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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn is in her office looking at the video of Liam and Steffy when Wyatt comes in. She jumps up and starts questioning him if he got her text. He says yeah, all six of them. He was at the bar with Oliver so he did not call her back. But he heard it was important and that is why he is here now. But if this is about him and Hope then he doesn’t want to her anything about it. She blurts out that Hope left Big Bear. Liam must have messed up again as she left him there alone. Wyatt says they are about two seconds away from getting married so Liam would not screw up now. She says Brooke was alarmed when she got Hope’s message as Hope sounded distraught. It has something to do with Steffy who has always been a big issue in Liam and Hope’s relationship. Wyatt says if Liam was still in involved with his ex-wife, Hope would definitely be distraught. Hope arrives home and makes sure that Bill isn’t there before she tells Brooke about the ordeal. According to Liam they don’t have a problem but it’s about Steffy. It’s happening all over again. She tells Brooke about Steffy’s request for the video and this is sounding all too familiar whether it was innocent or not. She vows that she is not going to share Liam with Steffy again. Brooke watches the video and tells Hope that she sees why she would be upset with Liam for making this video. Hope says he made her one to prove how much he loves her. Perhaps that is why he made one for Steffy too and Steffy will think she has the right to want him again. Hope says she though Liam knew how she felt about Steffy by now, but clearly he doesn’t. She doesn’t want to feel this way and has said on more than one occasion that she would never allow again. Hope says she hates feeling this way. She hates having to ask Liam questions when she is afraid of the answers. Brooke says Hope needs to know. She needs to be freed from this confusion of Liam’s divided attention. She deserves to be loved by a man that only wants her….a man… Wyatt. Hope says no; bringing Wyatt into this is not the thing to do. Right now the video and Liam are the only things on her mind. Brooke says she is not telling her what to do but he does care for her deeply. And she is not making excuses for Liam either but now she has a different perspective. Ever since she met Wyatt, she knows she has options. Brooke starts singing Wyatt’s praises and Hope finally says stop. She is confused enough already without adding Wyatt to the mix. Wyatt tells his mom that on the very day that Hope had plenty to celebrate that Liam goes and ruins it. That is totally unacceptable. And she does know that she doesn’t have to put up with him.

Liam shows up at the office and finds Bill there and wonders what he is doing. He says just checking up on the company. He still owns 49% of it. But he wonders why Liam is there and not at Big Bear with Hope as planned. He takes one look at Liam and says he knows that look. Tell him what happened this time. Then he tells Liam that Steffy is not the problem; Hope is the one hung up on this video. Hope still thinks that he has feelings for Steffy. Maybe it is gut check time. Maybe he does have feelings for Steffy that he canít let go. He tells Liam to get on his plane and fly to Paris and see his wife. Wyatt holds the diamond and speaks to it. The magic must be working. He wants to know from Quinn what is Liam doing now. Heís had enough chances; no more. He grouses that he is through having respect for something he has no respect for. Liam tells his Dad that he and Hope are still going to get married and he is going to let her stay with Brooke tonight and give her some more time and they will sort it out tomorrow. Wyatt tells Quinn that he told Hope he would back off and he did just to make Hope happy. But she isnít. Liam blew it. His and Hopeís chance starts tomorrow. Hope looks at the Pad and reads about the magical powers of the diamond. She smiles when she reads what Wyatt said, "Never underestimate the powers of the rock."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and Nicole brainstormed about Kristen.  They realized that Kristen thought Marlena had her flashdrive.  Marlena that Kristen had something on the drive.  Everyone got ready for Sami and EJís engagement party.  Kristen met with her henchman to talk about the drive.  The henchman lied to Kristen and said he threw it in the river.  Marlena and Nicole looked for the flashdrive.  Eric read a letter that mentioned Fay Taylor being the only woman that was at the hotel the night he was there.  Marlena and Nicole didnít have any luck finding the flashdrive.  Marlena had to stop looking to get ready for the party.  Marge wrote a mysterious letter to her parents.  Marge couldnít deal with anything anymore and hoped that Timmy would forgive her for what she had to do.  Marge grabbed her gun and put it down.

Sami and EJ arrived at their engagement party.  Nicole arrived at the church and talked to Eric.  Eric talked to Nicole about her mother.  Nicole discussed her relationship with her mother and sister.  Nicole confided in Eric that if she had a girl she would have named her Fay Taylor.  Eric was shocked by that revelation.  Chad asked EJ why he invited Cameron to the party.  EJ wanted Cameron to see Chad with Abby.  Sami thanked Marlena for planning the party for her.  Marlena was startled when Kristen walked up on her.  Nicole talked to Eric about the pain of losing her babies.  Eric reacted to that and Nicole asked him what was wrong with him.  Eric managed not to tell her what he was thinking.  Caroline walked up to Marlena and Kristen so they didnít get to talk.  Marge changed her clothes and loaded her gun.  Cameron confronted Chad about lying about having a brain tumor.  Marge pointed the gun towards herself.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke tells Olivia that Robert Scorpio is out of his coma and that Anna went to see him. Olivia hopes Duke isnít jealous, because even though Robert is smoking hot, Anna is in love with Duke. She tells him about her vision of him with Faisonís face which led Robert to find him. In Switzerland, Mac asks Robert where Anna went so soon after they arrived. Robert just says Anna is chasing bad guys, because she made him swear not to tell anyone that Robin might be alive. Mac wonders if Anna got a lead on Dr. Obrecht, who she is pursuing for kidnapping her own grandson. Robert hopes the child has a guardian angel watching over him. Obrecht has left the baby in Robinís care on Cassadine Island. Mac has a recording of Robinís funeral on his laptop. He cries when he plays it for Robert and says he didnít realize how much he misses Robin. Robert wishes he could tell Mac that Robin is alive.

While having breakfast at Kelly's, Patrick, Emma, and Elizabeth think about Robin on her birthday. Emma wants to put the card that she made into the memory box with Patrickís wedding ring. Elizabeth says she wondered when Patrick would get around to taking it off. She wonders if has anything to do with the sudden appearance of Sabrinaís hot ex-boyfriend. He says Carlos brought up the subject, but that he took it off because he wants a future with Sabrina. He observes that he thought taking the ring off would help him to get over Robin, but instead, the connection is stronger than ever. TJ gives Emma a cupcake with a candle on it to celebrate Robinís birthday. Patrick and Robin both remember the last time they were together on her birthday when he bought tickets to Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris. Patrick tells Elizabeth that if they had left right away, Robin would not have been in the lab when it exploded. Elizabeth tells him to think about the good times. Elizabeth thinks Patrick feels particularly close to Robin because he is trying to let her go. Jerry Jacks gives Robin a cupcake with a candle in it for her birthday. He says it is a reminder that as soon as she finds a cure for Polonium-210 poisoning, she will be able to spend as many birthdays as she likes with her family. Robin figures out a cure.

Anna goes to the detention facility to see Faison. She gets permission to carry a sidearm with her. Faison says he has dreamed that she would visit, but he never thought it would really happen. He apologizes for deceiving her to trick her into loving him. He says he would do anything to make it up to her. She says she needs to talk to him about Robin. She is surprised that Faison knows it is Robinís birthday. He tells her that Robin is alive. He says he kept her alive with the help of Dr. Ewen Keenan, Jerry Jacks, and Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Anna says she is familiar with Dr. Obrecht and knows how devoted she is to Faison. He says Obrecht is in love with him, but he has never returned her feelings because Anna is the only woman he loves. He backs Anna against the wall and kisses her. At the same time, Olivia sees a vision of Faison and Anna kissing at the Metro Court and tells Duke. When Anna returns Faisonís kiss, he wonders if she has come to love him. She says she does love him. He says he knew that she would fall in love with him when he told her about Robin. Anna arrives at the detention facility. In the visiting area, Faison is horrified when ďAnnaĒ takes off a latex mask to reveal that Faison has been talking to Dr. Obrecht the whole time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy makes a video of Delia in her witch's costume for the school play. Chloe and Kevin prepare for the play. Nikki tells Dylan to please call her Nikki. Nikki tells Dylan about her Multiple Sclerosis. Adam and Chelsea prepare to take Connor to the doctor when Victor arrives with some papers for Adam to sign and he wants to get to know his grandson. Chelsea refuses to allow that. Billy and Chloe are at school waiting for the play to start. They talk about Delia being a natural born star. Victor visits Victoria and Johnny. Victor tells Victoria that Adam signed the papers, and he will never again be part of Newman Enterprises. Adam joins Chelsea in the doctor’s office and lets her know that he signed the papers. He says they are his family now. Chelsea asks him if she is part of the family. Dr. Lentz comes in and lets them know about Connor’s condition and that he will need a cornea transplant. Adam fears that Connor will go permanently blind. Adam demands that Dr. Lentz perform the surgery on Connor…..tomorrow. He lets Chelsea know that he will do anything to keep his son from going blind.

Victor insists that Adam will never be part of the Newman family. He tells Victoria that he wants her to take care of the merger between Newman and Chancellor Enterprises. Victoria becomes excited over the idea and comes up with some new ideas for Newman/Chancellor. Nikki lets Dylan know that she owes him a confession. Adam assures Chelsea he will get a donor for Connor in time and watches her care for him. Chelsea asks Adam if he is going to cut her out of Connor’s life. Nikki and Dylan talk. Victor walks in and sees Nikki crying and naturally assumes that Dylan is to blame. Victor demands to know what Dylan has done to her. Nikki defends Dylan to Victor and reprimands him for his treatment of him. Adam accuses Chelsea of having a plan to manipulate him. Chelsea denies it. Adam relives when he was with Hope and felt comfortable, and he would not cut Chelsea out of Connor’s life. Delia brags that she got a standing ovation for her portrayal of the wicked witch. Chloe gives Delia a ring before she and Kevin go to the movies. Nikki goes to the park to talk to Katherine about wanting in her life. Victor gives Dylan a warning to stay away from his family. Dr. Lentz says there is no donor for Connor. As Kevin and Chloe go to the movies, he slips his arm around her shoulders. Billy stops for ice cream and tells Delia to stay in the vehicle. Delia gets out looking for her dog. Adam is traveling on the very same road. He sees the dog and swerves. Adam gets out to see if he hit anything but doesn’t see anyone just the dog. Billy comes out of the store and doesn't see Delia.

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