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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Bill that she is not going to tell her son someday that she dropped him off while his dad was shacking up with his aunt. She did not agree to these arrangements in their joint custody. She stands firm; she is taking him home. Bill says she is not leaving this house with his son. She tells him that she is sure he’d like to think that everybody does what he wants, but not her. That ship has sailed. Bill hands Will to Brooke and asks her to put him down. He needs to speak with Katie alone as this issue isn’t going away by itself. He tells Katie that she promised that she would never keep him from his son. She says she knows. They both made a lot of promises. Bill promised her that he would never leave them; that he would love her and not her sister. Now she knows she can not believe him. He says they have to get over this unending hurt. They are over and there is not going to be justice. No one is going to come along and make it okay for then. What they need to do it just make sure Will is not going to be hurt by all of this. She agrees and that is why she is never going to allow him in this house again. Puzzled, Liam asks Pam if she is sure that is Quinn’s e-mail address. And could Wyatt use his mother’s e-mail address. Pam says no. The Japanese buyer finishes his Karaoke song and encourages Hope to be next. When she can’t be persuaded, then they start in on Wyatt. Even Hope begs him to sing; do it for her. He says that is so unfair. He hems and haws and tries to get out of it. But the audience joins in chanting for Wyatt to sing so he takes the mike. He says he is looking at the selections from high notes to low notes and he hopes he doesn’t mangle this, but if he does, then it is Hope’s fault. She’s the reason he is doing this; in fact the reason he does most things he does. He leads them into I Heard It Through The Grapevine and he gets a big hand. Liam walks in on Quinn who’s looking at the computer in Hope’s office. He says he needs to use the phone. She’s grumbling that Pam sent her Wyatt’s e-mail. Liam bravely accuses her that it was her. It was her that went into his tablet, sent herself the e-mail video and then sent it to Hope. Unperturbed Quinn stares at him blankly. Liam says that he can prove it. He knows she was trying to cover up her cyber fingerprints but that didn’t work. She says maybe he is more clever at those things than she is. He mentions that is where he started on computers. She states good for him; he’s moving on up in the world. He tosses it at her that is just what he thinks that she and Wyatt have against him. That he has risen above his station in life and wants to knock him down a few pegs. She says no, Wyatt had nothing to do with this. Liam says he does not believe her. She says he is just confused. He is gloating like he has caught her doing something shameful……when he is the one who got caught. Hope doesn’t care how she got the video. That is Liam’s issue, not Hope’s. What Hope needed to know which she does now is that he made the video and never intended her to see it in the first place. He hid something; she uncovered it, that simple. Liam says he wasn’t hiding anything. He did not even think he did anything wrong. Quinn retorts that apparently Hope did as she called things off with Liam. He fights back by saying that people have been trying to break them up for years. So she and Wyatt are not that special. They are the most recent, but not the most damaging. Quinn answers by saying it must be frustrating in the end to be judged by something he did rather than how he justified it to himself.

Katie tells Bill this is all about morality. That’s a word she knows is painfully un-hip but that is what it is about. Maybe he doesn’t see it but setting up a second home for her son by living with Brooke is a problem. This is not negotiable. Not only is she going to feed and clothe her son, but try to raise him with an ounce of decency. Bill says he doesn’t see around this impasse without it ending up in court. Katie doesn’t think he will do that as it would drag Brooke into a tabloid extravaganza with an ugly custody battle. She says Brooke can end this with two little words – move out! Bill tells her that she doesn’t get to say where he lives. Katie quips that she knows, Brooke does! Brooke adds that Bill is free to stay or go, whatever he thinks is best. Katie scoffs that Bill must love that; by deciding that not deciding is her special talent. Katie tells Bill that he has a lot of apartment complexes, he’s a rich man…buy himself another house, spend five nights a week with Brooke but just not when Will is there. Bill says his future is with Brooke and this is what it looks like. Brooke points out that their mother and brother are dead and their dad working in Dallas and Donna is caught in the middle. She is sure that Katie doesn’t want the Logans to turn out like that. Pam tells Liam that she just saw Quinn and she looked more like the dog ho won the fight than the dog who lost. Liam says it doesn’t matter. When Hope finds out what they have been up to, he can’t help but think all of this will change. The crowd wants a second song from Wyatt, but he’s not sure why he’s a celebrity all of a sudden when he knows he was so bad. The buyers say goodbye to Hope and Wyatt and say they will see them and the diamond in the morning. Hope brags on Wyatt. Now he is an officially acclaimed rock star. He hopes no one was taking a video of this. She teases that it is already online. He says okay but he won’t quit his day job….as long as his day job is her. He says this has been fun, karaoke and all. He’s enjoyed watching her have fun. She muses that this place hasn’t always had good memories for her when she was with Liam. He says he likes to look at her although he knows he looks too long, he pushes too hard, he takes up too much space; he gets that. Hope defends by saying sometimes but he just needs to be patient with her. She is someone who knows where her life is going, at least she thinks she does. He admits that he’s not and then along came Hope. And that’s the change in him. And if this is being patient being this close to her, then he can be patient and he will quit while he is ahead. She asks him to please don’t. She likes never having to wonder what he is thinking or if he is hiding something. Katie tells Brooke that she is right. She doesn’t want the Logans to be like this, but she doesn’t know how to be her family anymore. She asks Bill to get her son; she has to leave. Then she spies the climbing equipment and asks what that is. Bill answers that is for him and Brooke. He hasn’t been able to free-climb in years and now they are going to Aspen. While they are talking and Katie is giving him her doubts of doing this, Ramona calls and tells Bill that he got his permit. Katie says as difficult as things are she doesn’t want to see her son grow up without a father. Bill says not to worry, he is not suicidal. He says he will get Will for her but this conversation is not over. Katie tells Brooke not to encourage this; try to talk Bill out of it. Brooke says he does what he wants. He does not need permission. Katie tells Bill that he must have some death wish and this is the surest way to make sure it comes true. She has a bad feeling about this and asks him to please don’t do this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told EJ that Lucas wonít bring Allie back to the mansion.  Chad told Abby that he lied to Cameron about having a brain tumor.  JJ panicked because he couldnít wake Theresa up.  EJ reminded Sami that they have protection at the mansion.  EJ told Sami that Stefanoís trying to change and she should give him a chance.  JJ called Daniel to help Theresa.  Sami wasnít convinced that Stefano changed.  EJ wanted Sami to give Stefano a chance.  Sami let EJ know that she canít lose Allie.  Abby didnít understand why Chad lied to Cameron.  Chad explained his actions.  Daniel arrived at Theresaís place.  JJ told Daniel how he and Theresa used drugs.  JJ thought the drugs killed her.  Sami didnít want to leave EJ.  EJ thought Sami wanted to call off the wedding.  They started to go back and forth about it until Will, Sonny, and Arianna arrived.  Sonny let Sami know that Will had some news.  Chad explained why he lied to Cameron.  Abby was upset that Chad made decisions for her.

Abby didnít want to hear anything else that Chad had to say.  He believed they could work things out, but Abby walked out on Chad.  Will told Sami and EJ about the fellowship.  Chad called EJ and told him that he told Abby the truth.  Will told Sami that he had to leave town tomorrow.  Daniel warned JJ to get out of Theresaís apartment so he wonít get in trouble.  Daniel put Theresa in the shower to wake her up.  JJ wanted to find out what happened with Daniel and Theresa.  Will and Sami talked about her relationship with EJ.  Will gave her his blessing to be with EJ.  EJ and Chad talked about the fact that Chad told Abby the truth.  Abby met Cameron and was upset that he didnít tell her.  At the hospital, Jennifer and Hope questioned Daniel about Theresa.  They wondered how he knew to be at Theresaís place and how he knew where she lived.  EJ arrived at the mansion and Sami told him that she wouldnít leave him.  Daniel told Hope and Jennifer that he was just at Theresaís apartment.  JJ was listening to Daniel, Hope, and Jennifer talking.

GH Recap Written by Jenn

Julian determines that, if Morgan has given him up to Sonny, Morgan has to die, although Ava urges him not to go through with that. Morgan, however, has found out that Sonny wants Michael to work for him and indicates "favoritism" for Michael again. So he does not tell Sonny his discovery about Julian. Carlos finds him and is ready to kill him until he informs Julian that Morgan can work for him against Sonny, telling Julian he's right that Sonny does not care about his youngest son. At that point, Julian is "happy" and Morgan is spared.

Nikolas reluctantly agrees to let both Faison and Lisle stay at his home in exchange for their saving Robin from Jerry. He invites Robin, Britt, baby Ben, and Britt's two parents to Wyndemere. Britt goes to the hospital to get her baby checked out, and she is able to see that Patrick has proposed to Sabrina. She agrees to keep her mouth shut to Patrick about Robin being alive and well after Nikolas has asked her, but she indicates that Patrick "can't" marry Sabrina which has Patrick, Sabrina, and Felix all wondering why she'd say that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack looks at pics of Billy and Delia as he talks to Neil. Neil cannot believe that Devon had offered $1 million for anyone with information concerning the hit and run. Jack tells Neil that Devon’s offer was “amazing.” Nick goes to see Billy at On the Boulevard. Nick asks Billy to borrow some “swizzle” sticks just to lighten the mood, so he can talk to him about Delia. Billy thanks him for coming but tells him to leave. Adam, alone on a park bench, reads the article about Devon offering the $1 million for information toward the hit and run accident. Adam imagines that he hears a little girl’s laughter. Lauren tries to talk to Fen about his confessing to killing Carmine, but Fen insists he did it. At the park, Sharon lets Faith play on the swings while she talks to Adam. Sharon questions Adam what is going on with him. Adam begins to open up about Connor and his surgery and that the corneas were donated by Billy and Chloe. Paul talks to Michael about who he is protecting. They argue over the fact that Fen is on drugs. Christine asks Fen to give her his statement as to what happened the night that he shot and killed Carmine. At the coffeehouse, Abby and Lily discuss Delia and Devon’s very generous offer. Devon joins them. Abby asks Devon why he did this. Abby says that Katherine would be extremely proud of him. Sharon and Adam have a heart to heart talk. Traci arrives at Jack’s and interrupts Jack and Neil’s talk. Traci questions Jack about how Billy and Chloe could have the strength to donate Delia’s corneas to Connor. They discuss if Phyllis is getting any better. Fen gives his account of the night that Carmine was killed but it is vague and isn’t filled with much information. Lauren lets Christine know that Fen was “high” on drugs the night that Carmine was killed. Paul asks for Michael’s help in finding out what really happened the night that Carmine was murdered. Michael insists to Paul that Fen is “lying.” Abby and Kyle arrive at Jack’s to help the family to help Billy in his time of need. Summer also arrives but has a few things to say to the family. Lily lets Neil and Devon know that she has come up with a plan to help the Abbotts. Nick tries to help Billy to cope with his loss but Billy, is too lost in his own grief over losing his little girl.

Summer apologizes to the Abbotts for her recent attitude toward them. Jack and Summer hug. Sharon apologizes to Adam for her recent actions but he lets her know that he doesn’t deserve her apology. Adam also admits that he did some terrible things. Sharon tries to uplift his spirits. Summer and Kyle discuss her little speech and how proud he is of her. Jack walks into the room and lets them know about his talk with a reporter about the Abbott family. Christine asks her if she is covering for Fen, but Lauren refuses to answer. Christine lets her know that there will be an investigation. Fen, Michael, and Lauren have a secret meeting, but Fen refuses to go along with their plan for him. Paul surprises Christine with a diamond engagement ring. Nick spends time with Sharon and Faith. Sharon invites Nick to go horseback riding with them. Nick agrees. Nick asks Sharon how she is doing. Sharon lets him know that she is back on her medication. Paul gets some new information concerning the hit and run. Billy joins the Abbotts and wants to know what they are up to. Billy starts to leave when Ashley arrives.

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