Wednesday 10/9/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope looks at her iPad with the Steffy wedding tribute. Quinn looks at her Iphone and deletes an e-mail account. Eric and Pam run into Quinn in the hallway just as she does that. Pam even quips that they saved her from being a meddling mother when she says she was looking for Wyatt. At the Bikini Bar Wyatt considers having another drink but the bartender talks him into coffee instead. He says that would be a great idea. He then tells the bartender that he had a $100M dollar diamond in his hands today but he hardly noticed it. He's lost far bigger things than that. Brooke brings flowers to Rick so gives them to Eric. She has more for Hope and one even for Quinn and Wyatt. She tells Quinn that it must have been quite the showing although she is sure Wyatt was expecting it to be more with it being more or less his and Hope’s night. Now it’s turned into a Hope and Liam night. She tells Quinn she knows that it hurts when a child they love reaches out to someone and that someone goes off in a different direction and there is nothing they can do about it. Both seem to like each other and want to be better friends. Quinn says Brooke must be a very strong, kind woman since she has not strangled Bill in his sleep yet. She also says that she sincerely hopes Hope will be very happy.

When Liam comes back in the room, Hope says she doesn’t understand what this is or why it’s in her inbox. Liam takes a look and he is dumbfounded too although he knows what it is. He admits that he made it but it doesn’t make any sense how or why someone else got hold of it and then sent it to her. He knows it was not Steffy. Hope is still incensed that Steffy just asked and just like that he did it to appease her. She still doesn’t like it even if it was a favor. They were married; Steffy already had these pictures so she could have made a memory book herself. She didn’t need Liam for that. He asks her not to make more over this than it is, just a nice gesture. He doesn’t understand why they are having a problem over this. They don’t rant and rave, but they do disagree on just about everything concerning Steffy. Hope says her life feels so much different now. She feels like a minor character in it all, even tonight of all nights. They came here to rectify all of the humiliation in the past and yet here they are and nothing has changed. He retorts that she is over-reacting. He is sorry she saw those images but they came here to plan a wedding and they are going to be married. He did not tell her because honestly it seemed so damn unimportant. They need to pretend that was the end of the story. She says he can be so smart at times but with some people he’s not or even about himself. She picks up her purse to leave. He wants to know what she is doing. She says this is a four alarm fire. All Steffy has to do is make sure Hope sees the video. She may not want Liam right now but all she has to do in the future is say he is mine. He tells her to trust him; Steffy is not that calculating. Hope scoffs. Of course she is. They have been here many times already and she knows how this turns out. Hope loses. Liam says she is wrong. He loves her and nothing is going on. All his communications with Steffy is just to make the planning of their marriage go more smoothly. Hope says Steffy is not really gone and she is right there – pointing to his head. And now she’s right there in the Pad. She tells him that she is not delusional. She has ignored the warning signs so many times before and now she is not. Liam wants to come with her but she says no. She calls her mom just as Quinn and Brooke say goodnight. Hope doesn’t divulge much more than she is coming home alone and will speak with her then. Quinn is still around long enough to ask if Brooke has car troubles. Brooke says no but Liam must have as Hope is coming home alone. Quinn, pleased much?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady asked Eric if he would marry him and Kristen.  Eric told Brady that heís been having difficulties because of what happened at the hotel.  Marlena told Nicole that she lost her keys because of the mugging.  Nicole found Marlenaís keys.  Marlena was really looking for the flash drive.  Eric told Brady and Kristen that he wasnít being fair to them by thinking about what happened to him at the hotel.  Eric decided to marry them. He just didnít want to upstage Sami and EJís engagement party.  Marlena and Nicole explained to the police what happened during the mugging.  The mugger went back to the park and saw the flash drive.  Daniel went to Jennifer to talk to her, but she didnít want to accept his help.  Jennifer let Daniel know that her kids are her only priority.  Sami invited Roman to her engagement party.  Roman turned down her invitation.  When Roman left, Sami went to Rafeís room.  Sami ran into Kate instead of Rafe.  They had a heated exchange about Kateís testimony at Samiís trial.  Kate warned Sami that she will need the gun that Kate gave her.  Sami didnít want to hear what Kate had to say so she left.  Sami saw Rafe doing his physical therapy and walked in on him and Jordan.  Marlena managed to get out of talking to the police because she wanted to follow up on a theory about Kristen.  Nicole figured Marlena know something about Kristen and followed her.

Sami thought Jordan wasnít helping Rafe because he was struggling with his therapy.  Rafe ordered Sami to leave the room.  Kristen met up with Dr. Chyka to talk about Eric.  Nicole met up with Marlena if she thought Kristen set up her mugging.  Sami went to Rafeís room and asked him about Jordan.  Jennifer went to see JJ at the station.  JJ asked Jennifer why she never told him about Jack.  Nicole continued to ask Marlena what she knew about Kristen.  Marlena shared with Nicole that she thought Kristen set up the mugging.  Kristen called the mugger and asked if he found the flash drive.  He found it, but he had complications.  Kristen warned him to find the drive.  Brady walked up on her and wanted to know what she was talking about.  Kristen managed to get out of the conversation.  Rafe didnít want to hear what she had to say about Jordan.  Sami and Rafe ended up talking about her engagement.  Marlena realized that Kristen was on to her.  Jennifer tried to explain why she didnít tell JJ about Jack.  JJ was upset with Jennifer and didnít want to listen to her.  Jennifer was determined to repair her family.  Kristenís henchman went back to the park to get the flash drive.  Parker was playing with his ball and stumbled on to the flash drive.  The henchman texted Kristen and let her know that the flash drive was found.  Kristen was relieved to find out that news.  Daniel noticed the drive in Parkerís hands and took it from him.  Daniel wondered who lost the flash drive.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis asks Carly to ask her brother, Lucas, if he will have a DNA test to determine if he and Sam have the same father. Molly and Rafe see Silas come down the stairs of Samís penthouse with his shirt in his hand. Silas explains that Danny doused him with milk. Since Danny is sleeping, Molly and Rafe say they will return tomorrow. They wonder if Sam and Silas are hooking up. Sam offers to wash Silasí shirt and asks him to have a glass of wine with her while they wait. Their conversation leads to a kiss. Dannyís cry on the baby monitor stops them from taking it to the bedroom. After Sam has tended to Danny, they try to pick up where they left off, but Silas gets a page from the hospital. They agree to see each other again. Molly asks Rafe if he and Taylor are really a couple. He says he supposes they are a couple since they are dating. Molly observes that it came about suddenly. Rafe says he and Taylor decided to commiserate together when Molly and TJ got back together. At Kellyís Taylor rubs her relationship with Rafe in TJís face, but TJ doesnít buy it. Taylor tells him that she and Rafe turned to each other when TJ and Molly got back together. Molly and Rafe go to Kellyís, where Taylor hangs all over Rafe for Molly and TJís benefit. Molly and TJ agree that Rafe and Taylorís PDA is pathetic and juvenile.

Dante and Lulu call Maxie and Spinelli to their loft to get their signatures on the adoption papers that Alexis drew up. Maxie and Spinelli refuse to sign because they want their daughter back.  Franco goes to Derek Wellsí room and asks him not to go out with Carly because he and Carly have feelings for each other. Derek says, ďNo.Ē Franco says that if Derek has heard of his reputation, he wonít want to cross him. Derek decides to take his chances. Alexis is surprised to see that Derek Wells is the date that Carly was waiting for. She is relieved to have a reason to leave when Dante calls her. She goes to Dante and Luluís loft. Dante tells her that Maxie and Spinelli wouldnít sign the papers. Alexis tells them that the courts are unlikely to prevent the biological parents from taking their baby back. Lulu says Maxie doesnít deserve to raise Connie.

Carly asks Derek if there is something between Alexis and him. He says they got close because of Danny, but that they are not dating. Diane goes to talk to Franco about planning his art show. He suggests that they discuss it over dinner in the restaurant instead of in his room. They arrive in the dining room arm-in-arm and sit at the table behind Derekís back so that Carly can see them. Franco caresses Dianeís face as he talks to her and asks her to play along. Derek finds it amusing when Carly jumps out of her chair and goes over to Francoís table after seeing him kiss Diane. Franco claims Carly has caught him with the woman that she heard in his room earlier. Diane plays along. Carly goes back to her table and kisses Derek. Diane tells Franco that his ploy to make Carly jealous doesnít seem to be working. Derek tells Carly that he assumes that the kiss was for Francoís benefit. She asks what if it was. He says he isnít complaining and kisses her again. Spinelli calls Diane and asks her to help them reclaim their child.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack talks to the doctor and finds out there is no hope of Phyllis coming out of her coma. Nick arrives at Sharon’s door to see why she left so abruptly. Paul and Nikki discuss her son and the fact that he is in Genoa City. In the park, Stitch and Dylan play a game of football. Stitch questions Dylan about his upcoming doctor’s visit. Stitch blames Chelsea for all of Dylan’s emotional problems. In her office, Avery thinks about her talk with Dylan when there is a knock on her door. It is Adam looking for Leslie. At the condo, Chelsea and Chloe have a talk about Adam and the fact that he is Connor’s father. Adam tells Avery that he is Connor’s father and he wants Dylan’s name removed from the birth certificate. Nikki worries as to how her son will react when he finds out that she is his birth mother. Christine arrives back from Washington and interrupts Paul’s and Nikki’s chat. Nikki and Paul welcome her back home. Chloe points out to Chelsea what a good father Adam is to Connor. Avery tells Adam that she won’t be dealing with this case. Avery asks Adam if he will be shutting Chelsea out of Connor’s life. Sharon begins to explain things to Nick. She is just about to tell him the truth about the paternity tests when Nick informs her that there is no hope of Phyllis ever coming out of her coma. Sharon begins to tell Nick that she knew Avery wasn’t right for him. Avery advises Adam to try to recover his feelings for Chelsea. Chloe lets Chelsea know that she is going to Delia’s school play with Kevin. Dylan lets Stitch know that he thinks about how Connor is all the time. Stitch lets Dylan know that Connor was in the hospital with a bronchial problem but he is better now. Nikki sees Stitch and Dylan in the park.

Paul and Christine discuss the case that they are building against Michael, but she senses that Paul is holding something back. Christine asks what is going on with Nikki. Stitch asks Nikki about her health and if she is getting any exercise. Nikki listens to Dylan, calling Stitch, Dr. Rayburn. Avery tries to convince Adam to go back to Chelsea. Sharon tries to come on to Nick, but he insists things are over between them. Jack arrives at Avery’s office just as Adam is leaving. Jack gives Adam helpful advice about the future. Jack tells Avery about Phyllis but the doctor told him that it was a false alarm and she is not waking up. Sharon tells Nick to look at her and tell her that he doesn’t want her. At the coffeehouse, Nikki sees Stitch and Dylan sitting at a table but refuses to go in. Chloe is mouthing off about Adam when he walks in the door. Adam asks Chelsea to talk. He starts to tell her that he is having his name put on the birth certificate when she gets a phone call from the doctor telling her that he has an opening. Adam and Chelsea leave immediately. Nick comforts Sharon as she begins to go to pieces. Dylan is behind the bar at the coffeehouse when Nikki walks up and just stands there looking at him. Dylan turns around and asks if he can do anything for her.

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