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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt sits by on the plane while Hope watches in amusement the Hope video tribute that Liam sent. She gets a call from Liam and tells him that the video was sweet and she loves it. She has to go directly to the office, but will see him as soon as she can. Donna and Pam are caught off guard when Rick and Caroline show up and Caroline says she can’t wait. Pam speculates at just what might be happening in Mexico. Donna heard there was a third person aboard and hopes……Likewise Quinn is telling Eric that this diamond could bring them such international press. He says yes if Wyatt could convince Ricardo to loan them the diamond. In texting with Steffy, Liam realizes he made a mistake and sent her the Hope tribute in e-mail. Steffy liked it so much that she wants him to make one of them too for her. He agrees to this. Hope and Wyatt return to the office with everyone glued to their every word. The third person is the security man and he sits the case on a table and unlocks it. Wyatt opens the case and brings out the diamond for display as they all gawk in wonder at it. Forester’s security is ready to take over and Eric is prepared to sign for it when the first man says it must be Wyatt. Eric tells Quinn to be his guest when she wants to hold it. Slowly she puts it in the palm of her hand, says it is cold. Wyatt says that is one of it’s more unusual qualities. She praises Wyatt for being able to get Ricardo to loan it to them. Wyatt says it is all due to Hope. He could not say no to her. Caroline hopes someone gets to wear this as the show-stopper at the fashion show. Eric says they have overhauled security so they can display it at the Rodeo Drive Boutique. Rick says FC will be on everybody’s lips on the planet. They can not buy this kind of press. Pam wonders if they have all been feeling it, just a little more peppy in the room with the stone.

Hope hugs Wyatt and thanks him publicly for bringing such a treasured item that is sure to change FC. Eric watches as Donna and Pam hover over the diamond and says maybe if they spend enough time with it they will become friends after all. They immediately put it down and leave the room. Liam tries to get in the room but the security man won’t let him. He has to text Hope and she comes out to greet him. Wyatt sees them hugging and kissing and has an irked look on his face. Eric thanks Quinn but she turns around and thanks him. Ricardo loaned the diamond to FC and she never would have been it except for him. She wants to hear from Wyatt everything that happened in Mexico. She’s disappointed it was only to bring the diamond back and that nothing else happened. He finally admits that he told Hope that he loved her…..but she is still going to marry his brother and no magic diamond is going to change that. He has to respect that. Quinn says that Liam has messed up before. Wyatt replies that he hopes for Hope’s sake that Liam has learned his lesson. She says he wants to protect her. He comments that he only wants her to be happy. Quinn says she wants that too for Wyatt. The two of them belong together. She can feel it; it’s going to happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen went to visit Marlena to look for the flash drive.  Kristen reminded Marlena about the truce they were supposed to have.  Kristen wanted to plan an engagement party with Marlena.  When Marlena left the office, Kristen started snooping for the flash drive.  Justin and Adrienne talked about the problems in their marriage.  Adrienne wanted to know where they stood.  Marge went to visit Rafe at the hospital and ripped into her for making Joe look bad in court.  Marge reminded Rafe that they were friends and he forgot about that because he wanted to protect Sami.  Rafe tried to explain himself, but she didnít want to hear it.  She ended up slapping him.  Jordan walked in and stopped Marge from going off on Rafe.  Sami found out that Stefano was back at the mansion.  Sami couldnít believe that it was true.  EJ walked in the room while Sami and Stefano were talking.

Marge ripped into Rafe a little more before she left the room.  Sami wanted to know how long EJ knew that Stefano was back at the mansion.  EJ told her that he knew since the charges were dropped against her.  Kristen continued to snoop until she spotted something.  Justin explained to Adrienne that he understood why she did what she did.  Justin decided to move back to the Kiriakis mansion.  Sami was upset that EJ didnít tell her about the deal he made with Stefano.  Sami wanted to know what EJ had to do to get her off.  EJ told her he had to give Stefano back everything.  Kristen was about to reach for the flash drive she spotted when Marlena came back in the room.  Marlena picked up the drive and put it in her bag.  Later on Marlena met with Victor and talked about Kristen.  Sami apologized to EJ since he had to make that deal to get her off.  EJ said he would do anything for Sami.  Sami suggested that they let Stefano have the house and they move out.  Sami wanted to go get packed, but EJ let her know that he couldnít let her do that.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jerry Jacks goes into a locked lab that Robin Scorpio-Drake is in, being forced to create a cure for his Polonium-210 poisoning. When he gets close to look over her shoulder, she spits in his face. He tells her not to forget their deal. He tells her that he anonymously financed Lucy Coeís 2013 General Hospital Nursesí Ball to raise funds for HIV/AIDS in Robinís honor. He reminds her that she is still alive because he has ensured that she has had her HIV medication all this time. She says he only did that to ensure that she doesnít die before she synthesizes a cure for him. He shows her a DVD copy of the ball. She cries when she sees Patrick, Emma, and Anna reunited with Duke. He then shows her Sabrina onstage with Patrick and Emma and says she is the woman that is taking her place in Patrickís life. He suggests that she hurry up and find that cure, so she can go home before itís too late. She swears that she will go home soon. Patrick talks to Sabrina about Robin. Sabrina admits that Patrick continuing to wear his wedding ring is a symbol that Robin will always be first in his heart. He says his life with Robin is over, and he wants to live in the present with Sabrina. He takes off his ring and puts it in the box with Robinís.

Maxie admits to Dante and Lulu that she miscarried their child and that Connie is her biological child with Spinelli, but that Spinelli didnít know about it until after Connie was born. Lulu says Maxie must have known that the truth would come out eventually. Maxie says Connie is Dante and Luluís baby now. Dante says kids are not interchangeable. He canít understand how Spinelli could go along with Maxie giving his child away. Maxie says she gave them her daughter, because she didnít want to hurt her best friend. Lulu slaps Maxie and forbids her from ever calling herself her best friend again, because she hurt her. She says Maxie doesnít know what love is, because she is selfish. She thinks their friendship probably would have survived losing their child if Maxie had told them about the miscarriage. She says she doesnít want to see Maxieís face ever again and asks Dante to take her away. Maxie cries in Spinelliís arms.

Duke tells Anna that he and his new boss, Derek Wells, work well together. Anna talks to Duke about still not being to accept that Robin is dead. She tells him that she isnít gong to give up on finding Liesl Obrecht and making her pay for poisoning Duke. At Wyndemere, Dr. Obrecht has knocked Britt out and taken Ben. Nikolas calls Anna to report the kidnapping. Anna orders an Amber Alert and an APB on Obrecht, then proceeds to blame the victim until Nikolas convinces Anna that he found Britt unconscious and Ben gone, so Britt couldnít have had anything to do with her own sonís kidnapping. Anna asks Britt if Obrecht taking Ben has anything to do with the attempt to pass him off as Patrickís child. Britt says if it does, she doesnít know anything about it. Anna tells her that if she thinks of anything, any detail could be important. Alexis goes to Derek Wellsí office and asks him to help her find out if Julian Jerome is the same Julian who impregnated her with Sam. Duke arrives at the office and hears Alexis saying that any information Derek can find on Julian Jerome would be helpful. Duke says he can help her with that because he worked with Julian. Alexis asks him if he knows whether Julian Jerome spent any time in New Hampshire when he was young. Duke says Julian went to Dartmouth. Derek says it could be coincidental that both Julians were in New Hampshire. Alexis is afraid another one of her children is the spawn of a gangster.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Noah visits Nick and sees his black eye. He assumes the black eye was from Dylan. Nick asks him to take him to breakfast, but Noah has a meeting with Victor. Chelsea walks into the Athletic Club with Connor in her arms. Victor remarks that Connor is a Newman. Chelsea vows not to let that fact ruin his life. Victor lashes out at her calling her self-centered and unfit as a mother. Nikki meets with Paul in the foyer. They discuss their trip to Chicago and finding out that her son died. Paul gets a text and leaves without telling Nikki. Nikki notices Victor and Chelsea arguing, but Chelsea stands her ground. Cane and Lily visit the park. Cane lets Lily know that he fired Hilary, and she is probably long gone now. Hilary, in her hotel room, is on the phone. Neil visits her to discuss the latest blog. Hilary notes that he deserved it, but Neil tells her that his family didnít. Leslie and Avery discuss the McAvoy case. At the loft, Stitch is ready to go to work, but he will soon be looking for a place to live. Dylan lets him know that this place will soon be available and so will Crimson Lights. Dylan also lets him know that it is time for him to leave town. Pretending to soften a little, Hilary offers Neil a glass of orange juice. Lily concedes that Hilary isnít worth worrying about. They discuss Victor being in charge of Chancellor Industries. Cane doesnít have a problem with that.

Victor reminds Chelsea that she gave up Johnny. Nikki pleads with Victor to back off of this. Devon tells Chelsea that she can go ahead with her designs for Spring. Chelsea is confused that Devon would agree to this without seeing the designs. Devon agrees that they will meet later. Stitch lets Dylan know that he cannot run from his problems. Nikki defends Chelsea to Victor which confuses Victor. Before they can continue this conversation, Noah joins them as does Nick. At the police department, Paul talks to someone on the phone about Penelope Harrison. Dylan visits his dadís grave and discusses Connor not being his. Chelsea comes to the loft to visit Dylan but sees Stitch instead. Stitch is less than friendly with her. He informs her that Dylan is leaving town. Hilary laces Neilís drink with vodka. Neil takes one sip and spits it out. They argue until Neil leaves. Nikki meets with Stitch at the hospital. Leslie warns Avery about loving two men. Chelsea returns to the loft with Connor to leave Dylan a note. Paul's lead takes him to Pamela, Penelopeís sister, who slams the door in his face.

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