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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke not to say a word; he’s already heard it. He knows about the annulment papers coming from Steffy. Obviously he’s not pleased and asks Brooke not to talk about Hope and Liam. But he says he is not upset; coming home to her looking like this is only a good thing. He steers her to the bed and they begin to disrobe each other. On a plane, Katie shocks Donna by saying she did not call Bill to let him know she is coming home. She thought she would surprise him... or them. Wyatt is excited and tells Quinn that she was brilliant. She returns the favor by saying he was too. He says they make a great team. She concludes that it was a great concept and Eric was very happy too. Wyatt says of course; they have found a diamond that is almost identical to the Hope diamond and they can use it in the HFTF line and it’s a perfect fit. Quinn tells him only if he and Hope can convince Ricardo to loan it to them. Wyatt boasts that there isn’t anything that he and Hope can’t accomplish. She reminds him that Liam might take issue with that. He claims Liam won’t be a problem. And for Quinn not to underestimate Hope. She knows they will never get Ricardo’s backing without the Forrester name and security. Of course the diamond is only half of it. She wants him to be alone with the girl that he loves. She hopes this works out for him. Eric comes in before Wyatt takes off and says the more he thinks about this, the more excited he is. This is a promotional dream come true.

Hope tells Liam that she has to get going. She is taking a little day trip. He quizzes and she says Mexico. He scoffs……really where is she going? She states that she really is going to Mexico and not alone but with Wyatt just for the day, there and back. He doesn’t see why it has to be her. It sounds more like a job for Eric. He kisses her and says go get the diamond and come back to him. He tells her to be safe and she says she will keep her seatbelt fastened at all times. He quips that Wyatt better keep his fastened at all times too. As she says goodbye she tells him to keep the home fires burning. Wyatt boards the jet and marvels at the cabin with all it’s luxuries. Bill tells Brooke that he called off the P.I.’s, no need for them to be jumping out from behind every hotdog stand. The doorbell rings and he says he will get it. He’s surprised to see Katie. He immediately takes Will and leaves Katie just standing at the door. Later inside they catch up and Bill says he is watching his handicap and catching up on all the TV he missed for forty years. She figures he is bored silly. He states simply that he is moving on. Liam greets Quinn at the office and asks if this was her idea. She says she can only take half the credit but she’s surprised that he likes the idea since he put in all the effort to try to get Hope to drop the partnership. He says he just hopes the promotion is going to be as big as everyone says it is going to be. She says it can’t miss. She believes in Hope and Wyatt. He admits that he believes in Hope. Hope enters the plane and tells Wyatt that he sure looks comfortable. She gives him a big folder of papers of accessory auctions to keep him busy and out of trouble. He wonders what is going to keep her out of trouble when she is sitting across the table from little old irresistible him. She says she will manage. He says it will be sort of like their own version of Romancing The Stone. She says they better secure the rock from Ricardo first. Yep, he says, this could change their lives forever. Brooke is making the bed when she looks up and there is Katie standing there. Brooke says she is happy to see her. Katie replies but probably not an hour ago. Brooke tightens her robe and says yes, she needs to take a shower. Katie gives a sniff and replies that yes, especially since what probably just happened in that bed with her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe didnít understand how Daniel could let JJ come between him and Jennifer.  JJ and his friends realized they had to leave Daniel apartment before he got back.  Stefano met with EJ in the park.  Stefano wanted EJ to keep his end of their deal.  Stefano wanted EJ to do something for him.  Jennifer and Kayla talked about Theresa.  Kayla realized she made a mistake asking Jennifer to help Theresa.  Danielís super knocked on the door and demanded that whoever was in the apartment come out.  JJ and his friends panicked.  JJís friend, Bev ended up covering for them with the super.  Chloe continued to reach out to Daniel about letting JJ interfere in his relationship with Jennifer.  Daniel wanted Chloe to trust him.  Kayla let Jennifer know that Theresa needed a job to stay out of trouble.

Cameron went to visit Chad to tell him about different treatment centers.  Chad let Cameron know about his treatment so he could come between him and Abby.  Theresa called JJ and told him about Jennifer firing her. Daniel arrived at his apartment and noticed the shattered picture of him and Jennifer.  EJ went to Chad and told him to move back to the mansion.  Theresa demanded that JJ help her get her job back.  JJ turned her down.  Theresa was very upset that JJ wouldnít help her.  EJ tried to convince Chad that it would be a good idea for Chad to move back to the mansion. Chad assumed that Stefano was the one that found the weapon and got Sami off.  Chad realized that Stefano was the one who made EJ go to him to get him to move back to the mansion.  While EJ was talking to Chad, he noticed his medical records.  Danielís super let him know that someone was in his apartment.  Daniel realized that JJ was the one in his apartment.  EJ asked Chad if he had a brain tumor.  JJ was walking in the park and Daniel found him.  Daniel warned JJ that he knew what he did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis sees Derek at Kellyís and notices that he looks especially pleased with this front page story about Sonnyís boat explosion. She introduces Derek to Shawn and says he was Dannyís donor. Derek offers his condolences for the loss of Sonnyís shipment. Shawn takes Alexis into the kitchen and asks her why she told that man about his association with Sonny. She says she mentioned their relationship when she was having an emotional moment at the hospital, but that is all she said. He asks her why she is there. She says that even though they are no longer a couple, she still cares about him and she came to see that he was all right after last nightís explosion. He says he was still on the dock when it happened and assures her that he is fine. He says the only lead they have is the name of a dead man, Julian Jerome. Carlos goes to General Hospital to have his shoulder mended after injuring it when he blew up the boat. He eavesdrops on Patrick and Sabrinaís conversation about him. Sabrina goes into an exam room and finds that the patient is Carlos. She says she thought she was clear about not wanting to get back together. He says he isnít there to try to win her back. He shows her his injured shoulder. She looks at it and says he needs a doctor. Patrick comes into the room and sees Carlos without a shirt standing too close to Sabrina.

Olivia takes Baby Connieís christening dress to Dante and Luluís loft. She tells them about Sonny going off his meds and causing a scene that broke up Kiki and Morganís marriage. She tells Dante that Sonny doesnít need to know about the boat explosion or that someone is gunning for him until his medication has stabilized him. She says Sonny plans to attend the christening. Lulu says her parents wonít be able to come. Dante reveals that they havenít chosen godparents yet. Lulu says she is having second thoughts about Maxie, because she is too attached to Connie. Olivia thinks Maxie will be fine after her hormones get back to normal. Dante says he canít bring himself to choose one of his brothers and cause more friction between them.

Diane tells Franco that his assets are frozen pending the outcome of civil cases against him by the families of his victims. She suggests that he sell the picture on his sofa. The picture is the one Heather Webber gave him for his birthday, but he only says it was from a fan. She says he can create other pictures to sell. He asks her for money for supplies. Carly finds Morgan in Avaís hotel room. Morgan admits that they slept together. Carly attacks Ava. Morgan pulls her off. Carly warns Morgan that Ava is a predator who will take advantage of him. He reveals that he initiated it. Carly tells Morgan to go home to her house. He refuses. She says that in that case, he can stay and watch security throw Ava out. Michael invites Kiki to move in with him. She thinks it is a terrible idea and says she will move in with her mother. She calls Ava, but Carly doesnít allow Ava to answer the phone. Carly collides with Franco in the hallway, causing him to drop everything he is carrying. Michael gets Avaís room key for Kiki. They let themselves in and find Morgan and Ava in bed together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea takes Connor home to Adam’s and confronts him about having her tailed but that the man was pretty obvious in what he was doing. Billy gets a call from Victoria to let him know that she won’t be coming home as planned but that she had purchased some very sexy negligee for when they are together. Adam tells Chelsea that he hired two nannies to take care of Connor. Chelsea lets Adam know that she is perfectly able to care for Connor herself. Dylan lashes out at Avery that he doesn’t need her help. At the coffeehouse, Delia tells Chloe about Jordan in the school play. Kevin comes in and Delia jumps up to hug him. Chloe invites Kevin to the school play. Hilary shows Mason the blog on the internet of Cane in bed naked. At the police department, Lily tells Cane that she cannot wait until they can expose Hilary for what she is. Neil and Leslie walk in. Cane and Lily bring them up to date on what was going on and that Hilary is the blogger. Chelsea defends Dylan to Adam when he makes some remarks about Dylan’s mental state. Chelsea tells Adam that instead of arguing amongst themselves, they need to fight for Connor. Dylan tells Avery that he is to blame for her and Nick not getting married. Stitch calls Avery to check on Dylan’s whereabouts. Avery tells him that Dylan is at the hospital getting help. Cane plays the recording for Leslie and Neil of Hilary, but Neil refuses to press charges against her. Neil tells them that he wants to talk to Hilary alone to try to work things out. Hilary gets a text from Cane or so she thinks. Billy brings Delia a dog to the coffeehouse and she is thrilled. Kevin soon makes his departure. Chelsea lets Adam know that she is glad he is here. Stitch goes to join Dylan at the hospital as does Avery.

Delia asks Chloe and Billy where Kevin went. Hilary joins Neil in the park. He begins to explain about the night that her mom died in a hotel room all by herself. Dylan meets with the psychiatrist with Stitch and Avery waiting outside. Avery lets Stitch know her wedding to Nick was called off. The doctor tells Chelsea and Adam that Connor will go blind but not because of retinitis pigmentosa. The dog runs away and Delia goes after it. Chloe and Billy follow. Neil tells Cane, Lily, and Leslie about his meeting with Hilary. Kevin shows them the blog that Hilary released on the internet about him being responsible for Rose’s death. Mason and Hilary meet in the park. The doctor orders more tests on Connor. Chelsea blames herself for Connor’s eye problems for giving birth in a dirty warehouse. Avery lashes out at Chelsea for being the one responsible for Dylan’s meltdown.

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