Thursday 10/17/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Maya that she is really glad she is here today. She has been missed and the show is not the same without her. She is not sure when Rick will return but Maya can wait. Maya’s even asked for her autograph by a couple of fans. Hope tells Wyatt that he is a genius. They are running out of merchandise. Everything is flying off the shelves. Wyatt quips that if she listens closely enough that she can hear the cash registers going off in Tokyo. Rick whisks Caroline off to a place unknown while she tries to guess ……maybe Paris. Finally he tells the driver to take them to Forrester Creations. They pull up to the same spot she drove up to when she came to L.A. He tells her that she is the most complex, complicated woman and he has known a few in his life. But he adores her and it’s very easy to say now that he loves her. He says he remembers that first day when he met her. He was mesmerized. She thinks that is cute that he remembered. He says he is going to get out of the car now but wants her to remain and count to ten and then join him. She is intrigued but does as he says. She doesn’t even count to ten and Rick is ready and calls for her to come to him. He bends down on one knee and opens a box with a ring with a green stone as big as a quarter. For once that mouth is silent; she can not say a word. Dayzee stops in for a few minutes at the showing and asks Maya where Rick is and has she spoken to him. Maya says he left with Caroline so she is waiting for him now to return. She can’t imagine what could be more important than this event.

Wyatt brings Hope a glass of champagne and says he thinks it is time for a toast. He says to their obscenely successful day and to their dear friend, the Hope for the Future diamond and may she sparkle for all eternity….Rock and Roll. She says it has been an incredible journey and she doesn’t know how they will ever top Mexico. She says the diamond has brought them some serious luck with publicity from all over the world. Wyatt adds and what he expects to be a complete sell out. Hope says and all because of one stone and the mysterious power behind it. He says and he gets to experience all of this with her. He leans in a little closer and whispers that if all these people weren’t here that he would kiss her right now. But he says he will wait as she just broken up with Liam and he knows it’s been tough, but she will get through it. He will be right there when she does. Maya tells Dayzee that she can’t help but think she made a huge mistake breaking up with Rick and leaving Forrester. Dayzee reminds her that she may be idealizing this. She and Rick did have issues. Maya says no, only one, Caroline. She says she knows she should not be thinking about this as she is marrying Carter. Dayzee says no, this is a good thing. She needs to process all of it. Maya says she thought Carter was enough but she’s not sure she will ever get over Rick. Hope signs some autographs, one to a lady who thanks her for being such a good role model to her daughter. Wyatt joins her again and says he thought he saw Maya with her. She said yeah she is waiting for Rick. Wyatt has to reveal that she doesn’t think Rick will be coming back today. Maya tells Dayzee that Caroline is just a fling. She’s convenient and easy and there is no way he could have feelings for her. Dayzee agrees that she is probably right but there is no way to know unless she talks to him. Maya says there is no way she can marry Carter feeling this way and without talking to Rick first. But she doesn’t want to hurt Carter. Dayzee points out that may be unavoidable. But it’s better than he finds out now rather than six years from now when they are married. Maya agrees that she has to find Rick and tell him how she feels before he gets any closer to Caroline. When Maya is alone, Hope comes to her and says she doesn’t think her brother is coming back today after all. Caroline is stunned as she walks toward Rick and he pulls this huge ring out of the box. He looks up at her and says he knew from the first time he met her that she was going to be trouble. She’s taken him on some wild rides and he jumped off a few times but he always came back because with her is where he wants to be. She was right – Spencer/Forrester is an unbeatable team. He asks her to marry him and be his wife. Tears in her eyes, she manages to say yes, of course she will be his wife. He picks her up and twirls her around and around and kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The judge wanted to deny JJís bail.  Justin and the DA discussed a deal for JJ.  Nicole told Brady that Kristen cheated on him.  Brady wanted to know a name.  Martha began to tell Eric about the lady at the hotel.  JJ changed his plea to guilty.  Marlena ran into Kristen in Danielís office.  Kristen told Marlena that she and Brady were getting married soon and that Eric will be performing the ceremony.  Nicole didnít have a name for Brady so he didnít believe her.  Caroline wanted to know if Sami was going to postpone the wedding.  EJ visited with Chad.  EJ thanked Chad for saving his life.  Cameron overheard EJ and Chad talking.  The judge was upset when it looked like JJ was going to get another slap on the wrist.  The judge didnít want to accept the plea bargain to keep JJ out of jail.  The judge thought it was time for JJ to get punished.  Marlena and Kristen had a heated exchange about Brady.  Nicole told Brady that she heard Kristen talking about the affair.  Nicole wanted to get proof before she told Brady, but she didnít have time since he pushed the wedding up.  Martha told Eric about the person that showed up at the hotel.  Martha wondered if Nicole was the one in the disguise.  Chad wanted to know if Stefano knew that he didnít have a tumor.  EJ said he would protect him.  Justin tried to explain JJís situation.  The judge wanted JJ to live with Jennifer.  Brady was upset by Nicoleís accusation against Kristen.  Brady didnít think she was being a good friend and didnít want to see him happy.  Eric wanted to make sure that Nicole wasnít the same person in the disguise so he showed Martha a picture of Nicole.

Kristen knocked Danielís files on the floor, but missed the flash drive.  Maxine ended up finding it and she put it on the desk.  Sami told Caroline that she planned on marrying EJ when Chad was better.  EJ ran into Cameron at the hospital.  Cameron let EJ know that he didnít tell Abby the truth about Chad.  The judge decided to wait to make his decision about JJ.  JJ had to live at home and stay out of trouble.  Nicole continued to try to get through to Brady, but it didnít work.  Brady didnít want Nicole in his life anymore.  Kristen went to see Eric while he was with Martha.  Marlena met with Nicole to talk about Kristen.  Nicole told Marlena that she told Brady that Kristen cheated.  Martha heard Kristen talking and thought her voice sounded familiar.  Marlena and Nicole were determined to stop Kristen from marrying Brady.  Martha saw Kristen and thought she looked familiar.  Martha told Eric that ďFayĒ wanted the room next to him.  Eric thought that Nicole would have known which room he was in and thought she might not have been the one in his room.  Martha said that Nicole could still be both people and just wanted to throw him off the track.  Chad wanted to know if Cameron told Abby that he lied about not having the tumor.  Abby was in the room.  JJ wanted to go out, but Jennifer reminded him that he couldnít go out.  JJ walked out of the house anyway.  Eric thought about what Martha said to him and realized that he wasnít dreaming about what happened at the hotel.  Eric thought he might have been with Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina tries to dissuade Patrick from telling Anna about the phone call that he thinks was from Robin. In the lab on Cassadine Island, Robin frets about not having enough time to synthesize another batch of the cure in time to save Jerry. She sees her mother come into the lab, only to find that it is Dr. Obrecht in a mask. She asks if Obrecht intends to kidnap Anna, too. Obrecht says she already used Annaís identity to free someone. Robin is terrified when Faison enters the lab. Obrecht says Faison is not there for Robin as she puts Faisonís grandson in his arms. Obrecht explains that Faison is Brittís father. Faison tells Robin that Anna came to see him in prison to follow up on Robertís claim that Robin is alive. Robin concludes that her parents will find her. Obrecht says Anna has no idea where they are. On the plane headed to Greece, Nikolas tells Britt that their families have history. He says her mother treated his father in Switzerland and his grandmother worked with Faison to kidnap Lucky Spencer. He says Cassadine Island is the perfect hideout because no one lives there. Britt wonders if her mother intends to break her father out of prison and take him to the island. Nikolas says he thinks something already happened at the prison, but that no one is saying anything about it.  

Anna tells Robert that Faison told her that Robin is alive, but wouldnít tell her where she is. She says Faison said he would take her to Robin, but Obrecht jumped her and the two of them got away. Nikolas calls Anna and tells her about the message Obrecht sent to Britt from Cassadine Island. Anna forbids him to go to the island. Britt refuses to delay getting her baby back. Robert insists on going with Anna to get Robin because Robin knows he saw her and is waiting for him to come for her. He says that in addition, he knows Cassadine Island well enough to get in and out undetected. Mac tells Robert that he is going back to Port Charles to help Maxie with something she is going through. Anna and Robert leave to go to Greece.

Sonny asks Duke to come to his office to talk about Julian Jerome. Duke tells him that Julian died in a gunfight with Jonathan Paget while he was masquerading as Duke and that Robert Scorpio saw the body. Duke concludes that if there is a Julian Jerome in town, it is someone who happens to have the same name but is not related.  He says the only remaining Jerome is Julianís son that he never knew he had: Carlyís adopted brother, Lucas Jones. Sonny asks Duke how much he knows about Derek Wells. Duke says he doesnít know anything about him; he only works for him. Duke asks Sonny to keep him in the loop if they come across anything that concerns Anna or him. Sonny tells Shawn that Duke desperately wants to believe that Julian Jerome is dead, so that he can put that part of his past behind him, but that doesnít make it true. He tells Shawn to continue looking into the Jeromes.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Avery dreams that she goes to The Underground and finds that Nick has prepared a romantic evening…for Sharon. Dylan is there and he urges her to cut ties with Nick so they can be together. Avery wakes up. Sharon wakes up from a nap and finds Nick hasn’t left her. She apologizes for her meltdown and confesses that she didn’t tell him everything. She took advantage of certain situations to spend more time with him. Nick forgives her and says he will always care about her. Before he leaves, he reminds her to call her doctor. After Nick leaves, Sharon explains to “Cassie” that she needs to find peace, get healthy. She wasn’t manipulating Nick. “Cassie” points out that if this were true, “Cassie” wouldn’t still be there. At Crimson Lights, Dylan is cleaning up when Stitch comes in to tell him about Delia’s accident. Dylan’s first instinct is to call Chelsea, but he doesn’t want to give her false hope. Avery goes to The Underground, and Noah says Nick isn’t there. As she leaves, Nick comes in. They reminisce about old times and Avery gives Nick his ring. She hopes he will find someone who deserves him and she’s sorry that isn’t her. Not realizing how late it is, she goes to Crimson Lights as Dylan is closing up.

Victoria tries to distract Billy by giving him Johnny, but Billy says he can’t do this right now. She wants Billy to talk to her and not watch the video of Delia’s play because it’s doing more harm than good. She begs him to turn it off before the witch crumples to the floor. Billy throws down his laptop and says that Delia is everywhere, there are things that remind him of her everywhere he looks. He blames himself again for her death and storms out. Victoria gathers Delia’s things and puts them in the closet.

Chelsea asks Adam what’s going on with him. Adam admits he fees guilty. Chelsea assures him it isn’t his fault Connor might go blind and that they should feel lucky because they still have him. The person who should be feeling guilty is the despicable person who hit Delia and left her by the side of the road. Adam agrees that the driver should own up to it. Chelsea says Adam has to put his emotions aside and be there for his son. Adam promises Connor will see every inch of the world. He gets some money together to purchase corneas off the black market and says this may be their only option. He meets a man in the park and gives him the money. He runs into Billy.

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