Friday 10/18/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tells Rick that the ring is unique and beautiful. He says just like the woman who is wearing it. He can’t begin to tell her how happy he is. And he vows that they won’t drive each other crazy. He says he forgives her for all the schemes she pulled in the past to get them to this place. Maya senses FC Boutique is closing and says she won’t stay any longer. Wyatt doesn’t want to hurt her, but explains that they were commissioned for a piece and he thinks it is an engagement ring. Hope can not tell her if Rick went to his place or not. Maya leaves and does go to Rick’s. When he doesn’t answer, she finds a hidden key and lets herself in. Liam shows up at the Boutique and Hope gives Charlie permission to let him in. He’s not there to see the diamond. He wants to talk to Hope. He says they have had so many chances. She says yes; she has lost count. He says surely they have at least one more. He wants her to ditch Wyatt. Hope asks Wyatt if she and Liam might have a moment alone. Wyatt tells Charlie to watch Liam like a goat. As they drink champagne in the back seat of the limo, Rick asks Caroline if she’s ever been up to Big Sur. He has a friend who has a ranch up there. Caroline frowns that champagne and ranches don’t mix and she doesn’t exactly excel in roughing it. He assures her it not really a ranch. It has a lodge overlooking the ocean. In the end, she manages to convince him that she’d like to start their life by just going home. Rick carries Caroline to his front door and wants to take her across the threshold to start their new life. Both are giggling when they go inside and there stands a very somber Maya. She says everything is all right but she needs to talk to Rick. Just about the time that she spots Caroline’s ring, Rick asks if this can wait until tomorrow.

Very serious but with no ranting or raving, Liam tells Hope that when you love someone it seems everything they say or do becomes a sign. It’s like how she looks at him, or walks across the room or even answers the phone. It’s like when you are a little kid and find out that a word can have two different meanings. So he supposes it is possible that they can read each other wrong. He thinks that may be what is happening now. That they both are so tired and defeated that they are willing to close the door on what they had. Hope says yes she is tired……and feels defeated too. She is hurt. Once more, he might as well get a skydiver to write it in the clouds. He says when a man gives his fiancé flowers it is a sign of love and committment but when he does that for his ex-wife it simply means he honors what they had and wishes her well – that’s it. (gosh the poor man still doesn’t get it that it will always mean much more than that to Hope). He wants to know if her kissing Wyatt might have a message for him in there. She says she thinks there was some real feelings there…..and Wyatt kissed her because he thinks that is what men are supposed to do to be taken seriously. Liam asks if she thinks that is what he is doing. She says she thinks he is trying to fix something that is broken and she gets that. But the only problem is that he is not the utmost authority on what he is going to be doing tomorrow or next week. She reminds him that he made the tribute video for Steffy because she asked and it is painfully obvious that she has that power over him that Hope will never have. And she can even access it when she wants to. He is shaking his head no the entire time, but she says they have both seen it. She tells him that she loves him so much, but it’s like he is asking her to lay down on the railroad tracks and telling her that she will be fine. But she sees the train coming and he doesn’t. She walks off. He follows and asks if she is giving up as that is not like her. She ponders. She says she is giving up on something. What is like her is losing herself into always wondering what he is thinking or feeling or if he will leave her tomorrow. The only person she can really trust is herself. She needs to give up this notion that this relationship is a disaster that needs to be averted. He agrees, but then says he doesn’t think there is a disaster except the one she is creating. He thinks Hope is scared and he understands that. But he thinks she is letting the past hold them hostage. They have never felt this day before. And while it is true that Steffy may always be something to him he knows she will never be his wife again. Hope says it’s funny that is what Steffy said to her the day she gifted Liam to her. But the past isn’t the past if it keeps repeating itself. Liam looks at her and says if the past is repeating itself, then why is he here. She doesn’t know. He says “they” lied to them. “They” mislead them and forced them to walk through this minefield of sadness and misunderstanding but they always got through it because they were stronger than that. Now the only thing standing in their way is their own lack of faith. He thinks the road has been so tired and so long that it terrifies her that it will never end, but she is wrong. Everything they want is right here right now. They just have to choose to take it. He takes the ring out of his pocket. He holds it up and says “this is yours”. He points to his heart and says “this is yours. You only have to claim it.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa made sure that Karen (the volunteer at the hospital) saw the broken picture of Daniel and Jennifer.  Karen assumed that Theresa was sleeping with Daniel.  Theresa wasnít convincing when she denied being with Daniel.  Jennifer and JJ argued when she tried to stop him from going out.  JJ yelled at Jennifer for keeping him in the dark about Jack.  Jennifer tried to explain why she didnít say anything about Jack, but JJ didnít believe it.  Cameron gave Abby a convincing lie about his conversation with Chad.  Rafe talked to Jordan about how he could have prevented Chadís shooting.  Rafe told Jordan that if he werenít with Kate, the shooting wouldnít have happened.  Kate overheard Rafeís conversation.  Sami had second thoughts about being at the DiMera mansion.  EJ reminded her about the deal he made with Stefano.  Sami wanted to make sure she wasnít making a mistake.  EJ wondered if he was a mistake.  Sami assured EJ that he wasnít a mistake.  Sami wasnít sure about being at the mansion.  Abby thanked Cameron for saving Chad.  Rafe felt responsible for what Marge did, but Jordan tried to set him straight.  Jordan let Rafe know that it wasnít his fault.  Theresa and Anne were satisfied with their plan so far.  Jennifer and JJ continued to argue about the type of person he is.

Sami wanted to do whatís best for her family.  Sami continued to tell EJ about what could happen to their family if they get married.  EJ suggested postponing the wedding, but Sami suggested canceling it.  JJ informed Jennifer that she couldnít tell him what to do anymore.  EJ didnít want Sami to give up on them.  Sami didnít want to give up on them.  EJ suggested that they wait on getting married.  EJ walked out of the mansion.  Chad thanked Cameron for not telling Abby the truth.  Cameron wanted an explanation.  Theresa and Anne celebrated the fact that Karen took the bait.  Karen showed Maxine the smashed picture of Daniel and Jennifer.  JJ met with Bev and Rory and they told him how they knew about Jack.  JJ was upset that they knew what Jack did.  Jennifer talked to Maggie about JJ.  Theresa was upset that Karen took the picture of Daniel and Jennifer.  Anne warned her that Daniel will know Theresa was in the apartment.  Theresa was sure Daniel wouldnít find out about the picture.  Kate called someone and told him or her to do a background check on Jordan.  Chad explained why he lied about the tumor.  Abby ran into EJ and he let her know that Chadís in love with her.  Sami thought about different conversations she had with Stefano.  Sami also thought about EJ.  Kate wanted a deeper check done on Jordan.  Jordan walked in on Kate.  Jennifer ran into Theresa and warned her to stay away from JJ or she would kill her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke and Tracy are on a flight back to Port Charles after having taken the Polonium-210 cure from Jerry Jacks and escaping Cassadine Island. Tracy replays in her mind all the things Luke promised her when he was on his deathbed. It occurs to her that the cure might not work and that maybe they should have rescued the doctor, too. He says he isnít going back for the doctor. She says she is going to drag him to the hospital as soon as they get back to Port Charles. On Cassadine Island, Jerry Jacks notices that Dr. Obrechtís grandson is not in the lab and asks Robin what she did with the baby. She tells him that the baby is with Obrecht and Faison. Jerry curses Obrecht for bringing Faison there, saying she may as well have invited the WSB. He says he isnít waiting around for the WSB so he is going home to Australia to say goodbye to his mother and brother before he dies. He says Robin didnít hold up her end of the deal so he has to kill her. She says she can still get the cure from the bloodstream of the person who took it. He tells her that Luke Spencer is the person, and that he has already left the island. He says he will go to Port Charles and get a blood sample from Luke. She says she has to go with him to administer the transfusion. He says he will think about it and let her know tonight, but first he needs to find Faison. Faison is in a bedroom doting on his grandson. Obrecht says Britt will come to realize that baby ďCesarĒ is better off with them. Obrecht tries to seduce Faison. He tells her to wear the Anna mask. She slaps him and tells him that if he gets lonely, he should put on the mask and pleasure himself in the mirror.

Nikolas and Britt arrive at the Cassadine compound to find Ben. An armed guard stops them but is then contrite upon discovering that he pulled a gun on his employer. The guard says Dr. Obrecht and Jerry Jacks are in the house, but he hasnít seen a baby. Nikolas tells the guard to round up the interlopers and separate the baby from them. The guard thinks Jerry is in the lab. Knowing how ruthless Jerry can be, Nikolas advises Britt to wait for him while he goes to the lab to investigate. Dr. Obrecht goes into the living room in tears. Britt doesnít care why her mother is crying. Obrecht says there is something Britt needs to know before she goes upstairs to the baby. Britt says she doesnít care and pushes her mother, who hits her head on a table and falls, unconscious. When Britt finds the room that the baby is in, she is surprised to see Faison. Nikolas is shocked when he opens the lab door and finds Robin inside.

Sabrina confronts Carlos about the phone call Patrick received. He says he never called Patrick and that he wouldnít use a manís grief against him that way. He tells her that her anger tells him that she doesnít think Patrick has room in his heart for both Sabrina and his late wife. He says Patrick is in love with a dead woman and that he will never let her go. Angry, Sabrina warns Carlos to leave her and Patrick alone. Patrick tells Elizabeth about the phone call from Robin. She tells him that she knows how that feels because she used to see her deceased son, Jake. Patrick watches the video that Robin left him advising him to honor her memory by finding someone else to love. When Sabrina returns to Patrickís house, he asks her to marry him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Kevin is determined to find the person responsible for Delia’s death. Alex tells him he should be with Chloe right now. Esther comes downstairs and finds Chloe on the couch. After learning about Delia, she wants to help but Chloe just wants to be held. Kevin arrives and Esther goes to bed. Chloe says she doesn’t want Kevin there but he says he needs to be there. Chloe vents to Kevin, she will never forgive Billy for what he did, but she agrees they need to make decisions together as parents and they need to talk about transplant options. Tyler waits for Abby at The Underground and wonders why she’s so late. Courtney arrives and Tyler leaves, realizing he’s been stood up. Courtney and Noah talk about Noah’s future. As they are kissing, Courtney receives a text from someone named Zach and leaves. She tells Noah there’s a family emergency. Tyler finds Abby at the park. Abby tells Tyler about Delia. She reminisces. Tyler says he will be there for the good days and the bad for as long as she wants him.

Adam is consumed with guilt and can’t get the accident out of his mind. A woman comes forward and tells Alex that the car that hit Delia is a black SUV, but she doesn’t know anything more specific than that. Alex alerts all the body shops in the area that they are looking for a damaged black SUV. At the park, Adam offers his condolences to Billy, who questions Adam’s motives. Adam says he isn’t so heartless that he doesn’t feel for Billy. Billy tells Adam what happened that night. Adam says Billy can’t blame himself. Billy says if the cops don’t find the person who did this, he will and that’s ok with him because prison is too good for the person who killed his daughter. At Billy and Victoria’s house, Abby comforts Victoria, who blames herself. When Billy comes home, he asks Abby to leave. Victoria says she will do whatever Billy needs, just please let her help. Billy says he doesn’t know what he needs but he knows he can’t get through this without her. Chloe knocks on the door and says they have something they have to settle.

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