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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam kisses Hope and says he missed her so much even though it was only one night. Rule #1 – no more vacation trips with his half brother. He asks if Wyatt came on to her and she replies he was a perfect gentleman and their total focus was on the diamond. She can’t wait for him to see it. She gushes that it is 40 carats and she is going to wear it in the fashion show. He quips that he doesn’t think she should as next to her it would only look like a piece of glass. Wyatt and Quinn work out on the terrace and she remarks that she can’t believe he has been focused for months on Hope and now he is just giving up. He says it is what Hope wants and he can’t just bully her into wanting him and that’s what it is starting to feel like. He points out that Hope has been consistant. She has being saying all along that Liam is the guy so Wyatt has to start respecting that. She grouses that he is going to respect his way right into losing Hope. Wyatt says that is the point. He does not have Hope to even lose. She has admitted she likes him and even attracted to him, but she still wants to marry Liam and Wyatt is not going to push himself on her like some jerk who can’t understand the word no. He heard it, loud and clear, end of story. Quinn says she raised quite the young man; he’s a gentleman and she is quite proud but now is not the time to take himself out of the running. Liam has made many mistakes before and he might again before they get married. Liam even knows that and is the reason he is rushing to marry her this time. Wyatt points out that Hope is not exactly fighting not to. Quinn says she needs a reason not to.

Liam tells Hope that he communicated with Steffy while she was gone….just to get her e-signature on some papers. He asks where does she want to do it this time. Hope nixes Vegas and even Hawaii since the fashion show is so near. He nixes her mom’s house since it has bad memories of another almost wedding. They discuss Malibu as they could bless their own house. Liam wants to get married not as soon as but as of right now. He says this time nothing is going to get in their way. Pam gets Liam to agree to let her make the wedding cake. She and Donna are all atwitter that they will be invited. Caroline stares at the diamond and Rick encourages her to pick it up. She thinks better but says after the fashion show, she might just have to bring it back to his office for a private showing…..without the fashion. He needs to go back to work but she needs a little more “us” time. They laugh about her being an airhead. He says not, she’s her own unique Caroline. They kiss. They discuss the fashion show and Caroline tells him that he’s the boss. It should be his decision but perhaps they should leave it as the first date they picked so it won’t leak out about the diamond before they are ready. Quinn wants more details from Wyatt just how Hope acted on this trip….interactive or hiding behind her work. Wyatt claims they had fun and he was very proud of how she acted with Ricardo, knowing exactly what to say. With the diamond, it was powerful, and magical, very visceral. She asks how Hope reacted when he told her that he loved her. He says Hope admitted she was attracted to him but she still is going to marry Liam. And he will not jump into that ceremony and stand up and object and make a fool of himself. When Quinn finds out they have not set a wedding date yet, she jumps up and says they have to go find Caroline and Rick….just don’t ask questions but support his mother. They rush to Eric’s office where Rick and Caroline are waiting for Hope. The element of surprise must accompany the fashion show, no leaks, so the sooner the better. Hope arrives and is disappointed when told they are moving the show up to its earliest date. If the press gets word of this diamond they will lose all the buzz they are creating. She counters that she is getting married and planning a honey moon and she can’t do that and a fashion show. The show will have to wait. Quinn catches her alone and acknowledges that she knows Hope is disappointed, but marriage is forever so taking time to make sure you do it right is not a bad thing. She pleads Wyatt’s cause. She says he loves Hope and he’s never used that word before. Hope should not rush into this marriage. Just take her time and see what an amazing guy Wyatt can be. Hope says she likes Wyatt a lot, but she has been committed to Liam for a while now. Quinn holds the diamond and says she has been around the globe looking at stones and she’s never seen anything like this. She knows it sounds crazy but when she looks at it, it is like it is speaking to her……Hope and Wyatt, it is something fated…..something magical beyond their wildest dreams. She hands it to Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wanted to pack everything and leave the mansion.  EJ let her know that they couldnít leave.  EJ explained to Sami that he had to do what he could to get her out of jail.  Sami didnít want to stay with someone who tried to put her in prison.  EJ gave Stefano his word.  Theresa and Anne let Jennifer and Kayla know that Theresa will be staying in Salem and at the hospital.  Theresaís the new security guard.  Kayla warned Theresa to stay away from Jennifer.  Theresa wanted to get started on her ďspecial assignmentĒ.  Sami didnít understand why EJ couldnít go back on his word to Stefano.  EJ explained everything that he did to get Stefanoís help. Sami refused to stay there, but EJ wouldnít let her go.  EJ refused to beg again.  Sami wanted EJ to choose the family over Stefano.  EJ couldnít do that so Sami wanted to send someone for her things.  Theresa let Jennifer know that she was getting revenge on her.  Jennifer wasnít threatened by Theresaís warning.  Kayla saw JJ in the park.  JJ thought Kayla could help him out.

Anne and Theresa talked about their plans to take Jennifer down.  Kayla wanted to know where JJ was going to sleep.  JJ wanted to stay with Kayla, but she didnít want to get in the middle of their fight.  JJ thought she was siding with Jennifer and Daniel just like everyone else.  Chad moved back to the mansion.  EJ told Chad about his issue with Sami.  Chad didnít blame Sami for not wanting to stay with Stefano.  They continued to talk about Sami as well the deal he made.  Sami talked to Lucas and Caroline about the deal EJ made to get her out of prison.  Sami believed that EJ will see that sheís right.  Lucas advised Sami to stick to her beliefs.  When Lucas left Sami, started to see things from EJís point of view.  Sami explained the terms of EJ and Stefanoís deal.  JJ and Kayla ended up arguing about Jennifer forgetting about Jack and moving on with Daniel.  Kayla yelled that Jack wasnít a saint.  Caroline advised Sami to understand why EJ had to keep his word to Stefano.  Kayla wanted to change the subject, but JJ wanted to know what she meant by Jack not being a saint.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Lulu tell Olivia that Brad was telling the truth when he said Connie is Maxie and Spinelliís child. When Dante tells her the details, she says it explains her visions about Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back and the wild animal she saw must have been a jackal Ė Spinelliís nickname. Spinelli asks Maxie what they are going to do now. Maxie says she canít think about that right now because all she can think about is losing her best friend because of her enormous lie. She says she destroyed Spinelliís relationship with Ellie, too, by forcing her to keep the secret about the baby. Spinelli says Maxie may have pressured Ellie, but Ellie made her own decision just as he did. He says he canít imagine that Dante and Lulu will want to raise a baby that isnít theirs, now that they know the truth. She asks him if he thinks Dante and Lulu wonít want Connie anymore and if is suggesting that they raise the baby. Spinelli says he loves Connie and in an ideal situation he would want to raise her. Lulu tells Dante that if Maxie and Spinelli think she is going to give up Connie, they are mistaken. Olivia tells Dante that Lulu has to understand that she canít keep a baby that doesnít belong to her. Lulu refuses to give Connie up.

Carly goes to evict Ava, but she has already left the Metro Court. Carly decides that since she canít kick Ava out, she is kicking Franco out to make herself feel better. He tells her that he will be able to pay for his room and asks her to go to his room so he can show her. When they get there, he shows her canvases that he has been working on and says he has an art dealer coming over today. She says all of his paintings are terrible and no one will buy them. Sebastian arrives to see Francoís art. The only one he likes is the one that Heather Webber gave Franco for his birthday. He says that if Franco can give him 20-30 more like that one, they will be in business. Carly says she will delay Francoís eviction and wishes him luck. Franco calls the mental institution to make an appointment to visit Heather.

Morgan helps Ava move into an apartment. Ava worries about Kikiís anger when she saw the two of them in bed together. Morgan says Kiki deserves whatever she gets, because she is nothing but a lying bitch. Ava grabs him by the arm, gets in his face, and warns him not to talk that way about her daughter. He apologizes. He assumes that he is going to live there too, but she says no. She says he might be through with Kiki, but she isnít, and she will never be able to repair her relationship with Kiki if she shacks up with him. He says he doesnít have a home to go to anymore. He starts kissing her neck. She says she loves Silas. He says he loves Kiki. They have sex anyway. She regrets it and asks him how long he thinks they can keep that up. He says until it stops hurting and goes at her again. Kiki ponders who she can move in with. She decides that her almost-father, Franco is her best bet. Michael insists that she stay with him. He says they can be roommates and that he will sleep on the couch. Kiki doesnít want to remain platonic. They take it to the bedroom. Afterwards, Kiki observes that it is more intense when you love the person youíre with.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy, Victoria, and Chloe are having a chat when Delia comes rushes in. Outside of the Athletic Club, Alex and Kevin have it staked out looking for Carmine to show up. Nervously, Lauren prepares for the banquet in which she is going to be honored as the “Businesswoman of the Year.” Fenmore arrives to surprise her. He notices the police outside and wonders what that is about. Michael informs him that Carmine escaped from prison. Stitch, Nikki, and her doctor discuss her MS and the tingling in her legs and feet. Paul visits Pamela but she refuses to give him any information about Penelope and the child she adopted. Paul writes a note and slips it under the door. He starts to leave when Pamela opens the door and invites him in. Delia asks Chloe why she looks so sad when she looks at a pic of herself and Kevin. Chloe changes the subject to keep from telling Delia how she is really feeling. Billy takes Delia upstairs to get her ready for the party so that Chloe and Victoria can talk. Victoria tries to talk to Chloe about her feelings for Kevin, but Chloe insists that they aren’t getting back together. Victoria points out to Chloe how Billy changed and is getting help. Chloe realizes that Kevin is also trying to change. Alex and Kevin discuss Chloe and Kevin’s feelings for her. Lauren tries to relieve Fenmore’s worries that everything will be okay. Carmine, posing as a policeman, is downstairs looking at a poster of Lauren. Gloria comes up behind him and straightens the poster. Gloria begins to tell Carmine about when she won the award when she ran Gloworm, but when she looks around, Carmine is gone. Nikki is worried that she is having a relapse of MS. The doctor tries to find out the symptoms that would cause a flare up of MS.

Paul tells Pamela about Nikki and the child she gave up for adoption. Pamela lets Paul know that Penelope died and took the secret to the grave with her. Paul continues to question Pamela about Penelope and the child. Pamela begins to open up and tells him what he needs to know, but she cannot find a pic of the child. Paul asks as where the child is now but Pamela doesn’t know. Nikki admits to the doctor that she has been under stress. The doctor agrees to give Nikki some more meds, but she needs to reduce the stress in her life. Victoria asks Chloe if she would like another chance with Kevin. Carmine watches Lauren, Michael, and Fenmore. Pamela tells Paul that the boy had taken his father’s last name. Chloe calls Kevin and invites him to the awards dinner. Billy and Victoria decide to try to have a baby. Kevin and Chloe arrive at the banquet in Lauren’s honor. Gloria calls for everyone to sit down. She begins to point out Lauren’s good points then asks for a video to be shown of Fenmore’s advancements in the past year, but it turns out to be Lauren and Carmine in bed together. Everyone is shocked.

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