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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope calls Liam and says she is sorry but they have not seen the diamond so they are spending the night. It’s only one night and she will see him tomorrow. He warns her not to have too many margaritas. Donna drops in on Katie and says she is dying to know how it went with Bill. Katie says it’s nothing that she wasn’t expecting. The one thing when Brooke has a new man in her life, you know to find her in her bedroom. She walked into that room knowing what they had just been doing. She will have to stop dropping by like that. She will never be her sister again. Brooke hugs Bill and says she is tired of feeling guilty. She knows Katie has been hurt and that’s hard to deal with, but she doesn’t want to change anything they have started. She can not deny her feelings for Bill anymore. She knows it hurts her sister but she can not let him go. Hope tells Wyatt that she would never use him. She is not getting back at Liam and she chose his jewelry because they really did compliment her HFTF line. Caroline tells Rick and Liam they have two weddings to attend. Besides Hope and Liam, then there is Maya and Carter.

Ricardo brings the diamond to Hope and Wyatt. She thanks him for putting them up in this gorgeous hotel. He says of course. They could not come to his town without him showing it off a little. He opens the case and tells them to be prepared for it to change their lives. Both are speechless and Hope’s heart is in her throat as Ricardo displays the perfect blue diamond. Bill tells Brooke that this is a tough time right now if she feels like it’s her sister or him but they don’t have to concentrate on that right now. Katie tells Donna that she is going to run this company and be the strong woman that she knows she can be. She will raise her son and just try to forget how much she used to love Bill. Hope and Wyatt hold the diamond box up close and she exclaims what better way to expose it to the public. It will have instant exposure. Ricardo says the beauty of the diamond matches the beauty of the woman. It is hers, but do not underestimate its powers. Hope thanks Wyatt for bringing her here and getting the diamond. Wyatt confesses that he needs to say something before she marries his brother. He wants her to know how he feels. They can do anything together. Just look what they have accomplished so far. Someday he will make her his wife. Bill tells Brooke that he is never going back to Katie. He could not after making love to Brooke. It is his decision and he does not want her to feel guilty. It’s at the point of no return. One day soon the whole world will know how he feels about her. He pulls out a jewelry box with a huge ring. He’s giving it to her now so she will realize the depth of his commitment. He realizes she won’t want to wear it until his divorce is final. He asks her if she will marry him. Liam borrows Rick’s scanner to send some special moments to Hope from his computer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby wanted Chad to explain why he wouldnít tell her that she was moving back to the DiMera mansion.  Sonny tried to play matchmaker for Cameron and Gabi.  Will walked in on Gabi and Nick kissing.  Will became enraged and he and Gabi started arguing.  Nick tried to defend Gabi, but it didnít work.  Will yelled at Nick.  Chad told Abby that he wanted his family to be happy and all together.  EJ wanted to talk to Kristen about Brady.  Kristen wanted to listen to Bradyís conversation with Eric so sheíll know if her relationship had a chance.  Will, Nick, and Gabiís argument continued to get heated.  Will threatened to fight Nick if he touched him.  Chad bought Abby a copy of Jackís book.  Abby was so touched that Chad found the book.  Gabi played referee for Nick and Will.  Nick let it slip that Sonny knew about his relationship with Gabi.  Sonny admitted to Chad that he was playing matchmaker for him and Gabi.  Kristen changed the subject and wanted to know why EJ wasnít happy about his upcoming wedding as well as Sami being released from jail.  Kristen thought that EJ was back under Stefanoís thumb.  EJ didnít confirm or deny Kristenís theory.

Will got tired of arguing with Nick and Gabi and left the apartment.  Brady and Kristen prepared for their pre-cana counseling with Eric.  Gabi was upset that Nick told Will that they were together before.  Gabi wanted Nick to leave because she was having second thoughts about being with Nick.  Nick begged Gabi for another chance before he left.  Will confronted Will about lying to him.  Kristen and Brady started their pre-cana counseling with Eric.  Cameron and Abby ran into each other at the hospital.  Things were a little awkward for Cameron and Abby, but he did want to be friends with her.  Brady expressed his love for Kristen during their counseling.  Will was angry with Sonny for lying about Nick and Gabi.  Sonny reminded Will about how much he put up with because of Will.  Nick was determined to win Gabi back.  Gabi arrived at the hospital and agreed to be Cameronís date at the Octoberfest.  Abby looked less than thrilled with that news.  While Brady was talking about his relationship with Kristen, Eric had more visions of the night Kristen drugged him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas gets close to Brittís son Ben. Britt tells Nikolas that she is concerned about Maxie because Connie was a part of Maxieís body and that letting go is not as easy as just saying so. Nikolas says it was that easy for Brad. Britt explains that her agreement with Brad didnít include becoming a family. Nikolas overhears Britt telling Ben that she hates keeping the secret from Nikolas. When he asks her what she is keeping from him, she says she didnít want to tell him that her mother called. He says he understands conflicted loyalties to family, but that she should have told him, because she doesnít need her mother adding to her stress. After Nikolas leaves to attend the ceremony, Britt finds her mother in the living room holding Ben.

Felix refuses a gift from Brad, saying he doesnít accept gifts from deadbeat dads. Brad says he must have been mistaken when he thought they had a moment. Felix admits that there was a moment, but that it has passed. He says Brad never knows when to do the right thing. Ellie eavesdrops on Dante trying to convince Spinelli to be Connieís godfather. Spinelli tells Ellie that he will have to be satisfied with being his daughterís godfather and that it at least assures him a place in her life. Ellie arrives at the hospital for her shift and tells Brad that the Falconeri baby is being christened today. He takes off, saying he has to do the right thing. Felix sees Ellie gorging herself on the chocolates that Brad had tried to give him. Ellie says Brad just left and said he was on his way to do the right thing.

Luke has followed Dr. Obrecht to Cassadine Island. Helena Cassadineís ghost taunts him. Luke falls to the floor. Someone else comes into the room. Lulu tells Tracy that she knows Luke is dying. Tracy is offended when Lulu says she wonít have anyone at the ceremony because neither of her parents will be there. When Dante comes home, Tracy says she doesnít see any resemblance to Luke. Lulu tells Dante that she wishes she had a way to contact her father. Olivia overhears Maxie in the church asking God for the strength to be Connieís godmother instead of her mother. Olivia assures Maxie that everything will be all right. Olivia tells Maxie that she has been having crazy visions that donít seem to connect with anything. She says she saw Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back with a butcher knife in Luluís kitchen, but that she wrote it off as being as weird as her vision of Maxie giving birth to a dog, a wolf, or a hyena. Maxie realizes that the animal in Oliviaís vision was a Jackal. When Tracy arrives at the church, Olivia says she has to figure out what kind of animal was in her vision so that she can figure out what it means. Suddenly, she screams when she sees Luke in a casket. Luke opens his eyes and whispers that he needs Spanx. Olivia doesnít understand why Luke needs slimming underwear. Tracy says that is her nickname so it means Luke needs her. She tells Lulu she'll have to leave right after the ceremony. Maxie and Spinelli run into each other at the front of the church and discuss being Connieís godparents. She tells him that he is probably the answer to her prayer for strength because they will be in it together. Nikolas and Sonny arrive for the ceremony. The baby is christened ďCostanza LouiseĒ and baptized into the Catholic faith. Sonny and Tracy leave right away. Spinelli sees Brad at the back of the church and asks him why he is there. Brad says he has to talk to Dante and Lulu.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael and Lauren decide to stay at the Athletic Club until the police catch Carmine even though Alex thinks they would be more secure at their apartment. Michael and Lauren are happy when they get a call from Fen’s psychiatrist saying that he can come home permanently next week. Carmine sees an article about Lauren getting the businesswoman of the year award tomorrow and plans to go to the gala. Stitch tells Dylan that he finished medical school when he returned home from battle and has gotten a job at the hospital and his wife and kids will arrive later. Dylan and Nick decide to go for a walk to clear their heads, and they both end up at Chancellor Park sitting on benches close to each other. Summer tells Avery she is going to LA for a modeling job, but before she leaves she wants to know why Avery left Nick at the altar. Avery tells Summer that she loves Nick, but deep down she didn’t want to face the unresolved issues from her past, so she kept putting them off until they all came to a head the day of the wedding. Summer tells Avery that she wishes she could help Nick, because despite his lies she still loves him.

Nikki goes to Katherine’s grave to tell her that she has finished the search for her son and that he drowned when he was seven years old. Paul gives Nikki the file on her son’s adoption. She reads it and decides not to tell Victor about this part of her past, because she thinks it would hurt him too much to know that she gave her son up for adoption in much the same way Victor’s mother left him in an orphanage. Jack tells Adam that even though his dream of running Newman Enterprises with Victor didn’t come true, he has an opportunity to build a new company that he can leave as a legacy for Connor. Victor shows Nikki the letter that says Katherine left him Chancellor Industries, and he assures her that when Newman Enterprises is totally ruined, he will buy it back again.

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