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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the Boutique, Hope tells Liam that she still has reservations. He asks her to decide when she is the happiest – when she has the ring on or off. Because taking the ring off has never fixed anything and always made it worse and he doesn’t want that to happen again. Walking away is not the answer. She retorts that neither is jumping into another wedding. He holds the ring and says this ring is his word and if she takes it that she will see that she is the only woman in his future. She knows that Liam feels like he has to prove himself to her that he is committed, but she doesn’t think she needs proof. She just needs to be certain. She says he can do that but she still says no. It can’t be from something he does or says, but something inside her. She says she has to feel it and she doesn’t….not right now, so no, she can not wear his ring. She takes it while he is still holding it and gently pushes it toward his chest. He looks shocked but tips his head toward her like to say okay. He looks toward Wyatt and then walks out. Maya sees the huge ring on Caroline’s finger and makes mention that he proposed. Rick says yes. Maya says she shouldn’t be here; they want to be alone. Rick says she mentioned that she needed to talk to him. Maya says it doesn’t matter now. She starts to leave and tells them congratulations again. Rick says that means a lot. At the door she says what sounds like a final goodbye to Rick. Caroline says that was a bit awkward and Maya may not have come over to congratulate them, but she did and that was very classy of her. Rick comments that she was classy too. She says the best part of their lives is not in the past or even in the future, but right now. She’s never been this happy. Katie is looking and feeling pretty forlorn and lonely and ready to go home when Donna comes in. She wants to know if there has been any fallout from the board meeting. Katie asks if Brooke has said anything. Donna says no, she and Bill have pretty much kept to themselves at their home. Even she hasn’t seen much of them. Bill tells Brooke that he missed the big diamond reveal today but he was in training. He ran five miles. She should have come as it keeps the mind refocused. He kisses her and says he does have a couple of other things up his sleeve that may accomplish the same purpose. He proposes that they make reservations and go out and he will cheer her up. She nixes it though and says she doesn’t want to do that to her children with added publicity….or what it will do to Katie.

Wyatt joins Hope and says he feels he needs to say something. She asks if he will be hurt if she asks him not to. He grins that his mind is a blank. She wishes hers was. She says today was amazing, but it is over and now she has to go to her mom’s house and pretend it is okay that she is living with his dad. He quips that she doesn’t have to go back there. She could come stay with him. She says yeah, that would really simplify things. He utters it might. Then he kisses her on the cheek. She says she will see him tomorrow. Katie looks at a calendar and tells Donna those are all big events for Brooke to miss and she’s not going into the office either. She’s just staying home with Bill. Donna adds yes they are living in some fantasy world and anyone who doesn’t believe in it doesn’t believe in true love. They have convinced themselves that this is real. Katie adds……real like in they actually think they have a future together. She scoffs that Brooke would actually take it that far. Brooke says she won’t turn their life into another scandal. Bill says he knows but sooner or later the world will have to accept this. They are not going to back down. And he wants her to remember, that she did not steal him from Katie. They all played a part in what happened. He doesn’t want anybody to make her feel guilty, especially not herself. Hope comes in. She tells Bill that it was an amazing day, the line was around the block and sales sky high. All went well until Liam showed up and he wanted her to take the ring back. But she didn’t. And she cancelled the wedding….one that she has been planning and dreaming about for years because she is not 100% sure that it is the thing to do. And while she doesn’t want to be judgmental, she can’t help but wonder how they can’t be asking themselves the same thing. Bill says “excuse me”. She says they are acting like there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. Bill replies there is nothing wrong with it. His marriage to Katie is over. They are getting a divorce (but there’s the rub, it is NOT final yet). Sensing tension, Brooke tells Bill that she’d like to speak to Hope alone please. Brooke asks Hope why she is so upset. She’s sorry that she missed the Boutique opening. Hope says it is not about that or even Liam. She is worried about Brooke and how she can be happy like this living with her own sister’s husband. This isn’t her. She’s a Logan and there is nothing they won’t do for each other. Surely this can’t be what she wants for Katie to be isolated from her big sister that she has looked up to her whole life. Maybe she and Bill can go on pretending that this is fine but it is not! She says Brooke is better than this. She knows she is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel had a talk with JJ.  Daniel let JJ know that he planned on staying away from Jennifer.  Daniel wanted JJ to go home.  Jennifer put Theresa on notice about staying away from JJ.  Theresa wasnít fazed by Jenniferís threats.  Theresa yelled at Jennifer about her parenting skills.  Jennifer and Theresa ended up talking about Shane and Kimberly.  Jennifer slapped Theresa when she told her that JJ would be better off without her.  Will own a fellowship in California.  Sonny was excited, but Will turned it down.  Kate confronted Jordan about her credentials.  They ended up arguing about it.  Sonny met up with Gabi and they talked about how she was dating Cameron.  Nick walked in the cafť and heard Sonny talk to Gabi about dating Cameron.  Nick was bothered by the fact that Gabi was dating Cameron.

Theresa met up with JJ and wanted to have some fun.  Sonny talked to Gabi about Willís opportunity at Berkeley.  Nick tried to approach Gabi, but she brushed him off.  When Gabi left, Nick was determined to get her a modeling job so they could leave Salem.  He also wanted to get her away from Cameron.  JJ had something to do before he could hang out with Theresa.  Theresa called someone to get something stronger than weed.  Gabi and Sonny tried to convince Will to go to California.  Kate caught up with Jordan and apologized to her for their argument.  Kate walked off and was satisfied with her performance.  Kate didnít want Jordan to see her coming.  JJ went back home and Jennifer gave him an ultimatum.  She said she never wanted to see him again if he walked out the door.

GH Recap Written by Jenn

Things appear to be "unfolding" with Robin returning, the finding of Britt's baby, and the custody battle for baby Connie. Lulu asks Alexis to represent her, although Alexis warns her she has no legal rights to a baby who's not hers and Dante's biological child, unless of course, she's willing to attempt to prove Maxie an unfit mother in court. Angry and determined to keep baby Connie, Lulu is willing to destroy her former best friend. Diane is ready to represent Maxie and Spinelli, confident that she can win their case for them but admits she believes she finds it reprehensible that Maxie has lied about Connie to many people. Maxie & Spinelli urge Diane to get a court order, so they can get their baby back.

Robert and Anna find Liesl and attempt to get her to give up Faison and find Robin for them in exchange for a lighter legal sentence for her wrong doings. When they get to the lab, however, Robin is not there. Nikolas had found Robin and taken her upstairs to help her escape. Britt finds Faison with her baby and tries to tell him he's not her biological child. Faison is willing to take the baby with him and risk her getting killed until Nikolas finds him and demands he let her go. Robin is ready to return to Patrick and Emma, but right at that point, Patrick is proposing to Sabrina, convinced that Robin is gone, and ready to move on.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the penthouse, Adam sits alone, deep in thought and also grieving over the fact that he may have been responsible for Delia’s death. Chelsea yells for Adam and finds him deep in thought. Chelsea begins to ask what is going on with him. At the coffeehouse, Dylan gets a registered letter from Social Services concerning Connor. Avery and Nick have an awkward meeting in the park. Avery asks him if they can be friends, but Nick finds that difficult after all that happened between them. Dylan walks up, which is awkward for all concerned. Adam gets a call that the man has found him some corneas for Connor from the black market. Chelsea has her doubts about how good they would be, which leads to an argument between her and Adam. Chloe visits Billy and Victoria and once again, lashes out at Billy for leaving Delia alone in the car outside of the grocery store. At the police department, Paul and Nikki discuss Delia’s death. Billy asks Chloe where they go from here. Billy asks her if she can forgive him, but Chloe is nowhere near forgiving him. Alex and a police officer get a lead on the car that might have hit Delia.

Nikki tells Paul that she came close to telling Dylan the truth, but she has started crying and then Victor interfered. Dylan and Avery talk and get reintroduced. Dylan shows Avery the letter that he received concerning Connor. Adam and Chelsea take Connor for the surgery but the doctor refuses to use the corneas they have. Victoria goes to see Nick to seek comfort from him concerning Delia’s death. Chloe and Billy attempt to get Delia’s body released, but Chloe refuses to let Billy have anything to do with this situation. Chloe and Billy run into Chelsea at the hospital and find out that Connor needs a cornea transplant. Paul finds out that the tags that were on the car that hit Delia was registered to Nikki.

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