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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope brings Liam breakfast in bed, complete with a thirty-five ingredient energy drink. He says he wanted to wait up for her last night but fell asleep. She says she tried to text him and tell him not to. He thinks they should talk. He sips the drink and says it is delicious; he has more energy already and slaps her on the butt and dips her into bed. After lovemaking, she starts to get up and he asks why the rush. She says she has to get to the office and talk to Eric. He quizzes her if she is going to talk to Eric about canceling the contract. She relays that she already has but he said he would not cut the Fuller’s loose. So Wyatt and Quinn will still be around. Quinn is at Forrester’s already working on her designs and thinking about her kissing Eric last night. Wyatt walks in catching her deep in thought. She tells him she was at the Forrester house last night. He wants to hear more. She says she was protecting their contract but she should have known that Eric was not the kind of man who would cancel it just because Hope’s fiancé didn’t like it. But she did hear Liam talking to Hope and knew he wanted to break the contract so Hope wouldn’t be working with Wyatt. He tells his mom that she doesn’t have to worry as Hope would never do that. Quinn reveals to him that Hope already did. She went to Eric’s last night but luckily Eric put his foot down and said no. Rick walks in just as Eric is straightening Stephanie’s portrait. He tells Rick that he is not making changes but she fell off the wall last night. Rick quips that he wonders what Eric did to upset Stephanie this time. He knows he and Thorne were going out to dinner. Eric laughs but says no, he was home….home but not alone. Quinn came over to see him to express her gratitude. Rick wonder if that is when Stephanie got upset. Eric says maybe, Quinn did kiss him. That shocks Rick but he’s happy for his dad. He says things are already complicated enough in a business venture between Wyatt and Hope. Eric says they will have to work that out amongst themselves. And he tells him that Hope came over and wanted to negate the contract but he said absolutely not. Rick says good. He knows Liam does not like Wyatt and if it were him he’d do the very same thing and keep an eye on Wyatt, but canceling the contract is not an option. Eric says it may be a problem for Hope and Liam but it is not going to be a problem between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artesian Designs.

Quinn tells Wyatt that not only did Liam want Hope to break the contract, he put his foot down. She thinks he is acting more and more like Bill Spencer every day. There will be no debate, no compromise and his fiancé will not be working with Wyatt. So that’s why Quinn went to Eric’s last night just in case Hope got through to him. He’s CEO and she can not cancel the contract without him signing it. Wyatt asks if she used the old Fuller charm. She grins and says maybe. What she does know is that when Hope showed up, he turned her down flat. Hope tells Liam that she is sorry Eric said no. She knows why he did it. Liam says it is okay. It was a lot to ask of her. Hope says it was not an angle by Wyatt at the meeting but if their two companies hook up it could be good for both companies but huge for Quinn and Wyatt. Liam says also Wyatt said to his face that he will try to steal her away from Liam so this is not just business. The day he puts that ring on her finger can’t come soon enough but until then they will just have to make sure Wyatt doesn’t interfere. Quinn confesses to Wyatt that she knows she shouldn’t have been listening in on Hope and Eric’s conversation but it was sort of like listening in on the royal couple or the Kennedy’s. Wyatt says no the Forrester’s are just regular people. She begs to differ. They don’t live like regular people; he should have seen Eric’s house. Grand is not big enough a word; it is grandeur. Wyatt can’t help but think what would have happened if Hope did get through to Eric and he changed his mind. He heads out before Quinn can stop him. Eric tells Rick that he’s looking forward to working with Quinn. She is very passionate about her work….and her family…. kind of like someone else he knew. He tells Rick that he’s not making a big deal about this. One kiss doesn’t mean anything but if it leads to anything else…..he turns to the portrait and tells Stephanie to just keep her opinions to herself. Liam leaves for work after he tells Hope they will work this out. Wyatt walks in. He says he just saw Liam leave for work. They need to talk. Hope says she knows why he is here. She knows he saw Liam last night. Wyatt says he told Liam the truth as that is the kind of guy Wyatt is. He doesn’t back down and he thought Hope appreciated that about him. He thought they could be straight with each other if there is something else she wants to say to him. He’s not the guy of guy who will stick around where he’s not wanted. He says if she wants out of the deal with him and his mom then they can be gone. And if Hope doesn’t want him around, he can be gone. Quinn and Eric enjoy seeing each other in the office. He tells her he is looking forward to this. It’s awkward too as she wants to assure him that she is a professional woman and she apologizes for her behavior of kissing him last night. He says no need to be embarrassed, but does she want to take it back? She says yes so he leans forward and kisses her and they both smile. Wyatt gathers that he came on too strong to Hope. He says he knew that Liam did not want them working together but he did not know that Hope felt the same way. She must not have thought this through and was just throwing them a bone. She says no, she absolutely fell in love with Quinn’s designs. He says then it must just be the fact that he will be working with him. He liked the flirting but maybe it just got too intense. Maybe it made her uncomfortable so if that is how she feels then she just needs to say it. If she wants him gone, then just say the word. This can be the last time she will ever see him. She reminds him they have a contract. He says she can forget that too. He starts to leave and says he will tell his mom to tear up the contract and they will pretend none of his ever happened. Hope remembers the naked guy, the one who gave her a wake-up kiss and then told her to ditch Liam. She tells him to wait. He was right; she had not thought this through. FC and Quinn Artesian is the perfect match and Liam will just have to learn to deal with that. She looks him in the face and says she made him an offer and he can count on her to keep it. She wants him to stay right where he is. Humbly, he says that will make his mom and their employees very happy but no one more so than him. He gives her a hug, but when he tries to kiss her she pulls away and says no. He grins that he only meant to thank her. Liam picks up some papers from Pam’s desk and Quinn sees him leave. She opines, “Liam, you made a big mistake messing with my son.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ tried to convince Sami that she would be able to get off.  Nicole had an unpleasant run in with Kristen and Brady.  Hope and Abe went to Rafe and showed him a picture of a woman on her phone.  Rafe remembered Bernardi meeting with the woman.  Rafe wondered if Bernardi had an affair with the woman in the picture.  Rafe thought that Bernardi having an affair could help Sami’s case.  Kate walked in and said she recognized the woman on Hope’s phone.  Kate said she saw her the night Bernardi attacked Rafe.  Kate wanted to know what was happening.

Brady wanted to know what happened between Nicole and Kristen.  Nicole downplayed the “fight” she had with Kristen.  Kristen met with Eric for the pre-cana meeting, but Eric couldn’t meet her.  Eric and Daniel were going to the hotel where Eric got sick.  Sami realized that EJ was responsible for the new development in her case.  Nicole didn’t want to be bothered with explaining herself to Brady so she left.  Melinda wanted to know abut what Hope and Abe were investigating.  EJ denied having anything to do with the break in her case.  Eric and Daniel arrived at the hotel.  Eric thought about talking to the mysterious woman (Kristen in disguise).  Melinda demanded that Abe not talk about the new development on the stand.  Hope was upset, but Melinda threatened to make her lose her pension if she didn’t listen.  Abe had a plan to get the evidence to come into play.  Justin informed Sami that the trial was about to resume.  The judge was upset that there was new evidence that he didn’t know about, but it was all over social media sites.  Melinda did everything she could to keep the new evidence from being presented, but the judge wanted Abe to tell him about it.  Eric was ready to give up finding out what happened to him when he had more flashes of having sex with someone.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma can’t spend the night at Darcy’s house because she has pink eye. Sabrina cancels an opportunity to work with Dr. Chu so she can stay home with Emma. Emma says she wants her mommy and that Sabrina is not the same. An attractive man named Carlos Rivera goes to Felix and Sabrina’s apartment and says he is an old friend of Sabrina’s from Puerto Rico. Felix leads Carlos to General Hospital, but Penny says Sabrina called because Patrick’s daughter, Emma is sick. Felix tells Patrick that a friend of Sabrina’s is in town from Puerto Rico. Carlos goes to Patrick’s house. When Sabrina answers the door, he calls her, “Mi bella Sabrina,” and engages her in a passionate kiss. Britt names her son “Ben.” She tells Nikolas that she is moving back to Felix and Sabrina’s apartment when she leaves the hospital, but Patrick and Felix tell him otherwise. He insists that she stay at Wyndemere.

Silas tells Rafe that he can continue to live with Sam after Danny goes home. He says Rafe should get to know his new cousin, Kiki. Rafe tells Silas that he told Molly how he feels, but Molly got back together with TJ instead. Molly tells TJ that her book, “Maine Squeeze” is selling well online. Rafe sees Molly kissing TJ. Rafe and Taylor conspire to break up Molly and TJ. TJ notices that "Maine Squeeze" is dedicated to Rafe. Felix warns TJ not to hurt his sister again. Rafe and Taylor find TJ and Molly at the hospital and act like they are a couple.

Kiki tells Michael that Monica evicted her and Morgan from the Quartermaine boathouse, so they are staying at Sonny’s house. She invites him and a plus-one to her party. Michael invites Penny. Ava wants to ensure that Silas will be at the party, but he ignores her call. Silas invites Sam to go to Kiki’s wedding reception with him, but she says she can’t leave Danny. Ava confronts Morgan about online gambling charges on her credit card. She threatens to tell Kiki all the secrets she is keeping for him. He says he doesn’t think she will endanger her own relationship with Kiki. She admits that she just wanted him to understand how angry she is. She agrees to continue to keep his secrets. Kiki arrives and asks what exactly they were saying she doesn’t need to know.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the church, Nikki begs Sister Clare to tell her everything she knows about her child that she gave up for adoption. Sister Claire reveals that Nikki’s name back then was Mary Katherine. Lily explains everything to Abby about hers and Cane's plan to expose Hilary as Ann Turner. Cane attempts to seduce Hilary but she plays coy with him. Cane pretends to have side effects of the drug that Hilary put into his drink. He pretends to pass out on the bed. Hilary calls Mason to put her plan into action. Adam pressures Avery into revealing to him where Dylan could have gone with Connor. After Avery leaves her apartment, Adam goes back and searches until he finds a pic of Avery and Dylan in front of a fireplace. Chelsea calls Dylan to bring Connor home. Anita comes in and wants to know what is going on. Chelsea reveals everything to her.

Dylan and Connor are in the mountain cabin. Dylan reveals his war days. Nikki is no closer to finding out where her son is than before. Adam puts Anita out of Chelsea's, so he can talk Chelsea into revealing where the picture was taken. Chelsea tells Adam about the mountain cabin. Avery finds Dylan and Connor at the mountain cabin, but Dylan demands that she stay away. Avery tries to talk to him. Dylan reveals to Avery that a little girl he was protecting died in spite of his efforts. Cane manages to expose Hilary as being Ann Turner and reveals all he found out to Lily, who hugs him for his expertise. Dylan is about to turn over Connor to Avery when Adam barges in.

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