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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill is pissed that Katie is playing bait and switch with his PI’s. He’s cross with Brooke. This is the first she knows about him hiring a detective. He grouses that she took his child out of state and has not contacted him so she’s lucky he doesn’t have her arrested. Brooke tries to calm him down and says nobody is going to be arrested. Bill has to know she is not going to hurt that little boy. Liam drops in on Hope who had sent a note that she’d like to have lunch with him. She says she should have told him last night. Somehow Wyatt had found out that she asked Eric to pull the plug on the contract and even though Eric said no Wyatt was willing to rip it up and walk away. Liam scoffs that is too easy, must be a catch. Hope says she must be the catch then as she does not want him to walk away and she told him so. Liam doesn’t quite understand why when she knows it would mean so much to him. She says she only considered it as a way to prove herself to Liam and she really doesn’t feel like she should have to do that. Quinn and Wyatt are having lunch outside and she is holding up her jewelry to catch the light in the sun. He reveals that he told Hope that she could tear up the contract since Quinn said he could make business decisions now. But Hope did not want to. Then he begins to tell her just how long Hope has been waiting for Liam. He’s not right for her. All Wyatt had to do was go to her. She will never get from Liam what she gets from him. She would never have to wait for Wyatt to make up his mind. She’s the one; always has been. Now he thinks she knows too. Quinn wants to take some jewelry to Hope to let her approve of the changes. Wyatt asks that she let him do that. She asks if he know if Brooke is in the office yet. She wonders if she knows that her daughter’s fiancé is behaving badly. Wyatt says there is no reason to bring that up as it already fixed. Liam is really not a bad guy. He just doesn’t know what he wants. Most people who have everything they want are like that. They don’t have to decide. Suddenly she remembers that Wyatt once promised that he was going to make a piece for Hope’s wedding. He says yes, even told her that he was going to be the groom. He’s not sure how to make that happen, but it will. Quinn says she’s not sure whether to be worried about him or to be happy for him.

Bill asks Brooke if she is sure she wants to live like this. She replies she has been through scandals before. He agrees that he has too. She does give him an out if he wants to go back to Katie. He sits down real close to her and says he wants her to listen real good. He’s not going anywhere. She says no one can know their future. He replies that he loves her and she says the same. He confesses that patience is not his long suit so if he moves too fast he is sorry. They share a kiss. Hope asks Liam why he is doubting her now. She waited years for him when he married someone else – twice. Is it just because some other guy is now paying attention to her? Liam says no, it’s because she is paying attention to him. She admits it is nice to be fussed over and that a guy thinks she is amazing….and only her. Liam says it breaks his heart to know that he doesn’t make her feel that way and he’s sorry. She asks that he please not ask her to go back on her word as she never did that to Liam. He gets a phone call and it’s from Steffy and the text says that she is sending the annulment papers to him, signed and witnessed. She does not want this to be like last time. She really wants him to marry Hope. Hope is ecstatic. He quips where did his marriage go. It was there a few minutes ago. But she did mean what she said. He wants to make sure Hope still wants this. She says yes just as Wyatt begins to open the door. He stops and leaves it ajar when he sees the two of them. He overhears Liam say that part of his happiness is knowing that Hope is happy. They are finally free to be together. They both say they love each other. Wyatt closes the door and walks away. Brooke is surprised to find Quinn waiting for her when she returns home. Quinn says she sees Brooke so seldom at work that she doesn’t feel they have had a chance to know each other. This is just a social call. Brooke tells her that she has just been working from home where she has more privacy. She welcomes Quinn to sit down and then confesses there are so many opinions out there of her and Bill and she’d rather not hear them. Quinn wonders if Brooke is aware of the entanglement between Hope and Wyatt. Brooke considers it only a flirtation. It can’t be anything serious as Hope is engaged. Quinn doesn’t seem to be too convinced but says she has said too much already. Brooke assures her if it has anything to do with Hope she’d like to hear it. Quinn says that she is a realist. Sometimes people who get engaged are like people who get married, but they do not stay that way. Brooke thinks Quinn is mistaken but if not, she needs to know. Quinn says Wyatt has never talked about getting married until today. She thinks it is all due to Hope. She wants Brooke to know that his interest in Hope is not to advance his career. And he’s very sincere and responsible, way beyond his years. She only wants him to be happy. She’s not sure that will be with Hope but until someone else puts that ring on her finger she would not count Wyatt out. Liam tells Bill to just chill. Do not do anything to make him blackball him from the wedding. He and Hope are going to finally get married. And then he flips it around to remind Bill how supportive he has been of him and Brooke. Bill admits that Liam hasn’t been the old pain in the ass so he’ll give him that. They both agree they will just be on each other’s side. He tells Bill that he took a turn on this adventurous road with Steffy and he would not trade that for the world but now he feels like his heart is back where it started. It’s like being home. Wyatt slowly slips into Hope’s office with the changes that she needs to approve. He says he has another one for her too. He asks her to not do it. Do not marry him. She’s stunned but finally manages to say that things aren’t the same as they were yesterday. He knows. He admits he came to her door and overheard her with Liam. She says good, then he knows about the annulment and knows they don’t have to wait. He says they also don’t have to rush. He wants her to be sure. She says this is something she has wanted for a very long time. He says it is not right between her and Liam. It has always been right between them. He knows she can feel it. She says they hardly know each other. He just wants her to give him some time. Let him show her. “Don’t marry my brother.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe told the judge how the police found the razor and that everything happened the way Sami said.  Abe explained how Ms. Nash (the woman that was on Hopeís phone who knew Bernardi) left town.  During an investigation, the police found proof that Bernardi was on the take.  Sami was relieved, but EJ thought about the deal he made with Stefano.  Victor and Marlena talked about taking Kristen down.  Kristen confronted Nicole about their fight.  Kristen was surprised that Nicole sobered up so fast.  Melinda tried to object to Abeís claims that Bernardi died from something other than a gunshot wound.  Abe told the judge that Ms. Nash was possibly the one who killed Bernardi.  The judge wanted both attorneys in his chambers.  Later, the judge asked if Melinda wanted to continue the trial against Sami.  Melinda wanted to drop the charges.  Sami called Marlena to tell her that the charges were dropped.  Marlena went to be with her.  Kristen figured out that Nicole wasnít really drunk.  Kristen threatened to tell Eric what Nicole did.  Kristen left the chapel when EJ called her about Sami.  Eric started figuring things out about what happened to him when Marlena called him about Sami.  He left the hotel to be with her. 

Sami returned to the mansion to be reunited with Marlena and her kids.  Theresa ran into JJ and she advised him to go back home and beg to come back home.  Theresa offered JJ money to help him out.  Jennifer was looking for Theresa and noticed that Theresa wrote a $2,500 check to herself.  JJ went to Justin to talk.  Justin advised JJ to go back home with Jennifer.  Theresa arrived back at the hospital just after Jennifer called security on her.  Eric showed up at the mansion to see Sami.  He wanted to talk to Marlena.  Jennifer told Theresa that she was finished at the hospital.  Victor met with Nicole and they talked about Kristen.  Marlena wondered why Eric needed to talk.  After EJ and Sami made love, she asked him how he came up with the evidence to save her.  He didnít tell her what he did to help her.  Theresa didnít think Jennifer had the grounds to let her go.  Jennifer showed Theresa the check she made out for herself.  Jennifer told Theresa that she was fired.  Victor and Nicole were getting into a heated argument over Kristen when Kristen showed up.  Eric wanted Marlena to help him remember what happened to him at the hotel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick calls Sabrina and relays a message from Felix that a friend of hers from Puerto Rico stopped by the hospital looking for her. That friend, Carlos, is at Patrickís house already, kissing Sabrina. She reminds him that they broke up years ago. He says he is still in love with her and still wants to marry her, and that he came to Port Charles for her. She tells him that she and Patrick are together. Carlos sees Patrick and Robinís wedding picture and asks Sabrina if she is having an affair with a married man. She tells him that Patrickís wife died. She says Carlos shouldnít be at Patrickís house. She asks him to finish his business in Port Charles and leave. She adds that he shouldnít come back. He agrees to leave Patrickís house, but he says he isnít going to give up on her. Sam tells Patrick that Silas asked her out, but she declined because Danny is in the hospital. Patrick thinks Jason is holding her back. She admits that she feels like she would be betraying Jason. He says he knows the feeling, but that he thinks Jason would want her to be happy. She says she is glad that he found Sabrina. He advises her to take a break and go have fun at the party.

Carly doesnít think Michael should feel obligated to go to Morgan and Kikiís party.  Sonny puts on swing music and asks Olivia to dance with him in his living room. Olivia tells Carly about Sonnyís strangely good mood. Kiki overhears Ava and Morgan and wonders what they donít want her to know. Ava covers by saying Morgan has a surprise for her. Penny figures out that Kiki is the girl that Michael is hung up on. She wishes him well and leaves the party. Ava coerces Carly and Sonny to dance together as the parents of the groom. Then she bullies Silas into dancing with her as the parents of the bride. Silas doesnít want to stroll down memory lane with her. The elevator with Sam in it opens just as Ava kisses Silas. Silas pushes Ava off. He sees Sam leaving on the elevator and runs to intercept her downstairs. Carly confronts Sonny about his meds. He refuses to go home and take his lithium. Carly tells Olivia that they have to get Sonny out of there before he hurts himself or someone else. Michael makes a toast to the couple. Sonny takes his turn to speak. He rants about Connie and AJ. He says Connie told him to tell Michael that Kiki wasnít his cousin, but he didnít listen to her and instead kept his promise to Morgan to keep it secret.

On the docks, Max observes to Shawn that Sonnyís mood is a little too good and that it is probably a good thing that he isnít there. Derek eavesdrops on their conversation. Shawn says Sonny was pissed about Vince naming Julian Jerome as his boss because Julian Jerome is dead. Shawn says he looked for Vince and couldnít find him. He wonders if someone killed Vince. The boat with their shipment arrives. There is an explosion. Max and Shawn go to investigate. Derek congratulates Carlos for a job well done.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Summer visits Nick to see how he is doing and to invite him out to dinner with her. Nick has his reservations but agrees to go anyway. At the cabin, Avery tries to talk Dylan into giving her the baby when Adam and Chelsea come bursting in. Adam orders Dylan to give him his baby, but Dylan holds a flashlight on him. Avery begs Adam to let her take care of this. Sharon meets up with her psychiatrist who doesn’t seem to want to talk to her. The doctor wants to set up an appointment for Sharon in her office, but she refuses. Nick and Summer discuss Avery being with Dylan the day of their wedding. At the Athletic Club, Jack approaches Victor with a very tempting offer. He explains why he helped Adam regain control of Newman, but now he will break all ties with Newman in exchange for Victor cutting Adam some slack. Sharon and the doctor discuss how Nick and Avery's marriage fell through, but she was there for Nick to help him. Dylan yells for Sully to come and help him. Avery urges Dylan to let her help him. Connor begins to cry. Dylan has a complete emotional meltdown and sinks down to the floor with Connor. Sharon assures the doctor that she feels wonderful, and she doesn’t need her meds. Courtney and Noah have a meeting in the park in which Courtney skates into Noah, so he will catch her in his arms.

Jack orders Victor to leave Summer alone. An argument erupts between the two. Summer overhears them arguing and realizes that she is just a bargaining chip between them. The doctor writes Sharon a prescription for more meds. Adam gets the baby and cradles him in his arms. Summer blasts Jack and Victor for using her. Nick joins them and blasts Jack and Victor for their actions. Summer leaves hurt and frustrated. Nick comforts Summer as Jack watches. Victor calls Noah to come and meet him the following morning. Noah confronts Sharon again about not taking her meds. Courtney wonders if Sharon likes her. Adam and Chelsea leave with Connor. Avery comforts Dylan. Nick comes home and knocks the pics off the desk as Sharon walks in.

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