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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In her office, Katie tells Donna that she is not allowing Will to be in Brooke’s house to see Bill as long as they are sleeping together. Bill packs and tells Brooke that most of his gear is already in Aspen, but he did buy some new stuff for her. He promises she is gonna love it. He just needs to say goodbye to his son when Justin brings him over and then they will be off. He’s enraged when Justin comes but doesn’t have Will; Katie wouldn’t let him have Will for five minutes. He’s also shocked to see the financial numbers for the last quarter. They are much worse than he thought. Justin tells Bill to be careful on those mountains. Hope asks Wyatt if he knew about the video; he has to tell her the truth. Quinn speaks up and says Wyatt had nothing to do with it. She says she thought Hope needed to see what Liam was doing behind her back, so she sent her the video. Wyatt says that he appreciates what his mom is trying to do, but Hope asked him the question. She deserves an honest answer. He asks his mom for a minute. Alone with Hope the first words out of his mouth is yes, he knew. Quinn finds Liam and says Wyatt told Hope that she sent the video. He says, of course, he did. And Wyatt knew she sent it and said nothing to Hope. He doesn’t think that will look good for Wyatt. Quinn says it doesn’t change the fact that Liam made the video and sent it to Steffy. He agrees with her; she is right but it does change things for Wyatt. He says she and her son have been wanting to take him down since day one yet they don’t even know him or what he and Hope have been through. She says she knows enough. She knows that he still has feelings for his ex no matter what he tells Hope. Not so much that he made the video but that he kept it from Hope….lies, deception, selfishness, the same traits as his father. Liam says aha, now they are getting somewhere. She can just come out and say it. She shakes her head no. She got over Bill Spencer years ago. He treats women like an afterthought and that’s why she kept Wyatt from him. She taught Wyatt to appreciate women, to be loyal and respectful. Liam says yeah like going through his things and sending the video to Hope….so that’s not sneaky or deceptive. Quinn tells him not to deflect his guilt onto her. He chose to make that video for Steffy. If he put Hope first, the woman he claims to love, then they would not be having this conversation right now. Liam roars that Wyatt knew all about her sending the video to Hope and never said a word, but now finally…..finally Hope is gonna see Wyatt for who he really is.

Hope looks disappointed. She says Wyatt knew about it and did not tell her. He says he found out way after his mom sent the video. And if she had asked, he would have told her the truth, but he did not volunteer the information, because by then they had all moved on. He says maybe his mom overstepped her bounds, but Hope was only days away from marrying Liam and she deserved to know what was going on. She was about to commit herself to a guy who not only was thinking about another woman but making her romantic videos. That’s messed up. She deserves better than that. He quips that he can promise he has not made a secret video for another woman in the past 25 years. She is the only woman on his radar. She says she knows Wyatt is a good person and so is his mom and they both meant well. But he has to know why this bothers her. She and Liam have been manipulated so many times by Steffy and Bill so she is a little freaked out when it is happening again. Wyatt says he gets it. But he doesn’t think what his mom did was manipulation or him not telling her either. They did not make the video. She says she knows and it shouldn’t matter how she got it as Liam should not have made it in the first place. Gently she says he can’t lie to her or have any secrets as she does not want to have that kind of relationship. He says good; that must mean they are in some sort of relationship now. Bill calls Katie and barks at her that she can’t keep him from seeing his son. She says he can; just not at Brooke’s house. And they should not be running away and doing this free climbing when he had a child. It’s too dangerous and she doesn’t want him to do it. He says he doesn’t live in a bubble or in fear and when he gets back he is going to see his son. Wyatt says he heard Hope say the big R word that came out of her mouth. Liam comes in and tells Wyatt that he just saw his mom and she said it was his feeding time. Wyatt laughs and says no, they are working so Liam can be the one to get out of here. Wyatt says Liam is the one who screwed up so don’t make him the bad guy. He didn’t make the video so he needs no defense. They squabble back and forth about the video until Hope tells them to stop. She says here’s the deal. She wishes Wyatt had been more upfront with her and she wishes Liam had never sent the video so she guesses she is disappointed in both of them and it’s a draw. She says in a weird way seeing them like this is sorta fun but she is not going to let herself get sucked into it because this is an incredible time in her life. HFTF is doing well thanks to the diamond and all the sales so she is going to enjoy this professional success and put her personal life on hold. They are both fantastic and she is beyond flattered but she is now going to focus on her success and her career and that’s it. Wyatt says it sounds good to him. Liam wants to talk to her a second. Wyatt doesn’t want to leave but she asks if he can give them a minute. Liam says he can understand if she is still furious at him but if she still loves him and wants to get married then why is she doing this. She says she needs time. She doesn’t want to rush into anything and she does want to focus on her line. He reminds her that the papers have been signed and they could get married right now. She says no and he knows exactly why not. He confesses he did not plan to make the video but he made it for them. Hope is always afraid that Steffy is going to pop up in their lives again and this video is why she will not. Hope says she needs a break from this. She is not going to let this control her. She is a young, successful woman who is very much in love with him, but this is not about him. She says she really needs to be alone right now and focus on who she is and what she wants. It doesn’t change the way she feels about him. She kisses him and he smiles. Katie talks to Will and tells him his dad is going to Aspen but everything will be okay. The pilot greets Brooke and Bill aboard the jet. Bill tells her he got a phone call and there are some wind issues there but nothing like Hurricane Katie. But they are not doing this to defy Katie. This is for them and this experience will change their lives forever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ showed up at the pub and saw Lucas with Allie.  EJ wanted to talk to Lucas about Allie.  Brady asked Sami to stand up for him at his wedding.  Stefano called Kristen to let her know that heís going to Boston with Chad.  Stefano reminded Kristen about what she did to Eric.  Nicole wanted to find a way to prove that she didnít rape Eric. Hope met up with Abby and they talked about Chadís lie.  Chad wondered if Cameron got together with Abby.  Cameron was disgusted by what Chad thought.  Sami agreed to be Bradyís ďbest manĒ.  EJ talked to Lucas about the custody agreement he has with Sami.  Lucas didnít want to hear what EJ had to say.  Lucas wanted Allie to stay with him as long as Sami stays at the mansion.  EJ showed Lucas something on his phone and said Lucas making a mistake.  Sami told Brady about her argument with Lucas.  Eric talked to Father Matt about what happened at the hotel.  Nicole went to see Martha about talking to Eric.  Nicole wanted to know if Martha told Eric that she was the one in disguise at the hotel.

Hope and Abby continued to talk about Chad.  Cameron let Chad know Abby is mad at him too.  EJ let Lucas know that he was acting as Samiís attorney.  He was thinking about how hurt Sami would be if she didnít have her children with her.  EJ tried to use Allie as a way to keep Lucas from taking her away.  Lucas eventually caved and gave up keeping her away from Sami.  Brady and Sami talked about their relationships with Kristen and EJ.  Stefano and Kristen talked about her wedding. Eric continued to talk to Father Matt about what happened to him.  Nicole wanted Martha to go to Salem and tell Eric she was wrong about her.  Martha thought what she saw was right.  Martha didnít want to get involved so Nicole ripped into her.  Father Matt urged Eric to tell him everything that happened, but it didnít work.  Eric thought he had to deal with it on his own.  Martha wanted Nicole out of her apartment or she was going to call the police.  Lucas called Sami to talk about Allie and EJ.  Lucas told Sami that he didnít want to start any trouble.  He was just worried about Allie.  Abby overheard Cameron and Chad arguing over her.  Sami wanted to know if EJ threatened Lucas to changer his mind about Allie.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael surprises Kiki with dinner at Pozzulo's. She says they have reason to celebrate because her marriage to Morgan is officially over. Michael says he invited her there, because he is running the restaurant now and that he has been tasked with making it legitimate. Morgan is jealous that Sonny gave Michael the job and tells Ava that he can't wait to see the look on Sonny's face when he finds out that he chose Ava's family over his own. Derek interrupts Morgan and Ava's pillow talk to talk to Morgan about Sonny. Morgan says he isnít going to tell Sonny that Derek is Julian Jerome or that he is going after Sonny. He says he wants to help Derek take down Sonny. Derek says sons always rebel against their fathers, but then they go back to them. Derek says Morgan will have to prove himself. Derek tells Ava that Sam and Alexis figured out that Sam's father is Julian Jerome.

Sam and Silas find out that Delia Ryan Coleridge, the waitress in the bar in New York, is Ava's mother who gave her up when she was a baby. She says Ava showed up as an adult and wanted to know about her family history and that she was thrilled to find out that her father had been one of the most powerful men in New York. She says she never heard from Ava again, not even a postcard to tell her that she was a grandmother. Silas shows Delia a picture of Kiki. Delia says she sees Silas in Kiki. Silas confirms that he is Kiki's father and reveals that Ava never told him that she was pregnant, and he only recently found out about it. Delia gives Silas her phone number and tells him that her granddaughter is welcome to look her up. She warns Sam to beware of the Jeromes. Olivia asks Sonny what he intends to do about Julian Jerome. He tells her that when there is a problem, he eliminates it. She suggests that he talk it out with Julian or have Dante talk to him. Sonny knows Julian doesnít want to have a conversation.

Maxie and Spinelli prepare for their daughter's return. Lulu wants to take Connie out of the country instead of risking losing her. Alexis tells them that the judge turned down Diane's court order. She says she filed a suit for custody and that Lulu has to make a list of things that prove Maxie is an unfit mother. Dante doesnít feel right about that. He takes Connie to meet Olivia at the pier. Maxie goes to confront Lulu.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Reed prepare for Delia’s funeral. Billy comes downstairs, completely out of sorts concerning the death of his daughter. Chloe looks at a picture of herself and Delia. Jill joins her and asks her how she is. Jack yells for everyone to get ready for the funeral. John appears to give Jack some encouragement. Ashley also joins Jack to let him know about her talk with Billy. Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Noah discuss Delia and that Victoria is blaming herself. Reed comforts Billy over Delia’s death. Billy assures Victoria that he will be at the funeral then goes upstairs to get ready. Summer joins the Abbott family for the funeral as does Kyle. At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea marvel over their son and the fact that he can see. Adam is still deeply grieved over Delia. Adam lets her know that he will take care of the flowers for Delia. Anita arrives to see Connor. Adam leaves very abruptly. Chloe, Kevin, Victoria, and Reed gather at the church for the funeral. Reed lets Chloe know how much he misses Delia. The Newmans also offer their condolences to Chloe and Kevin. Cane also offers his sympathy. Billy arrives and he and Chloe hug. Billy asks if she is ready to say good-bye to their daughter. Chloe begins to cry and Billy pulls her close. Adam arrives at the church just as the service begins. The service concludes and everyone leaves. Adam visits the cemetery to see Delia’s grave.

Billy and Victoria discuss Delia and the play and how funny Delia was. Back at the house, a tea party is held in Delia’s honor. Billy arrives but isn’t in a tea party mood Traci comforts him. Victor and Ashley talk and hug before she leaves. Victor aids comfort to Billy. Adam comes home to Chelsea. Chelsea wants to know where he has been. Adam refuses to give her any answers. Chelsea tells him that she hopes that the man who hit and killed Delia will pay everyday for his crime. Adam tells her that he thinks that he does. Chloe comes to visit Adam and Chelsea. Adam lets her hold Connor. Billy, Victoria, and Reed come home. While Victoria and Reed go up to check on Johnny, Billy starts to leave but sees Delia’s dog at the door. Billy sits down and pulls the dog into his arms.

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