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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that she is not okay with this. She can sense it, and she never will be okay until Bill is back with her Aunt Katie where he belongs. Brooke reminds her that Katie kicked him out. She shouldn’t have to keep telling her that. Hope says Brooke can say it until she is blue in the face but that doesn’t make it anymore okay. She is living with her sister’s husband and it is wrong. Brooke says she hopes Hope will rethink this and not move out. Hope says if she doesn’t then it is like condoning their behavior and that is not what she wants to do. Brooke asks her to please don’t leave. She loves her and needs her here for her advice and support. Justin drops by Katie’s office while Bill is there. He wants to know when Bill will be back as he has been putting out a lot of fires all over the globe. Bill says he doesn’t know exactly when but he will be back. Meantime Justin is to stay the course. Bill tells him that he is going to take his son home. He got permission from the big cheese. After a moment Hope tells Brooke that okay, she will stay for now but she hopes her mother will seriously listen to her head and not her heart. Liam hands Brendon, the bartender, his credit card and tells him to put it on his tab. The bartender spots the name and finds out Wyatt is his brother….a real nice guy, comes in all the time, a real fun dude. Liam says yeah, he’s a real barrel of laughs. The bartender asks if he wants a scotch neat like his bro. Liam looks strangely at him and says no, he’ll have a lemonade. Oliver walks in and slips into a seat beside him and says this must be the Spencer family watering hole. The last time he was here he ran into Wyatt and they talked about Hope all night. Liam laughs that they will have to do a hell of a lot better than that today. Liam asks if Oliver was at the diamond reveal. Oliver says yes, he helped set up a couple of shots, even had to use a filter. He says his man Wyatt came through. Liam says his man, not his. Okay, both Hope and Wyatt came through big, bringing the stone back from Mexico. But apparently Hope has given him back his ring. It must be brotherly love. Liam scoffs, no it might be brotherly lust. Wyatt doesn’t love Hope. Oliver says why not, he was in love with Hope, Liam was so why not Wyatt? He wants to know how it went down. Liam tells him about the e-mail Hope got about Steffy’s video. Oliver can only laugh at him that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Wyatt talks to his mom on the phone and says the sales are still amazing so keep churning the pieces out. And it’s all because of Hope. While he is on the phone to the manufactures, Hope walks in. He is happy to tell her that the lines are still around the block at the boutique. He asks how her day has been and she replies better now that she has come in here. Bill can sense that Hope must have really got to Brooke as now she is not so sure going to Aspen is a good idea. He tells her what they have is precious and if they let it slip away, they will regret it. Oliver tells Liam that at least he is still in the game. Liam says yeah and he will hand it to Wyatt….he has al the right moves taking Hope to Mexico like Indiana Jones. He is smooth, he will give him that but he will not give him Hope. Oliver says they have been trying to hook up for a long time. Maybe it’s time to cut the cord. Liam tells him no…..never. Oliver says he knows Liam thinks he can’t live without her, but he can. He speaks from experience. Wyatt tells Hope that thanks to her the sales have exploded. She disagrees…it is his and his mother’s designs added to her clothing that has made the difference. And the diamond. Wyatt says he knows Rick and Caroline had a lot to do with it too but it was mostly Hope with her message – Hope for the Future. He will humbly accept her accolades but not to forget his mother. You can’t live without them. She ponders and wonders if she can still live with hers. Brooke asks Bill if she seduced him. He laughs and says does she know who she is talking to. He’s been around the block more than most. And no that is ridiculous. She did not seduce him. She says she can’t help but feel so ugly. She does love him but it seems so wrong. Bill says it is not wrong. He was just not the man Katie wanted him to be and she pushed them together. They are going to Aspen and climb that mountain and they will see the world through new eyes. They have something precious and it needs to be nurtured. They have won. She must not let her daughter try to control him either. Brooke reminds him that her brother, Stormie, gave his heart to Katie for a new life. Now she is taking that life away. Liam sits and gets all misty-eyed and choked up thinking about the good times with Hope. He tells the bartender he better cut him off and not let him have any more lemonades. Hope tells Wyatt that she is coping with her mom. He knows it is about her mom and his dad as she has mentioned that before. For whatever it is worth he says he feels the same way and is in her corner. He mentioned that to Liam and he said Wyatt was only trying to get close to Hope. He wanted to belt him for saying that. Hope says she gets that Brooke and Bill are attracted to each other, but it seems so inappropriate. A commitment, at least a marriage commitment ought to mean something. Otherwise why bother. She knows that sounds old fashioned. Wyatt smiles and says no it’s not. He’s actually blown away by her….all her principles, such a good quality human being. He says he loves that about her…..he really does. He leans over and kisses her. Bill tells Brooke that what she and Hope wants for Katie is not an option for him. He doesn’t love Katie anymore. He loves Brooke. If he went back, he would be living a lie. They should not have to deny their feelings for Katie. Finally Brooke says he loves Bill and they should not deny their feelings. She says she loves him. She has accepted his ring and proposal and there is nothing more that she wants. She wants to grow old with him. “I will be your wife.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric and Nicole argued over what happened at the hotel.  Eric let Nicole know how she slipped up.  Eric informed Nicole how she used Fay Taylor as her name to get into the hotel.  Nicole didnít know what he was saying.  Hope wanted to help Jennifer and JJ so she went to Theresaís place.  Theresa called Daniel and left him several messages.  JJ overheard her leaving a message for someone.  Abby went to Maggie to get her to talk Jennifer out of sending JJ to jail.  Maggie told Abby that Jennifer out of sending JJ to jail.  Maggie told Abby that Jenniferís doing the right thing because he needs to be taught a lesson.  Abby was determined to stop Jennifer from making a mistake.  Theresa kept Hope from seeing JJ at her place.  JJ confronted Theresa about talking to ďDanny BoyĒ on the phone.  Nicole denied being the woman in the wig.  Eric didnít believe her.  Eric threw up in Nicoleís face that she loved him.  Nicole continued to deny being the one in the wig.  

 JJ wanted Theresa to tell him who she called.  Theresa admitted to calling Daniel.  Nicole explained to Eric why she quit working for him.  Hope let Jennifer know that she didnít find JJ.  JJ was upset that Theresa called Daniel.  Theresa let JJ know that Daniel was over earlier.  JJ kissed Theresa to stop her from gushing over Daniel.  They ended up making out.  Kristen told Stefano how Nicole knew about her affair.  Kristen couldnít understand how Nicole knew the truth about her.  Stefano reminded Kristen how she had sex with Eric and taped it.  Nicole continued to let Eric know that she was in love with someone who couldnít love her back.  She swore to God that she wasnít the one who drugged Eric.  Eric didnít believe Nicole so she gave up on him and God.  Abby begged Jennifer not to have JJ arrested.  Theresa wanted to use Nirvana before she had sex with JJ.

GH Recap Written by Jenn

Alexis has gotten the lab results to prove that Julian Jerome (whom she believes is dead and has no clue is Derek Wells) is Sam's biological father. Sam is also ready to connect the dots that Silas' daughter Kiki's mother, Ava, has a brother who might be the same man in question. They wonder if Sam could have siblings out there who are her deceased father's kids. They find out about Julian Jerome's family, mistresses, and illegitimate children he may have had with them from Lucy Coe who was seeing Victor Jerome many years ago.

Morgan is co-habitating with Ava and serving Kiki with annulment papers. He knows that Ava and "Derek" have secrets going on and overhears that Derek is her brother and aka Julian Jerome and that the two of them are going after his father, Sonny. Carlos is doing Julian's dirty work by ransacking Sonny's warehouse. At the same time, Sonny and Shawn are ready to close in on Derek who Sonny suspects is Julian Jerome. Sonny gets the D.A., who's up for re-election against Scotty Baldwin, to help find who's been hitting his business. Heather surprises Franco in his hotel room with a whole series of colorful line paintings. She is happy when she overhears Carly say she's dating someone else. When a black-wigged Heather goes to Kelly's for a BLT, she runs into Scott Baldwin who recognizes her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy continues to blame himself for Delia’s death and refuses to hold Johnny in his arms. Instead, he seeks comfort inside a bottle. Jill tries to persuade Chloe that she and Billy need to help each other through their grief, but Chloe will never be able to forgive Billy for leaving Delia alone in the car. Chloe does agree to put her anger toward Billy aside for Delia’s funeral, but then she doesn’t want to see Billy or talk to him again. Jack tries to persuade Billy to let his family help him, but he wants to be left alone and continues to slip farther away from his family. Jack calls Jill and tells her they need to find a way to remind Billy that, although he has lost something precious, his family still needs him.

Adam struggles to deal with the guilt of Delia’s death while he waits for Connor to get out of surgery. The doctor finally tells Adam and Chelsea that the surgery went well and the bandages will be taken off of Connor’s eyes in a few days. Chelsea is grateful God watched over her son and prays that Billy and Chloe will find the answers they need to have peace. Chloe is given Delia’s personal effects by the police. She goes through the box with tears streaming down her face as she remembers the night of Delia’s play. Chloe tells Kevin that Delia was wearing a black scarf with sparkles that isn’t in the box. She and Kevin wonder what happened to Delia’s scarf. Adam returns home and cries a little as he holds Delia’s scarf in his hand, then he takes a lighter and burns the scarf and throws it in the fireplace.

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