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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is hot. He tells Hope to put back on her ring and lose Wyatt and let them get on with their wedding planning. She tells him that she can’t. He more than hurt her with dragging Steffy back into their life. He repeats the same old mantra – it was a goodbye video, nothing more. Steffy is not in his life. She is his past, Hope is his future. Steffy only asked him for something to commemorate what they had, past tense, and he gave it to her. But Hope is his future and he thinks he has done a damn good job of proving that to her and she does not have the right to pretend that his past does not exist because he can do two things at once. He can be committed to Hope totally but still have memories. It is not a betrayal to acknowledge what once was and she has to stop acting like he has to be perfect for her. He rages that she will never think he is good enough, making him walk on eggshells and then running to his damn brother every time she thinks he does something wrong. He screams at her that if he disappointed her or she is angry or even if she hates him, then work it out with him…….because if she doesn’t, HE will be there ready to move in and take advantage. He turns to Wyatt and accuses him of kissing his fiancé once again. Wyatt says technically no. She didn’t have the ring on her finger. Liam softens then and begs Hope to come with him. He implores her to put the ring on her finger where it belongs and they can go talk about this. Wyatt tells Liam that going all cave man does not behoove him. He should not be talking to Hope this way and giving her orders. Let her speak for herself. Liam tells Hope that he gets that she is upset, so is he. Just what has he not let her say. She cries – sending your ex-wife a video is NOT okay. He repeats that if he is committed to her…….She says that’s just it….a very big IF. She admits when he sent her the video she was genuinely touched and felt so special. But it is NOT special if he was also making one for Steffy. That was just a reminder how he was just stringing both of them along. Steffy is not here. She lives in Paris yet Liam still can not let her go. Liam looks defeated, like maybe he finally got it! Brooke looks at Bill with all this paraphernalia, a hobby for both of them. He wants to take her back to Aspen. Rick and Caroline are eating at an outside restaurant and discussing Liam and Hope. He asks why would Liam send Steffy a video? He sounds like he doesn’t have a working brain. He just never learns. Caroline says thank goodness Rick did and got over his past a little easier than her cousin did. Carter and Maya also are seated at the same restaurant and she spots Rick and Caroline kissing. She turns her nose up and pretends not to notice. Carter tries to pin her down to a wedding date so he can let his parents know to make the trip. He’s sure she will want to invite hers as well. She says they won’t care but she will have her chosen family there and that is all that matters. Carter catches Maya darting looks at Rick again and sees who she sees. She apologizes and allows him to take her elsewhere. As they get up, Rick spots them and calls out to Maya. Carter mentions they have a lot to do to plan the wedding yet. Rick asks when is the wedding and Maya says that hasn’t been decided yet.

Liam reminds Hope that Steffy is not here and he only did something that he thought would give her closure. Hope says what he did was not a little thing. Sending love notes to your ex-wife is a very big deal, especially on the eve of your wedding. Liam says Steffy could walk back through that door right now and it wouldn’t make any difference. Hope thinks he is encouraging it. She points out that he’s been used to her and Steffy fighting over him for so long that maybe he does not know how to be with just her. He’s shocked that she would think that he enjoyed all of that as he didn’t. Humbly he asks her for the ring. Reluctantly she gives it to him. He reaches out for her to hand to put it on and she says no. She says whether it is Steffy or just memories of her, he is incapable of letting her go. Maybe someday he can convince her otherwise. He asks if they can just go home and be alone and talk about it there. She cries that she doesn’t think there is any more to talk about. She walks out. Liam turns to Wyatt who is just standing idly by. Liam steels his eyes at him and says he did this. Brooke is trying on her gear when Hope returns home looking down in the dumps. She says Liam found her with Wyatt. They notice she is not wearing her ring. She says she took it off and gave it back to Liam. She needs to know that the man she marries is totally in love with just her and after the Steffy video, she has to wonder. Brooke says she is sorry. Wyatt accuses Liam of accusing Wyatt that this is his fault when it was Liam who sent the video. And for the record, Wyatt did not send the video to Hope and now Liam wants to accuse Wyatt for pointing it out. Liam sneers that Wyatt can quit pretending that he hasn’t been messing with him ever since he found out they were brothers. He invited him into his home to live and use his computer. And that’s when it happened, at Forrester backstage at the fashion show. That’s when it happened when he found his stuff backstage and went into his e-mail. Wyatt calls him Sherlock and says he can think what he wants. He doesn’t know how Hope got the e-mail but he did nothing along those lines. He adds that it all happened at just the right time. And when he gets engaged to her he won’t disrespect her and treat her the way Liam has. He keeps his options open like getting up in the morning and trying to decide if he wants a blonde or a brunette. Liam says ever since he showed up Wyatt has been smug and condescending and Liam has tried to be the bigger man. He has tried to be the gentleman, but no more. So whatever nonsense comes out of that mouth now, whatever trick Wyatt tries to pull they are going through Liam. And whatever plans he has for Hope, dear brother, he is setting himself up for failure as Liam is not going to let Wyatt walk away with her. “That woman, that precious woman is gonna be MY wife, my future and this will not happen on my watch!”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Cameron and Daniel managed to save Chad from dying.  Stefano talked to God about how Chadís situation was his fault.  Kristen overheard Stefano talking about getting Bernardi to do his dirty work.  Cameron thought about Abby and the fact that Chad lied about having a tumor.  Kristen wondered if Chad was going to be like the rest of the family.  Roman tried to warn Sami about being with EJ.  Sami refused to listen and insisted that she would marry EJ. Stefano visited Chad and told him about the deal he made with God to be a better person.  Sami was at the mansion and thought about Romanís advice to her about leaving EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

While Morgan seduces Ava, he imagines that he is with Kiki and Ava imagines that she is with Silas. Diane stops by to offer Ava the opportunity to host Francoís art show at the gallery she just bought. She says she only needs Ava and her partnerís signatures on the contract that she brought with her. Ava says her silent partner prefers to remain anonymous. Diane says she will approach another gallery. Ava says she will get the signature. On her way out, Diane warns Ava about Morganís over-protective parents. Morgan wants to hire Diane to dissolve his marriage. Michael and Kiki discuss needing jobs. Kiki goes to the hospital to ask Silas if he will give her a reference for a job at the hospital. He apologizes for running out if her wedding reception. She tells him that her marriage ended that night anyway. She tells him that she is living with her brother-in-law now and that Morgan is sleeping with her mother. Kiki wonders how Silas ended up hooking up with her mother. During the conversation, Silas mentions that Avaís brother financed her first gallery. Kiki didnít know her mother had a brother. Sam tells Silas that she is going to find Kikiís uncle for her. Michael goes to Sonnyís office to ask him for a job in the coffee warehouse. Michael tells Sonny that he and Kiki are together now. Sonny is glad they are happy. Michael starts to tell Sonny about Morgan sleeping with Ava, but Sonny already knows and tells Michael that Morgan has moved in with Ava. He says he as a hunch that when Ava couldnít get to their family through Kiki, she decided to take it upon herself. He tells Michael that the gambling ring that Morgan was indebted to is trying to muscle into Port Charles and that the boss is a man named Julian Jerome who was presumed dead for the past 20 years.

Derek invites Carly to lunch via text message. Alexis goes to the Metro Court to ask Carly if she was able to ask her brother, Lucas to submit to a DNA test to determine if he and Sam have the same father. Carly asks Alexis if she is interested in Derek.  Alexis says she isnít. Carly says she isnít either; she just wants to get information about Ava out of him because Ava has her claws in Morgan. She says Ava and Derekís relationship doesnít appear to have anything to do with romance or art. A package with Lucasí DNA sample arrives. Carly says Danny deserves to know both sides of his family history and wishes Carly luck. Alexis asks Carly not to mention it to Sam because she hasnít told her yet. Alexis takes the sample to the hospital. Sam overhears Alexis telling a nurse that Sam has already given consent and wonders what she has consented to.

Shawn tells Sonny that he heard from Carly that Derek Wells was having an intense conversation with Ava Jerome on the pier the night that Sonnyís shipment blew up. He says he also saw Derek at Kellyís gloating over Sonnyís losses. Shawn goes to the boxing gym to watch Derek. Franco goes to the boxing gym to confront Derek about Carly. Derek suggests that they have a boxing match to settle it. Franco sucker punches Derek. Derek lets Franco get a few more good shots in. Carly goes to the gym to meet Derek for lunch and sees him in the ring with Franco. Derek sucker punches Franco while he is distracted by Carly. Shawn goes back to Sonnyís office and tells him that Derek is at the gym with Franco. Sonny wonders what Derek has to do with Franco. Kiki meets Michael at Sonnyís office. She tells him that she just found out that her mother has a brother. Sonny asks her if he heard her right.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Alex tells Kevin about Deliaís accident.  Adam tells himself that the light on his car could have broken weeks ago.  He doesnít notice the piece of black fabric hanging from the bottom of the car.  Jack visits Adam and starts to talk business but Adam is distracted.  He tells Jack that he is going to be the father to Connor that Adam never had.  Getting back at Victor isnít a priority.  Jack offers to listen if Adam wants to talk and Adam takes him up on the offer.  Jack tells Adam to let go and let God take over. 

Chloe breaks down at the hospital.  She wants to see Delia.  Alex and Kevin arrive and Victoria tells them that Delia died.  Kevin goes to console Chloe.  Alex questions Billy.  Billy blames himself because he left Delia in the car alone.  Chloe talks about all the things she will never experience with Delia.  Everyone is shocked to learn that the driver who hit Delia stopped, then drove away.  Alex promises to find the person responsible.  Kevin wants to help but Alex says heís needed elsewhere.  Chloe blames Billy and slaps him, then later blames Kevin for Chloe not being there for Delia. Chelsea comes home and tells Adam and Jack that Delia didnít make it.  Jack rushes to find Billy.  Chelsea describes the scene at the hospital and how Billy and Chloe are forever broken. When Jack arrives at the hospital, Billy isnít there.  Heís gone back to the place he found Delia.

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