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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke greets Hope the next morning and Hope says she didn’t sleep much as she was re-watching the video Liam made. She knows it was not a good idea but she was hoping she’d find something besides Steffy still trying to dictate her life. Brooke points out her other options. Hope decides to go to the cabin to sort this all out. She is barely out the door when Wyatt shows up. He tells Brooke that he was with his mom when Hope called her and was very upset. Apparently she had left Big Bear without Liam. He wants to know what Liam did this time. What kind of damage did he inflict upon her. Brooke tells him about the latest video. Wyatt is incensed and wants to know if all of this is okay by Brooke for Liam to keep disrespecting her daughter. She says of course not. She is sick of it. Just in case she doesn’t know it, he tells her that he is more than crazy about her daughter and would like to talk to her and tell her that once again. Brooke tells him that Hope is at the cabin on their place. Wyatt knows where it is. Katie holds her first board meeting and she is about to close the door when Bill walks in. He accuses her of wanting to start without him. From there it is downhill all the way. He also tells her that she is sitting in his chair so he just stands behind it the entire time she is conducting the meeting and mouthing off at almost everything she says. Katie is trying to cut costs and is considering selling the jet, the Aspen cabin and yacht. Bill says all those things helped him make his big decisions and enhanced the company. One board member says this is sounding more like divorce court than a board meeting. Mainly for Bill’s ears, she says there are some changes around here. She is running the company now, not Bill and he needs to do the right thing for the company and accept it. Bill grouses that he will not stand by and watch her drive the business off a cliff that he has worked so hard to build. Katie calls the meeting. She says she needs to speak to Bill alone. Liam runs into Caroline and brings her up to speed on the videos. He’s crossed Steffy off his list of suspects who sent the video. She would not lie to him. That pretty well leaves Wyatt who would benefit from busting up him and Hope. He goes to Brooke and tries to get her to tell him where Hope is.

Bill relays to Katie that he’s not going to listen to a rookie try to educate him. Katie tells Bill that she was hoping they could work together. They used to make a good team. She really doesn’t want to fight with him but things are settling in and she has a vision for this company and that isn’t going to change. She isn’t going to roll over and crumble. He declares that she is like a deer caught in the headlights and that’s why she needs him to prop her up. She needs his guidance because she has no experience. But he’s no longer interested. If she wants Spencer Publications, she’s got it. She can run it as she sees fit. Run it into the ground even. He doesn’t care anymore. Wyatt goes to the cabin. He tells Hope that he knows she was not expecting him he'd like to come in. He tells her he knows all about the dueling videos and he can’t believe how insensitive Liam is. Hope says but Liam doesn’t see it. He keeps drawing Steffy back into their relationship or maybe it is Steffy too; it’s exhausting. Wyatt tells her to stop the madness. “Walk away…walk this way.” Wyatt tells her she needs to take that ring off. Maybe she doesn’t realize how special she is and that she believes that she doesn’t deserve to be treated better. She is the only woman in his life ….the only woman that he wants to be with. But he can’t prove that to her if she is still wearing that ring. He says it is time to cut Liam lose. Take a chance…..give him a chance….a man who knows what he wants and values Hope. And knows how lucky he would be to have Hope. He wants to be that guy. She walks away but returns. Slowly he picks up her hand and takes the ring off and puts it in her palm and closes it around the ring. She takes the ring and puts it in her pocket. She looks up at him and he leans in and kisses her. End of one chapter, beginning of another?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marge was about to kill herself, but she changed her mind.  EJ and Sami gave each other toasts at their engagement party.  Marge felt that EJ and Sami should suffer.  Marge walked out of the house.  Cameron confronted Chad about lying about having a brain tumor.  Cameron was about to tell Abby the truth when EJ showed up.  Marge arrived at the DiMera mansion.  Chad told EJ that Cameron accused him of lying about his tumor.  EJ came up with a lie to cover for Chad.  EJ told Cameron that he paid for Chadís treatment.  EJ threatened to ruin Cameronís career if he pursued his theory.  Cameron decided to leave the party.  Abby asked Chad about his conversation with Cameron.  Chad lied to her about his conversation.

Kate, Rafe, and Jordan arrived at the engagement party.  EJ wanted them to stick around for the party. Rafe was going to leave but he wanted to stay when he saw Stefano.  Sami advised Kate to get Rafe out of the party.  Rafe looked at Stefano and thought about EJ telling him what Stefano planned to do to him. Marge asked Harold about EJ and Sami.  Harold got a phone call about EJ and Sami.  Harold told the person about the engagement party.  Marge heard what he said and left before he got back to the door.  Sami talked to Rafe during the party.  Rafe wished her and the kids luck with EJ.  When Sami walked off, Stefano showed up to talk to Rafe.  Rafe and Stefano had a heated exchange.  Stefano implied that he was going after Rafe again.  Chad made a toast to EJ and Sami when Marge showed up and started shooting.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia tells Duke when she sees a vision of Faison kissing Anna. Meanwhile, Faison is kissing Anna in the detention facility. A duplicate Anna arrives at the detention facility to see Faison. The guard tells her that the log says she is already there. She says it is obviously a mistake, because she is standing in front of him. Duke calls Anna and tells her about Oliviaís vision. She tells him that she is about to see Faison at the prison to follow up on a lead that Robert had, but that she is certainly not kissing him. In the visiting room, Dr. Obrecht takes off her Anna mask. Faison tells her to get out. She says she is there to tell him that his disappointment of a daughter has given him a grandson and that she is going to take Faison to meet him using Annaís credentials. Obrecht puts her mask back on and leaves the visiting room, coming face to face with the real Anna in the reception area. Britt receives a video of Obrecht with Ben. Obrecht says Ben has a bright future and that they will soon be one big happy family. Britt concludes that Obrecht took Ben to Faison. She reveals to Nikolas that Faison is her father.

Tracy sits with Luke on his deathbed in the Cassadine compound on the island. Luke tells her that he loves her and that if he lives, he wants to be her whole enchilada. Robin tells Jerry that she has found a cure for his Polonium poisoning so he has to let her go. He says she isnít going anywhere until he is sure her cure works. He says he needs to try it on someone else first to make sure it isnít lethal. When he goes to try the drug on Luke, he leaves his phone in the lab. When Jerry gets to Lukeís room, Tracy holds a gun to his back and tells him to give up the vial.

Patrick looks at the unused plane tickets to Paris, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro that he bought for Robinís birthday two years ago. Sabrina startles him when she barges into his office, and he drops the tickets on the floor. Sabrina assumes Patrick was going to surprise her with a trip, bur he tells her they were for a trip he never had the chance to take with Robin. He tears up the tickets and throws them away. He says heíd like to go on a trip with Sabrina. She says she wants to go to Rome. After Sabrina leaves, Patrickís phone rings. Robin is calling him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the hospital, Chelsea assures Connor that everything will be fine. Billy stops for ice cream and instructs Delia to stay in the car. Adam comes down this road at about the same time. Delia opens the back door and Jack, the dog, jumps out. Delia goes after the dog despite Billy's orders to stay in the car. Victoria is getting anxious as to where Billy and Delia could be. Kevin and Chloe enjoy themselves at the movies not knowing what is going on with Delia. Delia finds the dog and holds him close as she sits in the bushes. When Adam gets to where she is, the dog jumps out as does Delia. Adam swerves to not hit the dog. He stops in the middle of the road but only sees the dog and not Delia. Billy comes out of the store and is upset when he doesn't see Delia. He begins to yell for her but cannot find her. Billy finds Delia’s witch's hat in the middle of the road and then finds her in the bushes. Billy sits down beside her and tries to wake her up, but she is unconscious. Billy calls for an ambulance, but they tell him that it will be five minutes before they can get there. Billy begins to imagine what it would be like if they went home to tell Victoria what a good job she did in the play while eating ice cream to celebrate.

Billy next imagines what it would be like when Delia would go on he first date and the opposition that she would get from Billy over the boy she was going out with but it turns out Jason is a very nice boy. Another minute ticks by as Billy waits for the ambulance. Next Billy imagines what it would be like when Delia graduates from college and is ready to join the job market. Delia decides to work for her father. Next Billy imagines how he would react when he finds out that Delia is engaged to be married. Another minute ticks by. Next Billy imagines the day that Delia gets married and the toast that he would make to celebrate her marriage. When dancing with her father, Delia lets Billy know that she will always be his little girl. Another minute ticks by waiting for the ambulance. Billy imagines visiting Delia in the hospital and seeing his first grandchild. Victoria also visits to see the new baby which Delia names William. Next Delia visits Billy at work to tell him good-bye. Billy imagines seeing the grownup Delia as a little girl telling him good-bye. Billy yells, “No.” The ambulance arrives and the EMTs start to work on reviving Delia. The EMT has to push Billy out of the way but they're losing Delia.

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