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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Katie how was her trip. Katie replies that it wasn’t exactly a vacation. And she is sure that Brooke already knows since Bill had her followed. Brooke says he did that because he was concerned that she was not coming back. Katie says okay so she hires surveillance and it is criminal but if Bill does it is concern. Brooke is happy she is here and she is hopeful. She can face anything except Katie turning her back on her for good. Katie asks Brooke to please put some clothes on. Brooke reminds her that she is in her own bedroom and that Katie dropped in unannounced so if she has something to say just say it. There really isn’t anything that she doesn’t already know. Katie says ok, but that’s not true. She’d like to know just how long this little situation is going to last. Brooke feigns innocence of what Katie means. Katie spells it out. How long is Bill going to be staying with Brooke….is he living here or just staying until he finds his own place. Brooke is not sure why Katie even cares since she has said over and over that she is through with Bill. Katie says she cares because Brooke keeps saying she wants to rebuild their relationship. Yet she is not sure how Brooke can do that while she offers her husband a permanent place in her home and her bed. Brooke reminds her that Bill did not contest the divorce and he gave her everything she wanted. Katie took his job and kicked him out of the house. She’d like to know when all of this stops. Katie says it stops when she doesn’t have to think of them being together. Brooke wonders if that will fix it….if she just leaves Bill too. Katie says at least she won’t have to visualize them with Bill’s hands on her, his mouth on her, her smell on him. Brooke reminds her that she has been having that visual long before they were even together. She made it happen, she threw them together. Katie says they know now that she was sick. What is Brooke’s excuse? Her intentions don’t matter; it’s her actions that matter. Katie says she can tell her how to at least start, but Brooke is not interested in that. She compares Brooke to a thief who is sorry she got caught, but has no intentions of giving back the goods. Suddenly it dawns on Brooke – Katie wants Bill back. This is what this is all about. Bill starts to put Will down for a nap when Liam walks in. Bill grouses that the house is not set up right. What’s wrong is that it should have a room for two parents and not one parent in two rooms. Liam wonders if he has said these things to Katie. Bill says not now but more times than he can count when they were married. You can’t stay in a relationship when one can’t keep a commitment. Liam says some folks would say the same thing about him. Bill tells him do not let anyone guilt-trip him about staying with the woman who was carrying his child. Liam says he knows but sometimes when you make a commitment you break another. Bill says he hopes Hope is not shaming him about the past when they are about to get married. Liam says no, it’s just there and it is weighing on him…..especially now that she is in Mexico with Wyatt.

Hope asks a Spanish word translation, but Wyatt says he only knows California Spanish. All Ricardo will really need to know is that his diamond will be safe and love the company he is keeping. They go to an outdoor restaurant and are seated. Hope says she is not sure what part she is to be playing here. Wyatt says he doesn’t want it to sound at all like it is rehearsed. Ricardo will smell strategy a hundred yards away. Ricardo meets them and introduces them to Estevan who looks after him. Wyatt thanks Ricardo for agreeing to meet with them and sends greetings from his mother. Hope introduces herself. Ricardo says hope has always been good to him. He tells them that this is not the request he was expecting. He thought Miss Logan wanted to buy the diamond. Wyatt says he was sure that Ricardo would not want to sell. Ricardo says no, he really does not want to part with it. Legally he is the owner but actually he is really just the steward. It has it’s own life…..for many centuries longer than theirs. And like all of them, the stone longs to be understood and even to be loved. He says he imagines he sounds a little mad. They tell him no. Hope says she just feels slightly ashamed that their motives are purely commercial. She tells him about her Hope for the Future line. They have taken some hits this year but with the new re-branding and Quinn and Wyatt’s jewelry they are hoping to re-enter the market with a splash. Ricardo says and what better way than to have the other stone that they call the Hope diamond. She makes her little spiel to sell him. She can promise him a usage fee for every day the diamond is in their possession. They will insure it and keep it safe. That is of utmost importance, but she can not promise him what will be in it for him. Wyatt says he thinks that he can answer that. He thinks he knows how Ricardo feels. The stone wants to be known….even to be loved….he’d want the stone to be all over every magazine cover and TV screens and to be the subject of news reports and documentaries. He and Hope can make that happen. That’s what they bring to the table. Bill tells Liam that Hope is trying to make him jealous so don’t let it happen. Liam is not sure he likes this new Bill. He’s not his old self. He’s not talking about himself the way he used to. He seems happier. Bill opines that he is just trying to be a better person; this is his retirement project. And if somebody loves you for who you are it makes a difference. Bill says that is why he rags on Liam. Hope only loves him when he is good. And that in itself is powerful as it makes you want to be good all the time but sooner or later…..Katie says she is not going to get into a tug of war with Bill. If she regretted divorcing Bill then Brooke would be the last person she would come crying to. And for the record, she could get Bill back if she wanted to. And if she wanted marital advice Brooke would be her last stop. The ruined relationship she was forced to come here about was theirs. She says Brooke is her sister, her blood. She’s always been there. She’s been her comfort. She looked up to her and she is just wondering if any of that is left. And if there is then what is Brooke willing to do about it. Ricardo tells Hope and Wyatt that their proposal has a certain attraction. Wyatt surmises that it has been a long time since anybody else has seen the diamond. And it should be seen and belong to the world if they could just see it without an invisible price tag. Ricardo says this gives him a lot to think about. He’d like o meet them again in the morning. Wyatt says actually they are flying back tonight. Hope speaks up and says that was their plans but…Wyatt chimes in that they could change their plans and stay. Ricardo likes that idea. He will make some arrangements. Hope asks if they might see the diamond. Ricardo says for them to prepare themselves the next few hours. He will meet them later this evening. The stone has a power to it; that’s the simplest way to put it. “Once you see it, I promise you that your lives will never be the same.” After Liam meets his lawyer and finds out he needs one more signature, even electronically from Steffy, he calls her and leaves a message. Brooke tells Katie that she knows that she will do anything to feel like her sister again. Katie says no, not while she is living with her husband. Brooke asks what does Katie want…..for Bill to be alone and miserable. Katie says she just doesn’t want him with Brooke. She wonders if they are planning on being married. Brooke scoffs, the damage has been done and the only thing they can do is make sure that there is not more of it. Katie laughs, Brooke has made this into a storybook romance where she and Bill can overcome any obstacle, even his pesky wife who just happens to be Brooke’s sister. She wants to love Brooke but she’s too selfish. Brooke points out that Bill is his own person and comes and goes as he pleases so she can not promise what he will do. The future is unknown and they both have to accept that. Katie says this is not about Bill. It is about Brooke. And the future is crystal clear. She and Bill are straining for that happily ever after. She will never accept that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad admitted to EJ that he had a false positive on his CT Scan.  EJ noticed that Chad had research for treatment.  EJ threatened to go to Kayla if Chad didnít tell him whether he had cancer or not.  Theresa and Jennifer were at odds because Jennifer wouldnít give Theresa her job back.  Daniel confronted JJ about breaking in his apartment.  Will saw Nick talking to Kate and became upset.  Will thought that Kate was trying to give Nick a job.  Kate and Nick explained their business with each other to Will.  Will brought up what Nick said about Sami at the trial.  Nick explained again that he told the truth at the trial.  Chad explained to EJ why he pretended to have a tumor.  He wanted to keep Cameron away from Abby.  EJ thought Chad made the right decision.  Sonny talked to Abby about Chad and Gabi ended up overhearing them.  Gabi didnít think that Sonny should have badmouthed Chad since he was his friend.  Theresa warned Jennifer that she would make her pay for firing her.  Daniel advised JJ that he should go back home because his mother loves him.  Danielís speech didnít work because JJ believed that he would still take over Jenniferís life if he went back home.  Chad let EJ know that he couldnít say anything to Cameron or Kayla because he didnít want them to know that he didnít have a tumor.  Chad felt that Abby would end up finding out the truth that way.  EJ was proud of Chadís plan.  EJ told Chad that he could move back to the mansion.  Chad said he couldnít do it because he had issues with Stefano.  EJ seemed okay with it at the time. JJ read Daniel the riot act about taking Jennifer away from him.  Daniel told JJ that he loved Jennifer so JJ walked off.  Daniel grabbed him while Jennifer walked up to them.  Jennifer demanded to know what was going on between them.

Sonny and Gabi argued about the way he judged Chad.  They also ended up talking about what she did to Melanie.  Gabi didnít want Sonny to tell Will what happened.  Chad was with Abby when EJ showed up.  EJ wanted to be with Chad when he broke the news to Abby.  Abby wanted to know what news he had to share.  Chad had a deer caught in the headlights look on his face.  Theresa picked up a biker and paid him to help her.  Daniel told Jennifer that he tried to convince JJ to go back home.  JJ said that Daniel blew it.  JJ walked away.  Jennifer wanted to know what Daniel said to him.  EJ continued to tell Chad that he should tell Abby the truth.  EJ was about to say something when Chad blurted out that he was moving back into the mansion.  Abby seemed to understand Chadís decision.  Abbyís phone conveniently rang so she left Chad and EJ alone.   Chad wanted to know what EJ thought he was doing.  The biker tried to rob Annie, but Theresa came to the rescue. Annie was onto Theresa and knew she paid the guy to rob her.  Annie thought that Theresa wanted her to give her back her job.  Annie liked her moxie so she was willing to help her get something at the hospital.  Jennifer was upset with Daniel and thought he made things worse with JJ.  Chad didnít understand why EJ set him up.  Chad wanted to know if EJ would have told Abby the truth if he didnít agree to move back in the mansion.  Will saw Gabi and Nick kissing.  Jennifer wanted to know everything Daniel said to JJ.  Jennifer was upset with what Daniel said to JJ.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to stay away from JJ and her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Outside of Kelly's, Dante asks Spinelli to be Connieís godfather. In her apartment, Lulu asks Maxie to be Connieís godmother. After stunned consideration, they both agree.

Patrick enters an exam room and apologizes for intruding on Sabrina with a patient. Carlos says he is more than a patient. Patrick tells Carlos that he knows he went to his house and kissed Sabrina. Carlos says it isnít a secret that he wants Sabrina back. Patrick says Sabrina is with him now. Carlos observes that Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring. He says Patrick is pining over his dead wife and Sabrina is just a babysitter with benefits. Sabrina says Carlos just needs a bandage for his shoulder. She hands him one and tells him to leave and put it on by himself. She then consoles Patrick and assures him she doesn't believe a word Carlos said.

Michael takes Kiki to Avaís room at the Metro Court because Kiki decided to move in with her mother. When they open the door with a key, they find Morgan and Ava in bed together. Morgan says Michael and Kiki were doing the same thing. Michael says they were busy being concerned about Morgan. Michael ducks Morganís punch. Kiki slaps Ava. She says Ava is a liar and a user. Morgan says Ava is the only person who hasnít betrayed him. Michael says Morgan must have known that the truth would come out eventually. He says no one betrayed Morgan; he just got caught in his lie. Morgan says Michael always deserves everything, including what belongs to Morgan. Michael says Kiki is not Morganís possession and that she has free will to make her own choices. Kiki says she isnít the same as a credit card that Morgan stole. He says she promised to love him until death and she didnít. Kiki tells Ava and Morgan that she is done with both of them. Carly runs into Franco and tells him that his ex slept with her son, Morgan. Franco notices that Carly is so upset that she is shaking, so he takes her into his room to calm down. He suggests that Carly take out her frustration through art. He gives her a can of paint and a brush and tells her to explode the canvas. She throws the paint on him. She says everything is his fault since Ava came to town because of him. She says she canít believe she had started to think of Franco as a human until he slept with a groupie in her hotel. He says that woman didnít mean anything to him, but Carly does. He draws her into a kiss. She says she canít make that mistake with him. She leaves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick blames himself for not seeing that Avery didn’t love him enough before she stood him up at the altar. Nick tells Victor that he needs some time without a woman to figure out what to do with his life. Dylan advises Adam to hold Connor in the crook of his arm and sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" if he gets fussy. Later Adam takes Dylan’s advice and uses it to help him start to bond with Connor. Avery and Sharon have a confrontation in which Avery accuses Sharon of turning Faith against her marriage to Nick on purpose. Sharon tells Avery she never should have agreed to marry Nick if she was still in love with Dylan. Avery tells Sharon that she suspected that she wanted Nick back in her life for a long time now, but she never said anything for Faith’s sake. Avery tells Sharon that just because Nick broke up with her doesn’t mean that he will return to her, and then Nick walks in the door.

When Fen returns home for a visit, he and Michael and Lauren have a picnic at Chancellor Park. Fen tells Michael and Lauren he misses them but is scared to come home and face the people he has hurt. Kevin is frustrated because his plan to win back Chloe isn’t working. Carmine advises him not to give up which leads to a heated argument between the two men. Carmine is supposed to be transferred to the courthouse jail but later Alex is informed that Carmine escaped en route. Dylan decides to talk to the Veterans’ Administration and find a psychiatrist who understands what soldiers go through in battle. Dylan also decides to find a lawyer, so that he can divorce Chelsea. Adam and Jack wonder why Victor is sabotaging Newman Enterprises and telling all his clients to sign contracts with Chancellor Industries. Adam and Jack decide to talk to Victor and try to work things out with him before the situation at the company gets any worse. Victor tells Adam and Jack that Newman Enterprises is theirs now, because he doesn’t want it since he is now the owner of Chancellor Industries.

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