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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he’s having so much fun with Will, he wishes he could have him like this even if it was just one or two hours a day. Brooke says he needs to talk to Katie. She is working so much that she can’t imagine her objecting. Katie’s assistant tells her that she needs to leave now if she is to pick up Will. Katie says this is not what she wanted for Will to be shuttled back and forth. Bill made his choice to live with Brooke so he will have to settle for that. Pam tells Hope and Wyatt that Rick is counting on them both to entertain the buyers. Wyatt quips that he can juggle. Pam says they expect to go to a real classy place, so get to thinking. Hope looks at Wyatt and says about that juggling……he grabs some paper and wads it up and starts juggling two or three. Liam sits down at Hope’s computer at work. Pam sees him and asks if he is looking for Hope. He says not really but she did say he could use the computer. She warns him that Hope and Wyatt are going out tonight to entertain some clients. Liam responds that is great as it will give him time to test his theory. He wants to know if she can keep a secret. Then he shows her the video and that someone sent it to Hope. It’s pretty obvious who it was…….someone who would benefit like taking her out tonight. He may act all innocent but he’s manipulated this for his own benefit and Liam is going to get the proof. It had to be Wyatt as it closed the door to Liam’s wedding and opened the door to Wyatt. He was there that night at Hope’s computer when Hope got the e-mail so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure this out. Pam says that is not exactly proof that it was Wyatt. Liam tells her that she forgets. He’s an old computer geek. He can get the proof. She tells him to keep digging. She is gonna go get some lemon bars and between the two of them they will solve this tonight.

Four buyers meet with Hope and Wyatt and she asks if they’d like a tour of the building. They said they had done that already and now they’d just like to enjoy a little of the night life. One suggests a place where they can sing karaoke. Wyatt says he knows just the place in Malibu, so karaoke it is. Katie calls Bill and says she is running late in picking up Will. He says that is okay, he can spend the night. She’s not comfortable with that. He thought they had a good meeting and understanding this afternoon and they can work this out. She says no, there will be ground rules so she is sending Adell over to pick Will up. Bill absolutely will not hear of that. He will not give Will to Adell. Politely they argue back and forth. She tells him his time is up. He can not keep him. Bill says she can send whomever she wants but his son stays there. He tells Brooke that this is ridiculous. This is not cutting into Katie’s time with Will. She is working so his son stays here, period. He gets a phone call and has to smooth a few more feathers that Katie has ruffled. Bill tells the guy to hang in there and he will be back in charge soon. He answers the door expecting Adell but it is Katie standing there saying she has come for her son. Bill says he was just about to put him to bed. She says she is taking him home and if Bill interferes she will call the police. Wyatt gets himself a drink at the Bikini Bar and the bartender says his brother was in earlier with Oliver but they are gone now. Wyatt wants to know when they will begin the karaoke as they are ready to sing. He brought the girl with him tonight. The buyers are loving this as different ones sing. One guy mentions love songs and Wyatt says mostly rock and roll. One of the buyers wants to get up and have his chance to sing. He loosens his tie and heads for the stage. Hope tells Wyatt this is not the way she thought this night would turn out. He says but she is having fun. She puts her hand on top of his and says yes she is. Liam explains the video to Pam of why he made a happy memory one for Steffy. He admitted he probably shouldn’t have but he did. Pam thinks Hope just over-reacted. He says but he should not have titled it “Love Liam.” She says he is not a girl but now she can see why Hope would be upset with the video. Liam thinks he is on to something. Aha. Quinn Artesian Jewelry, the domain name, the dude should have realized that would give him away. However as he digs further he realizes it was Quinn who sent the e-mail. The D. J. visits Hope’s table and says he does not see their names on it. He hopes they are gonna sing. Wyatt points at Hope. She speaks up quickly and says she isn’t. Wyatt says if they change their mind he will let him know. He tells Hope that he is still glad they are here. She says is all worked out. Slowly he leans in and kisses her. Bill lets Katie in and says really, is this what she wants to do now is call the police? She says no, not really but she will if he tries to keep her from her child. Brooke is on the floor playing with Will and she speaks up and says this is his father. Bill says there is no harm in Will spending the night. Katie adds if a judge decides that, then maybe. Brooke says Katie is getting all worked up over nothing. Katie snaps at her and says this is none of Brooke’s business so stay out of it. They banter again about leaving Will for the night rather than go home and have a sitter with him. He calls her mentioning herself as a single working mother as a joke. She is doing this just to spite Bill. Brooke intercedes again and says Bill should be allowed to see his son. Katie says yes and he has and now his time is up so give her Will. She sees now it was a mistake to even let him come here in the first place. And no, he will not spend one night in this house as long as his father is sleeping with her sister. Bill says they have to find a way to work this out. Will is going to be old enough soon to feel the tension. He and Brooke intend to be together and Will does not have to be sheltered from that. He says the three of them are going to be raising Will and Katie doesn’t have to like it, but he suggests that she needs to tolerate it. She laughs. He says this is the result of a divorce and this is what she asked for. She sees now, this is back to it all being Katie’s fault. Bill says okay then give him back his job. She doesn’t need that too. They are fighting over Will and where he is going to sleep; it’s insane. Bill says he is Dollar Bill; hit him in the wallet but not his kid. Katie says this was never over money. She is CEO of the company and Bill is not. She is Will’s mother and Brooke is not. The three of them are not going to be doing anything together. She is taking Will home. Bill rages that she can take his company and he will man up. But taking his son, he will not tolerate. So on nights that she is working, Will stays with him. Calmly Katie says perhaps further down the line when Brooke has moved on to the next guy but not tonight and not here. It is out of the question. He takes Will from Brooke and says he is staying. Just as firmly, Katie says she is taking him home and she’d like to see Bill try and stop her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ let Chad know that he told Cameron that he didnít have a brain tumor.  Chad wasnít sure if Cameron told Abby the truth.  Meanwhile, Abby approached Cameron about what was going on with Chad.  Lucas went to see Jennifer and they talked about JJ.  Theresa wanted to use Nirvana with JJ.  JJ wasnít sure about using it, but Theresa assured him that their sex would be incredible if they used it.  Stefano talked to Sami about the deal he made with God to save Chadís life.  Stefano apologized to Sami for everything he put her through.  Sami was surprised that Stefano was admitting to everything he did.  Chad thought Cameron would keep quiet about his lie.  EJ advised Chad to tell Abby the truth before Cameron had a chance to do it.  Abby thought Chad wasnít into her anymore.  Cameron advised Abby to talk to Chad.  Kayla wanted to see EJ about Chadís condition.  Kayla wanted the name of Chadís doctor.  Cameron walked into Kaylaís office and told her that Chad didnít have a brain tumor.  Sami didnít say either way if she would accept Stefanoís apology.  Lucas showed up at the mansion to get Allie.  Kayla didnít understand how Chad didnít have a tumor.  Kayla was upset but EJ tried to explain things.  Kayla said that Chad had complications.  Jennifer saw the broken picture frame of her and Daniel.  Jennifer and Maxine went to the pub to talk about it.  Jennifer was afraid that her relationship with Daniel could be over.  Maxine thought she was right.

Lucas and Sami talked about the fact that Stefano changed.  Lucas wanted to know how Allie could be safe at the DiMera mansion.  Lucas advised Sami to move out of the mansion.  Sami didnít want to uproot the kids.  Kayla told EJ that Chad needed surgery.  The top cardiologist was in Boston.  EJ made arrangements to get Chad ready to go.  Theresa urged JJ to take Nirvana.  JJ barely took a sip of the drink.  Kayla advised Chad to get his artery repaired.  EJ and Stefano discussed who would go to Boston with Chad.  Stefano wanted to go so EJ could stay with his family.  Lucas wanted to give Sami a chance to think about whether she wants to stay at the house.  Sami thought Lucas was threatening her.  She reminded Lucas about their custody agreement.  Lucas and Sami started arguing over the agreement.  Theresa continued to take the drug while she made out with JJ.  Chad realized that Kayla knew the truth about him not having a brain tumor.  Maxine and Jennifer continued to talk about Daniel.  Maxine let Jennifer know that thereís a rumor that Daniel was seeing Theresa.  Jennifer didnít believe the rumor.  Theresa passed out while she and JJ made out.  Sami told EJ that Lucas wonít bring Allie back to the mansion.  Abby walked in Chadís room while Kayla was about to talk to him about lying about having a brain tumor.  Kayla walked out of the room once Abby started asking questions.  Chad started to tell Abby about the terrible thing he did.  JJ tried to wake Theresa up, but she wouldnít move.

GH Recap Written by Jenn

Morgan reveals to Ava and Derek that he's heard everything in their private conversation which they thought he'd never hear or know about. He knows that Derek is Julian Jerome and Ava's brother. They are plotting to go after his father. And Ava's using him. Derek (Julian) then reminds Morgan that his father does not care about him, so he shouldn't want to protect his father from them. Morgan listens but then decides to expose their secret. As soon as Michael leaves, Derek calls for Carlos to get rid of Morgan and won't listen to Ava's protests that he won't betray them.

Sam is with Silas at the hospital who is not certain where he's going to live or what he's going to do. Michael is concerned about his father's business and asks to work with him, since no one else will hire him because of his association with a mob boss. Sonny is reluctant because of Carly and not wanting to put his son in danger.

On the loose again, Heather goes to Kelly's for her BLT and runs into her ex Scotty. Upset with him, Heather tries to stab him with a huge knife, so he kisses her in order to save his skin. When Lucy Coe sees them together, she threatens to call the police. Heather reacts with threats of her own. They reminisce about their past relationships in the 80s until Heather blows Scotty a kiss and takes off to roam another day in the streets of Port Charles.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy goes to the police station and tells Alex that if they won’t work to find the person who killed Delia, he will do it. Chloe apologizes to Billy for blaming him for Delia’s death instead of the person who hit Delia with their car and left her on the side of the road to die. Billy continues to drink to try and drown his grief and face life without Delia. Jack and Jill hold a press conference an offer a reward for anyone who has any information about the hit and run accident. Devon is at the Chancellor Mansion offering his condolences to Jill and decides to offer one million dollars to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the hit and run driver.

Lily worries about the twins and hugs them a little tighter and tells them how much she loves them, because Delia’s accident made her realize that something could happen to the twins at any moment. Adam refuses the gift of Chancellor Industries' stock that Victor gives him for Connor. Adam also tells Victor that he doesn’t want him to ever see Connor and assures Victor that Connor will be taken care of and loved, because he will be a good father to him. The judge gives Michael a sentence of ten years in prison for killing Carmine. Fen bursts into the hearing after the sentencing and tells the judge that he killed Carmine, and Michael is lying to protect him.

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