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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill climbs the mountain with Katie’s dooming words echoing in his ears. Othello chimes in every now and then that he has his back, just stay focused. Donna plays with little Will while telling Katie that she will look after him for a few hours. Katie needs to slow down a little and not work so hard. Katie tells her she got a clean medical review just yesterday and she is apparently a modern miracle. She loves her work and she needs it right now. Bill is on his experience of a lifetime with the woman who appreciates and understands him. But Katie would not let him come by the office to see Will. He needs to stick to his regular visitation agreement schedule. She says she is not going to be a pushover. She is not going to run every time Bill wants to see Will. Bill wants his job back and he wants to see Will more, but these are things he traded in when he wanted a few exciting moments with Brooke. She hopes he enjoys every carefree, blissful moment. Bill may not like this but that is not her concern right now. Someday he will thank her for it. She really does not like this situation or the risks Bill is taking. At the Boutique Charlie panics and tells Wyatt the diamond has been stolen. Wyatt seems surprised but not that worried. Charlie is crawling around on all fours on the floor while Wyatt has to suppress a chuckle. He tells him not to worry and that it will turn up. Charlie says they should call the police and Wyatt tells him yes, do that. Charlie makes the phone call and is brandishing his gun around in the air and almost aims it at Wyatt who has to duck. Charlie admits to him that it’s not loaded. He rambles to Wyatt that he’s going to find that diamond or he doesn’t have to pay him one red cent. He starts offering ideas that they check the surveillance footage, check the parameters and take fingerprints. Two “ladies” walk from the back dressing room. Wyatt says he didn’t realize anyone else was left in the store when they closed. Charlie tells them that he doesn’t want them to freak out but wonders if they noticed anything suspicious like someone running. He wants them to sit down so they can take some statements. While Charlie and Wyatt are discussing things, the ladies pull guns on them and say they are just fine standing……so Charlie hand over that gun. Wyatt has a disgusted look but raises his hands in the air. Charlie hands the “cops” his gun. Wyatt tells him the ladies are not cops. One of the ladies says they are not exactly ladies either. Now they want to know where that big bad diamond is.

Hope tells Quinn that the limo is waiting. There are some perks to this job. Quinn says that she read her mind. That’s what happens when you have a great partnership… Hope has with her son. She loves seeing this side of Wyatt, what Hope has done for her son. He’s in love and actually trying to impress a girl. She gets the idea that he’d do just about anything for Hope. The ladies tell Charlie to hand over the diamond. Charlie says they have the diamond, not him. One of the ladies says they don’t have it or they wouldn’t be robbing them now. They surely don’t want them to search their pockets. They shoot first, then they search. They hear some sirens but the ladies just think the cops are passing by. They tell Wyatt and Charlie this is their last chance. Wyatt says okay, he will show them…..over there. Slowly he slips past the ladies and heads around the cone where diamond had been displayed and gets Charlie’s hot coffee thermos, opens it and then throws the contents on the ladies. Wyatt quickly takes out the diamond from his pocket and slips in into one of the ladies bags. Charlie hears the siren again and lets the police in. Charlie points out the jewel thieves, notorious Steve and Clyde. They claim they did not steal anything today. Det. Baker says they need to search their purses. Viola – there’s the diamond necklace. One of the ladies blames the other for holding out on him. The press rushes in and Hope and Quinn have just arrived. Wyatt makes a statement that Hope just got there and she is understandably shaken. He says for a moment the Hope for the Future diamond was stolen. The robbers held them at gunpoint. He points his finger at Charlie and says this man here saved his life and recovered the diamond. He’s his hero. The press asks for a picture of Hope also and she comes forward and Wyatt puts the necklace around her neck. While Ramona and Brooke are resting on a ledge, Bill continues to scale the mountain again with Katie’s words in his ears. As he ascends, his hands and footing lose their grip and the rope/chain extends several hundred feet as he dangles against the wall.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Kristen argued over why Kristen was at Danielís apartment.  Marlena didnít see anything when she looked at the flash drive.  Brady apologized to Nicole for telling Eric about her feelings for him.  Nicole told Brady that he was out of her life just like Eric.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to stay away from her son.  Jennifer demanded that Daniel give her answers about Theresa.  Eric showed up at Danielís place and ran into Nicole.  Marlena went to Victor and told him about the flash drive.  Marlena wanted Victor to help her open the drive.  

Brady told Kristen that Jennifer wouldnít be at the wedding with Daniel there.  Kristen didnít want Daniel at the wedding.  Kristen wanted to see Jennifer.  Daniel informed Jennifer that she lost the right to demand answers about his private life when she dumped him.  Jennifer explained why she had to end things with Daniel.  Nicole wanted to give Eric a piece of her mind because he accused her of raping him.  JJ went to Danielís office and let him know that he was wrong about him.  Nicole and Eric started arguing when she tried to explain what happened.  Victor used his special laptop to open the flash drive.  Nicole and Eric continued to argue about what happened at the capitol.  JJ apologized to Daniel for his behavior.  Brady and Kristen went to see Jennifer.  Jennifer was happy to see that Brady and Kristen were getting married.  Marlena thought Kristen could have been with Daniel.  Marlena explained that she found the drive in Danielís office.  Daniel warned JJ to stay away from Theresa as well as him.  Daniel didnít want JJ doing drugs or he wouldnít help him anymore.  JJ thanked Daniel for his help.  Kristen told Dr. Chyka that Eric remembered having sex with someone and that they had to do something.  Victor had trouble opening the file, but they refused to give up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy and Luke go to his new room at the Metro Court. Luke wants to call Anna. Tracy is annoyed that after everything she has just done to save his life, he can't wait to call his "Slim." He says he just wants to tell Anna about Jerry Jacks. She says they can't tell anyone about Jerry until they know Luke is going to be ok. She wants to get him checked out at the hospital right away, but he doesnít want to go. He says he wants to give her the whole enchilada and be her friend, her partner, and her lover. He says he will do whatever is possible to make her happy. She says she likes her enchilada spicy. They kiss.

Patrick follows the mysterious woman who helped Emma. Nikolas intercepts him and tells him that the woman is Spencer's new nanny, Ruda Bega. Elizabeth asks Britt what she did to make Nikolas run off. Britt wonders why Elizabeth cares. She says Elizabeth should have held onto Nikolas when she had the chance, but that now she needs to live with the choice that she made and leave her alone. Nikolas goes into the room with Robin and tells her that coming to the hospital was too risky. She says she just wanted the chance to see her family and that the Halloween costume allowed her to do it without being recognized. Nikolas worries that Faison and Obrecht will tell Jerry about her excursion. She doubts that they noticed her absence. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Dr. Obrecht is wearing her Anna mask and warning Duke not to go in the tunnels. He ignores her and finds Faison in the tunnel, holding a gun. Duke overpowers Faison and takes the gun. "Anna" tells Duke to give her the gun, so she can take Faison to the station. Duke figures out that she is Obrecht in a mask. She takes off the mask and says Anna is far away where he can't get to her. Faison takes the opportunity to get the gun back while Duke is distracted by Obrecht.

Patrick tells Sabrina what Nikolas said about the woman, but he senses that something wasn't right. He tells Emma that he didnít find out what was wrong, because the woman doesnít speak English. Emma reveals that the woman spoke to her in English when she told her that everything would be ok. Robin tells Nikolas that Emma introduced Sabrina as her new mommy. She says another woman is sleeping with her husband and taking care of her child. He says Sabrina won't take her place because she is going home. When they leave the exam room, Patrick asks how Ruda told Emma that everything would be all right if she doesnít speak English. Nikolas says he taught her that phrase to use with Spencer when he has nightmares. Britt joins Nikolas and Robin and says Elizabeth took Spencer home with her. Emma hugs Robin before she gets on the elevator. Patrick wonders why Nikolas was lying about that woman. Sabrina wonders why it bothers Patrick so much. When Nikolas, Britt, Ben, and Robin arrive at Wyndemere, Obrecht wonders if she should call Jerry. Robin assures her that no one saw her. Obrecht says that had better be true for Robin's sake. Duke is unconscious in the catacombs.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack bumps into Hilary and accidentally breaks her phone so he offers and offers to pay for a new phone. Hilary tells Jack she is leaving town because of all the bad things she has done. Jack tries to persuade her to stay because Genoa City is a great place for people who need a second chance. Cane and Lily decide to find a way to work together at a new job, but they have not figured out where they want to work yet. Lily rips into Hilary after she apologizes for hurting her family. Jack defends Hilary and reminds Cane and Lily that they have both gotten several opportunities at a second chance, so they should stop being so hard on Hilary. Chelsea signs the divorce papers that Dylan gives her and hopes that he finds the love and happiness that he deserves.

Adam and Billy both have a hard time dealing with the guilt they feel about Delia’s death. Adam decides to tell Connor what happened the night Delia died. Adam holds Connor as he tells him that the night Delia died, he was distracted thinking that he would never see again, and he shouldn’t have been driving a car. Adam tells Connor that he swerved to miss Dash, then got out and saw the dog was okay, so he drove away because he had no idea he hit Delia. Adam then makes a video on his computer admitting that he killed Delia. Billy is so determined to get justice for his daughter that he brings a person that the police have already interviewed and released back to the police station. The man almost presses charges, but Victoria talks him out of it saying that Billy is grieving. The police arrive at Adam’s house to talk to him about his car to see if the car was the one that hit Delia.

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