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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric, Rick, and Caroline toast a cheer to the success of the showing. Eric says he knows he has put a lot of pressure on Rick and he is still holding him to the sales figures, but he thinks he is going to make it. Thorne walks in and can’t help but mention they have champagne…..all the more better to celebrate for some people. He comes forward and thanks Rick for the sake of the entire family and company and says Rick has proven to be a very capable president. At Big Bear, Hope and Liam sit before the fire and plan their wedding. They laugh and he submits that she can make all the decisions of where they stand and how many chairs they will need while he plans the honeymoon. He won’t tell her where. Pam catches Quinn looking at her e-mail as she is contemplating whether to contact Hope. Finally she does.

Oliver and Wyatt accidentally run into each other at the Bikini Bar. Oliver sits down and it isnít long before he is expressing the fact that they are both drowning their sorrow in drinks over losing Hope. Oliver even shows him his Chinese Hope symbol tattoo on his ankle. Then he slowly tells him the long sordid story of making sure Wyatt knows it is Hope and not her mother. Wyatt admits Hope has seen him naked thanks to a solar shower in the woods on their first meeting but that and a few kisses has been it. Oliver sees that he really cares for her. Wyatt replies that yes he does and she cares for him also, but not enough to call off her marriage to Liam. Hope tells Liam that she is glad the whole Steffy thing is over. He has finally proven many times lately how special she is and that he only wants her. Liam teases her about Wyatt and how she even encourages his ardor a little, but he knows that crush Wyatt has will disappear when they are married. Hope looks at her tablet and smiles at the wedding plans when she receives the e-mail With Love from Liam. Her smile turns to frowns when she sees happy picture after picture of Liam and Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen talked to a guy about getting the flash drive for her.  She wanted him to mug Marlena.  Daniel saw JJ vandalizing the bookstore and knocked him to the ground to keep him from destroying the store.  The cops showed up to get JJ. JJ was arrested for vandalizing the bookstore after seeing Jackís book.  Eric had another Pre-Cana session with Kristen and Brady.  Marlena was walking through the park when someone attacked her.  It was the same man who talked to Kristen.  The man was trying to steal the flash drive.  Jennifer was upset that JJ was arrested and rushed to the station.  Kristen and Brady talked about their relationship.  Jennifer, Abby, Kayla, Justin, Hope, and Daniel were at the station. JJ was upset with his family for keeping him in the dark about Jack.  Jennifer tried to explain why she and Jack kept JJ in the dark, but he didnít want to hear it.  JJ couldnít believe that his father would do something so terrible to Kayla.  JJ apologized to Kayla for what Jack did. Nicole showed up in the nick of time to save Marlena.  The guy managed not to find the flash drive on Marlena.  The flash drive was near a bench and under a leaf.  JJ continued to lash out at his family for not telling him about Jack.  JJ was especially upset with Jennifer. JJ reminded Jennifer how she made sure that no one would take him in when he moved out.  JJ called his family hypocrites and told them that he was done with them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia blasts Maxie for breaking Dante and Luluís hearts. She canít believe Spinelli isnít angry with Maxie. Spinelli says he wants his daughter back now that the truth is out. Olivia says she knew this would happen, and it wonít be a surprise to Dante and Lulu, either. Dante and Lulu hire Alexis, who draws up adoption papers and says Maxie and Spinelli will need to sign them as well. Alexis asks Lulu if she is in touch with her cousin, Lucas, because she hopes he might lead her to Samís father. Lulu offers to get Alexis in touch with Lucas, but it might be better to talk to Lucasí sister, Carly. Lulu calls Maxie and asks her to find Spinelli and come over to talk about Connie. When Spinelli and Maxie arrive, Lulu asks them to sign the adoption papers.

Franco is frustrated as he tries to figure out what Heatherís painting means, so that he can create similar work. Heather shows up at his door. He tells her that he wants more paintings like the one she gave him for his birthday. She says she will produce more on the condition that he stays away from Carly. Carly goes to Derekís room to ask him where Ava is. She says she wants to wring her neck for sleeping with her son. Derek observes that Morgan is a consenting adult. He suggests that she is so interested in her sonís sex life, because her own is lacking since she broke up with her boyfriend on the pier. She asks Derek if heíd like to go to dinner with her. Franco hides Heather when Carly passes his door. She assumes that he has a woman in his room and insists she doesnít care, because she is going to dinner with Derek Wells. Heather tells Franco that since Carly is seeing someone else now, he should put her out of his mind and focus on his work. Carly sees Olivia in the Metro Court dining room. Olivia asks Carly if she saw todayís paper with the lead story about Sonny and observes that it seems as if the publisher, Derek Wells, has it in for Sonny. Carly asks her not to bring it up while she is having dinner with Derek. Olivia wonders why Carly is having dinner with the man who is gunning for Sonny. Alexis finds Carly at the Metro Court and asks to talk to her about her brother, Lucas, because she wants to know more about his father.

Morgan asks Ava what Derek meant when he said they have to take care of Sonny. She tells him she canít be with an eavesdropper. She says Derek was interested in writing an article about Sonnyís recent setback. Morgan says he would have told Derek anything he wanted to know. Sonny knocks on Avaís door and Morgan answers it. Sonny says Morgan is going to leave with him. Morgan says he is never going anywhere with Sonny again. He says Sonny chose Michael so now he means nothing to him. Morgan storms into the bedroom. Ava apologizes to Sonny. Sonny says he and Ava were beginning to have a rapport, but no longer. Ava says she didnít planned for this to happen. He says that what she doesnít know about him is that he doesnít need to go off his meds to go to the dark places, because he lives there. He says he defended her to Carly and Olivia when they said she was manipulating him, and that was a mistake, but Ava has made a lot of mistakes and has made him an enemy. He warns her that she has a target on her back now. Morgan returns to the living room and asks Sonny why he is still there since they have nothing left to talk about. Sonny says he loves Morgan whether he wants him to be his father or not. He concedes that Morgan is an adult now and can make his own choices, but he warns him to watch his back.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman home, Sharon voices her concern over Noah. When Courtney shows up at Noahís with a new suit for his meeting with Victor, Noah models it for her. Sharon lets Nick know that Noah is going to work for Victor but Nick doesnít voice any objections which surprises Sharon. Jack visits Phyllis in the hospital and lets her know about things at home and about Summer going to Los Angeles. After she squeezes his hand, he gets a doctor to examine her. In the hotel, Lauren watches Fen sleep until he begins to wake up. Upon awakening, Fen immediately wants to know where Michael is. Lauren is slow about telling him. Kevin lets Michael know that Lauren is with Fen. Paul returns Nikki’s phone call but just misses her. Paul is interrupted by an officer and Michael. Paul asks Michael why he lied to him about what happened. Paul asks him about the bullet that he found in the wall of the alley. Kevin denies to Alex that Michael killed Carmine. Kevin and Chloe discuss what happened the night before. Michael tells his story again about how he killed Carmine. Lauren lets Fen know that Carmine is dead and Michael is taking the blame for it. Fen goes berserk and thinks that Lauren and Michael feel that he is guilty of killing Carmine. Fen admits that he doesn’t remember anything from the previous evening. Fen tells Lauren that he cannot let Michael take the rap for this, but she stops him. Paul asks Michael whom he is covering for; he thinks that it is Lauren. Paul tells Michael that they could better defend Lauren instead of him. Abby and Tyler meet at the Athletic Club, but he brushes her off when she wants to make plans for later. Abby sees through him and knows he is brushing her off because she told him she loves him. Tyler says he feels the same way about her.

Lauren advises Fen to go back to rehab. She visits Michael and lets him know about Fen going back to rehab. She also tells Michael that Fen doesn’t remember anything. Chloe tells Kevin that she doesn’t know where they stand, but he invites her to go with him to see the “Wizard of Oz” that Delia’s school is putting on. Noah lets Courtney know that he decided to give the corporate world a chance. Courtney is impressed. She goes home to get dressed in order to celebrate with Noah. Nick gets a call from Jack that Phyllis squeezed his hand. Beside herself with worry over this news, Sharon hurries and goes home to tell Cassie what happened. Cassie advises Sharon to tell Nick the truth. Michael tells Lauren Paul’s plan that it would be easier to defend her against these charges than it would Michael. Alex mentions to Paul that he saw the bullet hole in the wall of the alley, but the bullet and the casing were both gone. Nick visits Sharon to see why she left so abruptly.

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