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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Bill about the weather and he says they will be fine; just a little wind. She tells him the mountain will be there any other day so it can wait. Katie is worried that her son will grow up without a father. Liam finds Katie talking to another distributor that wants to bail after twenty years. She tells him she is not okay with Bill doing this mountain climbing. Liam says then she should just give him back his job. Katie says once again she is responsible for all of Bill’s bad behaviors. He tells her that she is going to spend more days like this so she better get used to it. Liam tells her that Bill will come back from Aspen safe and sound. She shouldn’t let this be a problem. Will needs both of his parents. She asks about Wyatt and he sighs that he is still trying to get Hope. Katie says then they both have their challenges. Liam says he is not giving up though until he gets that ring back on Hope's finger. Wyatt tells Hope the lines aren’t as long as last week but still going strong. She points out two women who were also in yesterday. They can’t get enough of it. They discuss the boutique closing early today for a private event. They can’t keep their eyes off of Charlie who is drinking his extra hot coffee from his thermos. Well then Wyatt can’t keep his eyes off of Hope either and will agree to anything she says. Charlie brags that he has 20/20/20 eyesight, two eyes on the diamond, one on the door, nothing gets past him. Hope is surprised that many are leaving her gift bags in the back to say thanks. Wyatt says she should be proud of herself. She has re-branded and made herself a new role model for young girls everywhere. He says he sure is proud of her. She says all these crowds are due to him and the diamond. He says the diamond has only begun to work its magic. He keeps looking at the diamond, then at Hope and the wheels seem to be churning in his head.

Ramona and Othello join Bill and Brooke for the first mountain climb. Oliver drags along behind. All insist that Bill wear a harness because of the weather but he says no way; ain't gonna happen. They hike until they get to their base camp. There Oliver says he is getting out of this jungle. This is the end for him. Ramona reminds everyone to drink water. Brooke tells Bill to stay alert out there. She begs him to harness up; just do it for her. They begin the climb and Bill does put on his harness to keep all happy. Othello is right on his heels when Bill almost falters once and tells Bill to stay focused. Hope tells Wyatt that she’s leaving but will be back for the event, whatever it is that he won’t tell her. He says he wants the whole world to be talking about her line and the diamond but mainly about her. She says he has done enough already, but he replies that is just a start. He wants to go way beyond that. She starts to leave by saying he better get the crowd to leave. He takes her by the hand and says he will take care of that. Then he says her message will be heard. It needs to be heard. That’s his goal. He starts to kiss her on the cheek; she moves so that it lands on her mouth. He walks toward Charlie and says they better close up. Charlie starts ushering a few out the door and Wyatt tells the three salesladies he will lock up so they can go too. When Charlie turns back again he glances at the display and tells Wyatt they have a problem – the diamond is missing. Wyatt looks surprised and says he did not touch it. Charlie wants to investigate since it is not visible and not back in the safe. He starts to panic by saying somebody has stolen the diamond and starts rifling through drawers around the counter. Wyatt chuckles to himself. Katie tells Liam that Bill is so reckless but she hopes he comes back in one piece.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole overheard Daniel and JJ talking about Theresa.  Kristen wanted to find out what was in Ericís head so she wanted to see.  Eric stopped Kristen from leaving the chapel.  Marlena was happy that she found Kristenís flash drive.  JJ was upset that Nicole could have heard what they said.  Daniel wanted to talk to Nicole about what she heard.  Eric just told Kristen that he would perform the ceremony.  Kristen wanted to pick Ericís brain about Nicole, but he gave her nothing.  Anne went to Danielís office and talked to Marlena about Daniel.  While they were talking, Marlena dropped the flash drive.  Jennifer talked to Brady about Daniel and Theresa.  Daniel asked Nicole what she heard. Nicole knew that Daniel was covering for JJ.  Daniel explained what would happen to JJ if the judge found out the truth.

Marlena was looking for the flash drive when Kristen showed up at the office.  Brady had trouble believing that Danielís dating Theresa.  Brady wanted to talk to Daniel for Jennifer.  Daniel wanted Nicole to keep quiet about JJ.  Nicole didnít think it was a good idea to keep the truth from Jennifer.  Nicole finally promised to keep quiet.  Daniel and Nicole talked a little more and he realized that she was in love with Eric.  Kristen didnít see Marlena looking for the flash drive, but she did notice that she was acting jumpy.  Marlena taunted Kristen about her secrets coming out during the wedding.  Jennifer, Kayla, and Hope talked about Daniel being with Theresa.  Daniel and Nicole continued to talk about her love for Eric.  Nicole let Daniel know that Eric thinks she drugged and raped him.  Nicole explained to Daniel why Eric thought she raped him.  Kristen denied doing anything to hurt Brady.  Kristen walked out of the office so Marlena picked up the flash drive.  Daniel believed that Nicole didnít rape Eric.  Marlena started to look at Kristenís flash drive.  Kristen went to Danielís place and saw Nicole there.  Marlena watched the flash drive and something shocked her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco and Carly almost kiss at her house. Holding a large knife, Heather watches and follows him home. She demands to know what he was doing with Carly. He asks her why she doesnít like Carly and if she is interested in him romantically. She says she just wants to keep him from getting involved in a lethal relationship. He doesnít understand why she is so interested. She says someday he will understand. Derek goes to Carlyís house dressed as Zorro. She hands him a bag of candy and attempts to close the door, but he blocks it. She confronts him about not telling her that he is in business with the cougar that is sleeping with her son. She accuses him of sleeping with Ava, too. He says he is Ava's silent partner and didnít want his identity revealed. He says the thought of touching Ava in a sexual way is disgusting to him, but the idea of touching Carly is a different story. He kisses her. She says her daughter is there and he needs to go. He says he would like to be her date to the art show. She agrees.

Faison and Obrecht discover that Robin and a Halloween costume are missing. Duke Lavery goes to Wyndemere looking for Nikolas and lets himself in. He hears a noise as Faison and Obrecht hide in the secret passage behind the bookcase and then he sees the plant that fell to the floor. He calls out, asking if someone is there. "Anna" comes up behind him and asks him why he is there.  Faison worries that Duke will see through Obrecht's disguise. "Anna" tells Duke that she is in Port Charles because she is concerned that Faison and Obrecht will come to kidnap their grandchild. Duke shows "Anna" the tunnel and wonders if Faison and Obrecht are there. Faison goes deeper into the tunnel. She tells him to step away from the tunnel and let her handle it. He ignores her warning and goes into the tunnel. Faison greets him at gunpoint.

Felix gives Brad a hard time about being a deadbeat dad. Brad suggests that he might not be the father of Britt's son. Felix asks Britt why Brad would say he wasnít Ben's father. Britt says it's a little late to deny it. She concludes that Brad and Felix must be dates because they are dressed alike. Felix can't believe how cold Brad is to Ben. Brad goes over to hold Ben to placate Felix and perpetuate Brittís deception. Felix tells Nikolas that Ben doesnít look anything like Brad or Britt. Nikolas remembers hearing Britt telling Faison that Ben is not her biological child. Brad changes into a different costume, so Felix can be the only Cavity Sam. Felix invites Brad to have a drink with him. Nikolas tells Britt that he feels bad for Ben because Brad says Ben isn't his son and Faison said Ben is not his grandson. Britt says she is all that her son needs. Nikolas worries about Robin at Wyndemere. Britt says her parents won't hurt Robin because they need her. She says Robin will be fine, but she can't say the same for Nurse Santiago when she finds out that Robin is alive. Robin goes to General Hospital, wearing a full length cloak and a mask that covers her whole face. Thinking the woman only speaks Spanish, Epiphany brings Robin into the party and tries to introduce her to Patrick and Sabrina, but Robin makes a hasty departure. Epiphany congratulates Sabrina and Patrick on their engagement and says she thinks Robin would be happy to see him happy. Robin watches Emma at the punch table. Emma introduces herself and asks what Robin is dressed as. One of the boys spills punch on Emma. Robin cleans Emma's costume. Emma thanks her and hugs her. Emma tells Sabrina that the lady helped her clean the punch from her costume. Sabrina says something to Robin in Spanish. Emma says Sabrina is going to be her new mommy. Robin hurries away. Patrick goes after her to make sure she is ok. Sabrina tells Emma that she will be like a mommy to her, but she will never try to replace Emma's real mommy. Nikolas sees Robin rush past him and asks Britt if that was the same costume that Obrecht tried to make Robin wear earlier. Patrick finds the exam room that Robin is standing in.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Neil talk about their problems to each other, because they both feel like they could slip and take a drink or a pill. Jack advises Neil not to let Hilary work for him, because he could put his family in danger, and it won’t ease his guilt about Rose’s death. Cane asks Hilary to stay away from his family and leave town. Hilary agrees to leave town, but Neil arrives to offer Hilary a job working for Jack at Jabot. Adam and Chelsea find out that Connor's transplant was a success. Adam tells Jack that he is afraid Connor won’t love him once he grows up and discovers all the bad things he has done. Jack tells Adam that he will be a great father, because Connor will make him a better man. As Adam continues to struggle with guilt about Delia’s death, he dreams that he sees her. Kevin visits Michael in prison and admits to him that he blames himself for Delia’s death, because if he and Chloe hadn’t been separated, he would have been able to protect Delia. Michael advises Kevin to keep loving Chloe even if she pushes him away, because she needs him now.

Paul informs Lauren that Fen will have to go to prison until his trial. Fen later tells Lauren that he got caught with drugs on purpose, because he wanted to go to jail to pay for killing Carmine. Michael is worried when he sees Fen arrive at the prison and wants to know why his son is there. Jack is glad when Summer comes to his house to check on him and makes him a strawberry jam sandwich with a glass of milk. Jack calls Phyllis and has the nurse put him on speaker phone, so he can tell her that he loves and misses her and that he and Summer are having strawberry jam sandwiches together.

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