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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Remembering what she just heard Liam say to Hope about canceling the partnership, Quinn braces herself before she knocks on Eric’s door. She gets a phone call from Wyatt who says he has gone back to Forrester. She says she is trying to fix something. Liam walks in on Wyatt so he hangs up. He quips that Liam can’t get rid of him. And he hasn’t quite adjusted to him and Hope working together. Liam sloughs it off as just being a random thing that Hope picked Quinn’s jewelry. Wyatt says he is not sure anything in life is ever random. Liam lets loose that Wyatt has only been here in their lives about a month and already he has kissed his fiancé and flipped out over his father. Wyatt says about that – he and his dad are totally cool now. Bill came by and they both admitted they had over re-acted and he apologized and gave Wyatt a big old hug. Sarcastically, Liam says fantastic. Wyatt tries to get him to admit that he’s the only holdout. Everybody else likes him. How about they act like brothers. Liam says half-brothers. Wyatt holds out his arms and cajoles Liam to come give him a brotherly hug. Eric hangs up from Thorne who says they will have dinner another time; he has a date. Eric seems pleased to see Quinn at his door. He invites her in and offers her a glass of wine. He tells her the meeting went very well today and he thinks it’s going to be a terrific partnership. Quinn opines that is why she is here. She wants him to know just how much this partnership means to her. They toast to new adventures and opportunities. She admires his beautiful home. He tells her he’s lived there a long time and raised all his children there. She asks if that is his wife in the portrait over the mantel. He jokes that yes she passed away last year. They had been married about 300 years and the portrait actually came crashing to the floor the very first time he kissed another woman in this room. It’s like her eyes follow him everywhere. Quinn says she is just keeping tabs on him.

Brooke drops in on Hope who fills her in that Liam is feeling insecure and wants her to cut all ties with Wyatt. Brooke says that is not fair. Hope needs to let him know this is business, nothing personal. Hope says she has but it is personal for Liam. He doesn’t trust Wyatt and doesn’t want him anywhere near Hope. Brooke says she didn’t realize he would get this upset. Perhaps Liam is right. Hope says she likes Wyatt. He is fun to be around but she can’t say she exactly has feelings for him. And it was her that brought the contracts to Quinn and Wyatt so she can’t very well back out now. She gushes on just how much she likes Quinn’s designs but now Liam forbids it. Brooke tells her that she likes Liam and supports her relationship with him. But they have been through some rough times and he hurt her so having him sweat it a bit might be good. Liam turns to leave Wyatt who comments that Liam is threatened by him being there at Forrester and his relationship with Hope. Liam says clearly that is what Wyatt wants. Wyatt says it wouldn’t be an issue if Liam would just follow through with his commitment to her. Liam takes offense. Wyatt continues that Liam has been playing Hope for years. She deserves his undivided attention and devotion from Liam and she has not been getting that and knows it. Wyatt says he listens, he observes and he breathes everything in. From what he can tell Hope does love him for now, but it’s taken a toll on her….his indecision, waffling back and forth and she’s getting tired of it. She wants someone who will give every bit of himself to her and that’s Wyatt. He asks what would happen right now if Steffy came home. Or better yet, maybe they can gas up the jet and fly to Paris. He knows Liam is still in love with Steffy otherwise he would have never dumped Hope. Liam says he never dumped Hope. Wyatt comments that he only went back to Hope after Steffy left him and went to Paris. Hope is just his consolation prize and she deserves a lot better than that. Angrily Liam says that Wyatt should not assume anything about Hope just because she offered Wyatt a job. She is his fiancé and is going to be his wife. Wyatt seems amused by this outburst and says they will just have to wait and see what happens. Liam tells him that he really ought to be more careful where he sticks his nose and it doesn’t belong. Do not get too comfortable as you never know what might happen. Wyatt wonders if Liam is threatening him. Liam says the job decision isn’t his. Wyatt tells him not to interfere. He and his mother have worked hard for years to get something like this going. Liam thinks that is rich; Wyatt not wanting him to interfere. Wyatt reminds him the contracts have been signed. Liam counters that this is the big leagues now. The legal department can find all kind of reasons to cancel; sometimes it is just not a good fit. Again Wyatt is amused and says Liam really wants him out of his world. He’s always been the Spencer prince juggling two oranges at the same time; the big man on campus. But Liam has never had competition before. That’s why he doesn’t like Wyatt because he makes him work just a little bit harder. Wyatt realizes Liam is a little bit scared that Wyatt might bring forth the effort to make Liam work a little bit harder to keep the girl. Those days are over as now he has Wyatt to contend with. And he is not going anywhere. Quinn tells Eric that she loves working with her son but he’s always wanted to take the business to the next level and now they have a chance to do that. She admits she has been a fan of his from afar for years. But she thought he would be tough and mean like Bill Spencer and he is a warm and gracious gentleman. He quips that his children keep him that way. Every time he thinks he is cool, they tell him he is not. Then seriously he points to the picture of Stephanie and says any success he has he owes to her as she kept him on point all these years. He tells Quinn he knows it is not easy being a designer. She’s done quite well for herself and he feels they are cut from the same cloth. Hope tells Brooke that she likes the attention Wyatt gives her but she doesn’t want to risk losing Liam. She feels perhaps she is not being fair when she disrespects his feelings. She knows she has to break the contract if it’s important to him. Wyatt tells Liam that he’s not backing off. If Liam loves Hope as much as he says he does then he would not mind fighting for her. Liam says Wyatt is wasting his time. Wyatt tells him that he is interested in Liam’s fiancé and he is not going to hide it. He adds that if Liam treated Hope better then maybe he’d leave it alone, but he wants her to see that she deserves a whole lot better than Liam is giving her. Liam says he and Hope are good; she has already chosen him. Wyatt says and she has chosen him to work with and that is her decision too. If she wants a tofu-eating yoga boy then she can just waltz right down that aisle. But if she wants a guy who will put her before anything and anyone else then she can make that decision too. But until Hope says I do, and that is a line he will not cross, he won’t back off. Until then, “game on brother.” Hope drops in on Eric and says she needs to talk to him. Quinn ducks out to the next room. Hope tells Eric she knows they have signed the contracts but she has changed her mind. She doesn’t think it will make a good fit and there are other companies they can go with. He listens but then says no. They have signed the papers and she can’t just stop things now. Forrester is the best because they work with the best people in the world. They made a commitment and they have to stick to it. From her vantage point Quinn is pleased to hear him say her designs are exquisite and this decision is final. When Hope leaves, Quinn rushes out and thanks Eric and says he has no idea how much this means to her. She plants a big kiss on his lips. Stephanie’s portrait falls to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad looked for treatments that could keep Cameron away from Abby.  EJ wanted Stefano to turn the razor over to the police.  EJ offered to give the company and the mansion back to Stefano if he helped Sami.  Stefano wanted to know what would happen if he didnít do what EJ wanted.  Chad found a treatment that would be convincing enough to fool Cameron and Kayla.  Chad got a call from someone and there was a shot of his laptop on his desk.  Roman testified at Samiís trial.  EJ continued to ask what Stefano wanted in exchange for helping Sami.  EJ offered everything back to Stefano because Sami was all that mattered to him.  Stefano didnít think she mattered at all.  Cameron showed up at Chadís place and noticed that the sheets were messed up.  Cameron was upset that Chad took advantage of Abby.  EJ begged Stefano to help Sami.  EJ got on his knees to beg for his help.  Stefano wanted more than just things.  Stefano wanted EJ to live in his house and work with him until he (Stefano) says otherwise.  EJ ended up kissing Stefano's ring to seal the deal.  Stefano wanted EJ to sign contracts before he would do anything to help him.

Cameron didnít think that Chad should lie about his condition.  Chad pretended to have a headache when Cameron lectured him.  Melinda established Sami as a liar by questioning Roman about her lies against Lucas in family court.  Cameron reminded Chad that Abbyís family is going through problems and that he shouldnít take advantage of her.  Chad assured Cameron that he wouldnít take advantage of Abby.  Melinda finished questioning Roman.  Melinda was about to call her next witness when Abe showed up in court.  Abe let Melinda know that there was a new development in the case.  Cameron wanted to know if Chad was going to tell Abby about his condition.  Chad said he wasnít saying anything.  Melinda wanted to know about the development.  Melinda asked for a recess.  Abe ordered someone to check something out thoroughly.  Justin let Sami know that Melinda wasnít happy about her news.  Justin hoped that the news doesnít cost anyone anything.  There was a shot of EJ on the screen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly asks Spinelli to investigate Derek Wells. Derek tells Ava that he saw Carly Jacks at the pier last night and that he doesnít know if she saw them. He says they canít afford to have anyone connect them. He tells her that Duke Lavery applied for a job. Duke arrives for his interview and says he wasnít aware that Ava and Derek knew each other. Ava says Derek is a client. When Derek interviews Duke, he asks about the large gap in his resume. Duke says he spent some time in Turkey exploring his inner self. Derek asks why he should hire someone who worked for Julian Jerome. Duke says that part of his life died with Julian Jerome and that the police commissioner will give him a recommendation to attest to that. Duke says Julian was self confident, but incompetent.  Derek says he likes a man with strong opinions. He hires Duke on the spot.

Olivia tells Dante that Sonny is apparently doing well enough to throw a party for Morgan and Kiki with Ava Jerome. Dante says he has not found a connection between Ava and the Jerome crime family and that as far as he knows, they are all dead. Olivia says Shawn told Sonny that Julian Jerome is the boss of the gambling ring that Morgan got involved with. Ava tells Carly about the party she is planning for Morgan and Kiki and assumes Carly will offer the Metro Court as the venue. Carly says a party is a terrible idea and becomes suspicious when Ava says Sonny is the co-host. Carly asks Spinelli to find out more about Ava. A man with a baby distracts Spinelli. Ellie tells Maxie that she was right about Spinelli leaving her when she told him that he was the father of the child Maxie carried. Maxie says she and Spinelli have agreed that they will never claim their daughter. Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie is having a difficult time. Anna tells Lulu that she hopes she doesnít shut Maxie out because she got attached to the baby. She says it isnít easy to surrender a baby after carrying it for nine months. She tells her own story of leaving Robin when she was born. Lulu says the difference is that Anna was Robinís mother, but Connie isnít Maxieís daughter. Dante tells Anna what Olivia said about the gambling ring. Duke tells Anna that he is Derek Wellís new Chief of Staff. Anna tells him that Julian Jerome might not be dead.

Alice tells Morgan and Kiki that she was not able to convince Monica and Tracy to let them continue living in the boathouse. Sonny tells Michael that he isnít going to Connieís memorial service. He gets angry when Michael asks him if he is taking his medication. Sonny is about to tell Michael that Morgan knew Kiki was not a Quartermaine before it was in the newspaper, but Morgan and Kiki unexpectedly arrive and interrupt the conversation.  Michael tells Morgan and Kiki to go to the ceremony without them. Michael tells Sonny that when Abby died, even her mother didnít attend her service. He says that going to the service or not is the last decision Sonny can make about Connie. At the chapel, Olivia talks to Connieís picture. She asks Connie to give her a sign to let her know if she should be concerned about Ava Jerome. At that moment, Ava arrives at the chapel and introduces herself. Ava fishes to find out what Olivia knows about Connieís shooting and her own shooting. Olivia says Connieís shooter is in jail and that her son, the detective, will figure out who shot her. When Morgan and Kiki arrive, Kiki is surprised to see her mother. Morgan tells Olivia that Sonny isnít coming. Lulu tells Maxie and Spinelli that she and Dante named their daughter after Connie. Michael and Sonny arrive at the chapel.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Lauren visit Esther to check on Jill and let them know about Fen. Jill lets Michael know that she wants to contest Katherine’s will. Nikki and Paul visit the church in hopes of Nikki remembering something. Nikki and Paul meet with a priest. At the sauna, Neil and Devon discuss Cane and Lily, but Devon lets Neil know that this was only a game between Cane and Lily. Hilary and Mason meet at the coffeehouse to discuss their latest plot for Neil and his family. Mason supplies Hilary with some marijuana to give to Cane. Lily and Cane make love. Mason lets Hilary know that he got his job back at Jabot. Devon informs Neil that he got a $4.5 billion inheritance. Neil cannot believe his ears. Jill rants and raves about Katherine’s will and threatens to throw away the music box until Lauren changes her mind as to its real worth. Michael lets Katherine know that she was in full control of her faculties up until her death. Michael looks at the music box and tells Jill that it was made in Switzerland. Devon tells Neil that he is going to invest the money. Nikki tells the priest the whole story of her pregnancy and how she gave up the child. The priest offers to help her. Lily figures out that Hilary is really Ann Turner. Nikki gives the priest the date of her child’s birth. He promises to check the archives.

Thanks to Lauren and Michael, Jill begins to put the pieces together as to why Katherine would leave her a music box and about a necklace. At the coffeehouse, Lily confronts Hilary about the previous post on the web. Hilary denies her accusations. Lily orders Hilary to stay away from Cane. Lily calls Cane to warn him that Hilary is headed his way. Mason joins Devon in the sauna. Devon lets Mason know about his inheritance. Nikki remembers the nun who helped her deliver her baby. Sister Claire still works at the nunnery. Lily informs Neil that Hilary could be Ann Turner. Neil is stunned. Hilary visits Cane. Cane invites her to have lunch with him. Hilary laces his drink with marijuana. Jill makes plans to go to Switzerland.

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