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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the office Wyatt tells Hope now that his killer karaoke night is over, maybe he should get an agent and do birthday parties and bar mitzvahs. Hope says yes and engagement parties like her brother’s. Wyatt says yes things are looking up for both him and his sister. He starts to kiss Hope when Quinn dashes in and grabs him and needs to speak with him. She tells Hope sorry but it’s business. She drags him into another office and says she tried to leave messages for him all night. He tells her about taking the international buyers out for karaoke night and he made a fool of himself but he and Hope had fun. So now she can tell him what is so important. She tells him the video tribute to Steffy that she e-mailed to Hope now Liam knows she sent it. He doesn’t just suspect it but has proof. He thought Wyatt sent it so he went looking. Then he confronted her like maybe he thought she would deny it. She says she did not deny it or even apologize as she thought she did the right thing. Wyatt laughs that probably infuriated Liam even more. She says yes and he bolted out to find Hope, but since she was with Wyatt that Liam never got that chance. Hope is working in the design room when Liam comes in. He says hi and that he knows she is busy. She doesn’t look up or even at him, just keeps on working on her fittings. He has the papers in hand that he says the attorney brought by. He is now officially annulled, so if she wants to they could get married. With that she looks at him. He say he knows that is probably not something she wants right now, but he has some information that he hopes will change her mind. He tells her that he was right all along. They were being manipulated by Wyatt and his mother. She listens to his explanation and he says not only did Quinn not deny it, she never even showed any remorse. He say yes he made the video in the first place and he is sorry for that, but Quinn has gone to extreme lengths to drive a wedge between them and it worked. At least now Hope knows that. She wants to know if Wyatt knew anything about this. Liam says Quinn did deny that but why should he believe her or even Wyatt at this point. That’s what he has been after all along, so even if he knew he would not have stopped his mom. He wants her to get that.

Caroline and Rick show up at Brooke’s where Eric and Brooke are waiting for some big news. Eric admits to Brooke that he likes Caroline. She is a breath of fresh air. Both are delighted when they hear that Rick proposed and Caroline said yes. She teases that she’d like to blog all the g ratings from their honeymoon and of course hint, hint, she’d like Eric to design a fabulous wedding gown for her. He teases that he will blog both before and during. Later Eric tells Brooke that he was proud of her for not showing what he saw. She has not been herself lately. She holes up at her house all the time and doesn’t come in to work. Both he and Hope are worried about her. She explains that Bill is living there with her and Katie is upset with her for breaking up her marriage. She never meant for that to happen. He says he knows she did not do this intentionally. That is not who she is. She says she is disappointed in herself too but that doesn’t change the way she feels about Bill. She is in love with Bill and will for the rest of her life even though Katie pushed them together. Maybe she is listening to her heart and not her conscious but she is not going to change her mind. Liam tells Hope that he never had a good feeling about Wyatt and he wished he did because he is family but he had a constant disrespect of Liam. He tells Hope that Wyatt is not who he wants her to think he is. Yes he is charming and uncomplicated but in the end he is malicious and she is going to be hurt by that too. He says he won’t let what Wyatt or his mother did come between them; he just won’t let it. He takes her by the hands and says they can’t let Quinn and her son keep them from something they both want so much. There is nothing standing in their way now. They can get married any time they want. He just hopes that is something she still wants. She says she needs to speak with Wyatt. Liam kisses her on both hands and sends her on the way. Wyatt tells Quinn that no matter how this shakes out, they did not make the video. Liam did that and that is why Hope got upset and broke off the engagement. Still if Hope believes Liam that this was manipulation then where is that going to leave him and Hope. Quinn says Liam is probably with Hope as they speak telling him the entire story. But Wyatt had nothing to do with this so she will not blame him. He says he knew after the fact and said nothing. Hope values honesty and he has known that from the beginning. And unlike his brother who has kept many things from her, he doesn’t want Hope to start doubting him. Hope walks in and looks right at Quinn and asks if she sent the video. Quinn says yes she did. Hope closes the door and then asks Wyatt if he knew about it. She wants the truth if he was keeping this from her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel didnít give Jennifer and Hope any excuse for why he was with Theresa.  Kate continued to investigate Jordan.  Jennifer wanted answers about Theresa.  Daniel let Jennifer, Hope, and Anne listen to Theresaís voicemail.  Anne wondered if Daniel gave Theresa prescription drugs when she overdosed.  Kate gave Nick a check for helping her with her company.  Kate offered him his job back, but he turned her down because he was leaving Salem.  Jennifer had trouble believing Danielís explanation for being in Theresaís apartment.  JJ was hiding in Danielís office.  Kate understood that Nick wanted to leave Salem.  Nick told Kate about his plans with Gabi.  Nicked ended up at the cafť and saw Cameron and Gabi holding hands.  Anne went to Theresaís room and talked to her about how their plan was working.  Daniel warned JJ about not being seen with him.  Daniel reminded JJ that he could go to prison if the judge finds out about him being with Theresa.  Jennifer went to Danielís office to talk to him.

Daniel made JJ get out of his office from another door so he could talk to Jennifer.  Jennifer wanted an explanation about Theresa.  Nick went to Gabi and they talked about Arianna as well as Willís fellowship.  Jennifer ripped into Daniel about him ďbeingĒ with Theresa.  Anne overheard Jennifer rip into Daniel.  Jordan took Rafe to the pub for drinks.  While they were at the pub, Jordan got a call from someone who told her that Kate was still investigating her.  Kate showed up at the pub and had drinks with Rafe and Jordan.  JJ arrived at the house and apologized to Jennifer.  JJ talked to Jennifer about how he hurt the family and how he used Jack to get away with things.  JJ didnít want to hurt people anymore.  Hope and Maggie tried to get Daniel to talk to Jennifer or them about what was going on with Theresa, but he didnít want to talk to them.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina goes to see Carlos to tell him about her engagement to Patrick. He finds the timing suspect. He asks her why, if everything is so perfect with Patrick, she keeps coming to see him when she could just as easily have called. Patrick tells Maxie that he and Sabrina are engaged. They talk about when he and Robin were at that stage. He tells her about the call he got that he thought was from Robin. She says she is just as crazy because she saw Georgie. She says it is odd that Georgie came to her from beyond, but that Robin never did. Patrick tells her that his wedding to Robin that was interrupted because Robin's water broke was exactly five years ago today. Nikolas stops Robin from escaping to find Patrick. He reminds her that Jerry will kill her parents if she leaves before synthesizing a cure for him. She says she can't sit around and wait for Patrick to marry that horrible Sabrina woman. She says Obrecht told her that Sabrina has been manipulating Patrick. Nik tells her to consider the source. He says Sabrina is nice and that Elizabeth believes Sabrina truly loves Patrick and Emma. It doesnít make Robin feel any better to know that Patrick did exactly what she told him to do in the DVD that she left for him because she isn't dead. She tells Nikolas that today is the anniversary of her and Patrick's first attempt to have a wedding. She says she has done nothing but wish to be back with her family and now she is so close, but she might be too late.

Alexis takes Danny to Derek's office for a visit. She asks him how his date with Carly went, but then says it is none of her business and tries to think of another subject. He asks her about Sam. She says Sam went to New York to find information on Ava Jerome's brother because she is helping Kiki find out about her uncle that she never knew she had, and that Sam has a personal interest in him, too, because they ran a DNA test against one of Julian Jeromeís relatives and found out that Julian is Samís father. Carlos interrupts their conversation before Alexis says too much. When Alexis leaves, Carlos asks Derek if that was his baby-mama and grandkid. Derek says Alexis still doesnít know anything, but that his daughter the PI seems to be getting close to finding out who he is. Carlos tells Derek that the woman he loves is about to marry another man. Sabrina finds Patrick and tells him that she wants to marry him as soon as possible. He agrees to get married soon.

Silas takes Sam to a bar in New York that Victor Jerome was known to frequent. They ask the waitress, Delia Ryan Coleridge, if she knows anything about a woman who used to come to that bar that may have had a daughter with Victor Jerome. Delia is so shocked that she drops the coffee pot but denies knowing anything. Sam concludes that Delia knows the woman or she is the woman. Ava tries to dissuade Morgan from getting involved in mob business when he says he wants to help her and Julian take down Sonny. She tells him that he is asking to work for the same man that tried to have him killed last night. She says she understands that he is angry with Sonny, but he needs to understand that Julian intends to kill Sonny. She says she doesnít want Morgan to be physically or emotionally hurt. Predictably, he seduces her. Then he says he is on whatever side she is on. He says he can't wait to see Sonny's face when he finds out that he chose Ava's family over Sonnyís. At the warehouse, Olivia grabs the folder that Sonny is trying to keep from her and finds out that Julian Jerome is still alive and living as Derek Wells. She asks Sonny what he is going to do about it now that he knows who is responsible for everything from Kate's death to his blown-up shipment.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery is upset that Nikki told her that she is Dylan’s biological mother and accuses Nikki of wanting her to be the one to tell Dylan the truth so that she doesn’t have to do it. Nikki tells Avery that isn’t true but she does admit she wants her to tell her about Dylan’s life and give her advice about when would be the best time to tell Dylan the truth. Avery tells Nikki she can’t give her back the years she lost with her son. Mason breaks up with Hilary when he realizes that all she cares about is getting revenge on Neil and his family, and she doesn’t have any plans for the rest of her life. Victor tells Devon that he thinks Katherine left him in charge of Chancellor Industries. She left most of her money to him because she wanted him (Victor) to be a mentor to him. Neil tells Devon that now that he is a billionaire he needs to be very careful about the people he trusts.

Leslie gives Hilary the letters Rose wrote to Gus hoping that once Hilary reads the letters, she will give up trying to hurt Neil and his family and move on with her life. Ashley arrives and the Abbott family decide to have a traditional Abbott breakfast for dinner to let Billy know that they love him and are grieving Delia’s death with him. Billy is having a hard time pretending that everything is okay, and later he tells Ashley that he feels like he let Delia down, because he was never there for her when she needed him. Billy also tells Ashley that he can’t go to the funeral tomorrow. Ashley tells Billy that maybe if he goes to the funeral, he can let Delia comfort him this time. Paul tells Christine that they found a piece of plastic with a partial serial number on it from the car that hit Delia, so maybe soon they will find it. Victoria asks Dylan to be there to listen to Billy when he needs him, because he can understand loss, and he might be able to get through to Billy. Dylan promises to be there to listen to Billy when he is ready to talk. Dylan promises to be there to listen to both Billy and Victoria when they need to talk, because they are both grieving Delia. The Abbott family says a private goodbye to Delia and promise her she will always be in their hearts.

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