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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Over breakfast on the coffee table, Bill says he is confused on why Hope gave Liam’s ring back. Now he doesn’t know which son to root for. Hope says at least he should be glad that they are not fighting over Steffy. Brooke tells Hope there is no need for hostility. Bill says it is okay. Sometimes he thinks he probably does deserve a little hostility from Hope. They started off on the wrong foot and it was his doing. But now they are going to be family…..Hope asks does this imply that he is going to marry her mother. She wants to know if they have discussed marriage. Bill says of course. Brooke tries to downplay it by saying they are only taking one day at a time. Hope says that’s good as some people are still having a hard time just knowing they are living together. Bill says he knows, but in time they will come around. He excuses himself to go to Katie’s office. Hope can’t wait to say to her mother that this is just wrong and on some level she must know that. Brooke says no she doesn’t. Hope says she knows that she and Bill are gonna do whatever they want to. But she has to be true to herself as well. And as long as Bill is going to be living here, then she doesn’t think that she can. Katie changes a few things on her schedule and tells her assistant that Bill is coming by to spend a little time with Will. Wyatt tells Eric on the phone that security is tight so the diamond will be safe. It’s good to hear that the lines are still strong on the second day at the Boutique. Liam comes in and Wyatt guesses that he’s there to tell him to watch out for the fall. He says he hates to disappoint Liam, but failure is not an option. Liam says he knows. He’s been a wrecking ball to him every since he showed up. Wyatt says he is just looking out for Hope. Liam retorts that it’s worked out well for him so far. He’s hustled his way into her personal and business life. Wyatt reminds him that he is an asset to this business. When they revealed that diamond at the boutique there were hundreds of people lined up, not just to gawk but he heard record sales. Liam mocks that it was all because of Wyatt. Wyatt says no; it’s because he and Hope make a damn good team. He knows it and so does Hope so do not go banking on him failing Hope or disappointing her. That’s Liam’s M.O.,not his. He says he wants to make one thing clear. Forrester Creations and Quinn Designs is a smash hit right from the start and that is only the beginning. He is going to do everything he can to help Hope realize and even surpass her every dream. Liam says he can not stand there and pretend this is all business. Wyatt says no, he’s been upfront from the beginning. He is crazy about Hope but he was willing to back off from Hope until Liam hurt her with that video. Liam says ah the video. He is still wondering how it made its way to Hope. Wyatt says believe it or don’t believe it, he doesn’t care, but it wasn’t him that sent it. Liam was thoughtless with Hope’s feelings and he lost her. Liam says it’s not over until it is over. Wyatt says Liam can treat Hope anyway he wants and thinks she will take him back and now Liam has the audacity to say Wyatt is arrogant. Liam laughs and says he and Hope have been going around obstacles long before they even knew that Wyatt existed, so maybe he should just move along as Hope belongs to him!

Brooke tells Hope that she doesn’t like the idea of her having to move out. This is her home. Perhaps she can just let it go and start over with Bill. He wants to make it up to her. Hope says okay, he can try but she doesn’t think it is possible for her to forget all the terrible things he did to her. She was his favorite target. She repeats again that she is disappointed in her mother as essentially she is choosing Bill over Katie. Logan women are always supposed to stick together. Brooke has told her that many times. And what if this doesn’t work out…..Bill moves on. She’s not sure that is worth losing your sister. Hope says men come and go, but families are forever. She just wants her mother to think about this more of who she could hurt or who she will lose. Brooke says enough about her. She wants to hear about Hope’s love life. Any regrets about Liam? Hope says no. She is not going down that Liam and Steffy road again. She can’t marry him until she is sure. She’s told him that and this time she hopes he heard her. Brooke tells her that she is proud of her. It’s hard letting go of a man you love. Hope says she needs to learn to love herself more. Brooke asks about Wyatt. Hope says he is terrific and consistent and she likes that. And Brooke tells her that he’s crazy about her and it’s cute how open he is about it. Hope says yes, he definitely is hard to resist. Brooke says she shouldn’t want to. Hope says she was trying because of Liam, but now she doesn’t know. Hope tells Brooke that she changed the subject but she’d like Brooke to go back and really think this out. Try to think with her conscious and not her heart his time. Katie seems to enjoy herself with Bill and even thanks him for apologizing. She’d like to try to salvage some of their good times together and not dwell on the negative. Wyatt tells Liam that if it’s all the same to him that he will wait until Hope tells him to back off but he doesn’t see that happening. He’s focused on Hope and what she needs and what she is going through right now. Liam says ok….perhaps Wyatt can enlighten him just what Hope is going through right now. Wyatt is surprised that Liam doesn’t even know. He states that Liam is so focused on staking his claim that he doesn’t realize that Hope is upset over their dad and her mom. Hope doesn’t want them to be together and he agrees with her. They did not grow up with a father and he doesn’t want that to happen to Will either. Liam scoffs that he doesn’t even know Will. Wyatt says he is still his brother, still blood. Liam mentions Hope and calls her his fiancé. Wyatt corrects him and wants to point out the obvious. She is not his fiancé anymore. Liam says only because she took off the ring but make no mistake she will be his wife. And all Wyatt will have accomplished is alienating Liam. But maybe that is okay and he doesn’t want a relationship. Wyatt hollers back that is actually what he does want. Liam is speechless now. Wyatt says they are very different but at least they have one thing in common. Liam is afraid to ask. Wyatt says they have the same taste in women. They both laugh. Wyatt asks where does Liam stand on Bill and Brooke. Liam says it’s really not his business. Wyatt says that is a cop out. He must have an opinion. Liam says sometimes relationships don’t work out and you have to move on. Wyatt says he could agree with that if there was no child involved. But when you have a kid you have to stop making selfish decisions. You put that kid first and if that means you can’t be happy, then that’s too damn bad. And Hope gets that too. He says that is one of the things he loves about her. Liam asks him to re-wind that. He said love. Wyatt says yes he loves Hope. Liam threw her away one more time for Steffy. He is not going to apologize for showing Hope a man that only wants her. Liam says okay, so he’s not backing off. Wyatt ponders, starts looking for some imaginary notes and finally says NO. Liam says okay, then he’s just wasting his time. Wyatt says they will see.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer warned JJ that she didnít want to see him anymore if he left the house.  He reminded her that he could go to prison if he didnít live with her.  She told him that it was his call.  Brady and Nicole argued over Kristen.  JJís friends warned Abby that JJ may end up doing something to get in trouble.  Daniel talked to Theresa about staying away from JJ.  Jennifer and JJ argued over Jack being a rapist.  He told her that he wanted to do drugs.  Abby assured JJís friends that he was going to be okay.  She lectured his friends about JJ staying away from them.  Jennifer was furious with JJ about him doing drugs.  Brady called Nicole for her feelings for Eric.  Nicole admitted that she loves Eric and canít stop thinking about him.  Eric overheard Nicole talking.  When Abby went home, JJ stormed out of the house.  Brady and Nicole argued her confession.  When Brady left, Nicole ran into Eric.  He told her that he heard what she said to Brady.

Daniel let Theresa know that he wasnít interested in her, but she didnít believe him. She agreed to stay away from JJ, but she wanted something in return.  Jennifer decided to call the police for having drugs on him.  Abby tried to stop her, but Jennifer felt she had to do it.  Theresa talked to JJ and wanted him to come to her house.  Nicole told Eric that she tried to fight her feelings for him, but it didnít work.  She apologized to him for everything sheís done.  She asked for his forgiveness.  Daniel ran into Anne and they ended up arguing over Theresa and Jennifer.  Anne implied that Daniel had a thing for Theresa.  Nicole tried to explain how she kept her feelings to herself.  Nicole wanted him to forgive her.  Eric couldnít forgive what she did.  Brady told Kristen that Nicole told him that she cheated on him.  Eric let Nicole know that he knew she raped him.

GH Recap Written by Jenn

Back at Port Charles, Maxie and Spinelli are determined to raise baby Connie and exercise their legal right as her biological parents. Lulu urges Spinelli not to go through with getting a court order and realize that Maxie lied to everyone. She believes that she and Dante will make better parents than Spinelli and Maxie, who aren't even together. Spinelli insists that he can't turn his back on his child. Just as determined to keep little Connie, Lulu says she'll see him in court.

At Cassadine Island, Nikolas manages to disarm Faison and make him give baby Ben back to Britt. Faison confuses him by revealing that his daughter informed him that Ben is not her flesh and blood. Nikolas does not know if she lied to Faison or if she's lied to him about the baby's parentage. Robin is determined to get home to Patrick and Emma when little does she know that her widower is proposing to Sabrina. Jerry Jacks finds Anna and Robert in the lab and succeeds in locking them in. Looking around, they find evidence that their daughter is alive. Jerry is very disappointed in Faison and Lisle and admits he won't care if the cops bring them to justice. He tells Robin she has to choose between going home to her husband and daughter or saving her parents' lives. Jerry decides to take everyone back to Port Charles but will not allow Robin to make her presence known until she's able to cure him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery comes to see Nikki at the Newman ranch. Avery thinks that this is all about Nick, but Nikki wants to hire her. At the police department, Alex and Paul discuss the possibility that Nikki could have been the one who hit Delia. Paul wants it kept quiet until he finds out the truth. In the squad room, Kevin goes over the list of suspects, but Alex doesn’t want to hear it. At the hospital, Chelsea tells Billy and Chloe that Connor needs a cornea transplant. Billy and Chloe both agree to let Connor have Delia’s corneas. Chelsea cannot believe her ears. In the chapel, Adam prays for punishment from God, because he deserves it for hitting Delia and killing her but that his son will not have to pay the price. Nikki lets Avery know that she wants to put her son in her will. Avery thinks that she is talking about Nick, but Nikki says she is talking about Dylan. At the coffeehouse, Dylan and Sharon talk about different things in their lives and how it relates to different people that they are interested in. Adam comes rushing in to tell Chelsea and Chloe some news, but Billy also comes in and lets them know that the doctor is ready to do the surgery now that Delia’s corneas are a perfect match. Chelsea lets Adam in on the news. Adam is speechless but when he does regain his voice, he tells them that he doesn’t deserve this. Chelsea is more than a little surprised.

Avery disputes Nikki’s news that Dylan is her son, but Nikki divulges that Dylan was adopted and she hadn’t told him the truth. Paul comes in and interrupts their conversation. Sharon encourages Dylan to go after Avery if he still wants her. Paul cannot believe his ears when he finds out that she told Avery that Dylan was her son and she was putting him in her will. Chelsea visits the chapel to pray. Adam, with Connor in his arms, stands behind her. Jill visits Billy and is stunned to hear what happened to Delia. Alex and another police officer go over the list of names of people who have black SUVs and are surprised that Adam’s name is on the list. Paul clears Nikki as a suspect of hitting Delia. Dylan asks Avery to have lunch with him, but she rushes out without so much as a reason why. Kevin and Chloe share Delia’s favorite dessert, a brownie with extra whipped cream.

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