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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Brooke that she is proud of her son. He knows what he wants and where his heart is. She only hopes that Hope does too. Liam is still married to Steffy so it’s not over yet. Bill wants to know from Liam that Hope can make Liam happy. He assures him that she does otherwise he would not be ready to get married again so soon when the annulment papers arrive. They have this engagement down pat; now they just want to get married. He confesses that Wyatt worries him a little. He said until he has a ring on Hope’s finger that she was fair game. Wyatt reminds Hope one more time that there is something between them and he will be happy to fill in for Liam while Liam takes his time to sort all of this out. He quips that he’s also a lot easier to cook for. She won’t have to cook tofu-burgers although he would even eat them for her. He says he can make her happy, he can do things that Liam can’t so all he is asking is that she put her marriage on hold. She says she can’t do that; she won’t do that to Liam after all they have been through. Wyatt accepts it as Hope gives him a little kiss on the cheek. He wonders if Liam has a clue just how lucky he is. He gives her a hug. Bill tells Liam that Wyatt is a Spencer. He knows what he wants and goes after it but this is just a little sibling rivalry. Liam asks if he has seen heard of Cain and Abel. Okay he’ll lay off Wyatt for now and just concentrate on making Hope happy.

Quinn relays to Wyatt that she went to see Brooke and she realizes now just how special Hope is. Wyatt stops her gushing and tells her that Liam got his annulment papers so she shouldn’t get too attached to Hope for the Future and he can’t get too attached to Hope. Brooke tells Hope that she talked at some length today to Quinn and she was actually rooting for Wyatt and Hope together. Hope gives her the good news that Steffy is sending the papers so she and Liam are going to be married much sooner than they thought. Brooke is beyond thrilled. Liam comes in and says he told Bill and now all they need to do is start planning the wedding. Brooke says she has the wedding planner on her speed dial. Wyatt tells Quinn that Liam doesn’t like him so all it is going to take is for them to get married and then Hope will push Wyatt out of her life and the company too. Quinn says they can not let that happen. He says there is nothing they can do. She suggests that there is a diamond in Mexico, one that rivals the Hope Diamond. It has magical powers. They can borrow it from Ricardo and bring it here for showing. He needs to take Hope there for an adventure. It could change all their lives. Wyatt give it some thought and smiles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen saw Victor and Nicole and wondered why they were together.  Theresa tried to explain why she made the check.  Jennifer didnít believe her and warned her that security would take her away.  JJ wanted to take his friends to Danielís place while heís visiting Chloe.  Eric talked to Marlena about the night he was sick.  Nicole came up with a lie to keep Kristen from finding out what she and Victor were discussing.  Kristen walked off.  Nicole thought her lie proved that she could help him take down Kristen.  Victor walked away from Nicole.  Kristen saw Victor outside and asked him what he was really doing with Nicole.  Victor didnít want to answer so he walked away.  Kristen went after Victor.  Theresa begged Jennifer for her job back.  Jennifer wasnít willing to give Theresa another chance.  Marlena wanted Eric to explain to her what images he saw.  Eric wanted Marlena to recommend a hypnotist.  Marlena recommended herself.  Jennifer read Theresa the riot act and refused to give her another chance.  Theresa blamed Jennifer for her life being ruined.  

JJ went to Jenniferís house to get Danielís key.  JJ noticed a picture of Jack so he was about to leave when Jennifer showed up. Kristen continued to talk to Victor about Nicole.  Kristen warned Victor that she could get Brady to turn on Nicole.  Kristen also warned Victor that she could get Brady to turn on him too.  Marlena continued to convince Eric to talk to her about what happened to him so she could help him.  JJ and Jennifer had a chilly but brief reunion.  Jennifer tried to talk to JJ, but he told her that he wouldnít be back.  Theresa told Kayla that Jennifer fired her.  Theresa was looking for sympathy, but she didnít get it.  Eric finally agreed to be hypnotized.  Jennifer told JJ that she wanted the key back.  A doctor showed up at the chapel to hypnotize Eric.  Victor wasnít fazed by Kristenís threats.  JJ gave Jennifer back her key and left the house.  The doctor had trouble hypnotizing Eric so he suggested that Marlena do it.  Theresa went to Jenniferís place and told her she could help her get her son back.  JJ and his friends broke into Danielís apartment.  With Marlenaís help, Eric began piecing together what happened at the hotel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna goes to the Crimson office and asks Duke if he has discovered anything interesting about Derek Wells since he started working for him. Duke says everything he has seen has been completely legitimate.  She gets a call and rushes out, passing Derek and Carlos on her way out. Duke tells Derek that Anna came to bring him dinner but had to leave because there was an explosion on the dock. Derek introduces Carlos as his Operations Manager. Derek tells Carlos to get to know Duke. Carlos compliments Dukeís girlfriend. He says he had a great girl, but he let her get away. Duke says Carlos shouldnít give up on his girl. Sabrina tells Patrick about her visit from Carlos. She says he just showed up at the door, kissed her, and said he wants her back, and that she told him that she loves Patrick now. Anna talks to Shawn at the dock. He tells her that Sonnyís shipment exploded, but that he didnít see anyone before or after the explosion. She asks him who has it out for Sonny. He says he keeps hearing about a dead guy named Julian Jerome. He tells her that the man that gave him Julianís name has disappeared.  Derek assures Carlos that Duke Lavery and his commissioner girlfriend will never figure out that he is Julian Jerome.

Silas chases Sam downstairs to the Metro Court lobby. She says Patrick Drake convinced her to come, but apparently she was too late because he was already kissing Ava. He says Ava unexpectedly kissed him. Inside the ballroom, Sonny tells Michael that he knew he and Kiki werenít related and that Connie said he should tell Michael, but he kept it secret because Morgan asked him to. Kiki asks Morgan if he knew before he rushed her to the altar. Sonny says yes, but Morgan tells her not to listen to Sonny because he is drunk or delusional. Sonny says he is not confused. He says keeping that secret started the events that led to Connieís death.  Ava gets a text message from Derek confirming that the job is complete, and she slinks out. Morgan admits that he knew before they were married. He rants about Carly and Sonny loving Michael more. Sonny says he did it because he loves Morgan enough to know that a marriage to a woman who doesnít love him is going to fail. Morgan says Sonny changed in the space of two hours and says he thought ďSaint ConnieĒ was the one with the split personality. Sonny grabs Morgan by the lapels. Michael and Carly pull him off. Sonny leaves with Olivia and Carly. Morgan says he lied because he loves Kiki, and Michael was trying to steal her. Kiki says that if Morgan loved her, he would have told her the truth. He asks her if she would still have married him if he had. Kiki says she doesnít want to stay in a marriage that is based on a lie. Morgan blames Michael and says he is going to destroy him. Kiki says Michael isnít the one who lied to her. Morgan storms off. Ava hears Silas telling Sam that he isnít interested in Ava; he is interested in Sam. Ava tells Sam that she should know a few things about Silas. She says Sam doesnít know Silas at all. Sam observes that Silas doesnít know her either, and that is why they are going to get to know each other. Ava says Silas has dark secrets. Sam says everybody does. She asks Ava why she wants him back if he is so bad. Ava says Sam can find out for herself. Silas and Sam walk away. Ava sobs and breaks a vase. Carly and Olivia get Sonny home. Olivia agrees to let Carly deal with Sonny, because she has done it before. Shawn arrives. Olivia tells him that Sonny is not himself and that she doesnít recommend trying to talk to him right now. Olivia and Shawn leave.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul and Nikki go to a motel, the only one left in town, but it is less than desired. At home, Sharon asks Nick if he is all right and he assures her that he is fine. Sharon can tell by the look on Nick’s face that it is over between him and Avery. Nick gets a phone call from Amy that she is bringing Faith home. Avery and Dylan go home to her apartment and find it ransacked. Upon looking how disoriented things are, she realizes how Adam found out where Dylan was with the baby. Dylan realizes that Chelsea must have told Adam where the cabin was. Dylan lets Avery know that he must have been in shock when he took Connor. Chelsea refuses to let Adam leave with Connor. Chelsea begs him not to take her son. Adam agrees to let Connor stay with Chelsea on one condition. Amy brings Faith home, but upon seeing Nick, Faith tells him that she doesnít like to see him so unhappy and it is all her fault. Adam insists to Chelsea that she and Connor come and spend the night with him so they can take Connor to the eye specialist together. Chelsea feels that Adam is trying to pull a fast one on her. Avery tries to talk to Dylan about his love for Chelsea and Connor. Sharon, Nick, and Faith go for ice cream in order to cheer Nick up. A man brings Nikki back her scarf and for a fleeting moment, she thinks that the man is her son.

Avery lets Dylan know that she and Nick are not getting married. Chelsea prepares to go and spend the night with Adam at his condo. Nick pulls Faith close to him and prepares to tell her the truth about him and Avery not getting married. Nikki and Paul discuss how she will react when she does find her child. Adam remembers the last time that he and Chelsea were there together and how they argued. Chelsea tells Adam that she told him about the child when he was in the hospital, shot, but when he had woke up, he asked for Sharon. Dylan, asleep on the sofa, dreams of his war days and upon awakening, grabs Avery by the arm. Coming to himself and realizing where he is, he realizes he needs help. Adam goes downstairs and finds Chelsea on the sofa asleep with Connor in her arms.

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