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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Wyatt sit in their hotel room looking at the gorgeous blue stone. He tells her that he wants to share everything with her… not marry his brother. He tells her there is no limit to what the two of them can do together. Someday he will be able to buy a rock like this for her. It was love at first sight and it has not changed. She teases him that he was naked so that might have something to do with it. Bill watches a stunned Brooke look at the diamond that he just gave her and asked her to marry him….not today or tomorrow but when his divorce is final. He admits that neither one of them wants to hurt Katie, but at some point they have to think about themselves. She says he has brought so much into her life and she can’t imagine living it without him. But he knows what this will do to Katie. She will think of this as the ultimate betrayal despite the fact that Bill tried and Katie was the one who left him. This can’t be wrong. Liam is at his laptop composing a video for Hope of their happy moments. He calls Hope briefly and she assures him they have seen the diamond and will be returning home tomorrow. He gets a text from Steffy who assures him the annulment papers are on the way and she is okay with this. In finishing up the video to send Hope and in the midst of several phone calls, he hits the wrong addy and sends to Steffy instead of one for himself.

Wyatt continues his cause by telling Hope that he fell in love with her and he can not allow her to marry his brother after all that has happened between the two of them….and what is happening between Hope and himself now. He leans in to kiss her but she makes it clear that she doesn’t intend to kiss him. He kisses her on the shoulders instead. Then he tries on the lips again but she says no. He cannot do this. She is committed to his brother. He tries to show her the ways that is wrong after three tries. Wyatt tells her he would not need three chances. He only needs one and he'd get it right and never let her go. She says she knows her track record but that is not up to Wyatt to worry about. He says her voice, her giggle, her smile, the sparkle in her eye, the way she moves....he has never seen that in a woman before. She says he likes Wyatt, she thinks he is smart and handsome and wildly funny and she has feelings for him since the beginning, but it doesn’t change things. She is going to marry Liam. She wants to marry Liam. Steffy won’t be a problem anymore. That door is closed and both have moved on. Brooke tells Bill that she has no doubts about this. She has never been more sure, but until that time that they can get married she will put the ring away…..but she will take it out and wear it when they are together. He makes his vow to be the kind of husband she deserves and he will adore her for the rest of her life. She says she will be honored to be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

During Kristen and Bradyís pre-cana counseling, Eric had flashes of the night Kristen took advantage of him.  Eric left the room, but he didnít tell them why he left the room.  EJ walked up on Sonny and Will while they were arguing.  Kristen was upset when Brady talked about how hard it was to be with someone who hurt him.  Kristen thought they were wasting Ericís time.  Kate ran into Gabi at the hospital and they talked about Kateís relationship with Rafe.  Gabi thought that Kate should let Rafe know that she still cared about him.  Brady tried to clean up what he was saying about Kristen.  Brady understood why Kristen didnít love him right away.  Will tried to apologize for arguing with Sonny, but they ended up fighting again.  Will asked EJ if Gabi could take the baby and leave.  EJ thought Gabi had the right and that she didnít have to live with the father of her baby.  Sonny tried to explain to Will that he was trying to see things from Gabiís point of view.  Kate went to visit Rafe and they talked about his therapy with Jordan.  Brady expressed how much he loved Kristen and wanted to be with her.  Kristen was moved by the things he said about her.

EJ advised Will to listen to Sonny and work things out with Gabi.  EJ announced to Will and Sonny that he and Sami were still getting married.  Will and Sonny finally made up.  Will wondered what he should do about Gabi.  Gabi introduced herself to Jordan.  Gabi wondered if Jordan had more patients.  Jordan seemed a little jumpy when Gabi asked about her other patients.  Kate seemed a little unsettled when Rafe told her that he and Jordan were getting closer.  She ended up leaving Rafeís room and saw Jordan.  Eric didnít think Brady and Kristen were ready to get married yet because of Kristen.  Eric wasnít sure if Kristen would end up scheming again like she did when they were getting married before.  Kristen ran into Daniel and told him that she was ready to start fertility treatments.  Gabi arrived home and Will apologized to her for the way he acted towards her relationship with Nick.  Will, Gabi, and Sonny discussed how she ended up being with Nick.  Gabi realized that she shouldnít be with Nick.  EJ went to Rafeís room to see him.  EJ wasnít thrilled with Rafeís testimony at Samiís trial.  Kristen wanted the flash drive.  Kristenís henchwoman let her know that she had the wrong flash drive so she couldnít destroy it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna tells Patrick that she isnít going to give up on finding Dr. Obrecht to make her pay for trying to kill Duke. Patrick thinks Britt trying to pass off her baby as his is related to Faisonís vendetta against Anna now that he knows Brittís mother worked with Faison. At Wyndemere, Britt rushes to her crying baby and finds Dr. Obrecht holding him. Britt reminds her mother that she is a wanted criminal and that it isnít safe for her to be there. Dr. Obrecht boasts that even the WSB wonít be able to catch her. Britt tells her to hand Ben over. Dr Obrecht says Ben is a name for a rat, not a child, and that Britt was supposed to name her son Cesar after her father. Britt finally stands up to her mother and tells her that she is thinking for herself now. She reveals that she told Patrick that Ben is not his son. She catches her motherís arm mid-swing to block a slap. She says Dr. Obrechtís advice has always been wrong, and she is sick of it. She tells Dr. Obrecht to get out before she calls the police. Dr Obrecht says that means she doesnít have much time. Nikolas gets a call from Britt, but the line goes dead, so he goes home to check on her and finds her unconscious on the floor.

Felix tells Sabrina that he wonders what Brad is up to because he left the hospital saying something about doing the right thing. Sabrina advises him not to trust anything Brad says. Felix says he also wonders why, of all people, Britt chose to use Bradís sperm to create a baby. Patrick tells Anna that Sabrinaís ex-boyfriend is in town and wants her back. Anna says it wonít work because Sabrina is devoted to Patrick and Emma. Patrick reveals that the ex-boyfriend tried to create doubt in Sabrinaís mind by pointing out that he still wears his wedding ring. He says he loves Sabrina, but he canít let Robin go. Anna tells him that if he doesnít let Robin go, he will lose Sabrina. Sabrina tells Felix that the stranger that was looking for her the other day is her ex who wants her back. She says she told him that she and Patrick are in love now, but that he mentioned that Patrick still wears his wedding ring. She says she knows Patrick loves her, but she thinks he still loves Robin more. Patrick goes to the hospital and tells Sabrina that he wants to talk to her about Robin. Brad goes to the church and tells Dante and Lulu that their baby is biologically Maxie and Spinelliís. Brad returns to the hospital and tells Felix that he did the right thing by telling the Falconeris that their baby isnít really theirs. Dante and Lulu demand the truth from Maxie and Spinelli.

Jerry Jacks finds Luke on the floor in the lab on Cassadine Island. He says he knows Luke is looking for the cure for Polonium 210 poisoning. He reveals that Dr. Obrecht was not able to find the cure, but she found a brilliant doctor who can synthesize one, but the doctor can only make enough for one person, so Luke made the trip for nothing. Jerry goes into a locked room and asks the doctor about her progress. Robin Scorpio-Drake looks up at him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy visits Jack to discuss Victor and Jack’s connection with Adam in helping him to take over Newman. Adam looks at the computer screen and reads the article about the downfall of Newman Enterprises. Chloe and Chelsea discuss the problem with Connor’s eyes and how she wished that she had kept silent. Chloe offers Chelsea her help. Chelsea wants Chloe to talk to Dylan into reconciling with her. Chelsea lets Chloe know that she and Connor are staying at Adam’s. Chloe objects. Cassie consoles Sharon over Nick’s attitude by shutting Sharon out . Nick and Dylan are both in the park with a bottle drinking. They discuss Avery and the wedding. Jack denies that Adam stabbed him in the back. Jack assures Billy that he and Adam are friends. Billy doesn’t really believe him. Adam, on the phone, asks how long it will be before he gets the lab reports. Chelsea tells Chloe matter of factly that there will be no more lying. Nick and Dylan argue over Avery. Summer goes to visit Jack to talk. Nick accuses Dylan of still being in love with Avery. Sharon and Cassie discuss how Sharon changed the lab results in order to get back together with Nick. Avery visits Phyllis to tell her about her failed marriage to Nick. Nick pushes Dylan which results in Dylan giving Nick a black eye.

Cassie and Sharon argue over Nick’s feelings for her. Chelsea goes home to Adam’s with Connor. Adam shows her the article on the internet about the failure of Newman. Jack and Summer start to talk. Billy gets a call from Victoria instructing him to go home and let her know when he is there. Jack tells Summer if she is there to cuss him out, then he will listen. Jack also tells her that if she is here to forgive him, then he is here for that too. Summer lets him know that she is not there for forgiveness. Adam and Chelsea share a tender moment with Connor. Dylan comes to visit. Dylan returns to Chelsea a four-leaf clover that she gave him and says that he cannot do this anymore. After Dylan leaves, Chelsea sits down and begins to cry. Adam watches her. Nick goes home and finds Sharon there. Sharon gets him ice for his eye and something to eat before she leaves. Avery urges Phyllis to wake up. Victoria surprises Billy by being home when he arrives. Phyllis moves her fingers.

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