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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the Boutique, Wyatt frowns when he recalls what Hope said about her freaking out when it seems like manipulation again. Pam and Caroline notice it and asks if he is all right or is it because Hope is not there today. He says he is happy and they just need to keep the momentum of sales going. Pam and Charlie continue to make goo-goo eyes at each other from across the room. Wyatt tells Caroline that of course he is here to work. Somebody has got to keep an eye on the guy who keeps his eye on the diamond. He tells Charlie that something this precious, he can’t lose. He asks Caroline what she thinks of the guard. He seems easily distracted. He knows the security camera Eric has set up and the silent alarm work great but for his money he thinks they need a giant armed guard next to the diamond. Wyatt tells Pam that the guard is here to watch the diamond, not her. She’s pleased to hear they he is watching her. Caroline chastises them both to let Charlie do his job and Wyatt do his. Pam asks Wyatt just exactly what is his job. He quips to make HFTF the most exciting, talked about line in fashion. Hope visits Katie at her office and tells her that she has tried talking to her mother about not following her heart this time. There is too much at stake on this one. But Katie just needs to keep talking to Bill. Katie says she hoped they could discuss this like adults but Bill doesn’t like it when people push his buttons. She says she would not allow him to see his son at Brooke’s house but also not at the office when it wasn’t a planned visit. She wants him to think about it. He can’t just assume he can pop in and say goodbye to his son and then leave with a clear conscious with Hope’s mother. Hope says that she hopes by her being around the house that will make them uncomfortable and she feels like she might have gotten through to her mom. And it is just a matter of time before her mom realizes just how wrong this is. She confides in Katie that the wedding is on hold for now while she concentrates on her line. It’s all about timing. Her line had been dead. It was almost a joke but now thanks to Wyatt and the diamond and Quinn’s designs, it is alive again. She and Wyatt make a great team. And he is determined to get them even more publicity although she does not know how that is possible. On the plane Bill continues to grouse that Katie would not let him say goodbye to his son. They are getting a divorce and she is still continuing to try to tell him what he can and can’t do. She’s not trying to protect her son. She is still trying to control Bill. And they are lucky to still have the house in Aspen to go to. She has sold his yacht and all his toys. What she doesn’t understand is those were not toys but the means that he built his empire and now he may lose it under her leadership. Brooke says she is sorry he had to give up so much as she is the reason Katie is doing this. He kisses her and says he’d do this and more for her.

Wyatt asks Pam if he wanted a meeting with marketing who would he see. She says that would be her. He asks if she’d do that for Charlie’s phone number. She says yes. He says okay, if he doesn’t fire him first. He encounters Charlie who drops his thermos and almost burns Wyatt because it is so hot. He even has a bag of brownies and then tells Pam that he loves lemon bars and he will trade her for one. Caroline interrupts and says this is a boutique not a bake sale. He can’t be trading recipes. Wyatt wants to know if Charlie is sure that he is a security guard as they requested the best in the business. Charlie says thirty years and Wyatt would be hard pressed to find another like him. He starts bragging where he has worked and how much security has changed over the years but he has had to change with it. Pam finds this so exciting. Charlie says no, a security guard does not want anything exciting to happen, especially a job like this one. He points out if you want to make headlines, just steal a diamond and he mentions a few famous cases. He says he can only imagine if someone got their mitts on this big bad blue boy. It would make headlines all over the world. Art and diamonds, whenever there is a heist it makes headlines all over this little planet. Suddenly Wyatt grins and a little light bulb goes off in his head. Katie tells Hope that she is really worried about Bill and how he is trying to prove how free he is. And Brooke is going right along with it. Brooke and Bill walk the Aspen roads. He tells her everything they do together is an adventure. That’s the way they see the world. That part of Katie has died. It just doesn’t exist any more. And she certainly doesn’t appreciate it in him either. But they do not shy away from challenges; they devour them. That mountain does not stand a chance against them and nothing else does either. As long as he can look into her beautiful green eyes……..

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole ran into Kristen and she yelled at her about Eric and Brady.  Nicole informed Kristen that Brady yelled at her and Eric heard everything.  Nicole also told Kristen that Eric blamed her for something she didnít do and that it was Kristenís fault.  Abby let Chad know that their relationship was over after she heard him arguing with Cameron over her.  Abby urged Chad to go to Boston and she would work on herself.  Abby said goodbye and left Chadís room.  Sami and Will had their bonding moment just before he was about to leave for California.

Abby saw Gabi and Cameron together.  After Cameron left, Gabi and Abby talked about him.  Nicole and Kristen continued to argue for a little while until Nicole walked away from her.  Abby assured Gabi that nothing was going to happen with Cameron.  Eric was upset with Brady for not telling him about Nicoleís secret.  Brady apologized to Eric, but he was still upset.  Eric didnít want to perform Bradyís ceremony.  EJ visited Chad and Chad told him that Abby broke up with him.  Nick saw Abby and Gabi talking and he was determined to get her back.  Nicole and Eric ran into each other at the church.  He let her know that they werenít finished.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante meets Olivia on the docks. She says she wants to talk to him about the man who is going after Sonny's business, but they end up talking about the custody battle for Connie. He says they will have to fight dirty to win and that he isn't comfortable with the lengths Lulu is willing to go to keep Connie. He is afraid Lulu will suffer long-lasting effects from her actions. Olivia decides not to burden Dante further with Sonny's problems. Maxie goes to Dante and Lulu's loft to confront Lulu about the lawsuit and take Connie. She points out that she can't be an unfit mother, because she hasn't been a mother before. Lulu says Maxie killed a baby on New Year's Eve. Maxie says she is sorry that she lost Lulu's baby, but that it was an accident, and it doesn't mean Lulu gets to take hers. Lulu says Maxie doesn't want Connie; she is just the latest trend for Maxie. Maxie says she may have done things the wrong way, but it doesnít make her an unfit mother. Lulu says Maxie has done enough other horrible things. Maxie assures Lulu she can also swing mud back at her. Spinelli tells Ellie about the lawsuit. Ellie is confident that the court will award custody to the biological parents. Ellie stops Spinelli from going to find Maxie. She says he has to prove that he is a rational person who would be a responsible parent. Ellie blames herself for the whole situation, because she let Maxie talk her out of telling Spinelli the truth. He tells her that he knows she didnít want things to play out the way they did and that she is still the same person that he fell in love with.

Carly goes to Ava's condo to get Morgan, but is surprised to see Derek there. Sonny tells Shawn that he has proof that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome, thanks to a new identity provided by the WSB. Sonny calls Derek and says he wants to have a chat. Derek goes to the coffee warehouse with an armed bodyguard. Sonny says Derek has been profiting from Sonny's misfortunes with his newspaper, but has not come to Sonny for a quote. Sonny says he has not seen anything about the perpetrators in the paper. He offers Derek the scoop of the name of the person giving the orders. He names Julian Jerome. He gives the brief history of the former mob boss Victor Jerome who ran Port Charles long before Sonny's time, who choked on a necklace and died, after which his loser son Julian took over. Derek says he has heard of them, but that he heard they were all dead. Sonny said he thought so too, but his name keeps popping up. He says a presumed-dead son of a mob boss coming back to fill his father's shoes would make a great story for the paper, unless Derek has a reason not to print that story.

Carly wonders to Ava how adult Morgan will behave when he finds out that she has also been sleeping with Derek. Ava says Morgan is comfortable with everyone's place. Carly says Ava is disgusting. Ava asks if Carly is jealous because she thinks Ava stole both her son and her boyfriend. On Derek's order, Morgan goes to Sonny's office but finds Michael there. Morgan goes on a tirade about how Michael stole everything that should have been Morgan's. He says he didnít want to see Sonny anyway. He puts the wedding gift that Sonny gave him on the table and says that maybe Sonny will give it to Michael when he marries Kiki. Back at Ava's, Carly leaves after Morgan tells he is where he wants to be. Carly promises Ava that one day she will smack that smug look right off her face. Derek asks Morgan if he accomplished the mission. Morgan assures him that he planted a bug in the clock, so Derek can listen to Sonny's every word.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lauren visits Michael in jail and is surprised to see him with a black eye. Lauren wants him to tell the authorities, but Michael objects by telling her that the other inmates don’t like a snitch. Cane, Lily, Charlie, and Maddie are at the coffeehouse getting ready to go to the Halloween carnival. Neil visits Hilary to have a talk. Paul, in the office, looks at a pic of Carmine. Christine comes in and interrupts him. Paul lets Christine know that Michael didn’t killed Carmine. Neil asks Hilary what she wants. Sharon comes in and thanks Noah for watching Faith while she went to her therapy. She says she changed doctors and is doing better. Nick walks in and interrupts their talk. Christine asks Paul what the initial findings show concerning Carmine’s death. Lauren worries over Michael’s safety. Fen comes into the coffeehouse and watches Cane with Charlie. His drug dealer friend arrives with his “stuff.” Nick lets Noah know that he will always love Sharon as the mother of his children. Noah gives Nick his two weeks' notice that he will soon be going to work at Newman Enterprises. Hilary shows Neil the letter that Gus wrote to Rose years ago. Lily changes their plans from going to the carnival to going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Christine remembers how Michael and Fen lied when it came to whether or not Jamie was pushed off the roof. Christine also tells Paul that Fen had been “high” on drugs the night that Carmine was killed. Lauren vows to protect Michael whether he wants her to or not.

Nick tries to persuade Sharon not to worry over Noah but just to let him live his own life. Noah and Courtney meet at the coffeehouse. Noah lets her know that he is going to work at Newman. They kiss. Cane, Lily, Charlie, and Maddie go trick-or-treating and they split up into groups. Neil asks Hilary how she came up with this plan to destroy his family. Hilary explains everything before she tells Neil that she forgives him, and he should forgive himself. The woman gives Fen more drugs. Fen coaxes her to be quiet, so Noah and Courtney will not hear, but the woman informs Fen that Courtney is also one of her clients. Courtney and Noah leave but not before Courtney gives the woman a sideways glance. Lauren goes to the police station and tells Paul and Christine about Michael being beat up. Neil sees Cane and Lily in the park and lets them know that he offered Hilary a job. Cane and Lily object. Sharon says good-bye to Cassie. Nick spends some quality time with Faith.

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