Monday 10/14/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope takes the ring that Wyatt just took off of her finger and slips it in her pocket. She looks up at Wyatt and he leans down and kisses her. He tells her there is only her. There will never be anyone else in his life… Steffy…..just her. Liam pleads with Brooke that she must know where Hope is so just please tell him. Brooke points out to him that he took the time to make the video for Steffy. That was not on impulse; that took time and planning. He says it really wasn’t. The whole point was that it was the final goodbye to Steffy. Brooke replies that he knew it would hurt Hope so she doesn’t see why he did it. He counters with that Hope is his future and Steffy is his past, so if Brooke will just tell him where Hope is they can work this out. He says that Hope is making way too much of this video and now so is Brooke. She says he had to know that it would have a major impact on Steffy. Liam says but at least she knows now that their marriage meant something. Brooke retorts that she didn’t need her own personal tribute to know that. Liam chastises her by saying she is wrong. Look at all the terrible things that Steffy went through with the loss of the baby and all so she needed this video to prove that their marriage was real and that he did care for her. Once again he begs Brooke to tell him where Hope is. After all, she still has his engagement ring on her finger. Hope holds up the ring and Wyatt tells her that he will get her another… that doesn’t have a lot of baggage attached to it. This feels so right. He says this time she is starting a new life with someone who loves only her. Bill and Katie continue their little debate on who should be running the company. She says she takes full responsibility of the company with new leadership. He mocks that if the board meeting was any indication of her leadership, then……She says he was treating her with zero respect and bullying her and she is not going to take that from him anymore. He tells her she does not have the experience and despite what she thinks, he does still care about her and doesn’t want to see her and the company go thru what is probably gonna happen. She says she does want him there. She needs him. He says there isn’t any way that would work. Her method of working is different than hers. He says he’d have to run the company. She says then it is hers to run. He says good luck and she is going to need a lot of it. Dani brings little Will in to see Katie. She tells hr that she held her own today at the meeting and she is very proud of her. Katie says that seems to be her life now, Will and running the company but at least she is no longer in the perpetual shadow of the great Bill Spencer. And she realizes now just how much she has lost. Brooke tells Liam that she thinks he really just needs to step back and leave Hope alone for a bit and let her make some decisions. Liam doesn’t think she needs to make any decisions. Brooke says yes she does; like who she is going to spend the rest of her life with. Liam is incensed and says no. That has been settled. It is with him.

Bill walks in and wonders why Liam is hanging around there and not with Hope. Liam says a certain someone won’t tell him where Hope is. He says he knows what Hope wants to hear that she is his one and only. And he is not going to stand around here debating them so Brooke just needs to tell him where Hope is. She hesitates a moment and then says Hope is at the cabin. He turns to leave and she stops him by saying there is more he needs to know. Wyatt tells Hope that he’s there for her. He will always be there and he needs to know that she knows that. She puts her arms around his neck and passionately kisses him. Afterwards he asks if she is all right. She says she is. He quips how could she not be, and then kisses her again. Brooke tells Liam that Hope is not alone; she is with Wyatt. He says of course; he should have guessed that. After all he is the one who sent her the video. He goes storming out and Brooke tells him to cool off. He grumbles that he will show her cooling off. Brooke asks Bill to do something but he says it will be okay. His sons will handle this. Mainly Hope just needs to choose since they are both in love with her. He tells her about Katie and the board meeting. And now he is out of it and doesn’t care if Katie runs the company into the ground. He’s going to find a new passion that will include Brooke. He makes her close her eyes while he runs outside to bring in something to show her. When she is allowed to open her eyes, there Bill stands with both hands and arms and waist all draped with equipment, and a pick axe and rope like for mountain climbing. Wyatt and Hope kiss several more times until she finally pulls away and says they have to stop this. She needs to talk to Liam first. Too late……Liam opens the door. He doesn’t charge in though. He remains silent at the door drinking it all in. Wyatt turns around and sees Liam. Liam tells Wyatt that he can leave now. Wyatt responds that no, he’s afraid he can’t do that. A little tougher, Liam says he could come over there and make him leave. Hope sees the danger and jumps in between them. She says this is not going down like this. Liam asks her if she will tell Wyatt to leave. Then he notices and asks Hope where her ring is. She says she took it off. Bewildered, he says oh, she’s not doing this again. Wyatt utters that she already has. Liam tells him to stay out of this. Hope tells Liam that he did something unforgivable. He reached out to Steffy. Still unable to admit he did anything wrong, Liam says he did not reach out to Steffy. She asked him for the video and he made it. Hope says to prove to Steffy how much she meant to him. Hope already knew that otherwise he would have never married Steffy. He says that is all over now and the whole point was just to say goodbye. Wyatt says if he were Steffy and he saw the video that he would not think it was to say goodbye. Liam sarcastically says thanks, now he knows Wyatt saw the video. Wyatt says actually no. He did not send the video to Hope but she told him about it. Hope tells Liam there is no need to get all bothered about this. It doesn’t matter who sent it, she needed to see it. She says they could have gotten through anything…..anything at all but not him re-connecting with Steffy again. Liam says there is no Steffy in his life. And he’s not going to accept this. They deserve to be married and he’s not going to let “him” or anyone else come between them.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marge ended up shooting Chad at the engagement party.  Daniel asked Eric about his visions.  Marge said she wanted to shoot EJ instead of Chad.  EJ called Margeís bluff and dared her to shoot him.  Daniel wanted to know if Eric was keeping something from him.  Nicole thought about her conversation with Marlena about Kristen.  Nicole saw Kristen with Jennifer at the pub.  Will managed to get the gun from Marge.  Marge repeated that she wanted to kill EJ.  Cameron tried to help Chad.  Stefano lashed out at Marge.  Will and Sami tried to stop Stefano from going after Marge.  Daniel was about to look at Kristenís flash drive.  Nicole confronted Kristen at the pub and warned her that ďtheyĒ were on to her.  Kristen implied that Nicole didnít want to know what she did.  Sami went to Marge and asked her about what she did.  Sami reminded Marge that she left Timmy alone.  Nicole and Kristen argued about Brady and Eric.  Daniel prepared to look at the flashdrive.  Marge was taken to the police station.  Hope and Roman wanted to talk to Marge about the shooting.  Roman let Marge know that she shot a DiMera.  Maxine told Daniel about a gunshot victim (Chad) so he couldnít look at the drive.  Stefano and EJ had a heated exchange while they were at the hospital.  

Marge was sorry for shooting Chad, but realized the DiMeras will know what she went through losing Joe.  Kristen and Jennifer arrived at the hospital.  Stefano informed Kristen that Marge shot Chad.  Kristen approached Sami and asked her what she was thinking not calling her about Chad.  Kristen let Sami know that if Chad died it would be her fault.  Cameron saw Danielís surgical plan and realized that Daniel couldnít perform the surgery without knowing Chad didnít have a brain tumor.  EJ didnít want Cameron to say anything.  Hope tried to convince Marge that Joe was responsible for what happened to him.  Marge didnít want to hear it.  Marge wanted to get revenge.  Sami told Stefano that it was his fault if something happened to Chad.  Cameron advised EJ that Chad could die because of his tumor.  EJ told Cameron that Chad didnít have a tumor.  Cameron was disgusted with EJ.  EJ just wanted Cameron to help Chad.  Stefano went to the chapel to pray for Chad.  Kristen wanted to know what Sami said to Stefano.  Sami filled Kristen in on what she said.  Chad had convulsions while on the operating table.  Stefano pleaded with God to save Chadís life.  Chad ended up flatlining.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

While Anna is trying to convince the prison guard that the person visiting Faison is not her, Dr. Obrecht exits the room wearing an Anna Devane mask. Anna and Obrecht draw their pistols on each other. The guard orders them both to put down their weapons. Obrecht shoots the guard and then shoot at Anna, but misses. Anna returns fire, grazing Obrechtís hand and causing her to drop her gun. Obrecht and Anna struggle until Anna knocks Obrecht out and removes the mask. Faison comes out of the visiting room. Anna demands that he tell her if Robin is alive, adding that Robert said he saw her with Obrecht at the Swiss clinic. Faison says he didnít order Obrecht to put Robert in a coma, but that it was a result of her incompetence. He asks Anna if he says Robin is alive, whether she will see him as the monster that held Robin or the hero that saved her and kept her alive. Anna says she just wants to know if she is alive. Faison says he will take her to Robin if she escorts him out of the prison. Obrecht regains consciousness and punches Anna, who goes down, unconscious. Faison stops Obrecht from shooting Anna, threatening to kill her if she hurts Anna. A guard finally arrives at the reception area and revives Anna. He tells her that Faison and Obrecht got away.

Britt tells Nikolas that Cesar Faison is her father and that her mother is probably taking Ben to him. Nikolas calls his connections to find out what prison Faison is being held in. Britt says she never mentioned her father before because she was afraid Nikolas would be horrified. He reminds her that he is a Cassadine and that the Cassadines have done more than their share of horrifying things. He tells her that his father was insane and that his mother left him behind when she escaped his father. Britt says Nikolas had one evil parent, but she has two. He says it doesnít matter to him who her parents are and that it is amazing that she turned out as normal as she did in spite of them. Britt looks at the video her mother sent again. Nikolas notices the background and says his house on Cassadine Island has identical dťcor. He wonders if Obrecht took Ben to his house.

Jerry goes to test the cure Robin made on Luke. Tracy appears behind Jerry with a gun and tells him to hand over the elixir. Luke refuses to use half and leave the other half for Jerry. After shooting Jerry in the shoulder, Tracy injects Luke and they leave Jerry locked in the room. Jerry yells for the guards and then realizes that he doesnít have his phone. Robin calls Patrick from Jerryís phone, which he left in the lab. He hears her say her name, but the connection is too bad for him to understand anything else she says before they lose the connection. Jerry returns to the lab before Robin can make another call.  She tells him that he should be feeling the effects of the cure by now, so he has to let her go. He tells her that someone stole the cure before he could use it, so she has to make more. She says his poisoning is too advanced for her to synthesize more in time to save him. He tells her that she had better think of something because their agreement still stands: If she cures him, she goes home, but if he dies, she dies too. Patrick bangs on the hospital elevator call button as if that will make it come sooner. He tells Sabrina that he needs to get to the police station to have the number that Robin just called from traced. Sabrina tries to convince him that he imagined that he heard Robinís voice on the phone. He says it seems impossible, but he knows Robinís voice.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki visits Victoria, who is waiting for Billy and Delia to come home.  Victoria tells Nikki that Victor asked her to head up the merger between Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries and sheís happy about that but not so happy that Victor also asked her to befriend Chelsea in order to ensure a friendship between Johnny and Connor and he could get to know his new grandson.  Nikki comes close to confessing about her first son when Victoria gets the call about Delia.  She leaves Nikki babysitting for Johnny.  Nikki admits to Johnny that she has a son named Dylan.  She wonders what life would be like if she had raised him.

Still in his car, Adam recalls the conversation with Chelsea when she said he would do anything to get corneas for Connor and Chelsea talked about how someone would have to die for that to happen.  When  he gets home, he tells Chelsea she can hope and pray but heís going to take action.  He makes a phone call about purchasing corneas off the black market.  Victoria calls asking if Chelsea has seen Chloe.  She tells Chelsea about the accident.  Chelsea tells Adam that Delia got hit by a car chasing after her new puppy.  Adam remembers swerving to avoid hitting a dog.  Chelsea leaves to find Chloe.  Adam checks his car and finds that one of its lights is broken.  The police investigate the hit and run scene and Alex finds a piece of plastic light covering.

Billy and Delia arrive at the hospital, where the EMTs continue to work on her.  Kevin and Chloe enjoy their date.  Billy gets the news that Delia has died.  Victoria arrives and consoles Billy.  Chelsea finds Chloe at Crimson Lights and tells her thereís been an accident, they need to get to the hospital right away.  When Chloe gets there, she joins Billy in Deliaís room where he tells her Delia didnít make it.  Viewers donít hear this conversation, but the dramatic reaction from a devastated Chloe says it all.

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