Friday 10/4/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/4/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Backstage everyone is buzzing about getting ready for the fashion show. Wyatt watches as Liam finds Hope and plants a big kiss on her. She guesses he’s not that mad after all that she had to call off their wedding for a few more days. Quinn tells Wyatt not to lose his focus. Today is a mighty big day for Quinn Artesian Jewelry and in the end he will win the heart of a beautiful young lady. Liam takes pictures of the diamond on his IPad. Quinn is delighted to explain to him that it has a power to change lives….especially those that are its guardian. Liam makes mention that is Wyatt and Hope. And right after this showing he is taking Hope away and all this nonsense will be over and they will be married. Liam contends all this nonsense about the diamond is about as delusional as Wyatt thinking he can get Hope from him. Quinn thinks Liam has a lot of nerve calling Wyatt delusional. Wyatt responds that Liam is desperate, but then……so is he. Liam takes the IPad back to Hope and gives it to her. Brooke tells Bill that she is not going to the fashion show. Eric thinks it would be a distraction with all the press concentrating on them and asking questions. Bill agrees and says it is another challenge they will overcome. Donna walks in and Brooke gives her the news. But she does have to go out and get some flowers to give Hope so she leaves Donna with Bill. Donna tells him that she loves both of her sisters. Both are extraordinary but very different. Katie is practical and loyal and the perfect mother for his son. On the other hand Brooke follows her heart and she can’t help herself and she isn’t going to change. Look at how many times she has been married. Katie is his and will be forever. Brooke starts to walk into the room when she overhears this. She hears Donna pleading with Bill to think of his son and think long and hard before he does anything. He walks away. Brooke comes down the stairs and Donna realizes she has heard every word. The press quiz the Forrester’s about this partnership but all they will say is it will be dazzling. Jarrett asks Wyatt and he says three words, looking right at Liam he says rock and roll. Holding the diamond sunburst necklace, Rick gives a quick pep talk to the room. He says they have worked very hard and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. There is a whole world waiting out there, so he wants to show them what Forrester is all about and a show they won’t soon forget. Hope doesn’t know how Wyatt can not be nervous, this being his first show. He retorts with her beauty and his charm, and the power of this diamond, they can’t miss. He thanks her for this showing and for everything good she has brought into his life. He gives her a hug and says let’s do it.

Rick introduces Hope who in turn gives a short speech and introduces the designer as Caroline Spencer. With upbeat music and cameras clicking the show begins with stunning gowns paired with exquisite jewelry. Quinn watches Wyatt as he watches Hope and Liam interact. When Hope changes into the last gown, Wyatt is waiting and asks if he may put the necklace around her neck. He tells her that it is beautiful. “Rock and Roll Hopi.” He tells his mother that he’s going back out front while she stays and watches on the monitor in the back. Hope wears the show stopper and everyone is wowed. Quinn hears the IPad chime and slowly picks it up. She sees the video made and sent to Steffy and Liam signed it Love Liam. Hope throws glances to Liam throughout her presentation. She even blows him a kiss which he catches and puts in his coat pocket. The show is a success.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ decided to start investigating the truth about his dad.  Will arrived at the DiMera mansion.  Will was upset that Sami decided to stay at the house with Stefano.  EJ tried to let Will know that he was the reason why Sami decided to stay.  Will didnít want to hear it.  He wanted an explanation about why Sami wanted to stay.  JJ talked to his friends and he knew that Abby and Kayla were keeping something from him.  Theresa met up with Anne.  Theresa was looking forward to taking Jennifer down.  Theresa wanted to start working on Daniel.  Theresa couldnít wait for Jennifer to find out that Daniel was naughty with her.  Jennifer and Abby talked about Jack attacking Kayla.  Jennifer rehashed how Jack regretted what he did to Kayla.  Abby wished that JJ had found out about what Jack did through Jennifer and Jack and not the wrong way.  JJ turned up empty on researching his dad.  Marge looked at pictures of Sami and Bernardi.  Marge vowed not to let Sami get away with what she did.  Will wanted Sami to explain why sheís still in Stefanoís house.  Sami explained that she will consider it EJís house.  Will didnít understand Samiís actions at all.  Chad talked to EJ about not wanting Abby to find out that he lied about his tumor.  EJ assured Chad that they wouldnít let anyone find out about it.  Rory and Bev thought JJ could ask Jennifer about Jack.  JJ didnít want Jenniferís help.  JJ suddenly thought of a way to find out the truth about his dad. 

Will wanted to know if Sami could live with the things that Stefano did to her.  Sami thought she could live with it because EJ gave up everything for her.  Sami wanted Will to keep quiet about the deal that EJ and Stefano made for Samiís freedom.  Jennifer and Abby talked about whether JJ knew about what Jack did to Kayla.  Jennifer and Abby wondered where JJ was and hoped he wasnít in trouble.  Kayla went to Jenniferís place.  JJ went to see Adrienne.  Will didnít understand why Sami had to honor the deal that EJ made to Stefano.  Sami didnít want to get into everything.  Sami was able to get Will to understand her position by using Sonny as an example.  EJ had Chadís records done taken care of so no one would know that Chad lied about his condition.  Kayla talked to Jennifer about her conversation with JJ.  Kayla didnít mean to blurt out that Jack wasnít a saint.  Jennifer understood why Kayla did it, but Kayla was mad at herself for saying something.  Jennifer was sure that JJ wouldnít stop digging about his fatherís past.  JJ lied to Adrienne and made it seem as if he wanted a fresh start with Jennifer.  Adrienne was happy about his decision and wanted to make a celebratory snack.  JJ stopped her and wanted to ask her about something before he went back home.  Will understood what Sami and EJ were doing.  Will thanked EJ for what he did for Sami.  Theresa and Anne planned their next move against Jennifer.  Jennifer asked Kayla if she could keep what Jack did quiet.  JJ tried to get Adrienne to tell him about Jackís past.  Marge saw EJ and Sami in the park.  Marge called her a murderer.  Jennifer went to JJís friends and asked them to tell her where to find JJ.  Adrienne talked to JJ about how Jack went on adventures all the time. JJ let her know that he was referring to what happened between Jack and Kayla.  Adrienne was in shock and dropped her cup.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jerry wakes Luke up in a bedroom on Cassadine Island. Luke concludes that the only reason Jerry hasnít killed him yet is because he needs something from him.  Jerry says he is going to use Luke as a lab rat when the doctor comes up with a cure to make sure that it wonít kill him. Luke wonders why the doctor would want to kill him and observes that if he, Luke, dies, then Jerry with die of the Polonium-210 poisoning anyway. Jerry says the doctor has too much at stake to let him die. Robin holds Brittís son, Ben, who Dr. Obrecht has told her is Patrickís son. Robin asks Obrecht if she kidnapped the baby. Obrecht refuses to answer. Robin doesnít believe that Patrick is the babyís father, because Patrick would not have let her take him. Obrecht says she didnít ask permission. Robin concludes that that proves Obrecht kidnapped him. Obrecht tells her not to worry about Patrick, because he has Sabrina to comfort him. She tells Robin that she, too, has a rival and that the only way to deal with it is to eliminate the competition. Robin says she isnít surprised that Patrick has moved on because she told him that when she died, he should find someone new. She says that if she has lost Patrick, it isnít Sabrinaís fault; itís Obrechtís fault for making Patrick believe she is dead. She says she feels sorry for Dr. Obrechtís daughter to have a mother like her.  Robin says she thinks she has found something. When Obrecht looks into the microscope, Robin bashes her over the head. She declares that she is going home to her family.

Anna and Mac go to Switzerland to see Robert. Robert remembers Faison masquerading as Duke, but nothing after that. Anna tells him about finding Duke alive at the clinic that they are in now. He has a feeling that he is supposed to remember something of vital importance, but canít force the memory to come to him. Anna tells him to rest. When he closes his eyes, he remembers seeing Robin gagged and restrained to a bed with a woman standing over her. He tells Anna that he remembers that Obrecht had Robin.

Sabrina receives more flowers from Carlos. She goes to Derek Wellsí office and tells Carlos to back off. Sabrina says there is nothing between them and that her future is with Patrick. She says she doesnít love him anymore and tells him to stop sending her things. He says he will be waiting for her when Patrick breaks her heart. Patrick congratulates Sam on Danny going home. She asks him what she can do for him to repay him for everything he has done for her. He quips that she can get rid of Carlos Rivera. He explains that Carlos is Sabrinaís ex who tried to put doubt in Sabrinaís mind by pointing out that Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring. Sam says Robin would want Patrick to be happy and that she didnít give him the ring expecting him to be a hostage to his memories. She shows him that she is still wearing her ring. She says they will never stop loving their deceased spouses, but they have hope that they can move forward. Derek goes to the hospital to visit Danny. He asks about Alexis. Sam says Alexis left to look into something, but she doesnít know what. Alexis meets Duke at Kellyís. He shows her a photograph of Julian when he was young, but she doesnít know if he is the man she met in New Hampshire. Duke suggests that Alexis get a DNA test against Julianís son, Lucas Jones. He tells her that Tony and Bobbie Jones adopted Cheryl Stansbury's son and that Julian never knew of his existence.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the alley, Michael comforts Lauren as she is shaken over Carmine’s death. Kevin tries to call Michael to see where he is but with no luck. Gloria, upon seeing Alex walk in, puts all the blame on him for ruining Lauren’s night. Kevin insists that Alex let him help find Carmine, but Alex refuses. Michael tells Lauren that he loves her very much but asks if she killed Carmine. Lauren denies killing him. Cane and Lily spend time with the twins at the coffeehouse. Cane receives a call from Victor to meet him at the house later. Nikki goes downstairs but Victor can tell that something is wrong. He questions her about her doctorís appointment. Victor also lets her know that Newman and Chancellor are merging as one company. Paul asks Father Martin and Sister Clare if this is the woman who adopted Nikki’s child as he shows them a pic of Penelope. Next to Carmine’s body, Michael finds a clue that shows that Fen may have been the one who killed Carmine. Lauren grabs it out of Michael’s hand before he can show it to the police. Michael wipes the fingerprints from the gun and moving the dumpster fires the gun into the wall. Nikki gets a call from Paul but chooses to ignore it while she is with Victor. Paul looks at the pic of Penelope. Devon and Neil enjoy a jog in the park. They discuss what Hilary is doing to their family. Hilary and Mason make love. Alex and two officers come running out with guns raised. They hold their guns on Michael as he raises his hands with the gun in it.

Nikki leaves the house and calls Paul to tell him that she is going to forget about this whole deal about her child for the sake of her sanity and her marriage. Paul finds out about Carmine’s death. Paul arrives to question Michael but then has him taken downtown. Kevin asks a waitress about Fen and Raven. Lily sets up a romantic evening for herself and Cane. Victor lets Cane in on his plans for Newman/Chancellor. Devon offers Hilary $1 million to forget this whole thing and leave him and his family alone, but she refuses to take the money. Mason confronts her about not taking the money and was only using him.

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