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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The public is lined up around Rodeo Drive waiting for the grand reveal. Eric notices Hope is less than enthused and is shocked when she holds up her hand and says the wedding is off. He asks Rick is he knows anything abut it. Rick answers that Caroline told him about the video that Liam sent Steffy. He thinks is it obvious that Steffy was the one who sent it to Hope. Wyatt and Quinn walk in with Charlie, the security guard, who unlocks the case and hands the diamond necklace to Quinn. She puts it on display and teases him about no touching. He quips that he will guard it like a goat…..they are better than hawks. He guarantees the Forrester’s 100% security. Wyatt sees Hope in a heated discussion with Eric and tells Quinn they are probably discussing the video….you know the one Liam sent Steffy for her wedding tribute. He can’t imagine how anyone could do that. Or who would e-mail it to Hope. By the look on Quinn’s face and her avoiding looking at him, Wyatt guesses that it was Quinn. He’s appalled when she can’t deny it. He’s not mad at her as Hope needed to know and the engagement is off, but he makes her promise not to ever do anything like that again. Hope walks over and he calls her Miss Hope for the Future. They have a monstrous day ahead of them and he hopes she is ready for it. Caroline grabs Hope and Eric and ushers them away. Dayzee drops in on Maya and asks about the big day. Maya says they still haven’t set the date. She confides in Dayzee that Carter is everything in a man she wants and she should be happy, but she can’t stop thinking about Rick. Dayzee wonders if Maya is having second thoughts. Maya relives how things have changed so much since she moved back to LA. She was fresh out of jail and looked up Dayzee and found out her daughter was dead. Dayzee had been so kind and gave her a job and a place to stay and then she met Rick and fell in love. Dayzee reminds her that Carter has a lot going for him too. Maya is just not sure it is the same as what she had with Rick.

Hope tells Eric that she will be all right. Nothing may ever be the same again or this might only be temporary. She doesn’t know yet. Rick tells Caroline that his future as President is very bright because of her designs. He will never forget that. All the salesladies say they will not let Rick down. Quinn says the public is getting antsy so Rick says open the doors and let the cash registers start filling. Dayzee asks Maya has she ever considered going to Rick and telling him all of this. Maya isn’t sure she has that right and besides he is with Caroline now. Dayzee says maybe, but the only way Maya will know is if she finds out for herself how he feels. Wyatt slips a jewelry bag into Rick’s hands and says this is what he wants. A reporter finds Hope and asks if she will make a statement if there will be two Forrester weddings soon...hers and Liamís and Rick and Carolineís. That has not been announced but she is sure it is only a matter of time. Then she notices Hope is not wearing her ring and asks about it. Hope dodges that bullet by saying she has just learned not to mix her private life with her business one. She says she will be happy to answer any more questions she can about the Hope for the Future diamond. Another reporter asks Hope if she can possibly take a picture of her wearing the diamond. Hope says sure. Wyatt steps forward and says heíd like to do the honors and he takes the necklace and places it around Hopeís neck while she looks up and gets lost in his big brown eyes. He wonít quit until he makes her smile, then calls her beautiful. Amidst all the glamour, Maya walks in with a standout red dress. Eric greets her. She says she hopes it is okay that she is here. He hugs her and says of course; they have missed her at Forrester. She asks if Rick is around and Eric says no; he and Caroline just left but he will be back. Maya says she will wait. Out in the limo, Caroline finds champagne and asks Rick what heís up to. He says it is a surprise and he wonít tell her where they are going but that it will be a night she wonít forget. Hope apologizes to Wyatt for being so quiet. Itís just been an unreal day what with her calling her wedding off. She asks Wyatt if she overreacted. He says no.  She deserves a man who can make a decision and give his word and stick to it. She asks if he means a man like him? He replies that he will prove himself to her. And her success and their collaboration, it is only the beginning. He vows he will win her over. And this sadness she feels because of his brother will only be a distant memory. "Hope for the future...youíre looking at it."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric called the hotel to find out who was there the night he was drugged.  The receptionist didnít want to help him at first.  Theresa started on her plan against Jennifer.  Theresa dropped Danielís bracelet in front of Jennifer and Abby.  JJ gave Justin a hard time about his case.  Hope and Daniel talked about his case.  Hope and Daniel talked about JJís case.  Hope informed Daniel that he might have to testify against JJ.  Hope and Daniel continued to talk about JJ and Jennifer.  JJ lashed out at Justin about Jack raping Kayla.  Justin tried to explain what Jack did, but JJ was still upset that he wasnít told about it.  Justin went off on JJ about his attitude.  Jennifer didnít want to take Theresaís bait so she went to the courthouse.  Eric continued to get Martha (hotel receptionist) to help him, but she couldnít do it.  Brady got a call and told Kristen that they might be able to get married sooner.

Theresa and Anne talked about how Theresa was going to get Daniel.  JJ had to get ready for his appearance in court.  Martha decided to help Eric after all.  She wanted to meet with Eric in Salem.  Eric believed he would finally find out what happened to him.  Daniel was at the hospital and decided to look at the flash drive.  JJ as well as his family arrived at the courthouse.  Theresa made a copy of Danielís key.  Daniel started to open the flash drive when Kristen showed up.  Brady went to Eric to tell him that he and Kristen could get married sooner.  Brady asked Eric if he was still going to marry him and Kristen.  Kristen told Daniel that her wedding was pushed up.  JJ pled not guilty during his hearing.  The judge felt that JJ didnít respect the law and denied his bail.  Theresa broke into Danielís place and snooped around.  Kristen and Daniel talked about her infertility problems.  Daniel had to go to the ER so Kristen wanted to use his phone.  Kristen sat in front of the flash drive.  Martha arrived at the chapel.  Eric asked her about the other woman that was at the hotel that night.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan wants to hire Diane Miller to annul his marriage. She says Morgan defrauded Kiki so Kiki should be the one petitioning for annulment. He rants about Kiki lying when she said she loved him. Diane tells Morgan to take her notepad and write everything down. He assures her that she will get paid. She says she is sure his benefactor, Ava Jerome, can afford it. She reminds him that unlike Michael, he only has one father and advises him to make up with Sonny.  Sonny overhears Kiki telling Michael that she just found out from Silas that her mother has a brother. Kiki wonders if she should ask her mother about her mysterious new uncle but then realizes that she isnít speaking to her and doesnít know where she is. Michael reveals that Ava has a penthouse that she is living in with Morgan. Kiki says her mother always has an agenda and that Morgan could be getting into something that is way over his head.

Sam overhears Alexis telling a lab tech that she already has Samís consent. Alexis reveals her quest to find Samís father. She says she has a DNA sample from Carlyís brother that she wants to compare to see if his father, Julian Jerome, is also Samís father. Carly goes to the boxing gym to meet Derek for lunch and finds Derek and Franco in the boxing ring. Derek sucker punches him while Franco is talking to Carly. Carly berates Derek for punching a man who has just had brain surgery. She glares at Derek as she helps Franco out of the gym. Franco wonít allow Carly to take him to the hospital, so she takes him to his hotel suite and puts ice on his head. She stops him when he tries to kiss him and reminds him that he is sleeping with Diane. He reveals that he isnít really sleeping with Diane. Carly leaves when Diane lets herself into Francoís suite. Ava finds Derek at the gym and asks him to sign the contract for an art show featuring Franco. Derek is surprised that Ava wants anything to do with Franco. She says she despises Franco, but she doesnít have a problem with making money off him. He says he canít sign the document because he doesnít want anyone to know he is her silent partner. He admits that it would be amusing to have Franco pay 10% to his rival for Carly. Ava wonders how he can be involved with a woman who is out to get her. Derek says he has no doubt that Sonnyís ex knows more about him that Avaís little boy-toy does. When Ava goes home, Morgan looks in her purse for a pen. He reads Avaís contract and sees Derek Wellsí signature on it. Carly goes back to the gym and asks Derek if his lunch invitation is still good.

Shawn and Sonny discuss Kikiís uncle. Shawn says Ava might have told Silas that her financier was her brother so he wouldnít know she had another lover. He says that if Ava does have a brother, the only reason he can think of for her to keep it from her daughter would be if the brother was dirty. Sonny doesnít think it is coincidental that Ava Jerome appeared in town at the same time that Julian Jeromeís name resurfaced. He wonders if Julian is alive and Avaís brother. Sonny remembers Shawn telling him that Carly saw Derek and Ava on the docks the night that his coffee shipment was blown up, and that Shawn saw Derek gloating about Sonnyís losses. He wonders if Derek Wells is really Julian Jerome.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack and Victoria think of places that Billy might be.  Victoria checks home but he isnít there.  Jack finds Billy at the scene of the accident and tells him that heís there for him.  Billy tells Jack what happened that night, and he starts looking for the dog.  Jack convinces him to go home, they can look for the dog in daylight. Victoria goes to the ranch to pick up Johnny.  She tells Nikki and Victor that Delia is gone.  When Victoria leaves, Victor goes on and on about what an idiot Billy is and that he isnít good enough for Victoria.  Nikki tells Victor he needs to have more compassion.

Adam admonishes Chelsea for snooping through his car.  Chelsea explains that she wasnít snooping, she was looking for Connorís blanket and itís a good thing she did, because she found Adamís lost credit card.  Adam goes out to the garage and examines his car again, finding the black cloth.  Kevin calls Chelsea and asks her to come back to the hospital because Chloe refuses to leave.  At the hospital, Chelsea consoles Kevin, who doesnít know what to do or what to say to Chloe.  A hospital transplant coordinator talks to Chloe, who becomes enraged and refuses to let people cut into Delia.  Chelsea convinces Chloe to go home, but Chloe insists on seeing Delia first.  Once home, Kevin tells Chloe there is a way something good could come of this.  Back at home, Chelsea notices that Adam is acting strange.  She says she knows when heís hiding something.

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