Fuller. Eric speaks up and says he is so grateful to Hope for picking Quinn and Wyatt to work with her line and of course to Quinn and Wyatt for all they have done. Wyatt says it is him that should be grateful. Eric has changed his life by giving him and his mom a platform to showcase her talent and let them do what they do best – make a little noise. He says this has been a great experience for him. He is humbled and flattered. He has watched Eric with his family and company and knows he is a good man. Pam kisses Charlie on the cheek and Wyatt joins in and kisses the other cheek and says this security guard really came through for him and all of them. Eric thanks Wyatt again for being a little unconventional but they like unconventional. It keeps them ahead of the competition. Wyatt adds and all of this would not be happening if it were not for Hope. He stands before her and says yes he is gonna. He doesn’t know where to begin, but she is gorgeous and inspiring and true to herself in what she believes and it is reflected in her line. He says every since the day they started working together he has wanted to let the world know. Now today the world knows! Othello tells Bill that his gear is no good. There is only one way now. He has to get back on the wall and climb to the top. Bill grimaces in pain but he digs his fingernails into the rock and thinks about Will; that he will always be there for him. He slowly and methodically makes it up the mountain until he reaches the top. Brooke rushes to his side to be sure he is all right He says he is now. He temporarily lost his focus and then his footing. Othello tells him that he and Ramona will leave them for a little while and then they will continue back home unless Bill wants to do this again. Brooke says he is never going mountain climbing again. She clings to him as she was afraid she had lost him. He says she will never lose him. She must remember that always.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen and Bradyís wedding day arrived.  Kristen was nervous about what Eric remembered at the Capitol.  Brady had a surprise for Kristen.  Kate talked to Lucas about investigating Jordan.  Lucas thought she was jealous of Jordan.  Jordan felt that she couldnít fall for Rafe.  Jordan was cold to Rafe when she went to his hospital room.  Rafe didnít understand Jordanís attitude since they had fun the night before.  Bradyís surprise was a trip around the world.  Kristen was excited about the trip.  The Bishop went to the chapel to talk to Eric.  The Bishop thought about transferring Eric since he did such a good job in Salem.  Eric wanted to transfer to get away from distractions.  The Bishop wasnít sure whether to transfer him because heís doing good work.  The Bishop wondered if Eric was considering changing his vocation.  Eric didnít want to leave the priesthood.  He just wanted to get away from distractions. Kate and Lucas continued to talk about Jordan.  Kate told Lucas that Jordan didnít exist until a few years ago.  Brady wanted to go talk to Eric to make sure he would perform at the wedding.  Kristen called Dr. Chyka and wanted him to meet her at the mansion.

Gabi went to see Rafe at the hospital.  He talked to her about Jordan.  Kate and Lucas continued to talk about Jordan until she left.  Jordan overheard Rafe talk about her to Gabi.  Brady went to the chapel to see Eric. Eric decided to marry Brady and Kristen.  Eric was still upset that Brady and Kristen didnít tell him about Nicoleís feelings for him.  Kristen was worried that Eric might remember that he was with her.  Kristen wanted Dr. Chyka to do something to keep Eric from remembering that she was with him.  Brady urged Eric to talk to him about whatís going on with him.  Dr. Chyka thought Eric could be trying to trap Kristen.  Kristen thought Eric was too good of a person for that.  Dr. Chyka had a potion he could use on Eric to make him forget everything that happened to him.  Kristen said aloud that Eric couldnít find out that she had sex with Eric.  Kristen didnít know that EJ was listening to her.  Brady asked Eric what Nicole did to him.  Eric didnít say anything.  EJ wanted to know how Kristen could have sex with Eric.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Diane kisses Franco in front of Carly to keep Carly thinking that they are involved, so that she won't find out about their secret business. Silas tells Kiki that he and Sam found out that Ava's brother's name is Julian Jerome. He says Julian is dead, as is her grandfather, Victor, but that her grandmother, Delia, is alive and Sam is Kikiís cousin. Silas suggests that Ava has ties to the mob. Sam asks Ava to tell her about her brother, Julian, because she learned that he was her father. Ava says she didnít meet the Jeromes until they were already in decline, so she didnít get to know her brother very long, but she knows that he would have been a devoted father. She says Sam should use her PI skills to check out Silas because he has secrets.  Diane arrives with Franco's pieces and asks Sam to make an appearance at the opening because 10% of the proceeds will go to pediatric leukemia research. Sam goes to the hospital where she and Silas compare notes about their conversations. Sam tells Silas that Ava tried to deflect her questions by bringing up Silasís past. She tells him that he is entitled to his secrets because everyone has baggage and everyone deserves their privacy.  She says she is going to Franco's art show because a part of the proceeds is going to pediatric cancer research. He says that means he will have to go too. They assume Franco came up with the charity choice.

Michael talks to Max about Morgan. Max says he and Milo fight like that, but they always get over it. Morgan and Derek listen to Sonny's conversation with District Attorney Lazaro via the bug that Morgan planted in Sonny's office. Lazaro asks Sonny to return the file on Julian Jerome that he lent him before anyone discovers that it is missing. Sonny says he doesn't need it anymore. He says the file had information about the WSB providing Julian Jerome with the identity of Derek Wells. He says the less Lazaro knows about what will happen, the better. Michael asks Sonny if he was talking to the District Attorney about AJ. He says AJ deserves a fair trial. Sonny says they don't need to have that conversation and then excuses himself when Kiki arrives. She tells him that she got a cousin, a grandmother, and a dead uncle. She reveals that her mystery uncle was Julian Jerome and that Silas thinks her mother is in the mob. Michael tells her that the name Jerome has been coming up a lot lately and that it would be unwise to make an enemy of Sonny. Carly goes to Derek's room to confirm their date to Franco's opening and to tell him that she will meet him there. Franco sees Derek wearing a robe and telling Morgan that no one can find out about their relationship. Carly tells Franco that she is going to his show with Derek. He says she shouldn't go anywhere with Derek because of something that he knows about him. Ava tells Derek that Sam is close to figuring out who he is. He says Sonny Corinthos already has. They listen to Sonny talking to Max, hoping that Sonny will give something away. Sonny tells Max to go to Franco's art show and that he is going to take Derek out.

Lucy and Scott go to the polling place to vote. Heather Webber goes into Scott's booth wearing medical scrubs and a surgical mask. He says he can't be seen with her. Lucy sees Heather and says she needs to leave. Heather asks Scott to take her to Franco's opening. Lazaro sees Lucy and another woman (Heather) leaving the booth that Scott was in and says he is going to order an inquiry.  Morgan finds Scott and gives him the recording of Sonny and Lazaro on a flash drive.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer feels like she has lost her best friend and her brother when she sees Noah and Courtney talking. Noah tells her that he starts work at Newman Chancellor today. Summer shares her feelings with Courtney later. Courtney assures her that she and Noah will always be there for her when she needs them. Leslie accidentally sees Nikki’s will and finds out that Dylan is her son. Later Avery tells Leslie that she feels badly because she has to keep the information a secret from Dylan. Victor is determined to make sure Nick doesn’t get involved with Sharon again, because he thinks that she is a terrible mother. Leslie talks to Nikki and tries to persuade her to tell Dylan the truth and let him decide if he wants to be a part of her life.

The police don’t find any evidence when they look at Adam’s car, but the guilt he feels gets worse and he tells Chelsea that she can move out of the penthouse and take Connor with her. Chelsea is surprised at how quickly she finds a new apartment. Nick and Dylan have words after Nick sees that Faith likes Dylan and that Sharon is Dylan’s friend. Nick and Sharon get stuck inside the freezer at the Underground while they are looking for snacks for Faith’s ballet class. Adam calls Avery and tells her he needs a lawyer and a friend and then he gives her his video confession and asks her to keep it in a safe place until he is ready to tell her what to do with the video. Nikki almost tells Dylan that she is his biological mother but their conversation is interrupted by Summer who wants to talk to Nikki.

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