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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hand in hand, Bill and Brooke walk the grounds of his cabin in Aspen. She tries to get him to lighten up on Katie. But Bill doesn’t like the fact that she’s taken his yacht, his jet, his company and the house may be the next thing. He says she is playing dirty. Brooke says she is hurt and just lashing out. But his son…..she is trying to shut him out of his life and that is a dangerous road that she does not want to go down. Katie talks on the phone and another print advertiser bails when she says she will remain as CEO; Bill is not coming back. Adele comes in and tells Katie that she should leave for her doctor’s appointment. Since Bill is not there to take her, Hope volunteers to be her moral support. At the boutique, Charlie explains to Wyatt how these jewel heists take place. They can sneak in and out so cleverly. Wyatt wants to hear more details. Wyatt thinks most must have been inside jobs if there was no tampering and everything behind reinforced glass. Charlie says you could be talking to a soccer mom or a guy in drag. Wyatt glances at the diamond and then starts thinking. Katie tells Hope that other than her heart being broken, she thinks she’s fine. Today is Halloween and Bill should be here getting Will dressed and taking them trick or treating instead he is in Aspen with her mother. Dr. Patrick comes in and asks about Katie and then says they will take some tests and she how she is doing. Brooke tells Bill that all of this has been a challenge. He knows how much it is costing her. She says to ease up on Katie and if she eventually accepts them so will Hope. Being without him is simply unthinkable. They meet up with Oliver, one of Bill’s employees, and they discuss the mountain climb tomorrow. Quinn comes to the boutique and walks over straight to the diamond and almost touches it. Charlie stops her and Wyatt appears and says it is all right; that is his mother and she’s the reason the diamond is here in the first place. Charlie apologizes and says you can’t be too careful. She asks if he is expecting trouble. He says it’s Halloween, sure they might be here in costume for trick or treat or they might be in here for this sweet treat. Wyatt chuckles and says he loves this guy. Quinn asks Wyatt if he thinks Charlie is reliable. He doesn’t seem very intimidating; she’d be concerned. Wyatt says he was at first but now he realizes he’s the perfect man for the job.

Bill and Brooke eat dinner in their bedroom and he continues just how much longer he has to do this. He’d like to be there to dress Will up in his Halloween costume and take him out. This might last one or two years or until he’s old enough to make his own decisions. It isn’t fair. Brooke thinks she hears bears outside and insists that Bill just sit there and she will go check. Pam brings Charlie a lemon bar. She says after she sampled his delicious brownies, she thought she should return the favor. He takes a bite and smacks his tongue – says graham cracker crust, sea salt and European style butter. She says he is very good. He gives her a tip – use Meyer’s lemon. It is very, very sweet or as the French say Dolce Vita. She says go on, who is he? He blushes, oh just an ordinary guy with some extraordinary talent. The doctor tells Katie that the anti-rejection drugs are working and she is a living miracle. Her heart is fine and her son will have his mother around for a long time. She starts tearing up and tells Hope that this time last year she thought they might be ready to start having a brother or sister for Will. This was the life she was counting on but guess it wasn’t meant to be. Hope tells her that she deserves so much better than Bill Spencer. Katie says maybe but trouble is he is the only one she wants. Brooke cries out bear and Bill goes running. She meets him in the doorway with a short, sexy bear costume. He says wow – he’s ready to hibernate all winter long. He says he knows he’s been a bit of a bear too and grumpy but for her never to doubt what she means to him. His love is solid and sure, constant and that’s a fact. Wyatt talks to Hope on his iPhone and says another triumphant day at the boutique. People are still lined up around the store and dropping much cash on the way out. She likes that. He says she will like it even more as that noise is going to soon get much louder. She wants to know what is going to happen and he simply says he has his ways. She says she’s noticed. He accuses her of flirting with him. She says sue her. He quips there are plenty of other things he’d like to do rather than sue her. They say goodnight. Quinn tells Wyatt that she respects his instinct but she’s not so sure they can depend on Charlie to fully protect the diamond. Wyatt reveals that he was about to ask Eric to fire him, but then he came up with a plan. Quinn says good, she knew he was up to something. She could see that look in his eyes. She wants to know more but he says he can’t. It’s too risky. She wonders if she should be nervous. He says no, he thinks he can pull it off. She tells him to listen to her. They’ve had two lives, one before Forrester and one after Forrester. Her point – the sales are going through the roof and money pouring in. Wyatt finally has a chance with Hope and she with Eric, the nicest man she has ever met. She says she is not faulting his ambition as that is what got them here, but don’t blow this that they have going. He says this much he can tell her, blowing it is not part of his plan. Back at the office, Katie has a premonition of Bill on the mountain and falling. She calls the cabin immediately. Bill is on top of the bear. Brooke takes the call and Katie begs Brooke not to go climbing with Bill. She has a bad feeling about all of it. Brooke says both of them are determined to go and Katie can’t talk them out of it. Katie says it is not safe. She does not want Bill up that mountain. Brooke hangs up. Bill can’t believe that Katie is treating him like dirt yet now she is worried about him. Regardless, tomorrow they climb.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor was upset that Marlena didnít keep in touch with him about Kristen.  Victor told Marlena that they only had 24 hours to get Kristen.  Brady talked to Kristen about Eric yelling at him because of Nicole.  Eric let Nicole know that he wouldnít press charges against her.  Nicole continued to deny raping him.  Eric threw up in Nicoleís face that she hurt EJ and Daniel.  Theresa couldnít remember what happened to her.  Daniel let Theresa know that she called him and he went to her apartment.  JJ told Jennifer and Abby that he was done with drugs.  Victor was upset that Marlena didnít tell him that Kristen stole the flash drive.  Maggie walked in on them and wanted to know what was going on between them.  Kristen told Brady that she would talk to Eric about their fight.  Eric continued to rip Nicole a new one for what she did.  Nicole denied raping Eric again.  Nicole reminded Eric how she was raped as a kid and she would never do that to anyone else.  When Eric didnít seem like he believed her, she walked out of the room. Anne yelled at Daniel for what happened to Theresa.  Daniel told Anne to get a life and leave him alone.  Maggie wanted to know what was going on with Victor.  Kristen went to see Eric to talk about Brady.  Eric was about to spill the beans about the rape, but he stopped himself.  Kristen asked Eric if he was talking about what happened at the hotel.

Kristen thought that Nicole might have ďhurtĒ Eric and helped him to look like a hero.  Anne talked to Theresa to find out what happened between her and Daniel.  Nicole went to Daniel and talked to him about Eric.  Eric didnít want to talk to Kristen about what happened at the Capitol.  She urged him to forgive Brady.  When he walked out of the room, she realized he remembered what happened to him at the Capitol.  Victor told Maggie that he was comforting Marlena because of Brady.  Maggie let it go, but she warned him not to hurt anyone she loves.  Victor told Maggie that heís after Kristen.  Brady went to Jennifer and she told him that she couldnít go to the wedding if Danielís there.  Marlena and Anne ended up arguing over Daniel.  Marlena went to Danielís office to leave him a note.  There was a shot of the flash drive on his desk.  Jennifer told Brady how Danielís with Theresa now.  Daniel warned JJ not to say anything about being at Theresaís place.  Nicole overheard Daniel and JJ talking.  Marlena found Kristenís flash drive.  Kristen was on her way to Danielís office.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Josslyn insists on being an ear of corn again. Franco appears at their door as Andy Warhol. He says Carly is a very sexy grumpy kitty in her black cat costume. Josslyn is pleased that he recognizes that her costume represents "Children of the Corn." Franco gives Carly an invitation to his art show opening event. She asks for another one for her date, Derek Wells. He says Derek doesn't need an invitation to his own gallery, since he is Ava Jerome's co-owner. She concludes that that explains why he was at Ava's condo when she thought the two of them were sleeping together. He says the two things aren't mutually exclusive and that Derek probably is sleeping with Ava. She tells him that Diane wouldnít be happy to know that he is so obsessed with her social calendar and go find her. He says there is nothing between him and Diane and that Carly should stop wasting her time with Derek. He asks her to stop playing games with him, because he knows she is just as interested in him as he is in her. Josslyn calls Carly and interrupts what would have been a kiss. When Franco leaves, someone appears at the side of Carly's house holding a butcher knife.

Patrick is Indiana Jones, struggling against an army of stuffed animals until Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl save him. Patrick says he liked Sabrina's grape costume from last year better. Emma says she didn't like Britt's costume last year, because she was making fun of nurses. Elizabeth, dressed as Snow White brings Cameron as Woody, the cowboy from Toy Story and Aiden, the airplane, to Patrick's house. Elizabeth congratulates Patrick and Sabrina on their engagement. Elizabeth decides that it is time to go when Emma says Cameron is her boyfriend. Emma tells Patrick and Sabrina that she is going to marry Cameron. Duke comes over and tells Emma that he is dressed as a businessman. He takes Patrick aside and tells him that he thinks Anna may have gotten into a bad situation with Faison. Patrick wonders if Nikolas and Britt know anything, because they went looking for Obrecht. Dr. Obrecht, dressed as a bier frau, tries to get Robin to put on a costume. Robin refuses. Britt tells Nikolas that her mother tried to put contact lenses in Ben's eyes, dress him up as Rosemary's baby, and put him in a black bassinet covered in a black veil with a cross hanging upside-down over it. She says her mother also tried to get her to dress up in a beer-maid costume like her own. Nikolas takes Britt into his arms and holds her, assuring her that when this is over, they will make her parents pay. He draws her into a kiss. Leslie, dressed as a witch, takes Spencer trick-or-treating as Captain Hook at Wyndemere to surprise Nikolas. Leslie screams and faints when Faison opens the door dressed as Beetlejuice. Robin and Obrecht run to the door. Robin knows who Leslie is. Nikolas and Britt go to the door and are surprised to see Spencer. Faison, Robin, and Obrecht go inside before Leslie wakes up. When she wakes up, Leslie tells Nikolas that Cesar Faison answered his door. Nikolas says it was his butler, Alfred. Spencer asks what happened to the two ladies who helped Leslie. Leslie wants to go find the ladies to thank them, but Elizabeth and the boys arrive. Spencer and Aiden are happy to see each other. Spencer says he chose Captain Hook because Cassadines are villains and they have a lot of ships. Robin overhears Cameron telling Spencer that Emma is his girlfriend. Spencer convinces Nikolas and Britt to go to the party. Nikolas tells Faison to stay upstairs and not to answer the door while they are gone. Duke goes to Wyndemere to see Nikolas.

Felix prepares everything for the Halloween party dressed as the Operation board game. Brad comes in the same costume. Felix tells Brad to go change into a deadbeat dad costume. Brad says he is honoring Britt's wishes. Felix won't let up. Brad asks him if it would change things if he weren't really Ben's father. When they arrive at the hospital, Patrick introduces Sabrina to Leslie. Emma asks Cameron if he wants to kiss her. He runs away. Spencer offers to be Emma's boyfriend. They hold hands. Leslie tells Patrick not to worry about Spencer, because he already has his father's manners. Elizabeth says few women can resist a man with looks, a title, and flawless manners. Leslie tells them that Nikolas is coming to the party with Britt. Wanting to see her family, Robin arrives at the hospital in the hooded robe and mask that Obrecht had tried to make her wear earlier.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy continues to grieve for Delia and is reminded of her when a little girl comes to trick or treat dressed in a witch costume. Billy tells Victoria that he can’t look at Dash because the dog was the last one to see Delia alive. Billy and Victoria wish that the dog could talk, because he is the only one that knows who killed Delia. Victoria tells Billy that she will find a good home for Dash so he won’t be such a painful reminder of Delia for him. Billy begins his own search for clues about who killed Delia. Devon worries that his offer of such a huge reward is slowing down the police investigation. Devon asks Victor to advise him about how to spend his money. Victor agrees to help as a way to honor Katherine’s memory. Victor asks his private investigator to look for the person who killed Delia.

Victor sends a silver spoon with his initials to Connor as a baby gift, but Adam tells Chelsea that he refused the stock options that Victor offered him for Connor, so she decides to return the baby gift to Victor. Adam and Chelsea take Connor to the doctor and wait anxiously as the doctor performs tests to see if the operation was a success. Avery tells Nikki about what happened to Dylan in the war. Nikki struggles to decide if she should tell Dylan she is his biological mother. Nikki is concerned because Nick blames Dylan for destroying his relationship with Avery. Dylan asks Leslie to handle his divorce from Chelsea and worries because Chelsea doesn’t want to divorce him.

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