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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope says she can not wrap her mind around it. She had pretty much given up on Steffy ever changing her mind and signing the annulment papers. Liam says they are going to move forward and he’s making a promise to make every moment meaningful. Brooke interrupts for a moment and can’t be too happy for them. Hope realizes she is late and needs to be at work. Liam implores Brooke to hurry up and get them married as soon as possible. Nothing nor any one can stop them now. Brooke nixes a quick Vegas drive-by wedding. Liam says he is not ruling out anything, but if she will plan it then he will show up. He’s really glad she is going to be his mother-in-law. She’s glad too but she has had to stand by so many times while Hope got hurt where Steffy was involved, so she wants to make sure he has no unresolved feeling for Steffy. He assures her he doesn’t have those feelings for Steffy, only Hope. Brooke says that is good but she hopes he is not making a knee-jerk reaction to Wyatt. He says no, at this stage not even Wyatt can put a damper on his plans. He’s entirely confident he is not going to screw up this time. Brooke says good. She does not want to see him screw up, but don’t mistake Hope's love for weakness. He says he has never been so committed. This woman chose him and wants to marry him. He’s so ready to be the husband that Hope deserves.

Wyatt doubts that whisking Hope off to Mexico to find the second Hope diamond is going to do the trick and thwart her marriage to Liam. Quinn says they have to give it a chance. He’s surprised that his mother is suddenly on his side when it comes to Hope. She says they have been fascinated by this diamond for so long and this is the perfect time and opportunity to display it. She would do it herself but he needs the chance to be with Hope alone so he needs to go and convince Ricardo to loan it to them. Wyatt says Mexico or Bust! He and Quinn meet Eric in his office and they only need to wait a few minutes for Hope. She tells Eric the good news about the annulment papers and that she and Liam can now be married. Wyatt tells her to brace herself. He’s giving her a diamond. Wyatt fills Hope and Eric in on this flawless blue diamond of 40 carats and no they do not have to buy it, but Wyatt thinks with the power of persuasion they can get it loaned to them for the fashion showing and re-branding of HFTF. People should be lined up on both sides of Rodeo Drive. Both are impressed and Eric like Wyatt’s initiative. Wyatt wants Hope to come with him and wow Ricardo. Wyatt explains that Ricardo won’t loan out the diamond unless he knows why. Hope says she can’t just leave in the middle of planning a wedding. Liam’s head will explode. Eric chimes in that he can’t get away right now, but if Hope wants to pursue this for her line then she should be the one to go. He will make his jet available. Hope finally gives in. Quinn tells Wyatt this trip to Mexico is the beginning of his life with Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

While under hypnosis, Eric remembered being with a blonde.  Brady and Kristen were making love and she sensed something wrong.  Theresa told Jennifer that she could help her get JJ back in her life if she gave her back her job.  Jennifer turned down her offer.  Daniel took Parker to see Chloe.  Chloe talked to Daniel about how she acted when she was in town the last time.  Eric thought that he admitted having sex with the woman in his fantasies.  Eric became upset when Marlena asked him what he was hiding.  Kayla went to Jennifer and they talked about why Jennifer fired Theresa.  Brady and Kristen talked about their wedding and going through with pre-cana.  Marlena didnít get anywhere with Eric so she left the chapel.  Father Matt arrived at the chapel so Eric wanted to talk to him about his session with Marlena.

Chloe asked Daniel about his relationship with Jennifer.  Daniel didnít want to talk about Jennifer.  Marlena went to Victor and told him she couldnít use the device he gave her.  Marlena didnít think she could get Kristenís phone.  Marlena and Victor ended up talking about Eric.  Eric didnít know why someone wanted to hurt him.  Kristen looked at the flashdrive and thought about the night she drugged Eric.  Victor advised Marlena to butt out of Ericís business and focus on Kristen. Brady walked in while Marlena and Victor were talking.  Chloe suggested that Daniel go back home (JJ and his friends were in his apartment).  Brady managed not to hear Victor and Marlena talk about Kristen.  When Marlena left the mansion, Brady did talk to Victor about his feelings about Kristen.  Victor advised Brady to come to his senses about Kristen before it was too late.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie hits Spinelli with a baseball bat, thinking he is a prowler, when he unexpectedly lets himself into her apartment. He says he was sneaking in to try to avoid her. She tells him that she hates that she hurt him. She says Lulu and Spinelli are his best friends and she was put in a position where she had to hurt one of them. He says he hates what she did, but he doesnít hate her. Connie is challenging for Dante and Lulu in the middle of the night. Lulu records a video of Dante feeding and soothing the baby. They don't understand why she is so unhappy no matter what they do. Connie finally falls asleep lying between the two of them in bed.

Since Sam and Silas didn't go to dinner, he brings her takeout from the Floating Rib, and they get to know each other. Ava drowns her sorrows in her room at the Metro Court while she thinks about Silas' rejection. Morgan shows up and tells her that his marriage is over. Ava says Morgan will work it out with both Kiki and Sonny. Morgan says Sonny is dead to him. She says wounds heal and families stay together. She tells him that she knows how he feels about losing Kiki, because she was also rejected tonight. He says she is the only one that understands him. He kisses her. She slaps him. He kisses her again. She responds. He pins her against the wall in a passionate kiss. Michael worries about Morgan. He wonders why Sonny thought it was a good idea to tell Morgan's secret in the middle of Morgan and Kiki's wedding reception. He is angry that Morgan lied about knowing Kiki wasn't his cousin. Kiki tells him that she lied, too, every day of her marriage, when she told Morgan that she loved him when the truth was that she loves Michael more. He says he loves her too, and that now they are free to be together. She disagrees. She says Michael is still Morgan's brother. He persuades her to give their relationship a chance. They kiss.

Carly confronts Sonny about publicly humiliating their son. He tells her that if she isn't going to thank him for putting an end to a marriage she never approved of, then she should get out of his face. She says the problem isn't what he did, but how he did it. She says he did it because he took himself off his Lithium. He tells her that he doesnít want to take his medication, because he wants to be in the dark place. She reminds him of how out of control he was the last time he went off his pills and asks him if he doesnít want to be in control of his life. He says no; he deserves to feel the pain. She says Connie wouldn't want that. She says Morgan and Kristina are volatile and might inherit his illness. She says if one of them gets sick, they will need him as an example. She puts the pill bottle in his hands and tells him that hurting himself and his family is a disservice to Connie. He takes a pill.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack goes to see Adam and tells him that he just saw Chelsea and Connor. Jack asks Adam if he and Chelsea reconciled. Adam tells him definitely not. Traci and Abby seek refuge at Jack’s home. At the coffeehouse, Tyler and Noah discuss how Abby is keeping things interesting. Noah tells Tyler that he has a meeting with Victor. Nikki wakes up and finds Paul in the bed beside her. He explains what a bad night he had. Nikki gets a call from Victor to see how her fundraising is going. Nikki lies and tells him that it is going fine. Traci and Abby tell Kyle about the large rats at Abby’s and they are going to stay away until they are gone. Courtney and Summer join Tyler and Noah. Courtney asks Noah how his meeting went with Victor. Noah says he hasn’t had the meeting yet. Adam lets Jack know that Dylan had a complete meltdown. Adam tells Jack that Chelsea is only staying with him, so he can keep an eye on Connor. Adam reveals that he is having Chelsea tailed, so he will know where she goes. Nikki is quite optimistic over her upcoming visit with Sister Clare and maybe she will find out where her son is. Sister Clare and the priest go to visit Nikki and Paul and reveal to Nikki about Penelope. Traci argues with someone on the phone. Kyle and Summer come in and confront her about the call. Traci lets them know that she was arguing with her husband. Abby tells Traci that she arranged for a massage for them both. Abby texts Tyler to stop by. At the Athletic Club, Jack and Adam join Victor, but Jack asks if they need to be frisked first. Victor only laughs. Tyler sneaks into Jackís and sees someone lying on the table, which he mistakes for Abby. Tyler pays the man to let him give Abby a massage. Tyler begins to massage Traciís feet. Abby comes in and wants to know what Tyler is doing. Traci peeks her head out from under the sheet.

Victor asks about Connor but Adam tells him that he doesn’t need to be concerned about his son. Jack and Adam are anxious to get the meeting started when Noah joins them. Victor pulls Noah aside to talk to him and ask him how Summer is. Summer lets Courtney know that Oliver called her to come to Los Angeles to meet with the people at Forrester Creations. Courtney and Summer point out the good points about L.A. and Genoa City. Kyle steps up to the door and gets the girls' attention. Courtney explains to Kyle what is going on. Kyle encourages Summer to go to Los Angeles. Father Martin visits Nikki and Paul and lets them know that he found her son, but he died when he was 7 years old. Nikki is heartbroken and asks for some time alone when Paul gets a call from the lawyer about the adoption of her child. Victor lets Jack and Adam know that he is stepping down from Newman and they are now in charge.

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