Monday 10/7/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/7/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is shocked when Brooke shows her the ring and says she and Bill are engaged. Bill walks in and tells Donna that he doesn’t expect her to throw a party for them, but this is happening and eventually Katie will have to accept it. She tells Brooke that she will try her best to keep it a secret until they are ready to share it with the world. The press is all a buzz about the diamond at the showing and want to know where it came from. Hope is elusive but says they owe it all to Quinn Artesian Jewelers. She throws a look at Wyatt. Quinn erases the e-mail thread from the IPad that Liam had that was filled with the Steffy wedding tribute. The press asks Wyatt just who he is besides Liam Spencer’s half brother. He gives most of the praise to Hope since she was the inspiration to everything in the line. All agree that Caroline has a very definite future. Liam is called to the stage and says although he knows he is biased, the show was flawless. They are asked for a kiss for the press. Later he tells Quinn that he knows what she did….she and Wyatt tried to make sure his wedding was delayed by moving the show up. But it doesn’t matter now, the show is over and they will be getting married. To herself, Quinn says they will see. Liam thanks Eric for allowing him and Hope to slip away for some quiet time. Wyatt tells his mom that today exceeded his expectations. All is okay and he doesn’t even want to hear or talk about what Quinn wants to keep saying for him not to give up on Hope. He doesn’t have a chance against Liam with his special tribute of happy moments to Hope. Rick tells Caroline that he is so proud of her. She totally pulled it off. They have their own little private celebration.

Hope thanks Wyatt and says they made a great team and she is looking forward to working with him in the future. She admits that she likes him a lot and he has all the attributes that she would ever want in a man….if only she had met him first or there was no Liam, but she is committed to Liam and they are going to be married. Otherwise she would be very excited about a relationship with him. It is not fair to Wyatt or to Liam by her giving off mixed signals. He says he knows, she is going to be his sister-in-law. He comments that Liam is a very lucky guy. He hopes he deserves her; she says he does. Wyatt pulls his little stool up very close to Hope and leans over and says he needs this to put away……he takes the necklace from her neck. He gives her a peck on the cheek. Liam comes in and says he is ready and makes a point to tell Wyatt they are going to Big Bear to have some peace and quiet and plan their wedding. They will be sure to send him an invitation. Quinn sees all of this and the look on Wyatt’s face. She silently calls Liam a two-timer. She says Hope will be through with him when she sees his video…..and she will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marge ran into EJ and Sami and read them the riot act for what happened to her husband.  Sami tried to comfort Marge, but it didnít work.  JJ tried to trick Adrienne into spilling the beans about what Jack did to Kayla.  Adrienne managed to realize that JJ didnít know that Jack raped Kayla.  JJ ran out of the house when Adrienne called Jennifer.  Gabi let Nick know that they were better off as friends.  Jennifer arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Adrienne.  Adrienne let Jennifer know that she almost told Jack the truth.  JJ and his friends went to Jenniferís house to get the truth about Jack.  JJ looked through old transcripts that Jennifer had of Lawrenceís trial.  JJ found something while looking through the transcripts.

Jennifer got a call that someone broke in her house.  JJ couldnít believe the info that he read.  Jennifer went to the house, but JJ was gone.  JJ went to see Kayla and told her that he knew the truth.  JJ wanted to hear the truth from Kayla.  JJ wanted to know if his father raped Kayla.  Kayla confirmed that Jack raped her.  Gabi ran into Kate to find out if she told Rafe that she loved him.  Kate didnít get the chance to tell Rafe how she felt.  Kayla tried to explain to JJ that what happened was years ago and that Jack was a different person when he raped her.  JJ didnít want to hear anything else about Jack so he stormed off.  Nick was determined to make things work with Gabi.  Kate let Gabi know that she didnít want to push Rafe to say he loved her.  Marge found Bernardiís gun and stared at Samiís picture.  JJ saw Jackís book in a bookstore.  Jennifer saw the files that JJ looked at and realized that he knew the truth about Jack. JJ through a chair through the bookstore window.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Sonny that Ava Jerome seduced Morgan. He says Morgan isnít speaking to him and that if they confront him, Morgan will stay with Ava out of spite simply because they donít like her. She says it is easy for Sonny to be objective, because he didnít see them together, half-dressed. Sonny tells Shawn to find Ava Jerome. Derek goes to Avaís room at the Metro Court only to be told that she and her boy-toy checked out this morning. At Avaís apartment, Morgan canít take his hands off her. The movers arrive with Avaís belongings from her place in New York City. They refer to Morgan as Avaís son. Morgan tells Ava not to let the mover think she has an Oedipus complex. She says itís called a Jocasta complex and that he should read a book. He says it would be more fun to have more sex, which they are in the middle of when Derek tries to call her. Derek remembers that Ava was buying an apartment, so he goes there and tells her that they donít have time for her to play house with her boyfriend, because they still have to take care of Sonny. Morgan comes into the living room wearing a towel and tells Ava that he couldnít find the shampoo. Derek introduces himself as Avaís client. Morgan goes to take a shower. Derek laughs at the irony that the kid Ava is having an affair with is Sonnyís kid. He concludes that since marrying Kiki into the Corinthos family didnít work out, she is taking it upon herself. After Derek leaves, Morgan tells Ava that he heard him mention taking care of Sonny, but she won't explain. Carly goes to Derekís room at the Metro Court and demands that he tell her where to find Ava. Shawn tells Sonny that he found out where Ava Jerome is.

Tracy surprises Luke when she goes into his room on Cassadine Island. She tells him that Olivia had a vision in which Luke was in a coffin asking for her. She tells him that the SS Lila is waiting, so they have to get out of there. He says he canít leave until Jerry Jacks tests a potential cure on him. She says she will have to get the cure before Jerry does. In the lab, Robin hits Dr. Obrecht over the head and knocks her out. She picks up Brittís baby and uses Obrechtís fingerprint to open the door. Jerry Jacks intercepts her. She places her hand on a cryogenic control and threatens to put the lab in a deep freeze and render it unusable. He calls her bluff and says she wonít do it, because Obrecht is still inside and Robin isnít a killer. She tells him not to be so sure and presses the button, but nothing happens. He tells her that they removed the cryogenic technology to build the lab. Obrecht comes out of the lab as mad as a bag of cats, but Jerry prevents her from getting to Robin. He says Robin isnít going anywhere until she finds a cure and in the meantime, everyone in Port Charles will continue to believe she is dead. He puts Robin back in the lab. Tracy sees Jerry and Obrecht waiting in front of the lab so she goes back to Luke and tells him that the plan has changed. They are going to wait for Jerry to bring the cure to test on Luke. Dr. Obrecht tells Jerry that she has to go tell Faison about the birth of her grandson.

Robert tells Anna that Obrecht injected him with poison that she had intended to use on Robin, who was alive at the time. Anna thinks Robert is confused and refuses to go down that road again. He asks her how many times they have cheated death. He tells her to consider who has been behind everything that has happened. He tells her that she doesnít have to believe him; she just needs to find Obrecht who will lead her to Robin. Anna concludes that Faison can lead her to Obrecht, so she makes an appointment to see him in prison. Robert wants to go with her, but she insists that she will be fine. She forbids him to tell anyone else about Robin.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria fight over the ice cream until he comes up with a solution to eat it upstairs and to share it. Johnny begins to cry and interrupts their fun. Nikki calls Paul to say that she changed her mind and wants to know what he found out about her child. Victor walks up and asks what that was all about. Adam and Chelsea stand by Connor’s crib in the hospital. At the coffeehouse, Dylan lets Stitch know that he is staying in town to keep an eye on him until his wife and son get there. Lauren visits Avery at home to ask for her help in defending Michael from murder charges. At the police department, Paul questions Michael about the murder, but Michael is close mouthed and refuses to change his story. Nikki lies to Victor and tells him that that was a reporter, who wanted a story about Nick and Avery. Michael confesses to Paul that he killed Carmine, but Paul doesn’t seem quite ready to believe him. Billy takes Johnny for a ride in order to get him to sleep, so he can resume his night with Victoria. Adam and Chelsea discuss Victor and Newman Enterprises. Victor claims that he is going out for a while, but Nikki knows he is going to visit Victoria. Victor arrives at Victoria’s.

Stitch walks into Connor’s room and finds Chelsea there. He begins to examine Connor. Paul and Lauren discuss Michael before she goes in to see him. Avery goes to see Michael and tells him to stop talking to the police and start talking to her. Billy and Dylan discuss Dylan’s feelings for Chelsea. When Nikki sees Avery at the police department, they discuss her being in love with another man. Lauren walks up and tells Nikki about Michael being accused of Carmine’s murder. Lauren goes to see Michael and they hug. In the alleyway, Paul moves the dumpster and finds a bullet in the wall. Lauren returns to the hotel room and finds Fen asleep on the sofa. Alex sees the hole in the alley wall and realizes that a bullet was removed.

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