Thursday 10/3/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/3/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Hope kiss. She apologizes for having to work so late last night. He says he talked to some travel agents last night about some destinations that he needs to run past her. She says actually she has some things she needs to run past him too. She remembers agreeing to the earlier time as Rick suggested. She tells Liam that he won’t like this any more than she does but it can’t be helped. Liam says he is putting on his agreeing face, but then he doesn’t understand when she begins to tell him they have the momentum now and Rick wants to push the fashion show up. He grasps it finally about Rick and certainly no big surprise that Wyatt and his mom would be behind this too. Wyatt suggests that his mother looks pretty pleased with herself in managing to keep the original date for the fashion showing which will delay Hope and Liam’s wedding. She smiles but only agrees that it is in the best interest of FC. He says he appreciates his mom being on his side, but he refuses to push himself on Hope. He’s not sure that he has a future with her now.

Caroline reminds Rick what he said when she first moved to L.A. that they are going to lead FC into the future. Well that is happening. Rick tells Carter that Maya was a big part of HFTF and she will be missed. Carter maintains that he will give them their wedding date as soon as they flesh out some details. Quinn encourages Wyatt to call Hope about how Liam is taking the news. Wyatt tells her that she is pinning too much on this. Hope tells Liam that she won’t let Rick forget this, but it really was his call. Neither Wyatt nor his mom had anything to do with it but just to agree. While they loll around in bed and the entire office is waiting for her input, Hope tells Liam that Wyatt can bring her the Hope diamond and all the Cleopatra jewels in the world, the King's ransom, she does not care. Her heart will always belong to Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby confronted Cameron about why he could date Gabi and not her.  Jennifer and Theresa had another argument about Daniel and JJ.  JJ wanted to know what Kayla meant when she said Jack wasnít a saint.  Kayla thought about the night Jack raped her.  Kayla didnít want to tell JJ about that night so she tried to change the subject.  JJ thought she was lying about what she was trying to say.  Jennifer refused to let Theresa ruin JJís life.  Theresa informed Jennifer that she was the last thing JJ needed.  Cameron let Abby know that he was still interested in her.  Stefano and Chad had a family reunion.  EJ went to Sami to try to convince her that she would be safe at the mansion.  Sami let EJ know that she wouldnít let him live at the mansion without her.  Sami explained why she couldnít let EJ live at the mansion when he sacrificed everything for her.  Stefano asked Chad about his relationship with Abby and about Cameron.  Chad was surprised for a bit that Stefano knew about his plans.  Stefano and Chad continued to talk about Cameron and Abby.  Kayla didnít tell JJ about Jack after all and walked away from him.  JJ was bothered by the fact that Kayla didnít tell him what he wanted to know.  Theresa continued to tell Jennifer how JJ was better off without her.

Jennifer refused to listen to anything else Theresa had to say.  EJ and Sami made up.  Abby met with JJ at the park and he wanted to know if Jack did bad things.  Sami and EJ were at the mansion.  Sami let Stefano know that there were going to be rules.  Stefano didnít back down to Sami or her rules.  Theresa let Jennifer know that she was in Danielís place.  Cameron ran into Chad and talked to him about the treatment he was getting.  Cameron told him that it was only used in LA.  Abby tried to convince JJ to go back home before she left.  Theresa continued to taunt Jennifer about being with Daniel, but Jennifer didnít take the bait.  Chad said he received special treatment because heís a DiMera.  EJ was grateful that Sami decided to stay at the mansion.  Anne and Theresa talked about their plan to get Jennifer to think that she was with Daniel.  Abby warned Jennifer that JJ was asking questions about Jack and Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Mac and Felicia that she and Spinelli are Connieís biological parents and that Dante and Lulu know now, too, but that she isnít going to force them to give her up. Felicia says Maxie has to do it, and that Dante and Lulu probably think so too. Spinelli tells Ellie that Brad went to the christening and announced that Dante and Lulu are not Connieís parents. She says that when Brad left the hospital, he said he was going to prove that he could do the right thing. Spinelli concludes that Brad must have thought that ruining Dante and Luluís lives was the right thing to do. Ellie says Spinelli can claim his daughter now. She says Spinelli and Maxie will have to have a serious discussion about what to do. Felicia takes Maxie to the hospital to talk to Kevin Collins. Maxie runs into Spinelli. He tells her that he wants their daughter back. She says she does, too. Lulu wants to adopt Connie so Maxie and Spinelli canít take her away.

Anna tells Britt that the police traced her motherís trail to a private airstrip and concludes that Obrecht is getting help from a powerful ally. She rules out Faison because he is incarcerated and hasnít had contact with anyone. Britt doesnít know who her mother could be working with. Anna says Obrecht might ask for ransom and asks Britt if the babyís father knows that his child is missing. Britt says the father is not in the picture and doesnít have any money anyway. Nikolas says he will pay any ransom demand. Anna says all they can do now is wait. Britt doesnít accept waiting as an option. Anna says she knows how Britt feels because her daughter, Robin, was taken when she was young. She says she will see to it that Ben is returned to Britt. Anna asks Robinís spirit to help her find Ben. Mac receives a call from Holly and then goes to Annaís office and relays the message that Robert is awake.

Emma wonders why her dad isnít wearing his wedding ring. Patrick tells her that he doesnít need to wear it anymore to remember her mom, because he remembers her when she sees her in Emma. Sabrina tells Patrick that Carlos has stopped calling her, but then, a florist delivery from Carlos arrives at Kellyís. Sabrina gives them to a waitress. They run into Britt and Nikolas on the way out. Sabrina asks how Brittís baby is. They reveal that Britt's mother kidnapped him. On Cassadine Island, Robin watches the Nursesí Ball DVD that Jerry Jacks gave her. She sees Britt Westbourneís announcement that she was pregnant with Patrickís child. Dr. Obrecht shows up on Cassadine Island with Ben. Jerry says she might as well have brought the authorities with her, because they will find her. Obrecht takes Ben to Robin and says he is Patrickís son with her daughter, Britta, and that Robin is going to take care of him. Robin wonders why the baby is there with Obrecht, instead of with his parents. Obrecht says the baby is important to her plans.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria apologizes to everyone gathered for the video that was mistakenly shown. Lauren takes over the microphone and cancels the rest of the festivities. Gloria urges Kevin and Chloe to try to talk Lauren into not ending the evening but with no luck. Kevin warns them where Carmine could be now. Michael finds Fen upstairs, squatted down in front of a hotel room door. Michael tries to talk to him, but Fen doesn’t want to hear any of it. Fen gets up and leaves. Jack visits Adam to find out what Victor is up to next. Adam realizes that Victor will never be a real father to him. Adam lets Jack know that Victor is coming over to probably rub it in how they failed. Victor arrives at the door with a proposition for them. Sharon catches up with Nick at the coffeehouse. Nick shows her a collage of pics that Faith made. Nick lets Sharon know that they will never be more than just friends. At the loft, Dylan reads the note from Chelsea in which she tells him that she still loves him. Lauren blasts Alex for letting it happen that Carmine could be able to get this close to them. In the alley, Carmine pulls out a pistol. Victor offers Jack and Adam a very generous offer for Newman. Victor hands Jack the check and leaves. Victor sees Chelsea in the corridor. Chelsea wants to know what he is doing there. Victor lets her know that he is taking back what is his.

Michael stops Lauren from going after Fenmore. In the alley, Fen takes out his frustration on some garbage cans. Carmine watches him. Jack tries to calm Adam down by telling him to let this go and start over. Chelsea comes in to join them. Adam tells Jack that he will let it go. Avery calls Dylan to let him know that she found his medal and would like to bring it by. Dylan tries to get her not to come but changes his mind and agrees. In the park, Nick and Avery both throw slurs at each other over whose fault it really is that they aren’t married. Avery informs Nick that Dylan is leaving town. Chelsea goes downstairs with Connor in her arms. She tells Adam that Connor is running a high temp. Carmine calls Michael to rub it in that he and Lauren made love over and over. Michael finds Lauren standing in the alley over Carmine’s body and asks if she killed Carmine.

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